How Does Cycling Affect Your Mental Condition?

No one needs to be so convinced that the riding a bike has an immense effect on our figure. While pedaling, we burn fat tissue and thus it shapes our muscles - especially the legs. It also works on the buttocks, stomach and back. It turns out that the cycling is a good way to get better our intellectual condition. Check how you can strengthen your brain through regular cycling training.

1. Cycling For Brain

The advantages of cycling can be exchanged without ending - pedaling can strengthen the heart, can improve the respiratory efficiency, allow you to lose weight, lower the blood pressure, carve the muscles and relax after a very tough day. Recent research has already shown that the cycling training is an immense exercise for improvement of the brain.

Scientists' reports are really astonishing. According to data that is presented by the researchers from the University of Utrecht of Netherlands, the cycling improves the coherence and integrity of the white matter of the brain. What does this mean in workouts by cycling?

The human brain basically consists of two types of tissues: white and gray. The white being is the center of the communication because it is mainly responsible for connections with the gray matter. Some researchers from the Netherlands have already showed that under the influence of the regular cycling, impulses between the cells of the nervous system can proceed faster, resulting in better function of the brain, the ability to create quick decisions , get better memory and improve our learning processes.

However, the advantages of the cycling do not end here. Researchers in Taiwan also conducted a test using the bicycle. The participants trained on the bicycle for about 12 weeks. After that time, they not strengthened the muscles of the legs, but also stimulated their brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Even though, the name sounds so mysterious, it means a protein that is basically responsible for our mood regulation, controlling stress levels and the memory improvement. A report from Taiwan has confirmed that the earlier thesis that the cycling reduces the risk of anxiety and depression disorders.

2. Biking For Wisdom

Cycling is the best sport for the students and all white-collar workers because it can increase the concentration and makes memorizing easier.

After the bike ride, we must have a better mood. The researchers recommend that the riding on two wheels also affects our IQ. All forms of the aerobic exercise, i.e. swimming, cycling and running, positively can affect the hippocampus - a part of our brain that is responsible for memory and also learning.

Studies at the University of Illino have confirmed this. After 6 months of daily cycling, the participants of the test of hippocampus increased by almost 2%, and the ability to remember and also solve problems by as much as about 15-20%. People who took part in this study also noticed a significant improvement in their concentration. In addition, the researchers found that it took about half a year of cycling to rejuvenate their brain for two years!

3. Regular Cycling For Health

How to exercise to get better your mental condition? Experts say that the cycling training does not have to be so intense and long. All you require is a 30-minute drive at a reasonable rate every day to enhance the brain's performance. It does not matter if we go to outdoors or on the stationary bike. Both types of activity can bring huge positive results for your health and the brain. By the way, you must also mention the other benefits of cycling. Physical exercise on a bike is a immense way to lower cholesterol, lose weight and pressure, and thus avoid some cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Regular physical activity can also prolong your life and reduce the risk of the cancer.

There is nothing left here to do, you can jump on a bike or sign up for spinning. It is really a great form of activity for our body and mind as well. The effects of the cycling can prove advantageous to our health and brain.

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