Important Treadmills Factor –You Should Know To Exercise Properly

Treadmills are the basic home gym equipment right now all over the world that are really amazing to execute your weight loss goal effectively.

The treadmill parts are also sensitive and you have to know better about the treadmill parts for proper workouts and maintenance of its vital parts.

You can know a lot by reading out the below article. Let’s get started —

Shock Absorbing Mats

As the name suggests, that are designed of cushion for the treadmill. It is, however, a cushioning of the treadmill machine itself, not the running tread.

The mats decrease the noise associated with the treadmill bumps, can also prevent of slipping from the treadmill, reduce the vibrations .

It results from your intense workouts, provides greater stabilization of your treadmill during work out and also can help protect the floor from being damage.

The cushioning mats may have the shape of a puzzle – which may allow you to join several mats of dissimilar sizes and adjust them with the dimensions of the treadmill.

It facilitates the assembly and the transport, rubber castings of a range of sizes, so that it can be easier to choose the mat size and the size of the treadmill machine.

Dimensions Of The Running Belt

I related the selection of the correct treadmill to the decision of choosing of the size, width, length and structure of the running belt and that is really important.

Its thickness is also significant if you choose a treadmill with a thicker orthopedic belt. These dimensions can’t be adjusted to preferences as of its user’s height.

The higher the runner is, the larger the size of its potential running tread should be.

For example, for an individual with 170 cm of height, any type of treadmill will be appropriate (the absolute minimum running belt is 120 cm of long and 40 cm of wide, the average running belt is 140 x 45 cm).

A person measuring 190 cm might already look around for the model of larger dimensions of the treadmill running belt, which will increase the comfort of the exercise significantly. Larger running tread can be found on high-end treadmills mainly.

While buying a professional treadmill, it is really worth paying attention to its construction of the engine cover.

Especially, the treadmills with a shorter belt, the correct profiling of its engine covering that will allow you to extend the walking or running step without risking of hitting of your feet.

Engine power

This is the constant or permanent power of the treadmill motor, and therefore, the power with which the engine motor can be able to work for the long period of time.

Ways Of Measuring Heart Rate In Treadmills

When you do training on the treadmill platform, your heart rate measurement is tremendously important.

This is to both adjust your training to the requirements (suitable thresholds can allow you to decide the regenerative training, fat burning, anaerobic or cardio) and your body’s capabilities (e.g.: older people can’t carry out more intensive training at heart rate 50% HR max).

Treadmills are mainly equipped with several device or possible ways to measure the heart rate during the training.

Touch Sensors

The touch sensors are the type of sensors that can help measure your heart rate properly.

We typically place them on the tread grips or steering wheel.

In order to calculate the heart rate, you can use both hands on the sensors and also wait about 30 seconds for proper reading (it is also important not to grab these sensors too much time).

Readings from this type of device are not sometimes, however, mostly accurate and also it should be treated as mostly approximate.

To make your reading during the run, it should be advisable to interrupt you for a short time, because holding the handles at the same time as running is not advisable.

Ear Clips

These types of clips are treadmill devices that are a little more accurate than the sensors, but they are not also recommended for the intensive training (because of the simplicity of the clip falling off the ear, the measurement can be distorted as well).

Wireless Chest Bands

The chest belt is the most exact of heart rate devices during the training period.

What’s more! It also leaves your hands free. So, there is no need to stop the training to check the heart rate.

A chest band might also be part of a set while you purchase the treadmill.

It is frequently treated as an additional part of the treadmill. For best reading, it is really recommended a lightly wet (preferably with the damp cloth and do not immerse belt in water!).

You may also use moisturizing gel and put the belt on the chest directly, slightly on the left side, so that the belt receiver is over the heart.


Disturbances of the heart rate reading in the electrodes (receiver) might sometimes occur when using the powder, oil, balm etc on your body.

They also recommended it to use the sensors for a clean body (in this case of the touch sensors on the handles–also clean hands).

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