What To Look For When Choosing An Elliptical Cross Trainer?

Choosing the elliptical crosstrainer is difficult. Making the right decision will ensure the comfort and efficiency of our exercises.

Plenty of models from many manufacturers pose a considerable challenge in choosing the right device for you.

Factors that affect the comfort and effectiveness of exercise and the durability of the devices are many. I can find the most important of them below.

Which cross trainer to choose?

First, you need to choose it for your weight, height, training aspirations and, of course, the budget.

Each cross trainer has a maximum allowable load. In the models available on the market, this value is usually not less than 100 kg.

With people with similar or higher body mass, it is worth choosing a high-strength cross trainer.

Lower people on the big orbiter are vulnerable to injuries. In addition, exercises on the over-sized or too small elliptical in relation to the height have nothing to do with comfortable and efficient training.

Models with the possibility of changing the position of skids allow you to be closer or further away from the steering wheel, thanks to which it is easier to train people of different height on them.

Adjusting the step allows it to be set for longer or shorter and for a flatter or vertical one.

Higher people are more comfortable and efficient at the longer and the shortest at the right. Flat traffic imitates a ski run, and more vertical climbing stairs.

An important element of each elliptical cross-fit is the flywheel. This is an element whose weight influences the generated resistance.

The heavier it is, the more it is possible to work with a greater load and allow for more effective exercises.

The division of cross trainers – which is the best?

Choosing An Elliptical Cross Trainer

Cross trainers are divided because of the resistance system – mechanical, magnetic and electromagnetic.

Mechanical elliptical cross trainers

These are the simplest devices of this type in which they generate the resistance based on the belt.

The knob is adjusted and increases or decreases friction on the flywheel. Devices gradually occupied their place with a magnetic resistance system.

Magnetic cross trainer

They produce a magnetic field around the flywheel. Depending on the model, a knob manually controlled the resistance or electronically from the computer.

When the load is increased, the magnets approach the flywheel and move away from it when decreasing. This allows you to keep working smoothly without shocks.

Electromagnetic cross trainer

In devices of this type, the resistance operates on the principle of an electromagnetic field emitted with original power, which ensures them a very smooth operation and gives a wide range of almost stepless electronic regulation.

For beginners or those who plan to choose the cross trainer as a tool to get rid of excess kilograms, magnetic cross trainer from the medium price range are a sufficient solution. You can buy them for only 1000 dollars.

For more demanding, more advanced magnetic or electromagnetic cross trainer are designed.

Worth knowing!

Cross trainer are also divided because of the drive – it can be in the back or front of the device.

Most of the available elliptical have a rear drive and they are invariably the most popular orbiters for the home.

They occupy less space; they work definitely quieter and are cheaper than pre-drive ones.

A good elliptical trainer for the price of up to 1000 dollar

At this price, you can easily choose the right model with magnetic resistance with sufficient technical capabilities for home training for just over 500 zlotys from a reliable and reliable manufacturer such as Zipro, Hop-Sport, Sapphire, HMS, Body Sculpture or Insportline.

More demanding people can choose a cross trainer up to 2000 zlotys from a slightly higher shelf, among other fitness devices, York Fitness, horizon, Hammer, Finnlo, or Kettler, which gives a 3-year warranty on every model.

Professional athletes and amateurs and physiotherapists recommend the elliptical trainers as devices allowing for maintaining a good physical and mental condition of the whole organism.

Unlike other devices designed for cardio training, they engage up to 80% of human muscles and are an effective way to quickly burn fat and improve your figure.

During the training on the elliptical cross trainer, legs are constantly working, and holding the handles makes that also work hands, shoulders, shoulders and chest.

Without using them, the abdominal muscles are sculpted, and the position stabilizes.

In addition, elliptical trainers comfort great in training in their own home – regardless of the weather, time of day and without taking the time to commute and return to, for example, the gym or fitness club.

During exercises on the elliptical, the feet are in contact with skids at all times, which is why these devices save the joints and tendons.

Thanks to this, they are a brilliant solution also for obese, seniors and people with injuries.

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