The Mistakes We Most Often Make While We Running

The running requires proper motivation and commitment as well; however, when we do it regularly, it has a largely positive impact on your body and well-being too. We must do it the right way that can be beneficial to our body. Seemingly, some minor mistakes that we frequently make while running or jogging and that can sabotage our achievements fully. Read the details how to avoid them completely.

1. Incorrect Positioning Of Hands

BY adopting the correct posture while we running will surely save us from unnecessary loss of our energy. The right running method is half of the battle. Although, a runner with the arms raised to the chest height is quite a fairly typical view, it also turns out that such a hand arrangement.  Even though, it might seem relaxed and that is not at all conducive to achieving the better results. By keeping them in this means, we are forcing our body to work harder, which means that we waste a lot of energy too, which we can use for overcoming a long distance surely.

What's more!

By squeezing the chest, we often make it very difficult to breathe freely, which is even more a conducive way to the effectiveness of the training.

Bad running technique could negatively affect the joints, which are burdened heavily when we running that leading to the formation of the micro-injuries, and big injuries. In addition, the running can be an activity involving our whole body, and not straining some specific parts of our body. In order not to obstruct the running, let's try to loosen our arms and try to keep them low enough and they are bent at 90 degrees at least. From time to time, it is really worth doing a rotating movement by which it will permit your arms to rest a bit as well.

2. The Avoidance Of Sun-Protective Cream

The fresh air gives many advantages while running and we can actually enjoy it.  But before going outside, you must use a sun-protective cream. Regardless of whether you run in the shade or if it is too cloudy, we are exposed to huge dangerous solar radiation that is really harmful to your health. So ,When leaving home, do not forget to use the waterproof preparation of  sun-protective cream that can protect you from both the UVA and UVB radiation.

3. Inadequate Hydration

During the running, it is really necessary to take huge liquids by which you will avoid health-threatening overheating of your body .Some runners often avoid hydration during the jogging for fear of unpleasant stabbing in the side, or the colic.

 Others regard it as the break in drinking as a total waste of their valuable time, not realizing that such type of a dynamic movement can expose them to the loss of large amounts of liquid from their body in the form of sweat that is secreted in larger than typical quantities.

In this means, they risk at dehydration and other related dangerous effects of overheating their body. Always keep in mind that the slight dehydration is demonstrated already by the very feeling of thirst and that is why you should take for a drink even when you run for less than thirty minutes.

4. Ignoring The Signs Given By The Body

Pain can be a sign for you that something is happening in your body that requires your attention. Some runners always suffer from this type of fatigue and they ignore it fully, which might lead to even more huge serious problems. Despite of the right warming exercises before the jogging, the pain does not go away and it even get worse.  It accompanies throughout a normal walk.  Just give up the training for a few days, because it might be a symptom of over-training. If it does not end during this time period, ask your doctor for help. If we avoid it, there is a chance that we get injured.

5. Focus Only On Jogging

According to a lot of people who regularly go for jogging, the only way to attain better results is to spend more time for running. In essence, the runners should take care of the balanced development of all their muscle groups. They will be able to get better their performance and protect themselves against some dangerous injuries. In their training plan, they must take into account other related activities that can improve their endurance and also flexibility.

You do not know how to make yourself for more running? Or maybe you want to learn the best methods that will permit you to lose extra kilos from your body?

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