Amazing Fat Burning Gym Routine Of Treadmill Workouts

Today, I’m going to take you to the gym and share with you what I do. In this Fat burning gym routine, you can get your desire goal quickly.

So when I work out in the gym, I’ll typically spend about an hour.

I like to start my warm-up on the treadmill, and you can choose any other cardio machines of your choice to do a quick 5 to 10 minutes warm-up.

You can start it slowly and then accumulate your speed and pace. It is crucial to get your muscles warmed up to have a practical training session. We do not want any injuries.

Fat Burning Gym Routine that I Follow

My fat burning gym routine is going to combine the super set training and also the cardio training.

It is the most efficient and fastest way to burn fat and builds lean muscles. Once I’m all warmed up, I’m going to start at the strength training area. 

For the first circuit, I’m going to combine a goblet squat with in-and-out jumps.

So, try to find a weight that you’re comfortable with and slowly progress by lifting heavier.

I’m raising about 16 kilos. Gradually squat as slow as you can and push yourself back up with your heels.

Keep the back straight

Always keep your back straight, chest open, and engage your core. Don’t slouch or collapse your shoulders.

If you do so, that will put too much strain on your lower back. So, this workout works your entire legs and also core.

I’m doing each exercise for 45 seconds, with 15 seconds of rest in between. 

Then it’s straight to in and out jumps that start by standing in a sumo squat position.

Jump in and back into a sumo squat. Make sure that you’re squatting low and touching the floor.

Again, keep your back straight chest open and engage your core that the way you will felt your legs burning.

Increase Gradient to Fell Like Running Uphill

Fat Burning Gym Routine

The increase of gradient is like running uphill. At the last minute, let’s bring it up to 9% gradient, and it’s the last minute.

So, keep running uphill and pushing yourself and don’t stop until the very end boom. I’m going to catch a quick one-minute breather and keep myself hydrated. 

It’s time to back to strength training. I’m going to work on my chest and back.

It’s going to be a combination of bent-over row and dead lift with push up and grab a pair of dumbbells.

Just go for moderately heavyweight, and I’d say between 6 to 10 kilos each.

Muscles Workout​

You want to work your muscles, but, you’re able to maintain the workout for four sets stand shoulder-width apart.

Keep your knees soft and bend slightly from your waist pull, and the dumbbells close to your belly. 

Squeeze your back muscles and engage your core. straightens your body with a slight arch to work on your lower back muscles. Repeat for 45 seconds, and it’s straight to push up and twist.

Keep your palms shoulder-width apart in line with your chest and lower your body. Push yourself back up and twist to the right.

Repeat and turn to the left, and the twisting motion will engage your core to keep your balance.

So, do this for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds in between. Repeat the two exercises back to back for 8 intervals.

Treadmill Running

It’s time to get back onto the heavy duty treadmill, and this time I’m going to do the speed interval running.

So, I’m starting at the first minute by sprinting at my fastest speed. Remember to pace your breathing to help you run faster and longer.

Then, bring the rate down to either a slow jog, walk, and recover in the second minute.

Take this minute to catch your breath genuinely and bring your heart rate down slightly.

I’m increasing the speed back into sprinting and feel the burn and heart rate pumping in the first minute.

Stay Focused on Your Fitness Goal

Focus on your goal and keep running. Now, let’s bring this. Read it down again at the last minute and slowly recover for the third superset. I’m going to work on my shoulders and an arm; it’s a combination of bicep curls. 

To show the press and bench dips, grab a pair of lightweight dumbbells, and I’ll say between three to five kilos.

Lift heavier as you progress, curl up and engage your biceps twist. Press the widths up to work on your shoulders and keep your posture upright.

Try to avoid swing your body and don’t rush the movements.

Break the moves down, and you’ll be working your muscles even more. So, let’s do that for 45 seconds and rest.

Now I’m going to use a weight bench and place one dumbbell on the floor to perform elevated bench dips. Keep your hands close to you and flat on the desk with your fingers pointed forward.

Lower your body down slowly until your elbows are 90 degrees. Breathe out as you push yourself back up.

Remember always to keep your elbows close to your side, and as you lower yourself, your body should always stay close to the bench.

Gradually Increase the difficulty of workout

So I have both feet elevated to increase the difficulty of the workout, and you can start by placing both feet on the ground.

Keep your knees slightly bent. That’s one set done to three more to go. If you struggle towards the last few wraps, use your body weight momentum to help you. 

Push the dumbbells up, and it’s good to strive towards the last few covers. This means you have pushed your muscles to their best efforts.

It means your weights are too light, and it’s time to hit the treadmill for another four minutes.

Incline Interval Training

I’m going to repeat the incline interval running, even if I’m running at a slower pace. Running is a lot tougher, and it activates more muscles, which also means more calories being burned.

Let’s work on the core, and I’m going to combine 1/2 feet arcs with the spider-man plank. Place both arms on the ground to support your upper body and keep both legs straight. 

Lift them off the ground and slowly lower them back down and repeat. You’ll feel your lower abs engaged.

Do these for 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest before moving on to spider-man plank?

This is my favorite move for killer apps and starts in a high plank position. Bring your right knee forward towards your elbow. Return and repeat on the other side.

Final Thought

Now, let’s repeat both exercises for three more sets. I’m going to end the workout with another speed interval running, and this is the final set start.

Sprint at your best speed if you struggle to run for an extended period. Break your run into many sets, and it is just adequate to end my workout.

I’m going to cool down with some stretches for about 10 minutes. So, remember to keep breathing and bring your heart rate back down now.

That’s a solid 1-hour workout and don’t feel intimidated by the weight.

I was hoping you could take this workout to the gym and add this into your routine for the best result.

Do this two to three times weekly on alternate days. So, be sure to take pictures of yourself in the gym and tag me.

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