How To Choose A Bike For A Child?

Laptops, consoles and even quads, such gifts are no longer surprise the kids. Still, one of the most popular gifts is a bike that will activate the child and pull it away from the screen of the laptop or phone.

If we choose a bike for a gift, it is worth specifying the budget that we will allocate to it. It is important to purchase a vehicle in a proper bicycle shop with a proven opinion. 

High-quality equipment will be used without failure for years.

The seller will help you choose a model not only with effective brakes or durable drive but also with the right size, which is very important with a child.

What size of the bike?

The bike is best to choose with your child. This will perfectly match the size of the frame and wheels.

The length of the child’s legs, which we measure on the inside, is important. For nine-year-olds, it is usually 56-64 cm.

A properly selected size will allow you to maintain the right attitude.

It is not worth buying a bicycle that is too big to spare. Practice shows that the child donated by the vehicle wants to ride it immediately. If the bike is badly chosen, the ride will be uncomfortable.

Choose the model with the possibility of a large saddle height change. A properly positioned saddle makes the child reach the ground with his fingertips and hands to the steering wheel.

It is worth to choose a bicycle model with a frame that is slightly lowered, so that it will be easier for the child to get off of it.

Weight is also important. In addition, it can be assumed that children of the Communion age grow between 128 and 150 cm. 24-inch wheels will be suitable for them. Above 150 cm tall, 26-inch wheels will be appropriate.

Bikes for this age group are very similar to typically adults. Most often they have a rear derailleur, two brakes.

It is worth remembering not to overdo it with bicycle gadgets. The simpler the vehicle design, the easier it will be to service it – says Jakub Pasikowski, LeGrand expert.

The purpose of the bicycle

Before making a purchase, remember to use the vehicle. Boys usually prefer MTB models that will work well when driving on forest paths.

It is worth taking notice of the lower upper tube, which makes getting in easy. 

It is a suitable solution for young adepts of cycling madness in the forest and on hills.

Remember that a tube shaped in this way does not always show that it is a woman’s bike.

With girls, there is no shortage of offers tailored exactly to their needs.

During the search, you can also analyze the proposals of typically urban bicycles.

The key to success will probably be the colors, as well as additional elements, such as the trunk or basket mounted on the steering wheel.

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