How to explode your 5 km record

Exercises, course, physical preparation: Florian Neuschwander tells you everything you need to know to be successful in 5K. The goal? Change gait, no distance.
Florian Neuschwander’s Run with the Flow team has won Wings for Life World Run for five consecutive years. And on May 9, 2021, there will still be more than 1,200 to run for those who cannot. Of course, not all of these riders have the impressive track record of their team captain.
Perfect distance for beginner runners, the 5km is rather easy to digest. But the real challenge, after integrating it into your routine, is then to improve your time second by second. And we warn you, it’s addictive.
To help you get there and blow your time on May 9, Florian Neuschwander is giving you some advice.

The best 5K to do in France

  1. Get started in the 2 and 10 km races.
    Contrary to what you might think, you don’t have to run 5 kilometers all the time to dominate the distance. The object of the game is to improve your MAS (Maximum Aerobic Speed) while working on your endurance. And for that, the best is still “to alternate the races of 5, 2/3 and 7.5 / 10 km”, as explained Neuschwander.
    5 km race: You don’t have to run 5 km all the time to dominate the distance.
    Alternate distances to improve your endurance
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  2. Become a HIIT machine
    If you want to be the 5k boss without rushing all week, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) – or high intensity interval training – is still your best option. The principle ? Perform vigorous exercises (sprinting in place, pedaling as fast as possible, etc.), taking short breaks between each effort. Because even though it may take you less time (you can settle for a few minutes a week), multiple studies show that HIIT could significantly improve your cardiovascular capacity. More than the repetition of pure endurance races. “Cycling is an activity that I do myself,” says Neuschwander. “High intensity sessions can be a way to train on days when you don’t necessarily have time.”
    The rope is a good workout to improve your cardio and your time on a 5km run.
    Another key: the ropeAutre clé : la corde
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Du running moins boring

  1. Don’t aim for a record time on every ride
    “Nobody likes running at full speed more than I do,” explains Florian Neuschwander. But to run faster, paradoxically you need to run slower fairly regularly. The shopping easy are surprisingly effective in improving your cardio. And while it’s tempting to overlook them, they’re important for recovery and increasing your ability to run more often.
  2. Think about your heart rate.
    To run faster for longer, remember to spot how quickly you reach your lactate threshold (basically, when you start to suffer) and run regularly 5 minutes below during each outing to better control your effort. “Pace is everything and if you want to plan the May 9 race, there is a goal calculator to help you figure it out,” notes Florian Neuschwander. “As you train, try to fit five minute intervals of threshold running into your longer run.” Over time, you may increase the intervals to 10 minutes or more.
    Get into fractional
    Get into fractionalMettez-vous au fractionné
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  3. Turn mountains into little bumps
    It’s a fact: Running on a hillside greatly improves your abilities. And instead of seeing it as a way of measuring your energy, think of it as an exercise similar to “squatting” or weight lifting. Because the effect is the same for your legs. “By multiplying the races on rough courses, the flat will become, in comparison, much easier”.
    5KM Running Tip: Running on a hillside greatly improves your abilities.
    Run straightCourir à pic
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  4. Build your legs
    Since your legs are your main tool, it is imperative to sharpen them. “But don’t just focus on the calves,” explains the athlete. “The hamstrings and glutes, too often overlooked, are also very important. So remember to focus on them in the gym.”
    Do not forget the hamstrings during your training for a 5 km run.
    And we do not forget the ischiosEt on n’oublie pas les ischios
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  5. Go all-terrain
    “For me, the terrain doesn’t matter. The important thing is to get out and run.” Concrete, mud, gravel, hills, false flats: get used to running on different terrains to be ready for anything. Then, after defining a sufficiently varied route, repeat it to improve your time. And learn to better manage your effort.

Everything you need to know to start a trail

  1. Don’t forget the caffeine
    If you want to do better than usual, run longer, or just relieve fatigue on a day out, caffeine, which is a top athlete’s best friend, might just be yours. So drink coffee or Red Bull, or any other product that contains it.
    10 tips to beat your 5km running time: Caffeine to run longer.
    We hydrate, of course
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  2. Run when the weather is good
    Your times have increased this winter? It’s normal. Beyond the fact that the ground is sometimes frozen – and therefore not ideal for propulsion – inhaling cold air is particularly exhausting for the lungs. So wait until spring to harden the training.
    Wait until spring to harden your training and improve your time on a 5km race.
    The sun takes the aspiLe soleil prend l’aspi
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  3. Challenge your friends
    There is nothing like a good competition to motivate yourself. So drag your friends with you on Sunday morning, and tell them the loser is paying for breakfast. Usually, there is nothing like dealing with sighs and things like “I can’t run more than one marker anyway.”
    To beat your time in a 5 km race, there is nothing like a good competition to motivate yourself.
    Those who love you will follow youCeux qui vous aiment vous suivront
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