Fanny Pack – ( Reviews In 2020)

Practical, small and yet a great help in everyday life: fanny packs are trendy. Simply strapped around the waist and instantly you can experience the wildest adventure. Of course, today there is a colorful selection, so you should know which hip bag is the right model for your needs. We show you what is important.

What is a fanny pack?

In the 80s and 90s, this little bag came on, which is also often referred to as a hip bag or fanny pack . Especially in North America, she was a hit and soon made the leap to Europe. The great feature of a fanny pack is that it is worn around the hips. It offers a large compartment where you can house different products and objects.

Zip up your waist pack with a zipper . Of course, the models have changed from a fanny pack test overtime. New shapes, colors and functions came on the market, so that the belly bag is back in fashion today. It can be worn in many different situations , such as outings, festivals, sports or a relaxed day with your friends. Thanks to the colorful variety, the Fanny Pack always adapts to the situation.

How does a fanny pack work?

Most people wear a fanny pack , as the name implies, around the stomach or hips. Today, even wearing around the neck or shoulder is possible. Most manufacturers use a simple clip closure , so you only have to click the two ends of the bag together. Some other producers use the belt principle , so you put a loose end in a buckle and fix it.

The main task of a bum bag winner is, however, that you can stow different things in the bag. Many models today no longer offer just one large compartment, but many small compartments , so you can find everything quickly in your Waist Bag. In some cases, the individual compartments are closed with zippers or buttons . Otherwise, modern fanny packsshould look good too.

Long considered to be retro and stale, but today they are back in fashion and surprisingly in fine materials, chic shapes and with unusual patterns.

Advantages & Applications

The benefits of a fanny pack are many, which is why more and more people are choosing this type of bag. Especially as an alternative to a handbag or a backpack is a fanny pack the perfect purchase . Especially if you just want to take a few little things with you and therefore do not want to carry a whole backpack. Just put it in your belly bag and you're ready to go.

Other categories in the leisure sector

A big plus goes to the belly bag in the summer . At this time of year, you often wear clothes that do without jacket or trouser pockets. Now you would need to bring a handbag or a backpack, so you only have your wallet or smartphone with you. With a Fanny Pack you get enough storage space even in summer. Another advantage is that the bag means less strain on the back and shoulders. Especially if you compare them with a conventional backpack. Incidentally, the hip pocket is much less noticeable than large bags. Of course that makes pickpockets difficult, too.

From a backpack or a handbag, something is stolen quickly, if you are not careful. Her model from a fanny pack test , however, is always in sight and therefore safer. That's why a Waist Bag is a great way to store valuables in sports without worrying about it. Other advantages are that you rarely forget or lose the bag, because it is worn directly at the hip . Likewise, you can easily hide those under clothing. Finally, there are many sizes and designs, so that belly bags are a real eye-catcher today.

The application areas are limited only by your imagination. This means there are endless possibilities where you can carry your fanny pack today . It is most popular for small trips, where you do not have to take much and therefore do not want to carry a backpack or a handbag. In the bum bag, everything is quickly stored and you can go. But even at festivals, concerts or parties can inspire a hip bag. It is always in view, but does not bother you when partying or dancing.

Otherwise, tummy bags are just a part of the sport. Many sports require that you use both hands, for example, cycling or strength training . A bag would be disturbing now. However, if you are worried that someone might steal your valuables while you are exercising, a buff pocket test may help you. Furthermore, there are many more situations where you can wear a fanny pack . In fact, today it is indispensable to any area.

What types of fanny packs are there?

As the fanny packs are back in business, there are more and more offers on the market. Of course, you get confused quickly, so you do not remember what kind of fanny pack you're supposed to buy.

We've listed the key models from a bump test to let you know what they are capable of, what they are good for, and what bag is right for you.

Classic belly bag:

The classic belly bag is considered spacious and rather noticeable. It has a wide strap that you put around your hips . Usually the belly circumference is adjustable, whereby it concerns universal sizes. The ends are connected with a snap closure . Thanks to the size, you can stow away as well in it, if you go on hikes. To open, you only need to open the zipper or Velcro .

