POWERBALL – What Is It? What Effects Do Powerball Exercises Give You?

Powerball is a specially constructed exercise ball, thanks to which you can strengthen whole arms from fingers, wrists to biceps. Powerball is suitable not only for strengthening, but also for rehabilitation exercises. Check how to practice with powerball and what effects gives you training with this device.

Powerball is a small device designed for hand exercises. It was invented by NASA specialists that astronauts flying into space would stay in good physical condition. Weight-bearing trainings proved ineffective by the state of weightlessness that prevails there.Therefore, the specialists designed a small ball, which works on the principle of centrifugal force, and the energy obtained in this way allows you to exercise your hand muscles .

Check What Effects Exercise With Powerball And How To Properly Train.

Powerball - how it works and what it consists of:
Powerball Consists Of The Following Elements:
  • Gyroscope - this is the basis of this exercise ball. This element allows you to accelerate powerball and correct rotation during training.
  • Counter - in a minute the powerball can do even several hundred revolutions, which a man would not be able to count on his own. Information about their number displayed on the counter is not necessary during the training, but thanks to it you can record your own records and monitor the progression of hand strength. Powerball’s with meters are more expensive than the classic versions of the device that do not have them.
  • Rubber rim - mounted on a ball, so that powerballcan not fall out of hand at the time of a very intense turn. The rubber is to stabilize the position of the gadget in the palm of your hand.
  • Ring - rail used to rotate the rotor around which axis the rotator rotates.

Thanks to its simple construction, powerball is an almost trouble-free exercise device. Therefore, manufacturers offer long-term or even lifetime guarantees (if the product is original).

Powerball is not much bigger than a tennis ball and virtually no model reaches a weight of 0.5 kg. It can easily fit into a jacket pocket, a car clipboard, a suitcase or a work bag. You will take it wherever you can afford to train your hand muscles.

What Effects Do Powerball Exercises Give You?

Although exercises with powerball give noticeable effects, they should not be the only type of training involving the arms - it is better to be an addition to proper training.

The Effects Of Exercising With Pawerball Are Primarily:

  • Increasing the strength of the hand muscles (fingers, wrists, arms, forearms),
  • Increased blood circulation,
  • Strengthening the ligaments,
  • Help in eliminating upper limb injuries,
  • Strengthening the handshake.

How To Exercise With Powerball?

Exercises with a rotating ball are very easy. Put the ball in powerball in motion. If you are not able to do this by rubbing it with your thumb, use a string to do this, which should be included with this gadget. Insert it into a special hole and wind it along the guide located on the rotor ball. When the whole string is wound, pull it with a quick motion (similar movement as when starting the mower). At this point, the powerball hole should be pointing up. When the inner sphere expands firmly, continue to revolve by propelling it with the power of your wrist. Then also the balls' hole should be directed downwards. At 15 thousand you can get up to 20 kg of force on your wrist.

Exercise Your Fingers With Powerball

If you want to increase the strength of your fingers, do not hold the pawerball classically, with all your hand, but only with the pads and the movement of the hand put it in turn.

Wrist Exercises With Powerball

In addition to the natural hold of the pawerball in your hand, perform circular movements with your wrist. This exercise can be helpful when treating carpal tunnel syndrome.

Forearms Exercises With Powerball

Move only the pawer's rotor trying to completely immobilize the wrist.In this situation, the force that moves the rotor comes only from the forearm. There is no better sport gadget for this muscle party than powerball. These exercises can prevent the disease, so-called tennis elbow , or lateral humeral epicondylitis.

Exercises For Biceps With Powerball

Tilt your hand to your side (opening your chest) and hold it at your shoulder, bent at the elbow. Place the Powerball in the palm of your hand and move your wrist right and left.

Exercises For Powerball Triceps

Straighten your arm and tilt it a bit from your torso; holding the powerball on the palm of the hand, move the rotor forward and backward.

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