Nordictrack C990 Treadmill Reviews

The latest and innovative model C990 of NordicTrack, is specially designed for the most demanding runners or for all users who perform high intensity training and also want to have the most advanced features and features to improve their results.

Unique features such as its powerful and quiet 3.0 CHP Drive System engine, which will allow it to reach a speed of up to 22 km / h, or its 7 "color touch screen and of course its large 152 x 51 cm travel surface that allows any user the most intense training regardless of the length of his stride.

Exclusive adjustable FlexSelet (TM) damping system that reduces up to 15% the harmful impacts received in your joints, avoiding possible injuries.

32 Training programs developed by expert coaches and compatible with the iFit® Coach (TM) Ready motivational system developed with Google Maps (TM) technology.

Tablet support included. AutoBreeze (TM) fan. High quality Dual audio system, compatible with Mp3 players, Mp 4 and Ipod, so you can enjoy your favorite music.


Powerful and quiet 3.0 CHP Drive System engine.

Speed from 0 to 22 Km / h with Speed Control 1-Touch (TM) selectors (start speed 2 km / h that can be reduced to 1 km / h by 0.1 km / h scales).

Electronic tilt from 0 to 12% with 1-Touch (TM) Incline Control selectors.

Adjustable FlexSelect (TM) damping system that reduces the impacts received in your joints up to 15%, protecting them and avoiding possible injuries.

Color touchscreen, with information on all the main exercise parameters such as speed, time, inclination, calories consumed and heart rate.

Its 32 training programs developed by expert coaches, will guide you to achieve the results and the desired physical condition.

Pulse measurement system using CardioGrip (TM) EKG sensors and incorporates Bluetooth Smart receiver (BLE) that is compatible with chest pulse bands (Not included).

Large non-slip race surface with a high durability of 51 x 152 cm that adapts to any type of user and stride length.

Tablet support included.

Audio system compatible with your Mp3, Mp4 or iPod, so that your workouts are more enjoyable and enjoy listening to your favorite music while walking or running.

AutoBreeze (TM) fan to make the feeling as comfortable and real as possible.

SpaceSaver® folding system that minimizes its volume when it is not in use.

It incorporates in option the latest iFit® Coach (TM) Ready motivational technology, developed by Google Maps where you can enjoy your training anywhere in the world, in addition to having many daily training or competitions with other users.

In addition, Nordictrack, the leading brand in the fitness sector, offers a lifetime warranty on the structure and 10 years on the engine if you register your product within the first 28 days after your purchase.

Important note:

The chest band, iPod and other devices are not included, sold separately.

iFit® Coach Ready (TM) is not included, and requires paid subscription.

Key SPECIFICATION OF  NordicTrack C990 Treadmill

  • Kind of product : Treadmills
  • Level of use: Intensive
  • Number of programs: 32
  • Folding: Yes
  • Dimensions: 153 x 90 x 213 cm
  • Folded dimensions: 105 x 90 x 181 cm
  • Maximum user weight: 135 kg
  • Product weight: 85 kg
  • Monitor: Touch 7 '' Color
  • Engine:3 CHP
  • Speed: 22 km / h
  • Race surface: 51 x 152 cm
  • Adjustable tilt: Electronic
  • Maximum inclination: 12%
  • Cushioning: ReFlex Select Cushioning

Treadmills: Ultimate Guide

In this complete guide you will find all the necessary information about how to select the best treadmills to later buy the one that best suits your training objectives .

For a better visualization we have added a comparative table with the best treadmills in the market so that, in a brief review, you will find the perfect one for you.
Without forgetting our advice based on our experience and the opinion of our users.

With this buying guide we intend to facilitate the process of selecting the best treadmill.

If you have any questions, look for the comments section at the end of this page and ask us. We will answer you as quickly as possible.

What is a treadmill

A treadmill or ergonomic belt is an exercise machine that allows the person to walk or run without moving from the site .
Its components are basically divided into a mobile platform with a conveyor belt and an electric motor.

