City Bike – How To Safely And Stylishly Commute Not Only To Work?

A city bike is a great way to get around the crowded city. The city bike will improve the condition, health and shape the figure in the spring. Find out how to use the advantages of two wheels in a good way and take care of your own safety at the same time.

A city bike has many advantages. Not only that cycling in the city improves fitness, it also allows you to keep your individual style. The reduced, modeled frame, several gears, good shock absorbers to improve comfort when driving through the curb, and also a fender and a roomy boot, are just some of its basic advantages over other types of bikes.

City Bike - A Fashionable Bike

The fashion for city bikes does not go away. On the contrary, he finds a growing group of supporters, mainly among women. Interesting colors, designer workmanship is what modern women love. On such road bike you can easily ride in long dresses, and put the pins in the basket and change into comfortable shoes.

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All you need to do is mount a special cover on the rear wheel, which reduces the risk that the dress will screw into the spokes. Urban bikes often have dedicated chain overlays. Such a cover protects clothing from getting dirty. 

Also popular are various additions, thanks to which the user will give the bike an individual character. These can be, for example, wicker baskets mounted on the front of the steering wheel, large panniers for the boot, to which we can pack a lot of small things.

Original frames bent in an unusual shape that give the bike a personal touch is a distinctive feature of any enthusiast of good style. With bikes with a classic look, you can comfortably travel. It does not matter if it is a university, school, job or "outing" to a café with friends - says JakubPasikowski, representative of the LeGrand brand.

City Bike - A Way For Traffic Jams

The growing costs of fuel, insurance, in other words, the maintenance of the car, as well as the fashion for ecology, make more and more people move around the city with bicycles. There is no problem with parking them; you can also use them at the weekend, when you want to go on a Saturday ride on the outskirts of the city.

On shorter sections, the city bike has an advantage over the car. When the car is in a traffic jam, the cyclist can use the bike paths and even drive around, avoiding other cars. And what is important, does not have to look for a place to park, because the bike can be left virtually everywhere - convinces Pasikowski.

City Bike - Safety

The city bike is to be primarily comfortable. Therefore, the frame is shaped in such a way that when driving, maintain an upright figure. Its characteristic feature is the bent steering wheel. Its profile is to guarantee comfort. Crowded city streets or alleys in the park are the perfect world for an urban two-wheeler.

When driving, you should also take care of your safety. It is worth remembering that the bike is equipped with front and rear lamps. It is also necessary to mount the bell. It will be useful for warning pedestrians.

Although riding a bicycle helmet is not obligatory, it is worth to buy it. On the market you can find stylish helmets for urban driving. They are less streamlined than those used by athletes, but at the same time they have a lot more reflective elements.

As a reminder, it is worth emphasizing that a cyclist should use bicycle paths. If they do not have them, he must go on the road.

Cycling On The Pavement Is Only Allowed In A Few Cases:

  • when a cyclist takes care of a person under the age of 1 who drives a bicycle,
  • the pavement is at least 2 meters wide and there is no bicycle path,
  • weather conditions threaten the cyclist's safety on the road (snow, strong wind, rainstorm, black ice, dense fog)

When preparing your city bike for particular season, it is worth paying attention to the efficiency of the brakes, the degree of inflation of the wheels, as well as the lubrication of the chain. Also, do not forget to set the steering wheel and saddle properly.

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