Elliptical cross trainer or treadmill: which cardio machine to choose?

Two very popular cardio machines are the elliptical trainer and the treadmill . While there are some similarities between them, there are also some differences. Designating which is better is not that simple. It all depends on your physical health and your fitness goals . In the following lines, we tell you more about it.

Zoom on the elliptical trainer
If you have a hard time tolerating the jolts of walking or running , the elliptical trainer may be a good option. It is the ideal machine for getting back into shape after an injury. It allows the training of the upper and lower body . Some bikes have arm grips . The resistance of the handles helps to work the muscles of your shoulders, chest and back . At the same time, the machine can help you strengthen your lower body muscles including glutes, quads etc. Only downside, you will need to take some time to get used to the bike .

Zoom on the treadmill
The first advantage of the treadmill is its versatility . It is useful for a brisk walk or an uphill run. It is up to you to decide the exact speed and incline for your workout . The mat also allows you to choose from a variety of training programs . Having more control over your workout can make it easier to reach your goals. It is the best machine for burning calories, reducing body fat and improving cardiovascular health .

However, its use can lead to stress problems on your bones and joints . To reduce the risk of injury, always begin your workout with a suitable warm-up. Also, be sure to stretch after your treadmill session .

What choice to make?
The mat is a high impact machine. It is versatile and very useful for burning fat. This is the tool to use to get results faster. Nevertheless, its use can be the source of the problems of tibia fractures, knee injuries etc. As far as he’s concerned, the bike is a low impact machine . It puts less stress on your joints than the mat. It is safer if you have musculoskeletal issues . However, you won’t notice the same level of muscle development as if you were using a treadmill. All that said, if the mat is your choice and it is too hard for you, try cardio workouts .

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