As fitness experts, we recommend this type of indoor machines in order to exercise your legs, above any home training machine .
At first glance these fitness machines may seem like a somewhat expensive product, but if you spend a few minutes reading this guide, you will see how these fitness machines are worth every penny of their price.

Walking is considered one of the most beneficial cardiovascular exercises for people of any age or body type. Strengthens the heart, lungs and circulatory system while increasing muscle tone and burning calories .

It is clear that it is much more fun and enjoyable to go out and run outdoors but, for various situations such as work or family life it is often not possible to train in the street. Thus, this fitness machine becomes your best alternative.

At Runnium we only offer those that have exceeded our requirements and those of consumers .

What are the best treadmills

As the world of these treadmills is wide and varied, tries to help you with its comparison chart with the brands and models of the latest treadmills in the market .

You can use our comparator to compare different machines and see which one best suits your needs. Look for the icon on each product.

Guidelines before buying

Who will use it?

Just as you choose a treadmill because of its characteristics you must ask yourself who is going to use it. This is important because there are many treadmills suitable for each type of person . Therefore, you must choose the tape according to the user's measurements , such as weight or height, and the objectives or types of training to be performed.
It also influences the number of people who will use it . The more people who use the tape, the more quality it should have.
So you don't waste your time collecting information explains everything in this guide . You will ensure that you buy the treadmill that best suits the person who will use it.

Where is it going to be used?

The available space allocated at home to use the treadmill is of great importance. If you have a small space at home you should not buy the best of the best, although you can afford it, since the machine will be very bulky.

The treadmill should have enough space to use it without problem or, in the worst case, fold and store it.

Training programs

As a general rule, these treadmills include a series of pre-configured training programs.
These provide dynamism to your sessions and allows you to memorize your favorite training and use it when you feel like it.
It is proven that performing the same exercise continuously, in addition to being monotonous, will be much less effective over time. Programs is the best solution to these inconveniences.

Engine power

The engine is the element that makes the treadmill move . The most modern tapes have two motors, one that moves the belt and another responsible for raising it. Its power is measured in CV (horses) and the more power, generally, more quality and maximum speed.

As additional information, there are two types of motors used in treadmills on the market : alternating current and direct current motors.
The latter are the best because, in addition to being quieter, they consume less energy and provide a smoother application of power to the fitness machine.
We simply offer this data so that you have a greater knowledge of the subject. We have thought for you and we only sell tapes with DC motors.

Even so, you should choose your future treadmill according to the engine with the power that best suits your needs :

Walking or jogging: 1 CV

Running light: 1.5 CV

Run high: +2 CV

It is possible to say that the most powerful motors can also be used to walk, you will simply have the option to older people to be able to run at a faster speed if you wish.
We advise you to choose a motor power between 2 and 4 hp .
However, in the market you can find machines with a high engine power that neglect their other equally vital characteristics. For your convenience, only offers you the highest quality treadmills in the market .

Tilt levels

Many of these machines have the option of adding slope ( treadmill inclination ) by means of a separate motor.
The inclination is usually measured as a percentage that ranges from 0 to 15 and is selectable through the incline levels or preset programs.
This option is perfect for toning and affirming your buttocks, since the inclination demands a greater effort on the part of this area of ​​the body , in addition to a greater consumption of calories.
The greater the inclination, the more work you will do because your muscles must support more weight. Therefore, the more fat you have the more calories you will burn , especially in the buttocks.

Example of calories burned according to

Distance: 3.5 km
Body mass: 180 pounds

No inclination

311 calories / h

With inclination

490 calories / h

That is an increase of more than 57% of calories burned in one hour . advises you to walk without inclination for two minutes to subsequently tilt the belt around 12% (high slope) for two minutes. Then remove the incline of the treadmill again and repeat the process.
The increase in inclination implies stronger sessions, so we recommend that you use it gradually.

