How fast to run on a treadmill?

The questions about running on a treadmill have already been mentioned. For having done it and doing bodybuilding like you, I cannot recommend you

enough : -to run outside, the treadmill being only a supplement when the weather conditions are terrible (strong wind, intense rain, snow or ice).

-If you decide, despite everything, to run on a treadmill, several comments:

1. the treadmill does not reproduce exactly the same sensations since it is you who adapt to the treadmill which leads you at a STABLE pace. However, while running outside, if you do an average of 10km / h, it is only an average! You may start at 9.3 then at times at 10.3 … These small variations are natural where the carpet forces you, artificially, to remain constant. Suddenly, it requires a greater effort on your body and it is not trivial, far from it.

2. Absence of entry into the air on the carpet: again, it is notharmless. The fact that you are going to sweat a lot faster on a mat forces you to slow down your pace or then to revise it sharply downwards due to the “overheating” of your body. Conclusion: an average, in fundamental endurance done at 70% fcm outdoors will be performed at a faster pace than on a treadmill.

In conclusion, in my opinion, no interest in practicing the treadmill, especially not at the rate of fundamental endurance for the 2 reasons mentioned. The treadmill should only remain an incidental activity.

For your other questions, the other runners of the forums will enlighten you as well or better than me;)

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