Heart Rate Monitor Without Chest Strap – ( Reviews In 2020)

Pulse watches without chest strap from the current test may have different measuring functions. The basic operating principle is based on the measurement of heart rate, which is usually done directly on the wrist. You wear the heart rate monitor as well as a normal wristwatch on the wrist, where it sits safely without disturbing.

What is a heart rate monitor without chest strap?

A heart rate monitor without a chest strap is a device for measuring the heart rate. It is mainly used in fitness activities and indicate show strong the load of the exercising person is. With the monitoring of the heart rate one has a precise control of the physical condition, be it while jogging or in other sports.

The heart rate monitor without chest strap from the 2018 test is attached to the wrist, so that it does not restrict the exercising person during the movements. Meanwhile, these frequency meters work almost as precisely as the models that are fixed to the body with a chest strap . Apart from the pulse measurement , these training devices are also equipped with other functions that support a targeted, personal sports training. This ranges from the integrated pedometer via the GPS to the calculation of the calories burned .

6 Best  heart rate monitor without chest strap  - ranking 2019

How does a heart rate monitor without chest strap work?

The heart rate monitors without chest strap from the current test different to measurement function sexist. The basic operating principle is based on the measurement of heart rate, which is usually done directly on the wrist. You wear the heart rate monitor as well as a normal wristwatch on the wrist, where it sits safely without disturbing. Heart rate measurement on the wrist is performed by a lap-electric method. On the underside of the device are two LED lights, you determine the light intensity directly on the skin. When the blood circulation in the veins, the light intensity changes, because with more blood in the veins, the skin absorbs more accordingly Light . Thus, the heart rate monitor can reliably detect the heart rate and forward the determined data.

In some heart rate monitors without chest strap , the measurement is performed by finger measurement. To do this, place your finger on the case so that the sensor can detect the pulse.

This method is more comfortable compared to a chest strap meter and does not provide a permanent blood pressure reading. Furthermore, there are heart rate monitors that perform an optical measurement using a finger sensor . Here you wear a pulse glove , in which an optical sensor is used to measure the pulse beat on the finger and record.

In this test the heart rate monitors without chest strap but is primarily concerned with the devices with Wrist pulse measurement . These are currently the favorites on the market and convince by neat measurement results and excellent comfort .

Heart rate monitor without chest strap - new trends

Heart rate monitors are devices that can measure the exact heart rate of a person. There are two types. Once there are heart rate monitors that you need to strap on with a chest strap so that the heartbeat can be measured. On the other hand, pulse watches can also be worn on the wrist. Today we deal with the pulse meters on wrists.

Heart rate monitors are in great demand these days - especially in fitness sports. With such a watch, you can constantly control your pulse and determine when to do the most effective sport (Intelligent Training). In addition, it is necessary for some areas to keep your heart rate steady. With such a device, this is not a problem.
There are many different models and different manufacturers in the current market. It can be very difficult to find just the right and suitable watch.
Below we will give you the latest and popular brands and trends to give you an idea of ​​what you could buy.

Garmin vivosport heart rate monitor

The best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor is the Garmin Vivosport.
This device includes a GPS and a heart rate monitor - despite the small size. It is waterproof up to 50 meters , lasts up to seven days with a single battery charge and has a chroma touchscreen display (novelty) that is many times better than the Vivosmart 3's display. The small display is completely sufficient to control all functions and applications.

The heart rate sensor on the vivosport records the resting heart rate and the heart rate. Many devices were tested - none was as accurate as the Garmin. The Garmin is the perfect gadget for the fitness sport. So you can train much more effectively and adjust your pulse to the respective exercises.

Fitbit Versa heart rate monitor

The Fitbit Versa is also a very good fitness tracker. It's the perfect combination of functionality, style, design and price.
Other features include the accurate heart rate monitor , the pedometer , the sleep tracker and the long battery life of the fitness wristband. When purchasing this device, you will receive personalized training recommendations.
The Fitbit is not quite up to the achievements of the Garmin, but still lands in second place in my list.

Polar M430 heart rate monitor

The Polar M430 is a relatively inexpensive GPS running watch. It also has one of the most accurate heart rate monitors on the market alongside the Garmin.
It has a built-in GPS , a 6-LED heart rate monitor and a battery that lasts up to 30 hours on a single charge . It can even be paired with your smartphone to see all the notifications.
The best aspect of the watch is its compatibility with the Polar running program(Novelty) that will assist you in daily training and achieving your performance goals. You can upload daily exercise programs to your M430, access your strengths and core training videos, and even track your running progress through the Running Index feature.

