How To Adjust Treadmill Belt Alignment – Tips that can save your day

In the event that the running track belt is adjusted incorrectly, the appropriate running of the treadmill must be disrupted and might be louder than usual.

Therefore, a vital concept is the regulation of belt tension and how to adjust treadmill belt alignment you should know in order to proper maintenance of your treadmill. 

Adjusting the tension of the treadmill belt is quite very important for runners to make sure an even, even working surface.

 The adjustment can be carried out from the right and left of the rear roller using the ampoule key that are attached to the treadmill.

The adjustment screws are mainly located on the back of its side rails. The screws that are used for the adjustment are certainly located inside the hole of each plug.

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Tighten the rear roller only to the extent that the belt does not slip on the front roll. Adjust the 2 screws (right and left) clockwise gently and check the exact belt tension.

 Do not pull the belt too firmly because it could result in belt damage and too fast wear of the bearings. If the belt is still slipping, just repeat the above operation.

How to adjust treadmill belt alignment | when to replace it and how to settle it

NOTE: the belt must be replaced if :

  • wollen and touched the frame
  • black rubber is dry or damaged
  • it tends to open where there is a connection
  • it is not possible to stress (the slip still slips)
  • a white cloth under the belt is missing or damaged

In these occasions, you need to buy a belt for a treadmill with a low coefficient of friction on the treadmill. If you need spare parts or assistance, please contact your service provider

How to adjust treadmill belt alignment

Initial operations

1. Prior to starting, you have to make sure that the treadmill is turned off and disconnected from its power outlet.

2. To remove dust, just move the suction nozzle of the vacuum cleaner around its visible parts.

3. To remove dirt or foils, use a damp cloth with a mild detergent applied only to the fabric parts.

4. Do not immerse any treadmill components in any corrosive liquid.

Adjust treadmill belt alignment

Make sure that its walking belt is always centered on the treadmill frame. The technique you run on the treadmill and the non-flat surface of the floor is the 2 possible reasons for the misalignment of the treadmill.

When the treadmill is not aligned, it is really necessary to operate on 2 adjustment screws on the treadmill.

1. Just press “START” to start the walking belt, and then raise the speed of the treadmill to 5 km / h.

2. Stand behind the treadmill to decide in which direction the belt has the tendency to move.

3. If the strap moves to the left, turn the left for adjusting screw a quarter turn to the right and the right screw a quarter turn of anti-clockwise.

4. If the ribbon moves to the right, turn the left adjusting screw a quarter turn anti-clockwise and the right screw a quarter turn clockwise.

5. Monitor the path of the belt for about 1 minute. If necessary, repeat steps 3, 4 and 5.

Tread belt tension adjustment

Hold the belt as slowly as possible by adjusting the belt tension of the treadmill.

1. Press “START” to launch the treadmill and then set the speed to 1 Km / h.

2. Release the strap fastening so firmly to the steering wheel and applying more weight to the belt as if going down. The belt can slip through a significant break.

3. If the belt slips, just stop the treadmill, turn both screws a quarter turn clockwise and also repeat steps 2-3 if necessary.

Note: be careful not to overload the strap. Stop when the strap stops slipping. If it still slips, replace the belt.

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