The advantages:

  • Handsome size for many little things
  • Wide and comfortable belt
  • Ideal for longer tours

The disadvantages:

  • Can look quite old-fashioned
  • Disrupts some activities

Side belly bag:

The side fanny pack is a special form of the classic hip pack. The special feature is that you do not wear the bag in front of your stomach, but on the side of your hip . For this reason, the bag does not have a wide shape, but is rather elongated and narrow. Just as with the classic models from a bum bag test , this offer comes in different sizes. Spacious models are mostly used in the professional field. On the other hand, the narrow products usually find use in sports or as a fashionable companion. It is important that you do not overfill the side bag . Too much weight can negatively affect posture.

The advantages :

  • Elegant and slim
  • Is worn on the side of the hip
  • Can be used in many areas
  • Different sizes available

The disadvantages:

  • Offers less space
  • Can affect posture

Athletes fanny pack:

For athletes, fanny packs are very popular . After all, you can take different products while jogging, running, walking, cycling or hiking and have your hands free. However, there is the problem with the classic abdominal pockets that they start to rock during the movements, which is quite disturbing. For this reason, there are the special athlete bum bags . These are smaller, but they sit close to the body and do not move while running. Most of them offer a separate mesh compartment for a drinking bottle . Some other models, however, rely on a drinking bag . However, the smaller size means you can take less.

The advantages :

  • Perfect for athletes
  • Space for a bottle or a bag
  • Do not rock with movements

The disadvantages :

  • Small dimensions
  • Mostly very close to the body

Smartphone fanny pack:

Another special form is a smartphone duffel bag . This is also to be found in athletes , because no one goes today without his cell phone out of the house. So that it does not bounce badly when running around in the bag, there are hip pockets that carry only the smartphone . For this reason, they are quite small and light in weight . The viewing window gives you constant access to your smartphone. In addition, this belly bag is considered an alternative to the classic upper arm bag .

The advantages:

  • Perfect for a smartphone
  • More security for the mobile phone
  • Constant access to the smartphone

The disadvantages :

  • Only room for the mobile phone

Money Belt:

You do not like a big bag around your stomach and you do not need your smartphone? In such a case, a money belt is the right solution . The bag is extremely small and offers several safety advantages over the conventional belly bag. They offer enough space for individual keys, bank and credit cards and a little cash . Practically, you can carry the Money Belt invisibly under your clothes , even in the summer. Thanks to the thin shape, this is very pleasant and provide sufficient protection against pickpockets.

The advantages:

  • Easy to wear under clothing
  • Sufficient space for a few little things

The disadvantages :

  • Only little space
  • Sometimes it rubs on the skin

What should I look for when buying a fanny pack?

The perfect model does not just depend on what kind you want. There are a lot more little things to consider in a fanny pack test to make your hip pack happy later. Especially if you buy a fanny pack for a specific purpose, it must meet all your desired ideas.

What to look for when buying, you will find in our short guide.


The size plays a crucial role in the purchase. After all, there are bum bags in all imaginable sizes , so you should first think about what you want to transport everything with the hip bag. If you want to take along a little food, a water bottle and other little things on a hike , the bum bag should be the size you need . But if you do not need much and only want to carry credit cards or a little cash, even a slim and small model can be quite sufficient.


The weight goes hand in hand with the size. It is surprising that even very small or narrow abdominal pockets sometimes have a high weight. So if you do not want to wear a lot, you should also take a look at the weight. Most models are between 100 and 300 grams . But there are also some very light products. However, these offer little space, but are better for credit cards, cash or smartphones.


The circumference , or strap length called, is important so that the bum bag later safe and secure. The normal belt length is sufficient for 80 percent of the people. It is usually 90 to 110 centimeters . But if you are particularly obese, there are also some fanny packs , which put on a larger scale. Usually this is enough up to 140 centimeters . But even thin people should pay attention to the strap length. Too short a belt is just as bad as a belt that sticks out a good bit too far and bothers.