Advantages & Applications

Anyone who is physically active and always wants to have an overview of their own fitness data needs a reliable heart rate monitor . Compared to the chest strap gauges , heart rate monitors without a chest strap are much more comfortable to wear, and you always keep an eye on your training data and make sure you're not overexerting yourself.

With the help of modern test winners of pulse watches without chest strap, it is thus possible to improve its performance . The wearables are an ideal support for the preparation of sports competitions, whether it is a marathonor other activities. In some areas, especially the fitness watches with programmable training plan are in demand. They help the user to their health and to strengthen the capacity increase.

A heart rate monitor without chest strap is used to check the pulse and to give an alarm in the event of a particularly irregular heartbeat. Therefore, it is worthwhile to select a device with innovative functions, which has no problems with its sophisticated technology to cope with any blood pressure fluctuations. Although there may be some fluctuations in heart rate monitors without a chest strap, in general the measurements are quite accurate. Especially the test winners of the pulse watches without chest strap are with an accuracy of 97 to 98% , thus delivering very good ECG values .

A heart rate monitor without chest belt is suitable not only for hobby - and professional - athletes . In the rehab phase, some sufferers also feel safer, if they always have a heart rate monitor with them.

Here pay the pulse watches , which have a clear display and are accordingly easy to read. Some people also wear their trackers in everyday life to understand their daily activities and to see how their pulse speeds up or slows down during certain tasks.

What types of heart rate monitor without chest strap are there?

In the pulse watches without chest strap from the comparison test, you can first make a subdivision of the different measurement methods . Here we would like to especially on the wrist - measuring instruments concentrate. To give an overview of the available model types, the quality classes are presented below .

For the entry-level heart rate monitors , the functions concentrate on the most important underlyings. These devices are similar to a sports wristwatch, but support safe pulse measurement . Such a heart rate monitor without chest strap is suitable for sports entrants as well as for persons, who would like to have a better control over their pulse values because of a cardiovascular disease .

The heart rate monitors for advanced there are some features more. Here you can make an analysis of the measured pulse values or additional programming. Especially in fitness - area are extras in demand, such as a distance measurement or an increased storage capacity . With additional functions, it is possible to work out a small training plan and to put together programs for increasing endurance . This raises the question of what your own training goal looks like: some recreational athletes others want to improve their condition, others want to lose weight or improve their performance .

In the test of heart rate monitors without chest strap, there are many models that you can personalize. Often one speaks already of training computers in the small format. For targeted performance improvement, it is useful to enter your personal information, such as gender, height, and weight . This determines the calorie consumption and the recommended heart rate. Some people wear the heart rate monitor not only during exercise, but also in their other activities , such as working at the desk or doing the usual household chores. Here you will constantly learn all worth knowing calorie consumption data and also gets more motion information .

The more functions the heart rate monitor offers without the chest strap, the larger the display , so you have no difficulty reading the display .

So there is enough space to display several values ​​next to or above each other. The size of the heart rate monitors is also related to the more powerful processor that needs to do more calculations .

The pulse watches without chest strap for professional athletes are small training computers that program and analyze the entire fitness plan. Nevertheless, they continue to wear as a practical multifunction wristwatch . Depending on how your heart rate monitor without chest strap is set, you get a customized training plan , is informed about an excessive load or can transfer the measured values ​​to the PC. So you get a comprehensive basis for accurate data analysis .

The winner of the multi-function - heart rate monitors on the one hand of professionals used the other hand, from people who just get into the sport or want to be sure that her pulse is not too high. By wearing such a sports watch your own body perception is often improved. For athletes, this means a precise control of speed and performance, which has a positive effect on the training result. In a subsequent look at the measured data, one can evaluate the peaks and the other values ​​and the training If necessary, adjust something next time.

The advantages of heart rate monitors without chest strap:

more comfort due to missing chest strap,

easy to put on

fairly good accuracy of the measured values,

constant monitoring of the cardiovascular system ,

Promotion of health ,

by storage possibility accurate analysis possible.

The disadvantages of heart rate monitors without chest strap:

Deviations possible,

Sensors may not work optimally depending on the design,

often without tracking option .

So the pulse watches are tested without chest strap

The comparison test of heart rate monitors without chest strap helps interested customers to find out about the various features and application options. Which device is suitable for your own needs, depends on the personal quality requirements and the predominant use. The test criteria summarized here show what you should consider when looking for the right heart rate monitor without a chest strap .

