Ten Exclusive Tips On How To Be A Better Mountain Biker

You have honed your skills in mountain biking recently and now want to be fast and ride like a strong wind. Also, you cherish climbing high rocks and go downhill through nearly a vertical turn. Well, in a mountain biker’s life, all these are a dream that must come true.

But for that, you genuinely need to know how to be a better mountain biker.

Luckily, you don’t need to be Emily Batty or Nino Schurter, the two famous mountain bikers, to get a quick improvement on all those dream mountain biking skills.

And guess what?

We have piled up ten exclusive tips to improve your skills to become a better mountain biker in this write-up.

So, let’s get-go.

How To Be A Better Mountain Biker

1. Always keep the bike in tiptop condition:

The MTB or Mountain Bike is your second most trustworthy companion during the biking sessions in the hilly regions, only after your skill and confidence. So, you would want to maintain the bike regularly. Even if you have a cheap mountain bike, regular maintenance will help it deliver top-class and consistent performance.

When you plan for a trip in the rough terrain of a steep mountain, check the bike parts including tires, bells, handlebars ad most important, the braking system. We assure you that essential bike maintenance won’t require you more than a few minutes.

Also, even if you can’t fix the issues, knowing the faults will help you better prepare for any emergencies. Lastly, even calling for a professional won’t cost you much.

2. Always practice with better riders:

When you practice mountain riding, you should always be with a team of the better rider than you. It will push you slightly and ardently harder to improve your skills. Also, when you ride with bikers who have been in the routes for a more extended period will help you learn their riding techniques better.

When you ride with them, carefully watch their riding habits such as body position, turning skills and how they bypass steep uphill and downhill rides.

3. Be relaxed:

When you ride challenging terrains, don’t let your bike know your nervousness. Just be relaxed on the seat and hold the handlebars with ease.

When you have relaxed legs and arms, these will better absorb the ruts and bumps of the road and offer you smoother riding experience. Also, relaxed hands are better in tackling the brakes when need be. Also, don’t let you mental pressure take over on your enjoyment.

When you stay relaxed and ride comfortably, you will surely see improvement in your skills, and it won’t take much time too.

4. Stay flexible:

The basic of mountain biking is to stay flexible and strong on the bike. You would want to stay right on the saddle while riding upwards or paddling through smooth terrains.

However, the opposite is right for riding on technical terrains as well as during ascending and descending. When you uphill, stay strong and push forward with confidence. And at the time of descending bend your knee and stay close with the bike. It will help you ride smoothly.

5. Continuously shift your weights:

Another crucial factor in improving your mountain biking skill is to understand the techniques and timing of shifting your weight on the saddle. Luckily, it is simple.

When you ascend on a steep, slowly shift your body weight forward and push the bike on the terrain. During the descending, push your weight slightly backwards while staying on the saddle to move downhill smoothly.

6. Don’t forget about the brakes:

The braking system of the MTB is your another close companion for successful mountain biking experience. However, you don’t need to use the brakes as a light switch that you often want to slap them hard.

Instead, be gentle with the brakes like a dimmer. Hold the brakes with fingers and push them mildly when you need them. When you hold on the brakes softly, you will have better control over them, and you can use them efficiently too.

7. Make small progressions:

When you know the riding skills for mountain biking, it is irresistible to make a massive leap in a single day. Also, when you sense the smell of success, it is hard to control the temptation. But we suggest you go slow and take small leaps each day.

When you progress slowly and steadily instead of taking giant leaps, it will also prevent injuries.

8. Stop for a new start:

During the first few days of your maintain biking, naturally, you will stumble and get some minor injuries. If you consider them as the stop, you should also learn how to start afresh. When you get scratches and cuts, don’t let them take over your enthusiasm.

Take a few days of rest and start again with refreshing and increased energy.

9. Hopping and balancing:

The understanding of balancing and hopping skills almost simultaneously will pay off hugely while riding on the technical terrains. When you ride on the technical terrains, you have to stop and start all over frequently.

If you know to start driving the bicycle without putting your foot down from the paddle after a stop, the riding will become comfortable and breezier.

10. Ride freely on anywhere and everywhere:

When you want to improve your mountain biking skill, not necessarily you will have to always ride on the steep terrains only. Instead, the best way to excel in mountain biking is to ride everywhere. We suggest you ride in the streets, along the shores, to the mailbox and wherever your heart desire.

The more time you ardently spend on the bike, the better will be your riding skills- no rocket science.


Mountain biking is brilliant for adrenaline. Hence, many people love riding on the steep terrains, challenging trails and the highest mountain roads. However, most riders make a lethal mistake to take giant leaps without improving their skills.

Therefore, we have compiled these top hacks on how to be a better mountain biker and enjoy the excitement and fun. Rejoice!

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