How Often You Should Workout- Check Out What Scientific Research Says

How often you should workout? This question is often asked by some people who want to lose more weight and want to slim their stomach, those people who want to get better their physical condition, training at the gym, get rid of the spine pain or lead a healthy lifestyle simply. Learn about the most recent scientific researches, which might help you to learn how often in a week to you should exercise to keep you fit and slim

How often do you practice and how many times in a week should we train ourselves that solely depends on the outcome we want to accomplish and the activity we prefer. To slim your belly, daily exercises are required. Half of them should be the strength training and half of them should be the aerobics training. The same must be applied to slimming. Nonetheless, if your goal is to improve the overall fitness and reduce the spine pain, then your activity must not have to be so frequent as well.

However, it is truly vital to add a few significant informations and that is their duration is more significant than the regular exerciseThe workouts can be even 1 or 2 in a week, and they last at least 150 minutes. This principle is confirmed by researcher of Loughborough University and it revealed that people can train only on weekends to reduce their risk of cancer by 19 % and cardiovascular diseases by 41 % - just like those people who exercised 5 times in a week.

Even though, it is really advisable to exercise at 3-5 times in a week. Some experts argue that even a small physical activity is far better than none. Thus, what’s more, a few very intense workouts may last shorter – e.g, you need to spend 75 minutes only that demand the fitness exercises, and the remaining time can be spent on the calmer strength exercises and the  stretching (at least 2 times in a week).

How often do you train to lose weight?

The aspiration to lose weight is a common motivation of people who are just starting to work out. How many times in a week do you need to train to achieve the best effects? It is really needed to create a caloric deficit in the body, in other words try to make a situation when your net energy balance is negative (for example, we need to burn more energy than taking from the food). To lose weight, you must use diet plan and take physical exercise at the same time.

Which training should you choose? The training plan that will discharge as many calories as possible – the interval training is best. You have to keep in mind about the diversity of exercises. The Cardio exercises are best when combined with the strength training. By the first one, we may burn about 500-800 kcal in one workout, even though, the metabolism slows down consequently. It is different with the strength exercises - we can burn less fat during this exercise, but the procedure will be longer and can last up to 36 hours following the end of the work out.

As for the frequency of weight-loss workouts, there is no golden rule. According to the recommendations that were published by The American Heart Association, the weight loss will be successful if you train 5 times in a week for about 1 hour, or a total of 300 minutes in a week. In turn, the experts from The American College of Sports Medicine expressed that exercising of an hour in a day is not always impossible (often we are too much busy), so you can split the activity into six of a 10-minute series (or two 30-minutes, three 15 minutes, etc.), e.g. in the morning earlier than your work, in the afternoon and or even at evening. The results achieved must also be satisfactory certainly.

Exercise longer - you will protect yourself against cancer

In recent years, there are more and more scientific researches confirming the relationship between the physical activities and reducing the risks of cancer. Even though, there is still much to learn, the first results of the investigation are really promising.

Dr. Christine Friendenreich , from the University of Calgary measured the physical activity of approximately 73,000 postmenopausal women who had never practiced previously . 300 minutes of the moderate or the intense aerobic exercise was more effectual in fat burning, which also protects the risk of the breast cancer over the recommended 150 minutes. The longer the exercise time, the lower the risk of breast cancer as well. We have known that 150 minutes of the physical activity in a week brings huge positive results, but 300 minutes is enough," said Dr. Friendenreich.

How often do you exercise so that it does not hurt your spine?

People who are suffering from the back pain usually do not feel so strong enough to do some exercise. Indeed - in the acute condition, i.e. when the pain is very painful, a few days' rest from your training is highly recommended. However, the total lack of physical activity must not bring anything good – the chronic pains must not disappear on their own. For doing this, we'll be back in shape more rapidly and, above all, we will get rid of pain surely.

The condition of the spine will improve by swimming, pilates, cycling and walking. How many times in a week do you train to help the spine? The most important is the regularity that is why you can exercise 3-4 times in a week that last about 30 minutes. The experts from Arthristis Research in the United Kingdom, (a medical organization dealing with joint diseases) recommend exercises for about 6-8 weeks. They indicate that back pain should give way after only 2 weeks exercise. The prolonged physical activity can prevent the return of some ailments.

