How to build the glutes with a treadmill?

Having a shapely butt is the dream of many Fitgirls who strive for squats and lunges, but did you know that the treadmill, if used properly, can help you achieve your goal?

The tilt for a firm and toned buttocks

Traditionally, the treadmill allows you to work your cardio in order to work your endurance, your cardiovascular system and to lose weight. However, by varying the incline of the mat, you will be able to play on the muscular demands.

With zero incline, the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves, abdominals and lower back will participate in your stride. By tilting your mat, you will inevitably put stress on your glutes and calves!

A 2011 University of Colorado scientific study looked into the question. An incline of + 9% on the treadmill increases the muscle activity of the hamstrings by 635% and that of the glutes by 345%.

It is therefore the entire posterior chain that is heavily involved.

Usually a treadmill has a maximum incline of 12% at a speed of 20km / h. Depending on the model, these data may vary but we are rarely limited by the possibility of the mat.If you want to reproduce outdoor conditions (wind resistance), it is advisable to incline your mat at 1%.

30min buttocks program “Shaped buttocks”

This program is aimed at beginners as well as the most experienced. The proposed incline which is progressive may be stable whatever your level. Instead, be sure to change the workout time and speed. If you are a beginner, a speed of 5km / h over 20min is a good compromise. Over the months, you can get closer to 30min and a speed around 10km / h.

Here, we opt for an intermediate level practitioner, the selected speed will therefore be 7km / h which corresponds to a fast walk and the training will be pyramidal with an increase then a gradual decrease in the incline.

This training mode will be easier to integrate then to perform once on the treadmill. You will just have to briefly increase or decrease the slope so that you do not have to touch all the parameters during your run / walk.

Minute Inclination
0min – 3min 2%
3min – 5min 4%
5min – 10min 6%
10min – 12min 8%
12min – 13min 10%
13min – 15min 12%
15min – 18min 10%
18min – 20min 8%
20min – 24min 6%
24min – 26min 4%
26min – 30min 2%

Bodybuilding and diet as a supplement

To have a beautiful buttocks, you might as well put the odds in your favor by practicing adapted exercises and a quality diet in parallel. If you want to tone and tone your glutes, don’t settle for machines.

We often see women in the weight room on the abduction or adduction machine for the outside / inside of the thighs and the glutes with an endless number of repetitions. For effective results in a short time, use the bars and dumbbells for walking lunges, squats, deadlifts, etc.

In short, poly-articular exercises which will make it possible to solicit many muscle groups for a harmonious silhouette. In terms of the working format, 4 to 5 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions is a good compromise.

When it comes to food, this is surely the most important aspect. You can run for 1 hour on your treadmill, if you eat badly when you come home, your efforts will be in vain. Eat a healthy diet, focusing on foods with a low or moderate glycemic index.

The best solution is to anticipate your meals. Take advantage of your Sunday to put together your menus for the week and list the necessary ingredients. If you want to lose weight, gradually move towards a low-calorie diet.

On the other hand, to build muscle, a slightly excess diet is necessary in order to provide the necessary energy.

Take home message

The treadmill can help you tone your buttocks and sculpt them as you like. For this, it is necessary to play on the incline in order to place more stress on the gluteal muscles. At the same time, heavy poly-articular exercises such as lunges or straight leg deadlifts will be excellent to achieve your goal.

Finally, having a beautiful butt, it also happens on the plate. Do not neglect your diet and it is happening now to be ready this summer in a bikini.

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