Insanity workout: the extreme fitness program that will melt us away!

Insanity Workout is “the” new trendy fitness program. As demanding as it is effective, it is reserved for seasoned athletes. But the game is worth the effort: the before / after results are impressive! We will explain everything to you.

Developed by Shaun Thompson, a former professional dancer turned sports coach in the United States, the Insanity Workout fitness program is aimed at seasoned athletes who are not afraid to exceed their limits – moreover, in English, “insanity” = madness. It immediately sets the tone …

The principle. The basis of Insanity Workout is HIIT or high intensity training . Concretely, it looks like the interval training of runners: we provide an intense effort for several minutes, then we follow with an active rest (= running in place, stretching …) and we go back!

It’s very intense, but it works: quickly, the body draws its energy from fat reserves and we can burn up to 1000 Kcal in 55 minutes. Top to sculpt a pretty silhouette in record time.

Coach Shaun T’s motto? “Jump as high as you can, run as fast as you can, contract your abs as much as you can: if you do all of that, you will get results!” “.

The program. The Insanity Workout program takes place over 9 weeks. During the first 4 weeks, we do a session of 60 minutes a day, 6 days a week.

The exercises are quite varied and target the entire figure: abs , squats , burpees, jumping jacks … The classic repertoire of cardio and weight training. muscle building.

The first days of the first and third week, we carry out a “fit test” that is to say an evaluation of our physical condition: a good way to measure our progress.

Insanity workout: 60 days to find a model silhouette

The fifth week constitutes an active rest phase: for 6 days, we do moderate intensity cardio as well as stretching .

A necessary respite before attacking the second phase of the program, much more extreme: 3 minutes of intense effort (sometimes 5 minutes) then 30 seconds of active recovery, lasting 60 minutes, 6 days out of 7. Each session begins with a phase warm-up that lasts at least 10 minutes. At the end, we end with stretching to avoid stiffness.

It works ? Yes, yes and still yes! On the forums, the before / after photos are quite incredible: the Insanity Workout method targets the entire figure and athletes who survive (that’s the right verb …) to the 9 weeks of training display an extra-flat stomach, firm arms, tapered thighs and a rounded buttocks. Not a single gram of fat!

How it works ? Obviously, behind Insanity Workout, there is a business: to follow the training, you have to buy the coach’s DVDs, especially available on Amazon: for around $ 130, you get 10 DVDs that contain the 10 sessions to alternate over 60 days according to a specific schedule – the one provided in the package.

Insanity Workout: the limits

As we have said: the Insanity Workout program is reserved for experienced athletes. It is very (very) intense and it is strongly discouraged for pregnant women as well as for people who suffer from joint, cardiovascular and / or muscular disorders. Before tackling this extreme challenge, consider seeking medical advice.

If, after 60 days, a perfect figure is obtained, it is essential to maintain a daily sports routine in order to avoid the return of those dearly lost pounds … Ditto: in addition to the sports program, a balanced diet (even a little richer in protein to support caloric expenditure) is essential.

Doing 60 minutes of sport every day in front of the TV is a good idea … but it can be complicated when you have a family life and / or a flexible job. In addition, some athletes prefer to practice outdoors, to fill up with vitamins D and clear their heads!

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