At the beginning of the fanny pack there were only a few materials. Mostly synthetic fibers like nylon or polyester were used. This is still the case today, but the materials sector has expanded significantly. Leather is very popular and is considered a luxurious version of the classic belly bags. Leather is a very high quality material and survives many decades. The big disadvantage is that you have to care for the leather bag intensively, so that the beauty is preserved. Polyester and nylon may not look so nice, but are much easier to care for . Some models from a fanny pack test you can simply enter into the washing machine. Others only need a short hand wash. Practical is that nylon and polyester bags are usually cheaper.


Unfortunately, it is the case today that a fake belly bagcan quickly become old-fashioned. That's why you should take a look at the design . More and more manufacturers offer exciting colors and patterns , so you do not always have to choose the classic models. Especially sweet floral or geometric shapes are in fashion and make a fanny pack quickly become a stylish eye-catcher . Rather classic articles are made of leather. However, manufacturers like to vary with the leathers , so even goat or buffalo leather is used.

Inner space

You should also pay attention to the interior. It is especially important if you decide to buy a larger fanny bag .

At best, the model offers several departments as well as different subjects . This makes it easy to sort and organize your stuff. Even better, if you can lock these departments individually .

As a result, it does not happen that the various products fall through the bag and you have to search this long. Also make sure that you can easily clean the interior.

 Internet vs. Retailers: where do I buy my fanny pack the best?

Bags can be found in many different shops. Even in the supermarket from time to time new handbags, backpacks and bum bags are offered. In this respect, you have many points of contact where you can buy your Fanny Pack. It is best if you head for a specialized trade . After all, this is specialized in bags and offers you a wider choice. The range is usually between three to ten bags, which come from different manufacturers.

The retailer will be happy to offer you bold colors or patterns. But after these few advantages you will encounter disadvantages. The prices are usually much more expensive in the specialized trade. Quickly put up to 50 percent more on the table. In addition, there are special bag shops usually only in larger cities, so you have to accept a longer track. But even the selection can not always convince. If you want a specific fanny pack or a color, you will not always find it. Please check the internet first.

The internet is the perfect partner for your purchases. After all, there are so many shops and providers, which is why you get a huge selection. You can order products from anywhere in the world so they are delivered to your doorstep. The practical thing is that you do not have to move out of your home. Just browse through your smartphone, tablet or PC . Immediately you will see the large selection and with one click the belly bag lands in your shopping cart and can be ordered.

Another advantage is that you have to pay significantly less money. Straight suppliers from a belly bag test, which are specialized exclusively in the Internet trade, offer you surprisingly favorable prices .

This is perfect if you only need a fanny bag for short trips and therefore do not want to invest a lot of money. Finally, you do not have to worry if the bag does not meet your expectations. You have a return guarantee of 14 days.

The history of the fanny pack

Of course, the fanny packs were mostly found in the 80s and 90s , but the history of the bags worn on the hip goes much further back. On 19 September 1991 , an impressive discovery was made in a rock hollow in the Ötztal Alps . A mummy was found today known as the 5,300-year-old Ötzi . But not only the hype about the mummy started, but at this the oldest wallet in the world was found.

Although there was no money in it, but today's backpacks, handbags and fanny packs are due to this find. The Ötzi bag was not comparable to a backpack or a handbag, but the mummy wore these on his belt. The bag was made of calf leather and about five inches wide. The stitched leather strap had an opening that could be closed with a narrow strip of leather.

Although there was little evidence of belly or belt bags until the Middle Ages, it can still be said that today's models have their origins in the oldest pocket shape: the round leather pouch. After all, this practical bag could easily be knotted on a belt, so he was always at hand. Even on Egyptian hieroglyphs this form of carrying bag was already recorded. But Roman soldiers put on a hip bag on the military belt. But even the Alemanni, Vikings or Hungarians could not do without a bag on the belt . Mostly these were used as purse.