Which exercises are best to do? You can choose from the stretching (including pilates or yoga), walking, riding on a stationary bike and cross trainer. During stretching, you have to give up the workouts that cause pain. In specific positions, it will take about 20-30 seconds to loosen the muscles and joints. Each workout should be repeated at 5-10 times. Additionally, it is really important to strengthen regularly of the paraspinal muscles .The stronger they are, the more the spine is to be more relaxed. At least 1-2 workouts in a week should be devoted to the abdominal muscles and other muscles of the back and legs.

How often do you exercise for your abdominal muscles?

The frequency of the abdominal muscles training needs a lot of discussion. Some say that the abdomen exercises can be carried out daily; others add that it does not bring good results always, because the muscles need some rest.

The frequency of the abdominal muscles training needs a lot of discussion. Some say that the abdomen exercises can be carried out daily; others add that it does not bring good results always, because the muscles need some rest.

It is true that the abdominal muscles are consisting of a greater number of red fibers than other places, for example, quadriceps. So, they can withstand with more pressure. It does not mean, however, that they do not need regeneration. That's why, the American Council of Exercise recommends, as with any other type of workouts (e.g. thighs and buttocks, biceps),to maintain a minimum of one day break between the workouts sessions. The intensive physical activity enforces of taking 2 days break, which may help prevent some injuries and can also increase the effects of the workouts.

It is really worth adding that for the abdominal muscle workouts to be more effective, they need diversity. The most general are the abdominal crunches, which must work, but it works only for the simple muscle, and you must practice your abdominal oblique muscles (e.g ,Russian twist , side plank, bicycle and transverse muscle).

How often do you train to stay healthy?

Most often, the experts recommend exercising at least 5 times a week for 30 minutes for the health. But, will this a good solution for everyone? It turns out that yes it is. Minimum physical activity is at least 150 minutes in a week and it is recommended by the United States Center for Disease Prevention and Control, a unit of the government Department of Health and Social Welfare. It is explained by Dr. Lisa Cadmus-Bertram who is a member of the University of Wisconsin; this research is confirmed by analysis that is done for years.

Among others scientists, those conducted by scientists from the University of Loughborough on an assembly of 64,000 people. The subjects were 40 years old at least and exercised 150 minutes in a week. What were the results? The results are amazing. These workouts can reduce the risk of cancer by 21 %, and for cardiovascular disease - by 41 %.

If you work all along by sitting in one position, then get up once an hour at least and take a few minutes’ walk. Such a dose of activity must reduce the negative effects of your continuous sitting.

How often do you train at the gym?

How many times in a week do you need to practice if you start gym training? By practicing in the gym, we can achieve the best consequences while maintaining moderation. According to the reports of the American College of Sports Medicine , it is recommended that going to the gym at 2-3 times in a week in the best solution if you are deciding to train with a load . While you get used to the much effort, it should be at 4- 5 times in a week. It can also depend on the chosen training plan that you take - if you use the holistic training that involving all the muscles of your body to work. You might not work out more than 3 times in a week. In case of split training, we should go to the gym each day.

Advice for the slimming- we can obtain a dream shape by combining the strength exercises with the cardio exercises. With the enhance of  your form, you can add another interval exercises.

How often do you train to improve your fitness?

How many times in a week people who need to get better their fitness train? The key to victory is the regularity. You can start with changing of your everyday habits like staircase conversions, or 15-minute quick marches or daily 30-minute walks. If your expectations are far greater, you can incorporate the aerobic exercises in the gym into your daily activities. You can start with the training on a bicycle, treadmill or elliptical trainer at a moderate speed. Thus, to improve your fitness, the aerobic exercise should be performed at 3-4 times in a week for about 40-60 minutes.

However, it is very significant to keep the right heart rate at the time of performing exercise and it should be 70-80% of your maximum heart rate. This is the best possible heart rate range in which your circulatory system gets used to its ever-increasing training load.

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