10 Health benefits of hunting that no one knows

Hunting and eating wild boar meat reports many health benefits, for society and for nature that we must know and spread, especially among non-hunting society.

In this article, we will talk about health benefits of hunting.

Historically, a person engaged in hunting, taking part in hunting to get meat, skins and bones, antlers and other hunting trophies.

Besides that, hunters’ health conditions are also improved. We try to outline some health benefits of hunting, but they do not limit these to.

1.0 Helps to do physical activity

The “physical activity” or “physical exercise” that hunters do when practicing hunting is more effective than any physical sport.

You should not be confused with “physical sport”, which, as a sport, is another subcategory of physical activity that requires much greater physical effort and / or an extreme physical activity of the people or athletes who perform it.

 A hunter has to deal with heavy equipment like compound bows with single pin bow sight, binoculars, knife, backpack etc. That’s substantially improve hunter’s physical conditions.

2.0 Extend life expectancy of people

Some research shows that the life expectancy of a hunter is higher than non-hunters.

With age, unfortunately, people need more care and greater healthy habits to face the sedentary lifestyle that day after day invades our current society.

People who practice hunting or have practiced it continue to do so for their health, and do not lose the illusion or passion towards it when they reach retirement age, because of the “physical activity” hunters can keep good health.

3.0 Improve health of people

We encourage hunters to practice hunting with nobility, chivalry, and sustainability, since hunting helps improve the health of the people who practice it.

 For different reasons: because of the physical activity that its realization entails, which contributes to the physical well-being of the people who practice it.

Hunting in a healthy natural environment, where no noise and air pollution is present, allows a hunter to keep fit and healthy.

4.0 Increase bond with friends and family

Hunting is actually a natural physical activity that can be done in social or solitude.

Some hunters said that they were being taught to hunt in combination with their family member and enjoy their quality family-time.

 In this way, hunting affords to the family unit tightly. Many hunters stated they receive a relaxed feeling when go out for hunting along with their friends and family.

5.0 Nutrition

The main purpose of hunting (for some people) is to bring huge home game meat and eat them with their family.

Game meat is the dominant source of a lean protein.

 Basically, the meat from the animals is can be as good food if it consumes.

Meat from the wild game people can eat is healthier than your commercially raised meat.

Both of the venison (meat from a deer) and the elk meat are really low in fat.

An animal that takes grass as food that is typically contains a greater variety of vitamins that can be stored in its muscle tissue than the animals that take only grain.

Game birds, such as pheasants, partridge rabbit are source of lean meats meaning that they have less fat as compared to others animal.

6.0 Create adrenaline boost in your body

A little known health benefit of hunting that it boosts adrenaline production of your body.

The primary source of body fuel comes from the adrenaline hormone that can trigger your all activities. If you hold a gun and firing for hunting. Just imagine! 

How an exhilarating thing it is! Hunter’s adrenaline level must be increased that leads to breakdown his glycogen. Glycogen is the major source of glucose in your body.

7.0 Physical balance

Your shooting stance should be still while aiming the gun at the target that helps exercise your core muscles, and it supports proper posture.

When your abdominal muscles are so weak, the lower back part of your body holds additional pressure.

Strengthening your abdominal muscles can permit the weight of your upper body for the evenly distributed over the back and front, and thus improving the physical balance.

8.0 Healthy Meals

The ultimate aim of hunting is to catch targeted prey. The game meat can found in the market rarely, but this is the most delicious food I have ever eaten.

Wild animals normally feed on a wide variety of wild herbs that can make them more nutritious than so-called meat, which is sold on the market nearby.

The meat is naturally rich in high protein and also essential vitamins that are actually necessary for your proper body functioning.

Nutritionists and scientists have proven that natural herbs and grass found in the wild are very rich in many nutrients, making it valuable your time out.

9.0 Improving their quality of life

In addition, I believe Public Administrations should be involved, support and encourage more recreational hunting and hunting activity.

So that the people who practice it realize that their practice brings health to their lives, and to contribute to improving their quality of life.

10.0 Increases mental discipline

Hunting must improve the mental discipline, as we consider primarily it as a mental sport.

Some experienced hunters declare it is 90% mental, 9% skill and 1% luck, even though the numbers can be reversed easily based on weather, terrain, and the hunter’s physical strength.


Hunting can be able to impact on our concentration, which is sharpened and tested constantly.

After all, it is a pursuit that is truly a matter of our life and death and a very few other recreational activities can afford that.

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