Kettlebell – What Is It? What Is The Training With Weights?

Kettlebells are a kind of weights that look like a cannonball with a handle. Training with kettlebells not only increases muscle strength, but also improves flexibility, coordination and well affects cardiovascular fitness. Learn about other advantages of kettlebells and training principles with weights.

Kettlebells were invented in Russia in the eighteenth century. They were used for military training, including in the Soviet army. Since the 1940s, they have been a tool designed for practicing strength sports. Today, this somewhat forgotten device is again gaining popularity, primarily due to its versatility. With kettlebells you will increase your strength, improve your endurance, coordination of movement and also get rid of unnecessary kilograms.

What Is The Difference Between Kettlebells And Dumbbell Training?

The kettlebells look like a cannonball with an attached handle. Their unique shape affects the effectiveness of training more than in the case of ordinary dumbbells. Unlike traditional weights, kettlebells have a shifted center of gravity. This allows for more effective strengthening of the forearm muscles, but also forcing a continuous balance, which makes almost every muscle of the body work - including deep muscles. Thanks to this, as a result of exercises, the silhouette does not gain athletic build, but remains slim and develops harmoniously.

What Does Kettlebells Training Look Like?

Characteristic of training with kettlebells is that it involves many muscles at work simultaneously. Most often, it consists in making a few-minute series, in which the same movement is repeated many times. The versatility of exercises with kettlebells causes that some of them rank them more for general development training than traditional weightlifting.

The basic movement in training with kettlebells is swing in different variations. The most popular is Russian: the weight is held with both hands in front of you and then sets in motion by swinging it - first between the legs, then higher and higher until it reaches the height of the chest. The American swing assumes lifting kettlebells to the height of the forehead. You can also swing the weight with one hand, toss it or raise it and lower it as a normal weight.

The Benefits Of Kettlebells Exercise

The most important advantages of training with kettlebells include:

  • building strength and endurance of all muscles, which allows harmonious development of the whole body;
  • faster occurrence of results than in the case of exercises with dumbbells and barbells;
  • improvement of cardiovascular condition and capacity;
  • improving body movements in everyday activities, increasing mobility and flexibility;
  • increasing weight loss effects.

Training With Kettlebells - Who Is It For?

Kettlebells are recommended for anyone who wants to combine high efficiency of strength and endurance training with simultaneous improvement of general fitness and motor coordination. Thanks to kettlebells, you can increase your strength without the growth of muscle mass, which makes this type of device ideal for women. An additional advantage of exercising with weights is the involvement of the muscles of the legs and buttocks, and thus those parts of the body that in most women require strengthening and firming.

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