The measuring accuracy

The main task of the pulse train without chest strap from the 2018 test is to measure the pulse. A comprehensive investigation found that not only the test winners provide very accurate readings. Also with the cheaper fitness watches there are models with a high measuring accuracy. Although the fitness bracelets are often a bit weaker when it comes to precision than the pulse watches with a chest strap , they still have very reliable values.

The connection options

The V Getting Connected possibilities we also speak of the connectivity. This refers to the coupling of the heart rate monitor with the computer or smartphone. Most of the time you need a USB cable , but sometimes wireless transmission (WLAN or Bluetooth) is possible. Which options for reading the measured values ​​and for trackingcan be read in the detailed instructions of the pulse watches without chest strap. These extras are also a comparison with sporting competitors feasible, so you can communicate directly with his friends or with other members of their own community. This helps to better assess your own athletic performance when preparing for competitions or setting specific goals.

The additional features

The basic functions of the heart rate monitor without chest strap from the current comparison test refer to the display of time and date in addition to the pulse measurement. Often also an alarm function is integrated. Other extras include a built-in stopwatch, a calorie-consumption calculation, a lap counter and / or an interval timer, a GPSwith altimeter and other special functions. Not every user needs such features , but even beginners sometimes enjoy technical gadgets that may be of interest from the very first use.

The weight

The fact that you wear the heart rate monitor without chest strap on the wrist, the weight actually plays a relevant role. At first glance, these wearables appear relatively lightweight, but there are differences that become noticeable over time. Extra many features require a stronger processor that increases weight. This raises the question of what maximum weight you want to go.

The resistance

Some heart rate monitors without a chest strap are not only impact-resistant but also waterproof. Thus, they are also suitable for swimmers. For runners and cyclists usually pulse watches with a lower water resistance are sufficient. How hard-wearing the pulse measuring devices are, therefore, depends on the priority use or the environmental conditions . For water sports enthusiasts models are recommended that have no problems even with a water pressure of 2 or 3 bar.

What should I look for when buying a heart rate monitor without a chest strap?

When looking for a heart rate monitor without a chest strap from the new test , the focus is usually on the technical features . Sometimes you can quickly increase yourself to access even more features. Especially in the gym you feel motivated, if you get comprehensive information and understand exactly how the condition improves gradually. If, on the other hand, you are only looking for a heart rate monitor that provides information about current health data, then a simpler model will do. For distance runners and other performance athletes, high quality measurement and memory functions are important, while others are hobby athletesonly need a standard equipment .

Who is active mainly outside, for which can a heart rate monitor with GPS can be useful. Sometimes there are additional features to the GPS , such as compass and weather data. This allows even longer outdoor routes to plan well. With Wi-Fi and Bluetoothare now most pulse watches without chest strap from the comparison test equipped. This is useful if you want to check your training level or if you need to evaluate the measurement data after the training session on the PC.

With the optical pulse measurement , which is standard in today's pulse watches without chest strap, one can determine the heart rate very precisely. However, you also have to know how it works. In comparison to the pulse watch with chest strapwearables without belt are easier to handle, but the measured values of slight inaccuracies can arise. This can be important if you set up a complete training plan and want to calculate the recovery breaks exactly. In addition, it may be advantageous to adapt the modern heart rate monitor with additional apps and programs in order to fully exploit the potential.

Of course, the size must match with your own claims.

Big, strong athletes have no problems with a slightly larger, heavier heart rate monitor without a chest strap. For light, dainty persons, however, the smallest and most lightweight fitness watches are better suited.

The readability of the displayed data also plays into the decision. This is the responsibility of the display . It must not be too small and ideally has an LED display that supports a quick view of the current performance data even in slightly unfavorable lighting conditions .

Brief information on leading 7 manufacturers

The manufacturers of heart rate monitors without chest strap rely on a strong trend design , but the focus is mainly on the functionality . With a focus on sportiness and precision, the leading companies are constantly developing new products for fitness use and reliable pulse measurement. The following brandshave made a special mark .


The test winners of the pulse watches without chest strap include the models from Polar .This company is responsible for the first mobile heart rate monitors and was already involved in the production of stationary measuring devices in the 1970s. After the launch of the wearable devices in 1982, Polar was able to further refine its products and optimize the technology. The company strives to create a new body and health awareness. Training should be made easier with the high-quality pulse watches from Polar. In the product range of the company, the strong focus is on the areas of sports and fitness, but also in the field of weight management and physiotherapeutic rehabilitation Polar is active.


