How to ride a bike to avoid back pain?

Back pain when riding a bicycle may be caused by incorrect posture, a saddle set at a wrong height or pond overload. Discomfort in the sacro-lumbar region may not only affect professionals, but also amateur cyclists, so everyone should follow the rules of proper driving. Check how to prepare for a bike trip to avoid back pain while driving.

Spinal pain during cycling – causes

The condition of our spine affects the condition of our entire body. Therefore, if you feel back pain while cycling, diagnose what causes it as soon as possible:

  • incorrect fitting of the bike to the body structure,
  • wrong, most hunched, attitude taken while driving,
  • muscle weakness.

If the wrong steering wheel or saddle height is the cause, there is no cause for concern. All you have to do is adjust everything. If the pain still teases us despite the improvement, it means that our muscles are not strong enough.

This applies not only to the back muscles, but also to the gluteal muscle or the muscles of the ischio-shin group. In this situation, cycling is only allowed after diagnosing and curing the condition.

How to ride a bike to avoid back pain?

How to ride a bike to avoid back pain

Rule 1 – a good bike only with shock absorbers

The rear shock absorbs our spine from sudden shocks. In turn, the front will relieve our elbows and wrists. If you are going around the city, choose a city bike. If you intend to go crazy in the mountains, choose mountain bike, cross bike or road bike.

Rule 2 – Research your bike posture

Straighten your back every time you want to grab the steering wheel. Follow this rule until it becomes your habit. The back and shoulders while driving can be slightly tilted forward, but never hacked. If you feel a tension in your muscles, stop and rest.

Rule 3 – set the steering wheel

Too low a steering wheel will only speed up the risk of back pain. Therefore, before each ride, make sure that the steering wheel is at the correct height. It’s best to choose the so-called steering wheel landing, thanks to which you will be able to change position from inclined to straight.

Rule 4 – choose the right saddle

The right saddle should be soft, but not so that our buttocks will collapse. The best is a saddle with springs, which will protect our spine from bumpy roads.

Rule 5 – put on neck and back muscles training

The muscles of the legs of cyclists are much more developed than the muscles of the back and neck. Therefore, additional weight or strength training for these muscle groups will increase their strength and reduce later back pain.

Rule 6 – stretch all your muscles before the ride

The right set of exercises that will prepare our body for cycling is very important. Remember to precede proper exercises with warming up.

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