Fitness: 4 good reasons to dare to use the treadmill

Do you want to lose weight while strengthening your abs and glutes and working your heart out? Train on a treadmill!

Treadmill: we work on endurance
Do we stand still? What importance, since we swallow kilometers by walking on the belt which takes place at the chosen speed: from 1 to 6 km / h for a walking pace, from 7 km / h for the race.
Make sure your mat is equipped with shock absorbers to protect your joints. And if you prefer to run, opt for a mat measuring approximately 120 x 40 cm.

Treadmill: before you start
“You should always seek medical advice if you have a risk factor for cardiovascular disease: overweight tobacco, high cholesterol, hypertension …”, explains Dr Pierre Guedj, cardiologist.
If deemed necessary, your GP will refer you to a cardiologist, who will perform a stress test to measure your maximum heart rate and how well your heart is working. If you are in good health but not really athletic, measure your effort well. “It is better to start with short sessions, says the specialist, gradually increasing to two weekly workouts of forty minutes. “

Treadmill: we progress quickly
The good thing about walking is that you progress with each workout, ideally doing it twice a week. Slowly at the start, for example, at 3 km / h, then a little faster, or simply increasing the difficulty. So you can intensify your strength training with the help of a 15% tilting plan. Knowing that a beginner chooses an 8% slope.

Treadmill: we burn fat
This is the advantage of this kind of exercise: at the beginning, we burn our “fuel”, that is to say the calories consumed at the previous meal.
After forty minutes, the body must draw on its fat reserves to continue working: this is the surest way to lose weight permanently. The ideal is to walk on a mat equipped with a heart rate monitor (which measures the heartbeat) and a calorie counter. This way, you can adapt the effort to the capacities of your heart and run at the pace that will make you lose weight.

Treadmill: a concrete belly
Bonus of the treadmill: it stimulates all the muscles. The legs and thighs, of course, but also the glutes, the abdominals, and even the back. Slowly but surely, the body is sculpted, refined and “dries up”, a bit like that of long-distance runners.

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