The name TomTom is known mainly through the innovative navigation devices of the Dutch company. From here not only Navis, but also other technical devices. In addition to the Navis, the important product segments also include the areas of business and fitness. Here TomTom scores with modern heart rate monitors without chest strap, which measure very accurately and thus are an ideal support for athletes.


With Garmin is a trademark of Switzerland, which has also made a name with navigation equipment. The company name refers to the company founders Gary Burell and Min Kao. Apart from the navigation products, Garmin develops various devices for outdoor activities. This includes the pulse watches without chest strap, which are available in very different designs. The Garmin pulse watches have the standard features as needed or are equipped with many refinements, so you can find the right device for every sport .

Sigma sports

Sigma Sport presented in 1982 the first bicycle computer, which began its successful way under the name Cyclecoach. The brand was able to establish itself in the segment of heart rate monitors and training computers and grew steadily. The basis for this are the future-oriented technologies, which not only follow trends but also set standards. Customer orientation is reflected in the strong focus on individual needs and changing demands. Easy-to-read displays, a stylish design, comfortable bracelets and other pluses characterize the products of Sigma Sport.


The company Miois one of the most progressive trendsetters in the field of optical heart rate measurement, both in terms of technology and in terms of design. The high-quality pulse watches without chest strap, which come from Mio, are directed on the one hand to professional athletes, on the other hand to amateurs. Convincing is above all the handy, practical design of the devices for the wrist. Add to that the extremely precise measurement that offers users a high level of security.


Fitbit is a young company that presents an interesting range of fitness technology. Personalization plays an important role here. The fitness and health specialists come up with powerful products designed to strengthen users' body awareness. Responsible for the precision and reliability are modern sensors and a trouble-free functioning radio technology. In addition, Fitbit's pulse watches score points with numerous extra functions that provide the fun of training. Apps, music and customizable settings promote the fitness program and boost motivation.


The Beurercompany has existed since 1919 and offers various products for health and physical well-being. The product range has been significantly expanded over the decades. At the beginning, most were heat products, now there are blood pressure monitors and other innovative fitness and health products from Beurer.

Internet vs. Specialists: Where do I buy my heart rate monitor without chest strap best?

A heart rate monitor without chest strap from the 2018 test can be found in the electrical shop or the specialist for fitness and sports equipment. In such stores, there is often only a small selection of products, so especially the young customers are looking online for such a heart rate monitor . The Internet offers many options, so you can use a search engine, a price comparison page or a purchase portal, for example . Also, the tests of heart rate monitors without chest strap help buyers to find cheap and good products .

In the buying portals and online - shop buyers get a helpful support from the existing filter and search functions here. The heart rate monitor without chest strap can be found either by entering the term in the search field or by going over the categories. If the list of available heart rate monitors is very long, you can select a sorting. Often, items can be sorted by price , rating , popularity, and novelty, whichever is most important. After that, it is not difficult to decide.

If, despite the meaningful illustration and description, you still have questions about the heart rate monitor without a chest strap , you do not have to give up the advice you get in the store. However, the helpers are not facing you, but you turn to phone or chat to the service staff . They provide advice to the customer and also answer inquiries regarding the order process and delivery conditions. If difficulties arise after ordering online , customer service is also the right contact . Here can be any problems due to exchange or Clarify return or warranty .

In comparison to purchase in-store ordering on the Internet is usually cheaper. To no offers to miss, you can at online - shop register and purchase a newsletter. Thus, the Internet - purchase even cheaper.

Worth knowing & advice

Those who train with a heart rate monitor without a chest strap usually know how important it is to pay attention to the pulse rate. Therefore, the test winners of the heart rate monitor with ECG accuracy , as their certification indicates. This means that these devices measure the heart rate very accurately. The heartbeats are accurately determined so that you get the right value.

When heart rate is a very relevant health parameters, since this value is directly related to the cardiovascular system together. That is why many athletes rely on the so-called heart rate - training to increase their fitness effectively, thereby controlling always. This shows the usefulness of the tested pulse watches without chest strap .

The worth knowing background information about heart rate monitors and the heart rate - training help to understand the physical reactions. Being able to retrieve the data in real time gives you constant feedback. This way you can avoid overloads, because when the body is exhausted, you get a corresponding signal from the heart rate monitor without chest strap . So there is no risk, too much work , and therefore reduces the risk of injury.

The targeted use of a heart rate monitor makes it possible to complete an efficient and safe sports training. At the same time one can understand his progress, which not only serves the fitness , but also helps to lose weight .

Depending on how you program your heart rate monitor or your training computer, a precise individualization is possible.

