Crosstrainer Vs. Nordic Walking – The Big Comparison!

Until a few years ago, it was generally mildly smiled on when city dwellers with their sticks stalked through the board-level park as in the high mountains. In the meantime, Nordic walking has not only become a trend, Nordic walking has even become an established sports classic. Because what was once smiled is today popular sport. And that has really good reasons.

Advantages of Nordic Walking

The biggest advantage of Nordic Walking is that it is particularly effective. For example, are Nordic walking, for example, 45 percent more calories consumed than regular walking . In addition, the use of the poles also involves much more muscle in the movement process.

In total, Nordic walking takes up to 85 percent of the muscles . That's why Nordic Walking is such an effective training. But that's not all. Because by the use of the sticks also a much larger oxygen exchange takes place in the body. The cardiovascular system is excellently trained and endurance is improved.

In addition to strength and endurance, Nordic Walking also trains the coordination. Especially in the beginning it is not easy for inexperienced people to correctly set the sticks while walking. The difficulty level increases the faster the speed of walking .

The correct use of poles looks the way like this. If the left leg is in front, the right hand must also be in front. The right leg and the left hand are then behind.The advantages of the cross trainer

A crosstrainer simulates the movements of Nordic Walking . Therefore, you can expect on a crosstrainer also an equivalent training effect as in Nordic walking. Accordingly, the crosstrainer also has the same advantages that Nordic walking brings.

However, unlike Nordic walking, you do not have to worry about the correct sequence of movements on the crosstrainer. Because if you move your left leg forward, then the handlebar of the right hand automatically moves backwards .

Nevertheless, the training on the crosstrainer trains the coordination. After all, you are due to the handlebars to a specific cycle of movement set. So you can not swing freely with your arms, as you would do when jogging.

Where are the differences?

The type of movement is almost identical for Nordic Walking and training on the crosstrainer . Therefore, one could call the crosstrainer as a "bad weather alternative" to Nordic Walking. But to emphasize which of the two variants is indeed the best choice, one must highlight the disadvantages.

The disadvantages of the crosstrainer

 The first disadvantage of the cross trainer is the cost factor . Because the purchase of the training device can cost several hundred euros. Of course there are also inexpensive devices. However, we recommend to pay attention to quality when buying. Because good quality means a certain longevity in most cases.

In addition to the acquisition costs also follow-up costs . In addition to the energy costs incurred when operating the device, there are also the costs for maintenance equipment (such as lubricants or cleaning agents).

A not to be underestimated disadvantage of the Crosstrainers is the boredom , which can arise with regular training on the device. The same movement always causes the motivation to sink quickly. New stimuli are hardly to be expected. The only means to make the training more interesting is the entertainment. With TV or music the training lengths can be bridged.

Disadvantages of Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is an outdoor sport . Therefore, it can not always be executed due to the weather. But with the right clothes, especially colder temperatures can be well balanced. In very warm temperatures outdoor training is not recommended. Even in icy temperatures and heavy rainfall Nordic walking is no pleasure.

Another disadvantage of Nordic walking is the risk of injury . Due to the controlled movement, the risk of injury during Nordic walking is naturally much lower than, for example, when jogging or cycling. However, it can always happen on uneven ground, that you kinks or stumbles.

Conclusion: Nordic walking and crosstrainer complement each other perfectly

As described, you can expect similar training results from Nordic Walking and training on the crosstrainer. Especially if you want to lose weight and improve your stamina, these two training methods are perfect for you .

So that you can train in any weather and at any hour, we recommend the combination of Nordic Walking and elliptical cross trainer . When the weather is fine, Nordic walking in the outdoors is, of course, many times more pleasant than training in your living room. You can also work out with others outdoors.

It's much more fun and keeps motivation high. On gray winter days , however, you can work out in their cozy living room and watch their favorite series on television.

The additional purchase of Nordic Walking poles is not a big cost factor . Once invested between 20 and 70 euros, and you can walk for years with your sticks through parks, forests or through the mountains.

By the way, pure Nordic walking is not much cheaper than a cross trainer. Because, over the years you have to buy new shoes and new clothes again and again. And just high-quality functional clothing is not very cheap.

However, if we consider the two training variants in full, then we have to find that they complement each other perfectly .

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