Lifespan Tr1200i Treadmill Review 2020 -With Real-Time Market Study

If you need a mid-budget solution, lifespan Tr1200i folding treadmill is the best treadmill to buy right now.

It comes from the lifespan company and the manufacturer is one of the best in this arena.

You can find the similar support and quality for this treadmill too. As well, in this machine, you have the edge fold technology that making it easy to fold the treadmill.

You just need to lift that deck to compact the equipment when assembled it.

LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill
545 Reviews
LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill
  • The best selling electric treadmill by Lifespan, foldable and portable capability turns this motorized running machine into a small compact size; Step-up Height :7.5 inches
  • Heavy duty and high capacity 2.5 HP motor with a large 20" x 56" walking belt surface, and 15 levels of adjustable incline.
  • Quiet and lightweight manual fold for space saving and storable purposes in your office or home. Console tracks time, calories, distance, speed, and more.
  • 21 trainer programs targeting weight loss, healthy living, sports training and heart rate programs with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and motor. 300 pound user weight limit.

Lifespan Tr1200i Treadmill Review

The lifespan TR 1200i folding treadmill has dimensions of 70” x 33” x 54″ (LxWxH). At this size, we found the treadmill that is suitable for homes and small gyms.

 I placed the tread belt of this treadmill fit and we get much better comfortable feel while we jogging.

There is a continuous heavy duty 2.5 HP motor to power the lifespan TR 1200i folding treadmill.

With this performance, it can quite manage the big running surface (20 “X 56”).  The compression shock absorbers are something that we loved.

21 Exercise programs included

The top pick selection of the lifespan TR 1200i folding treadmill has a bunch of workouts options in programming.

You have the same 21 types of programs, but there’s USB connectivity for sharing the data. By the way, the maximum speed is 11 miles per hour. 

Packed up with features

I have decked the lifespan folding treadmill up with several features including ample running space and a really powerful 2.5 horsepower motor.  

The spacious running surface and the rollers make different levels of workout. It can support the maximum weights that up to 300 pounds. The console of the treadmill offers 21 preset programs.

Integrated heart rate monitor

It provides heart rate control programs that adjust the treadmill speed and incline to ensure that your heartbeat is at a constant rate.  

This helps you to optimally workout with your heart.

The sophisticated multi-colored LED helps you keep tracking of your workout through time, distance, track length, heart rate, speed and the incline levels.

Multicolored LCD console to track progress

The multicolored LCD console tracks your time, calories, distance, speed, and many more. The deck suspension system easily supports up to 300 pounds’ weight.

The programs are healthy living sports training and heart rate programs and custom programs.

It has lifetime warranty on the frame and motor and bonus membership in the lifespan fitness club.

Customer satisfaction

Customers said that they would not trade this treadmill for anything else apart from terming that it is as like a value-for-money treadmill for the entire family.

Customers are pine that the bonus membership to the lifespan fitness club is great value addition that apart. 

They said that the treadmill is sturdy and operates quietly, even when running at six miles per hour.

The tracking systems, along with the USB feature, to store fitness data are also appreciated. 

On the flip side, a few customers felt that the equipment was heavy but agreed that the weight was necessary for intense workout patterns .

Go for the lifespan TR 1200i folding treadmill if you need a mid-budget.

Key Specifications Of Lifespan Tr1200i Treadmill

  • Built-In Programs:      21
  • Motor:                        2.5 HP
  • Folding capacity :      Foldable
  • Top Speed:               11 MPH
  • Incline:                      0 – 15%
  • Running Area:          20″ x 56″ (LxW)
  • Weight Capacity:      300 Pounds
  • Dimensions:             70” x 33″  x 54″ (LxWxH)

Key Features Of The Lifespan Tr1200i Treadmill

  • High quality continuous motor (2.5 HP)
  • Biomechanical correct desk with  the suspension system
  • EZFold technology for fast and  convenient storage
  • Multicolored LCD console
  • Best Programs include sports training,  weight loss, heart monitoring, and healthy lifestyle
  •  21 exercise programs
  • 20” x 56” running space
  • Maximum user capacity up to 300 pounds
  • motor and Frame come with a good lifetime warranty
  • 20 x 56-inch running area
  • EZfold Technology with soft-drop unfolding system
  • USB slot for better saving of the  workouts and deliver data to computer