The next sections provide further details on the pulse watches without chest strap . This ranges from the history of these devices to care tips and other practical information.

The history of the heart rate monitor without chest strap

The first heart rate - measuring devices have been developed for medical use. But training devices with pulse measurement already exist for several decades. Initially, however, they were only used in the professional field to effectively plan and monitor the training. The early heart rate monitors were therefore special devices for professional athletes in the high-performance sector.

Even sports scientists dealing with this technique and working on enhancements to the importance of heart rate to explore in more detail. The early heart rate monitors were the actual measuring element and the display , with a connection cable coupled cord.

The first heart rate monitors were gauges fixed to the body with a chest strap . These devices are still available today. The chest strap serves to detect the heartbeat and is provided with electrodes for this purpose. The electrodes are placed directly on the skin and held with a little moisture to minimize resistance. For this you use a special gel , a bit of water or body sweat . Through the electrodes, the chest strap measures the current data and sends it to the paired heart rate monitor worn on the wrist . Later these devices became presented as an improved version, so that the data transmission since then works wirelessly .

The wearing of the chest belt many athletes find unpleasant. Sometimes they even feel limited by it, so the well-known companies worked on a better solution and finally presented the heart rate monitor without chest strap . In the meantime, these devices are often referred to as Activity Tracker . They work with a sensor that measures the pulse on the finger or wrist , depending on the model .

The fact that the newer heart rate monitors only one device is used, the comfort has improved noticeably. However, the pulse watches with finger sensor or with optical finger sensor could not compete on the market. The enthusiasm for the wearables, which measure the pulse continuously on the wrist , is much greater.

Since 2005, there are more and more apps for the practical heart rate monitor without chest strap . In the meantime, one can sometimes call the pulse measuring devices a small training computer.

The apps are self - tracking and feature a step counter and a calorie counter with motivational support and training partnerships . It is also possible to pair it with a current fitness app so that today's pulse watches can be individually programmed.

In pulse watches with wrist measurement, the pulse control is performed by an optical sensor. This innovative sensor technology left something to be desired at the beginning, because it was not very accurate. But the big manufacturers were able to develop the technology, so that meanwhile a much better precision is possible.

The pulse watches without chest strap from the new Test 2018 are a clear sign that this design is gradually gaining ground. They are more comfortable than the devices with chest strap and can be prepared accordingly easier. Meanwhile, the fitness bracelets and trackers are more than a gimmick. The measurement data convince by their good accuracy, in addition, the current heart rate monitor without chest strap much more than the previous models. For outdoor - athletes , for example, is worth a device with GPS , which is very useful on long trips, and also for rehabilitation there are appropriate special measuring instruments.

In the field of fitness bracelets, there is now a wide variety of sports accessories, so you can not always make a clear distinction between the heart rate monitor without a chest strap and a smartwatch. In addition to the pulse measurement, there are functions such as step counting and temperature control . Especially the younger people use the personalization options to constantly check their fitness status. Meanwhile, there are voices calling for more privacy, but storing the fitness scores has certain benefits that can not work without access to individual values.

Numbers, data, facts about the heart rate monitor without chest strap

In order to examine the pulse watches without chest strap from the comparison test in more detail, it is advisable to check the precision of the measured data. Until a few years ago, the measurement method with chest strap was the better method , because the values ​​were more precise here. But with the refinement of the wrist measurement, there are hardly any weaknesses in modern heart rate monitors without a chest strap. In some studies, measurement results were Check to see if the pulse watches with or without chest strap provide the better values. The reference value was specified by the ECG . When measured with a chest strap device, the result was 95 , 3 % accurate, in a measurement without chest belt , the accuracy was still 93.3 % . The difference is therefore very small.

The pulse measurement on the wrist is therefore quite reliable according to the current facts. However, one must take into account that one receives only a good approximation. So, if you measure your heart rate while exercising or exercising normally, a classic heart rate monitor without a chest strap will do the job , unless you are performing targeted interval training and want to have the most precise values ​​possible.

If you use your heart rate monitor to store the measured data, the device should be equipped with enough memory. Here is often the storage of the RF limits the speech, where the abbreviation HF stands for heart rate . It offers users the option of selecting an existing profile or setting their own upper and lower limits . These guidelines allow you to create your own training plan, such as a medium to ambitious running time or other athletic goal.

During exercise , the heart rate monitor monitors the heart rate without a chest strap . If the load gets too high, or if the device detects that you are not sufficiently energizing your body, then an alarm may sound. In that case, it's time to adjust the speed.

