How to run without leaving your home (and without a treadmill)

It’s total containment : we have no choice but to shift our habits outside to inside, and to run without leaving the house.

It is much safer and healthier than to walk on the big avenues where cars give off polluting fumes. But what if you don’t have a treadmill?

Here are some tips for running without leaving home, and getting used to running for rainy days or bad weather.

Running on the spot

It sounds absurd, but it’s just as effective and burns a lot of calories. It is best to wear sports clothes to be comfortable, find a place that is not slippery, and start by raising the knees to a normal distance, pretending to run.

It can be a bit tiring on the feet as they stay in one place, but you can try stretching and alternating movements to have a better routine.

In 30 minutes, you can alternate between different leg heights and different speeds until you are satisfied. You can also insert jumps by pretending to jump rope and incorporate squats. The goal is to be creative.

Use a rope

Rope can be a great option for keeping your arms moving and making them part of your routine.

Besides making you feel it is not so pointless to run in one place, it will keep you much more focused and motivate you to alternate with different techniques and movements, jumping, speeding up or slowing down.

Use the stairs

It is very important that they are safe, that you have good shoes and that they do not slip. You can make the stairs part of your routine, but don’t run too fast as it can be dangerous.

We recommend maintaining a good pace to keep a reasonable speed and doing this with coordinated arm exercises to build momentum and strength.

You can do 10-15 loops with breaks. It will be a good way to burn calories, besides requiring a little more effort.

Choose a large room

If you have a large house , you can use the larger room as a running room. You will do the same as what I mentioned before, alternating with knee height and taking breaks to squat and do other movements.

The freedom to do it at home, without a treadmill, allows you to experience more and not be limited to just one activity. If you have a garage or a garden, it will certainly be much more comfortable.

Do yoga

Yoga will complement your workout and make you feel more invested in your routine.

Online, you will find videos with some essential poses that you can do after your workout.

Being indoors and not having a treadmill is no excuse to forget about your exercise routine.

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