Elliptical Vs Treadmill For Faster Running

As you can know that the mechanics are fairly similar between the two strides, elliptical and treadmill.

Crosstrainer vs treadmill? Which one is fit for training for faster running? Lifting your foot up and pushing it into the ground that’s basically all about running. 

Now, running speed is a combination of two factors and that is stride frequency and stride length.

The stride length is your ability to put your foot into the ground and move yourself a certain distance.

So, let’s say, a guy has a stride length of three meters and another guy has stronger legs that allow him to stride four meters.

If they both have the same stride frequency, then; the person who has the greater stride length will be the one that’s running faster.

Elliptical VS Treadmill?

Elliptical vs treadmill? Let dig down the question. Now, you may ask yourself what does this has to do with an elliptical versus a treadmill.

Well, the important key factor is how the resistance is applied by the elliptical machine and how the treadmill belt moves at its pace. 

The treadmill belt moves horizontally but the elliptical crosstrainer has resistance on those pistons that force you to push it downwards into the ground.

The treadmill doesn’t have resistance up and down.

So, you can’t really workforce application to create stronger strides with the elliptical if you crank up the resistance by those foot pedals.

Elliptical vs treadmill? Let’s try finding more answer. Elliptical has resistance to moving up and down.

So, your leg has to pump like a piston to push it to the ground.

Push it downwards by adding resistance to the stride movement that an elliptical machine can provide that will give you stronger legs. 

Stronger strides allow you to move farther.

The elliptical trainer keeps your feet directly underneath your hips and this is a position that applies maximum force to the ground.

It is called a triple extension that extends the ankle joint, knee joint and hip joint.

Which one is faster – Treadmill or Elliptical?

Now, one great way to train on the elliptical is to not hold on to anything when you’re running.

You can’t hold on to something for your balance.

 Learn to balance on just your legs when you’re on the elliptical trainer.  

Allow your hands to swing through the normal running stride.

Pump your arms and pump your legs in unison. Remember that those foot pedals have resistance to them.  

So, you’re going to have to pump your legs fast down with each stroke to keep up a good pace.

You’re lifting your foot off of the pedal and then striking it down as hard as you can to produce force.

I’ve explained how a treadmill stride and an elliptical stride have very similar mechanics, but the added resistance that the elliptical provides will train your legs better to apply force into the ground.

You’re able to push the ground harder and you’re able to move farther. You’re on your way for running faster.

Elliptical vs treadmill? Now, it’s important to note that I’m not saying training on an elliptical will make you a faster runner.  

What I’m saying is that it will set you up to be a faster runner. It does this by training your muscles to apply force onto the ground harder.

If you’re able to push the ground harder and you’re able to run faster.

Now, my recommendation would be to take your treadmill running and also your elliptical running and split them 50/50.

The elliptical training will train your legs to push onto the surface harder, that will set you up to be a faster runner.  

Then, when you do your cross trainer workouts, that’s going to focus on your stride frequency and focus on stitching.

All the running mechanics together, so go train and run faster.

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