Prepare and use heart rate monitor without chest strap in 7 steps

In the pulse watches without chest strap eliminates the cumbersome attachment of the chest strap, it is still recommended to prepare well. To rule out errors , you should read the instructions of the device before use and read about the important functions and background information . This avoids any mistakes from the beginning. The steps described here are for orientation, but there may be some differences depending on the brand and the structure of the heart rate monitor without chest strap .

The built-in sensors are responsible for the measurement of heart rate. To ensure that the measured values ​​are correct, you should follow the explanations below.

Check / charge the battery

Before switching on the heart rate monitor , the battery must be checked and recharged if necessary. For this delivery is a suitable charging cable in which mostly a USB - port has. For charging is a special USB - charger , but you can the heart rate monitor directly on the PC - connection charge. It is important to ensure that the cable plug is inserted in the correct direction and that the charging contacts are seated correctly. Mostly you hear a soft click when the cable properly connected. A wrong connection must be avoided, as this could

Perform the basic and detailed settings

At the beginning, many details can be set, from the date and time via the menu language to the personal details such as weight and age. When setting the heart rate monitor without chest strap , the display can automatically switch back if you do not make any changes for a while. However, the adjustments made so far are nevertheless saved. In addition to the basic settings, other details can also be programmed. This includes training time, alarm and timer - function and certain training modes. Following these settings, you can switch from one mode to the other.

Create the heart rate monitor

Mostly, the heart rate monitor without chest strap is placed around the wrist after adjustment. It is best to attach them just behind the wrist. Here the tape must be fixed as securely as possible, so that it is not too loose and slips away, but also not too tight. The skin must not be crushed. If the heart rate monitor does not sit tight enough, irregularities and inaccuracies in the pulse measurement may occur. In the manual you will find the most important tips for the optimal body and for the correct procedure, if you change the heart rate monitor.

Switch on the training mode

Before the sports training you switch the heart rate monitor to the training mode. This will activate the measurement immediately . When leaving the mode, the pulse measurement automatically stops according to the specifications or you have to deactivate it manually.

End the training

To stop the training and retrieve the data recorded so far, press the corresponding button for the display function (eg "View") after stopping the training mode. Other values ​​such as fat burning and distance can also be recalled later after entering the basic settings. All you have to do is press the appropriate function key.

Preset special modes

In certain applications, it may be useful to set a special operating mode. In sports training, for example, offers a timer mode. Furthermore, there is a power saving - or night mode in which the backlight is adjusted to prevent excessive strain on the battery.

Charge the battery if necessary

The heart rate monitors without a chest strap work with a rechargeable battery that needs to be charged in good time. In general, it is recommended to avoid a deep discharge. You should not charge the battery until it is almost empty. The display of the battery power is very useful. If the battery has only 20 % , you should recharge it. The experts advise not to exceed the value of 80% in order to save the battery.

10 tips for care

The pulse watches without chest strap were developed to be used in sports. Therefore, they usually have a plastic strap that does not have any problems with perspiration. Metal straps are unsuitable for sweaty activities and are not as easy to care for as modern materials . So that the fitness bracelets look good in the long term and do not wear out, here are some helpful cleaning tips . One should also stick to this, because with improper treatment wear points could soon develop on the pulse watches .

Tip 1

A conventional heart rate monitor should never be submerged in water. If water penetrates into the housing, it quickly damages. However, there are also waterproof fitness watches, for this precaution does not apply.

Tip 2

For water-sensitive heart rate monitors without a chest strap , make sure that no drops of water remain on the display. If the display becomes damp, discoloration may occur.

Tip 3

The top and back of a fitness watch are usually cleaned with a lightly moistened, lint-free cloth. This is usually enough to remove small spots of dirt and sweat.

Tip 4

The optical sensor , which is located at the bottom of the housing, must not be adhered to deposits. You should pay attention to this when cleaning, so that the pulse measurement continues to function properly.

Tip 5

Aggressive cleaners, hard brushes or nylon bristles are unsuitable for the care of pulse watches. Scratchy utensils or corrosive agents can easily cause scratches and other marks on the surfaces.

Tip 6

For the storage of heart rate monitors without chest strap we recommend a dry, dust-protected place. Most devices of this type may be stored at temperatures between -20 and +70 degrees, however, as a precaution, you should select a shady, cool place to avoid possible damage.

Tip 7

The battery requires a careful and needs-based treatment, if you charge it regularly. In order not to affect the life of the battery, a charge of at least 20 and at most 80 percent is recommended. So it's important to remember to charge in time, but do not leave the battery on the charger until it reaches 100%.