What we like

  1. Foldable
  2. Built-in speakers
  3. Good Belt Length
  4. Soft drop system for unfolding easily
  5. Large running surface
  6. Good Belt Quality
  7. Powerful motor
  8. Motorized Incline
  9. Top speed of 11 MPH
  10. Sturdy
  11. Data Storage
  12. Handbar Controls
  13. Compact Size
  14. Audio Entertainment
  15. Very Good Warranty

What we don’t like

  1. Have no fan
  2. Lifespan’s data tracking service is being provided for the first 4th months
  3. Small LCD Screen
  4. low-priced monitoring system for heart rate
  5. Quite heavy

Worth Knowing Factors Regarding Lifespan Tr1200i Treadmill

You should read out these bullets points before making purchasing decision and these point will certainly be a better suggestion to make a worth decision ever .

Why Should You Buy The Lifespan Tr1200i Treadmill

You should buy the lifespan tr1200i treadmill because, it have –

  1. Electric treadmill
  2. Foldable
  3. Small compact size
  4. 2.5 hp motor
  5. Bluetooth connectivity
  6. 15 levels of adjustable incline
  7. EZfold Technology
  8. Limitless Programming

Major Difference From The Same Manufacture’s Treadmill

Tr1200i model key features

  • Folding System- EZfold
  • Motor- 2.5 HP Continuous Duty DC
  • Deck Suspension- 6 Compression Shocks

TR2000e / TR3000i/ TR3000i / TR3000e models key features

  • Folding System- eFold  or EZfold
  • Motor- 2.5 (TR2000e )or 2.75 HP (TR3000i/ TR3000i) or 3.25 (TR3000e) 4.0 HP (TR5500i )/ 3.5 HP AC (R6000i )/ 3.5 HP AC (TR7000i) /5.0 HP AC (TR8000i)
  • Deck Suspension- 8 Compression Shocks (TR2000e / TR3000i/ TR3000i / TR3000e)

Target Specific Group Of Lifespan Tr1200i Treadmill

The people who target the weight loss, sports training, healthy living, and heart rate programs are highly appreciated to buy the lifespan tr1200i treadmill.

What Type Of Workout You Can Execute

Real-Time Comments Of Amazon Reviewers

  • Heart rate
  • Put together
  • Fitness club
  • Bells and whistles
  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly recommend
  • Speed and incline
  • Big deal
  • Cup holders
  • Happy with this purchase
  • Rate monitor
  • Great treadmill
  • Good treadmill with some annoyances
  • Love the product and their customer services even more!!
  • Well-made and dependable
  • Love it!
  • Love This So Much!

Lifespan Tr1200i –Assembled Dimensions

  • Length: 70.25”
  • Height- inches
  • Width- 33 inches
  • Weight: 186 pounds
  • Running Surface: 20 inches x 56 inches

Lifespan Tr1200i –Computer Features

  • Quickstart function.
  • Multi-color LCD display
  • 21 program profiles
  • 5 Health Living
  • 5 Weight Management
  • Name/Sex/Height/Weight/Age
  • 7 Sports Training
  • 1 Manual
  • Workout data includes: Date and Time ,Calories , Distance, Steps ,Heart Rate ,Speed ,Incline

Lifespan Tr1200i –Warranty Coverage

  • Motor: Lifetime
  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Labor: 1 Year
  • Parts: 3 Years

Lifespan Tr1200i parts

You can contact Lifespan customer service at 877.654.3837 opt 4 and by filling out their customer services request form.

You need your serial number handy to get the correct part in order. To order the power cord, replacement safety key, or treadmill belt, you can visit our their accessories page.

Lifespan Tr1200i manual

You can find the lifespan tr1200i treadmill manual from the online. Please click here to download the lifespan tr1200i treadmill manual and solve the problems you face to install it.

Lifespan Tr1200i For Sale  

You can find available advertisements regarding the lifespan Tr1200i for sale on eBay, Amazon and Alibaba. You can buy this amazing treadmill by the affordable price on these platform .

Final Words about  Lifespan Tr1200i Treadmill

From the aforementioned information , you can easily decide based on this real time market research that is certainly different from the other reviewers .

Decision is up to you and you have full free rhythm of choice for decision making .Thanks for reading and happy purchasing .

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