Maximum speed

The maximum speed is the speed at which the machine belt rotates and therefore our speed on top of it. It is measured in km / h (kilometers per hour) and depends directly on engine power.
Generally we see tapes that reach a maximum speed between 10 and 20 km / h.


Type of career

10 km / h

Light jog

12 km / h


14 km / h

Light run

16 Km / h

Fast race

From we recommend treadmills with a maximum speed between 13 and 15 km / h. Not without reason are the best sellers in the market.

LCD system

The LCD system is very important to display information about the exercise being performed. Providing data such as speed, distance traveled or time among many others.
Usually the LCD screen is located on the handlebar of the treadmill and contains buttons to select different programs or important information.
By viewing all this information you will be more motivated to increase the intensity and add challenges to your training .

Pulse sensors

This feature is enhanced by hand pulse sensor . They measure the heart rate to display it on the LCD screen. This sensor is usually located on the handlebar, perfectly positioned to place your hands on top of it.
Monitor your progress and reach the appropriate heart rate to burn the maximum calories .
There are tapes that allow you to connect a band that is placed on the chest and by which the heart rate is measured. This will not require you to place the palms on the handlebar sensors. Just run without distractions.

Also LCD systems or consoles may include the possibility of Internet connection for you to browse, watch videos on YouTube, read your mail ... Even to install a series of specific Apps to use while training. These Apps can perform many functions, even play a virtual race in which,  as you run, you visualize the 3D environment on the screen. An authentic technological joy. Run in Rome, Paris, Madrid ...

In terms of amenities , the console can include: drink rests, essential for those who want to make long sessions; built-in ventilation, which will produce a gentle breeze to give you more energy; listen to music via Bluetooth connections, connected your Smartphone, MP3 player, Tablet ...
There are many ways that a treadmill offers comfort when performing the training. Study them well and decide for what you would use most .


Space is not a vital feature in this type of cardio machines. Essential if those people do not have much space in their home . Check the measurements of both the machine and the place where you want to install it. This will prevent you from having to find another site or return it for the simple fact of not having enough space.
Also check if taking the machine to the place where you plan to install it is feasible . Many times there are stairs or narrow doors that make transportation difficult.

Directly related to space is the tape on which it runs. A larger space and, therefore, a larger treadmill, more surface on which r runs .
It is not that the length of the machine is important for everyone, but for those who, for reasons of stature, their strides are longer and therefore will need a longer length.

Follow the table below to guide you about which minimum running surface length is right for you .

User height

Minimum recommended bearing length

- 165 cm

120 cm

165 cm - 182 cm

130 cm

+ 182cm

147 cm


In the past, the price was synonymous with quality, but today, marketing partly hinders the purchase of a good running machine.

However you can follow some guidelines to use on our website to choose your future treadmill. Choose the quality according to the price and you will know for sure what kind of machine you are buying.




-200 $*


$ 200 - $500


+ $ 500

* does not offer fitness tapes below € 200, we firmly believe that you would waste your money being able to pay a little more and get a much better product.

Advantages and disadvantages…


It allows you to train even when the schedule or other tasks occupy most of your day.

They incorporate a large number of amenities such as heart rate monitoring, programs and a large number. All aspects of training can be controlled very easily.

Current treadmills are very easy to use . Suitable for all ages.

Exercising on a treadmill is safer than training outdoors such as trails or sidewalks with your curbs. They have a perfectly flat surface free of obstacles.

Several people can use the same exercise machine.

These fitness machines generally allow you to burn more calories than other home exercise machines , such as exercise bikes.


There are very expensive models, more than 2000 dollars , but you may not need so much to keep fit. That is why at Runnium we only offer treadmills that we believe are a good buy .

The most sophisticated ones can take up a lot of space , so the space dedicated to the future machine must be measured well.

They only strengthen the legs and buttocks . If you are looking to exercise other parts of your body such as the arms or the abdomen, surely our future section of rowing machines will be of great help .

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