Tip 8

If the pulse watch falls down once and is heavily soiled, you must clean it thoroughly, otherwise the housing sticks together. With some heart rate monitors the bracelets can be removed. Then you can put them in warm water, so that the dirt can be easily removed.

Tip 9

Thorough cleaning of heart rate monitors with wristbands uses a soft cloth moistened with hot water. Here you must be careful that the sensitive housing does not come into contact with the water.

Tip 10

For the treatment of the display, there are some special products. But the professional display - cleaner should be dosed carefully.

Useful accessories

Which accessory is used for the heart rate monitor without chest strap from the test comparison depends on the field of application. If you wear the heart rate monitor mainly while running, you do not need much accessories apart from the running clothes. The training schedule can directly into the Fitness - Tracker is entered, so you constantly his heart rate reserves in view. With the additional functions of the modern heart rate monitor without chest strap you save the purchase of additional equipment. However, if you opt for an entry-level model, you may still need a stopwatch or other accessories during the sport .

As an accessory for the heart rate monitor itself, you may need a replacement strap after a while. This must fit the size of the case and also have the right width.

Depending on which type it is, a bracket for the bicycle handlebar can be useful. A complementary display may also be useful to keep track of your own workout values.

For the evaluation of the training data and health values there are specially developed programs, which one installs on the computer. Apps for mobile use can also expand the functions of the heart rate monitor . With these applications, the training sessions can be individually structured and documented. Other accessories for the pulse watches and other exercise equipment are cadence sensors and other small parts that extend the functionality as needed.

In the various training methods and sports, the heart rate monitor without chest strap may not be missing, but you need a few other things. This ranges from the water bottle over the towel to the right sports shoes. In addition to shoes and suitable clothing , other accessories and aids are often used.

An exercise mat is the indoor - Sports indispensable, and there are various brackets for the various types of training and supplementary material for the subsequent regeneration phase. When outdoor - training is not about often without backpack and hydration, especially if you are a long time on the road. In addition, one should not forget to prepare well for his tours, even if you are not alone on the road. A first - aid - kit and other accessories help to cope with problems and secure to return.

10 questions about the heart rate monitor without chest strap

How precisely do heart rate monitors measure without a chest strap?

A heart rate monitor without a chest strap usually does not deliver as exact results as a model with a chest strap. However, the accuracy can be influenced by the careful installation, so that the models without chest strap measure very reliable. In comparison, the stationary heart rate monitors, which are attached to some sports equipment, also provide quite accurate values, but one must pay attention here to the optimal positioning of the electrodes. When measuring the earlobes, only a rough determination is possible, while the measurement with the hands yields more accurate values.

How much money do I have to spend on a heart rate monitor without a chest strap?

A heart rate monitor without a chest strap from the 2018 test can be relatively cheap if you do not attach much importance to many functions. If you opt for a model with various extra features, but 30 or 50 euros are no longer enough and the price is fast beyond the 100 euros. In part, the test winner of these pulse watches without chest strap also cost up to 300 euros.

How do you clean a heart rate monitor?

To clean the heart rate monitor you usually only need a damp cloth to clean the bracelet. The housing should only be cleaned carefully, preferably dry. If necessary, a moistened cleaning cloth helps against difficult, stubborn traces of dirt, but you must be sure to remove all water droplets afterwards, so as not to damage the heart rate monitor.

What do I have to do to get a health insurance for the heart rate monitor?

Some health insurances grant their insured a subsidy for heart rate monitors. When buying a fitness wristband, you should check with your health insurance, which conditions must be met and how to proceed. The health insurance subsidy should be a reward for the health-promoting activities and is generally taken over without much bureaucracy.

What is the difference between heart rate and heart rate?

The pulse rate refers to the wave-like flow motion of the blood as it flows through the vessels. It is produced by the contractions of the heart muscles. The heart rate, on the other hand, indicates the pulses in which the heart beats and is measured in units of beats per minute. When measuring heart rate and heart rate, two values ​​should be as identical as possible, which is also the case when using heart rate monitors without a chest strap. These devices as well as fitness bracelets actually measure the heart rate and not the heart rate, even though they are mostly known as heart rate monitors.

What's up with the "fitness zone"?

The fitness zone is a specific training area in which the endurance is optimally strengthened. A workout in this fitness zone should take at least half an hour for the condition to benefit. Compared to the maximum heart rate, the fitness zone is 70 to 80%. Through a regular training, the stamina can be permanently maintained and even increase.