The rapid development of the bags is due to the fact that a fanny pack was created. Especially at the end of the 80s , she was an indispensable part of every outfit. She looked casual, casual and cool. At the end of the nineties , however, the waist pack also fell into oblivion. Quickly she was considered old-fashioned or even ridiculous. But today, the belly bag can again enjoy great popularity. The fact that even major labels such as Versace or Dolce & Gabbana jumped on the trend, the bag from any wardrobe is indispensable. After all, many high quality materials and chic forms are used, which do not let the belly bag shine in a sporty shine.

Numbers, data, facts about the fanny pack

Bags are usually a domain ruled by women. After all, it's nice for women to spice up a simple outfit with a handbag. So it's not surprising that a woman spends about 76 days of her life rummaging and searching in her own purse.

The products from a bum bag test , on the other hand, are also popular with men , which is also reflected in sales in the "Bags and Accessories" area . In 2017 , around 1.5 million euros were realized in Germany alone . Of course, the ladies are still the front runners and like to fill their closets with the latest handbags. Precisely because of this, the forecast for the year 2022 is clearly upwards. It is estimated that the market volume this year is around 2.4 million euros . This corresponds to annual sales growth of around nine percent.

But not only in Germany diligently bum bags and other models are purchased. Around the globe, the penetration rate is about 18.9 percent . By 2022, this should increase to 24.2 percent. Above all, China is among the leaders and has the largest sales in the area of bags and accessories.

In 2017 , the Chinese spent about 20.8 million euros . This is not surprising, because many fanny packs and other models come from the Middle Kingdom. Here they can be produced cheaply, so that the Chinese like to strike.

It is also interesting to look at how much money is spent per person on average . Of course, it depends on age, gender and job. On average, but people spend 100.92 euros per year for bags and accessories .

However, sales are also increasing because more and more manufacturers are entering the market.

A survey has therefore found out which are the four most popular brands in the field of bags. In fourth place is the luxury label Louis Vuitton with about five percent of the vote. The label Coach secured third place with ten percent. In second place is Kate Spade, a New York-based manufacturer who values minimalism. About 19 percent have opted for it. Unbeatened in first place with 34 percent is US designer Michael Kors with his classic bag models.

Wear the belly bag correctly in six steps

Today, there are many more ways you can wear your fanny pack . It's been a long time since you've had to wear the products from a hip pocket test around your waist. As the fanny pack wearing properly and style, we'll tell you.

Step 1:

The first step should always be the purchase of a hip bag in the room. Today, there are so many different models that it's best to think about what you're looking for and what to expect from the fanny pack. After all, there are big differences in colors, features, sizes and weights. Only if you know what your belly bag should do you can access it.

Step 2

Most popular is the classic wearing around the hip. After all, the bags are made for it and adapt perfectly to the body. When buying, make sure that you choose a model that has sufficient strap. Otherwise, it may happen that the belly pocket is too tight or can not close. You do not have to worry that you will not find a bag. Today there are already models that have a belt length of 140 centimeters.

Step 3

Put your bag around your waist. Exactly where the waist ends and the hip bone begins. First close the bag loose. Now you can tighten these by means of the belt. Make sure that the fanny pack is secure, so you do not slip, but do not constrict. But if you do sports with the bag, it makes more sense if it is a little tighter.

Step 4

If you do not wear your hip bag in front of your stomach, but over your butt, it is not necessary that you tighten them extremely. This is because the butt usually serves as a natural brake. So if you have a shapely rump, you do not have to worry about the belly bag sliding down quickly. However, wearing on the back is only recommended if you are undisturbed and far from large human dimensions. After all, long fingers can easily get to your belongings.

Step 5

Wearing is more and more popular over the shoulder and thus the chest. Especially the youth loves this loose style, where he creates many benefits. Keep an eye on your fanny pack and get quick access to your valuables. Close the strap and then insert your head through the loop. The strap should be under one arm and over one shoulder. The pack, however, must sit on the chest. Now adjust the strap until the belly pocket is below your chest. Especially with ladies you should pay attention, since a belly bag otherwise interferes.

 Step 6

If you are in a hurry or just a short way, you can use the fanny pack like a traditional handbag. Adjust the strap so you can easily carry the bag over your shoulder without it being uncomfortable tossing up or down or being picked up by pickpockets. It is best if you put the carrying arm over the bum bag as protection.

