Exercise Rubbers – Power Band And Mini Band

Mini band and power band exercise gums are multi-functional training equipment that you can take with you anywhere. Power band and mini band are made of latex. They work on the principle of resisting muscles. The advantage of exercise gums is plenty, and you do not have to wait long for the effects of training with rubbers. Check what are their types and which one to choose for themselves. Discover the best exercises using power band and mini band!

Mini band and power band are the most commonly used exercise gums. Both types have a similar application, but they differ from each other in terms of functionality and characteristics. Mini band gums are short, not very stretchy and made of thin latex, while power band rubber are several times longer and more stretchy and have a much greater thickness. The type of rubber we should choose for ourselves depends on the training we will be using. The big advantage of the gums is their functionality - they can be hidden even in the pocket and they can be used with almost any exercise. See how to use power and mini band.

Exercise Gum - What Are They Used For?

Exercise gums are made of latex, which is characterized by high elongation and resistance to resistance. For this reason, they are used in sports for all kinds of strengthening exercises and functional training. Exercise gums are designed to resist stretching, which strongly activates the muscle part to work.

Exercise gums and training with their use makes almost all the muscle parts work. The operation of gums power band and mini band can be easily compared to dumbbells - thanks to them we are able to quickly build and carve muscles. In addition, exercise gums are an effective training stimulus to achieve better sports results. Thanks to them, we can do strength exercises, which would be difficult to do with the use of free equipment at the gym.

Each gum, regardless of whether it is a series of power band or mini band, has its equivalent kilogram, which is suggested by its color. Thanks to this, we can progress in a simple and effective way from training to training, using different types of gums.

Thanks to the exercise gums, we can build muscles of the whole body, work on the stabilization of the deep muscles and return to the sport after a long recovery period. All because the power band and mini band gums are completely safe, help maintain correct movement patterns, improve joint mobility and increase muscle strength.

Rubber For Exercise - Advantages

Exercise gums have many advantages, including:

  • They take up little space, are light and handy, so you can take them anywhere
  • They do not cost much, they bring a lot of benefits
  • They minimize the risk of injury
  • They allow you to perform many types of training
  • Make the muscles constantly strained during training
  • Improve joint mobility
  • Exercises with gums firm the body and reduce body fat
  • They activate the muscles of the whole body: both superficial and deep
  • They are suitable both for warming up before training and for strength training
  • You can use them for rehabilitation exercises

Exercise Gum - What To Choose?

The types of exercise gums are divided by their length, width and thickness. It is these parameters that determine the appropriate resistance level of a given exercise rubber. So the thicker the rubber, the more resistance it will have.

When choosing the right exercise rubber, we should look closely at its parameters, and above all the resistance in kilos that it puts. There is no unequivocal and generally accepted color of gum that testifies to the power of a given rubber. The colors of gums depend only on the manufacturer. The only thing we should visually look at when choosing the right equipment is the width and thickness of a given rubber.

There are many fitness gums available on the market, but the power bands and mini bands are definitely leaders. Here are their short characteristics.

Power bands are perfect for fitness, crossfit, pilates training as well as for weight training. They have their application in strength training, for example in powerlifting, as an additional load on the barbell. These rubbers enable dynamic training, during which we use full ranges of joint movement because they are long and durable.

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