Which functions are useful for heart rate monitors without a chest strap?

In many pulse watches without chest strap from the comparison test, there are not only the standard functions, but various extras. Part of it is more a technical gimmick, but especially the personalizable data and functions offer the users a real added value. You can adapt your training schedule to the whole constitution, taking into account your age and state of health. Your own sporting goals can also be defined in detail by the adjustable program functions.

If you like running, hiking or cycling, it's worth using a heart rate monitor with GPS to help you find your way around. Also, the evaluation of the collected data is interesting for many recreational athletes, especially if you want to have a precise overview of his performance improvement.

Which heart rate monitor is better: the model with or without chest strap?

The measuring method with the chest strap is still considered the more precise variant, therefore set exactly the ambitious professional athletes on this classic model. However, if you want to move as freely as possible, a heart rate monitor without chest strap is the better choice, because this fitness tracker is extremely handy and does not bother in any situation. However, with the wristwatch with wrist measurement and without chest strap you have to make small compromises in accuracy. Whether you choose a heart rate monitor with chest strap or with wrist measurement depends on your own ideas and the sport itself, so that no clear answer to this question is possible.

How dangerous is it to put your fitness data online from the heart rate monitor?

The fitness bracelets are very useful for the overview of their own performance data, but some people fear that the collected information is a certain danger. Mostly personal information is used primarily for sports science purposes, but personalized advertising can also access it. This is usually a kind of bonus, but some users are concerned about over-monitoring and are at risk for privacy. The coupling with the own health insurance can also have advantages for the users.

What to do if the heart rate monitor does not display a reading?

If the pulse watches without chest strap provide no measured value, then various errors can be responsible for it. First, you should check the battery, if it may need to be replaced or replaced. Maybe the sensor is not properly on the skin, so you have to fix the heart rate monitor again. Another possible source of error is a defect on the display, which can usually only be remedied by the customer service.

Alternatives to the heart rate monitor without chest strap

The pulse watches without chest strap are a convenient and quite accurate way to control the pulse rate. As an alternative, the somewhat less comfortable models with chest strap offer . These consist of at least two components: the heart rate monitor and the chest strap. With the older models often comes a separate GPS - stations added, but with today's instruments, this is a function usually integrated directly. With a heart rate monitor with chest strap it costs more effort, this deviceto fix properly. You have to adjust the length of the strap and make sure that it is not too tight, but also does not loosen. Many straps are available in three sizes: small, standard and large. The average size can be stretched to 110 or even 130 cm and measures around 65 cm without stretching.

Even during running training , which leads to constant vibrations , the chest belt must not slip. He should not cut too much into the skin either. So you have to practice a bit until you have set the correct length and put on the belt. You also have to be careful when positioning the belt. A height is recommended slightly below the pectoral muscle.

If you prefer to wear your heart rate monitor comfortably on your wrist, the heart rate monitor without chest strap is the better choice. As a variant, there is also the simple fitness - Tracker , which usually do not work as closely with the pulse measurement.

Basically, a smartwatch is not an alternative solution, because these devices are not normally used in fitness and sports . However, the functions of the smartwatch are somewhat similar to the capabilities of the heart rate monitors. Compared to the Fitness - watches and heart rate monitors without chest strap , however, the Smart Watches have a significantly reduced battery performance . This may be related to the better displays of smartwatches that need more power . The Fitness - Functions are less pronounced.

Some fitness - watch is simple devices without pulse measurement . Here, for example, only the steps are counted, that is why we also speak of the pedometer. Such fitness wearables are enough for the small performance control. You can tell if you have moved enough or how many calories you have consumed. These values ​​are based on the simple fitness devices but only on a simple conversion.

For the calculation of steps , distance and burning fat , there are not only the fitness - watches , but some people just use their smartphone with an app. With the new applications, some of which are available as a free download, you can record your various activities and even start competitions with your friends. That motivates and keeps you fit. Compared to the pulse watch without chest strap, which were examined in the test that may smartphone - App does not keep up.

In competitive sports , the pulse watches without chest strap are therefore only to be replaced by models with chest strap. Or one decides on a continuous control by a personal trainer , who measures the pulse before and after the training sessions and creates a precise plan. The high-class training computers , which are integrated in the test winner of the pulse watches without chest strap, can almost replace a personal coach , because even here an individualization is possible. The care by a human trainer, but of course not from a small heart rate monitorbe replaced. Here the heart rate monitor without chest strap scores however by its favorable price .

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