Ten tips for care

As with all bags, you also need to pay a bit of attention to the fanny pack for care. While most models are quite sturdy and durable, intensive cleaning is rare, but do not forget them. This is the only way your offers from a bumbag test will last for a long time and you will enjoy it.

Tip 1 :

Most models are made of nylon or polyester. If you see stains on the outside, you should grab a soft cloth and a little warm water. In most cases, a light scrub is enough to remove the stains. Make sure that no water enters the interior. Therefore close the bag best.

Tip 2

If you see dust or other light soiling, you usually do not need water. Use a cloth or sponge and wipe the spot a few times. The dirt can quickly disappear. But if this spreads, stop right and grab some warm water instead.

Tip 3

Some soils are very stubborn and do not dissolve by moisture alone. In such a case, a detergent is useful. For example, you can use dish soap or shampoo. Just make sure that the detergent does not scour and is not too aggressive. Likewise, it must not bleach, otherwise a bright spot remains.

Tip 4

The interior must also be cleaned. Remove all items and tip crumbs upside down. Now pick up a lint roller and retract the insides to pick up dirt. If you do not have a lint roller, you can grab a piece of tape. This has the same effect and can be thrown away after cleaning.

Tip 5

 You can also clean the inside of the fanny pack with a vinegar mixture. Mix a portion of household vinegar with a portion of warm water. Put this on a cloth and follow the insides of the bag. Also think of the small corners or individual subjects. Do not use too much water as this may cause damage.

Tip 6

After cleaning, let your hip pack dry. Do not put them in the dryer as some materials may get damaged or shrink. It is better if you simply let the belly bag dry in the air. As a result, the smell of vinegar vanishes, and the belly bag is ready for use again.

Tip 7

Not all bum bags are made of nylon or polyester, but there are also chic leather models. You have to treat them differently. If you are not a fan of signs of wear on the leather, you should regularly rub those with leather fat. Simply use a soft sponge or cloth and polish the grease.

Tip 8

Never put leather dive bags in the washing machine. For some nylon or polyester models that is possible, but not always good. Leather, on the other hand, can be badly damaged in the washing machine, so that the bag loses its beauty and shine afterwards. Therefore, prefer a hand wash.

Tip 9

 If you notice stains on the leather, you can use colorless Juchtenfett. But it is better that you prevent stains. For this you should regularly rub the bumbag with aniline cream or aniline milk to preserve the self-protection of the leather.

Tip 10

 To maintain the beauty, you should keep your bum bag properly after use. It is good if you hang them in a protected wardrobe. This prevents environmental influences from being a problem. It is even better if you keep the bag in a box, bag or box. This protects the bag from any influences.

Useful accessories

Accessories are not a must with the fanny pack, but can make your life a little easier. Especially if you think your Fanny Pack is broken and needs to be thrown away.

There are various spare parts which can ensure that you can continue to wear your fanny pack .

Especially on the Internet, there are numerous spare parts and accessories that bring your belly bag back on track. Including buckles, zippers, carabiners and much more.

So if the zipper or the buckles of your fanny pack arebroken, you can replace them with a few simple steps. Equally practical is when you put on a shoulder padding. Especially if you prefer to wear the belly bag over your shoulder or chest, padding is practical. If, on the other hand, you have resorted to a low-priced model that rubs unattractive on the skin, you can also use a padding here and thus increasethe wearing comfort.

Otherwise, you can spice up the interior of the models from a bumbag test a bit. Especially if you take a lot of little things , even in the narrow Fanny Bag can cause problems. Various bags, pouches and the like ensure more organization.

At the same time, the bag gets less dirty inside, so you do not need to keep it clean. Speaking of cleaning, also handy if you have a storage bag for your hip pack . If these are made of fine materials, such as leather, incorrect storage conditions can quickly lead to damage. To prevent this, it is best to put the bag in a storage bag or box . Even better is a plastic box , because it keeps out moisture and various environmental influences. As a result, the fanny pack is preserved for a long time.

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