To troubleshoot the common treadmill problems, at first we should know the basic parts of the treadmill so that we can fix the problem easily by taking no helps from others.

We face many problems, especially with commercial treadmill, regarding the treadmill whenever we overuse it without taking breaks.

We have to concern the related facts of creating the problem of treadmill you used at your home gym and act accordingly.

Five Main Elements of treadmill

  1. Treadmill Belt
  2. Deck
  3. Rollers
  4. Motor
  5. Console

Safety Issues of treadmill repairing

Don’t forget to unplug from its power source before performing any repairs. If it starts up again, you may fall on a serious injury.

Take away the emergency safety key to enhance your margin of safety.

Important Tools That You May need

  1. Non-Abrasive Cleaner
  2. Set of Regular Allen Wrenches
  3. 100% Silicone Lubricant
  4. Replacement Large T-shaped Allen wrench( to Adjust Rear Roller )
  5. Soft Cotton Cloth

Extra or Replacement Parts That You May​​​​ Want

  1. Power Cord Replacement
  2. Roller Pulley
  3. Drive Motor Belt
  4. Console Wire
  5. Extra Safety Key
  6. Treadmill Belt


I refer the walking or running belt to as the heart and soul of the treadmill.

After the motor, the belts carry out the major work and it is abused, mostly. This is the belt where most of the troubles might occur.

List of symptoms of belt problem

  1. Slipping Belt
  2. Belt Too Loose or Tight
  3. Belt Uncenters Itself
  4. Heated Belt

1. Slipping Belt

Slipping sensation is a common problem for most of the user and you need to fix the problem immediately after finding out the problem.

To fix the problem, just tighten and align the running belt.

This problem is usually occurred when the belt is too much tightened, and amount of friction increased suddenly.

If the belt is tightly attached, then lose it and lift it on center position. The approximate gap is two to three inches.

2. Belt Too Loose o​​​​r Tight

To determine the loose or tight of the belt, follow a rule. You can lift the belt around 2-3 inches from the middle.

 If you can lift it too high, then it is too tight .

If you can reach the underneath center area, then it is excessively loose.

If the belt found too tight, just loosen it by one-quarter turn.

3. Belt Uncenters Itself​​​​

If the rear rollers are not aligned properly, then the belt uncentering problem occurred itself.

To repair this problem that you need to plug in and turn on the machine at the slowest speed.

Go to the back side of the machine and insert the T-shaped Allen wrench in the rear tension bolts.

Turn it left or right by one-quarter turn only if needed and observe that how much the belt tracks to left or right.

Adjust that bolt with its partner for perfect centering.

Just check the machine by walking three times to make sure that it is fixed properly.

4. Heated Belt

Too much use of the treadmill really heat the machine and it causes mainly by the friction of the running belt.

Therefore, the treadmill machines are not working properly and you need to fix the problem immediately by lubrication the machine.

Thus the friction may drop between the belt and platform.

Lubricate your treadmill belt regularly and don’t split any lubricant on the walking or running platform since this causes slippage problem during workouts later.

Add the silicone spray nozzle underneath and the center area by pulling up one side of the belt.

Do the same for the other parts of the belt. Move the belt manually and turn it about half a revolution to lubricate.

To uniformly distribute the lubricant run the treadmill slowly about five minutes and check the function once again.


The motor of the treadmill supply the electromotive force by the transmission belt that connects with the tread where the runner can perform different workouts. 

There are many types of motor, the Permanent Magnet Direct Current type being the most used for the home treadmills and it works through the direct current.

The voltage ranges are from 80 V to 260 V and easily controllable.

With the professional VAC type, the engines are more durable and it is less commonly prone to any type of damage.


For the recognition of the motor, we require opening the cover and most of the treadmill it in the front after tread.

After removing all the screws and cover, you will discover something alike to the following stuff:

  • P / N: Reference of the treadmill motor
  • HP: Horsepower
  • Model
  • VDC: Direct current.
  • W: Watts of power
  • HPP: power peak in horses
  • RPM: Revolutions Per Minute

Normally, the motor controller board is connected with 2 cables. The connection of the cables with the belt is interchangeable.

Sometimes, the motor has two extra cables which are used to get the thermal protection system.

List of symptoms of motor problem

  1. Turn on / off problem 
  2. Burning Smell
  3. No Display
  4. Non-Working Motor
  5. Erratic Speed

1. ​Turn On/Off problem​​​​

This is one of the common problems of the treadmill that it refuses to power on or off sometimes.

They plugged it into ground fault current interrupter), an outlet that has tripped off. Reset it and turn again.

If the power of the outlet is live, then check the console powers.

If the console power is not on, then take away motor hood to check loose pin connections or unattached wires.

Alternatively, unplug the plastic connectors and again plug it to check the fixation.

2.Burning Smell

You may experience a burning smell like rubber and repairs may require for the treadmill to the minor or major fixes.

Turn off the treadmill immediately and unplug power cord.

Friction is mainly responsible for the burning smell problem from a treadmill and it may be between deck and motor, electronics, back or short wiring.

These problems lead to cause a fire and it is necessary to repair immediately.

3. No Display

When these problems occur with console, the fixation is typically minor.

To fix it, just check the length of the visible wires and power cord. Crimped cords or worn batteries may require to be changed.

I can feel the magnet off and may require to be changed.

If the console turns to static, then the circuit breaker requires resetting.

Just unplug the power cord from the electric supply for about 60 seconds to repair this trouble.

4. Non-Working Motor

Non-working treadmill motor might and costly issues to the owners. The motor sometimes requires to be fully replaced.

If it cannot provide full speed and it cannot be entirely adjusted and works poorly, then the best way is to replace it.

Treadmills that run into full speed often face problems with the failed circuits. Treadmill motors may not be possible to fix.

The motor or circuit must replaced by a professional completely.

5. Erratic Speed

It can occur mechanical or electrical movement issues in the treadmill while workout and erratic speed are the common treadmill problems.

Check for whether this cause is mechanical or electrical and by turning off the machine, just walk on the belt some while.

If the movement is more difficult if a motor is running at the same time and even continue the problem by a few inches at each step you take on the treadmill.

Here, adjust tension bolts or lubricate the belt properly before taking the next step on the treadmill again.

You can take away the motor housing. Also, check plastic roller pulley and the drive belt.

If the drive belt found loose and is not effectively gripping the roller, the power will not be conveyed and the speed will be lost, surely. So check it and fix it once again.


It is very common to face various problems when we learn how to fix that treadmill problem.

While the above problems are commonly associated with the treadmill, the solution to these problems is difficult at all times.

You need to replace some treadmill parts completely before using the machine again.

It’s all important to find out the solution and correct method to keep away from damage to the machine or yourself.

Troubleshooting helps you to determine the focal point of failure of working on the treadmill.

Troubleshooting also gives you the chance to replace or fix the treadmill parts with or without the help of the technicians.

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