BOSU – What Is It? Sample Exercises With Half Of The Ball For Balancing

BOSU is a gymnastic device that looks like a half-cut sphere with a flexible shell, based on a hard base, used to practice balancing, balance and as a diversification of body strengthening training. See sample exercises using BOSU.

The BOSU ball looks like half the ball. At BOSU, you can do exercises for all parts of the body. BOSU enforces balance, the body is tense all the time, the deep muscles are involved. Check how you can practice with BOSU.

BOSU - What Is It?

BOSU, or half of the ball for balancing is a small gymnastic device (the diameter of the device is 63-68 cm), so you can practice on it not only in the fitness club, but also at home. BOSU combines the advantages of exercise and stepping balls. Both sides of the BOSU are used for exercise: a pneumatic, rubber dome bending under the weight of the body, enforces tension in the muscles of the legs, abdomen and back in order to maintain balance. After turning the device with the hard base up, you can, for example, work on increasing the strength of the arms.

BOSU - The Advantages Of BOSU Exercises

Maintaining the balance on BOSU requires constant tightening of many parts of the muscles, which strengthens them, as well as a greater commitment of mind and concentration than during ordinary exercises. The body is strained all the time, and the brain has to react faster to maintain balance on the unstable ground.

Other Advantages Of Exercises Using BOSU:

  • Improve motor coordination and reflexes;
  • Improve body balance and endurance;
  • Facilitate fat burning and body shaping;
  • They help to develop the habit of maintaining a correct posture and correct posture defects;
  • Strengthen the paraspinal muscles and relax the spine.

Exercises on the half of the ball for balancing are also a great way to prepare for sports that require the ability to maintain balance, such as skiing, snowboarding and tennis.

BOSU - How To Exercise?

At BOSU, you can not only stand and jump, but also kneel, sit, lie and run, and the faster you perform the exercise, the greater the difficulty. The variety of combinations using the ball because balancing depends only on the creativity of the exerciser.

Using additional devices, such as dumbbells or tapes, the BOSU pneumatic dome is also used to diversify your whole body training.

BOSU - Trainings Using BOSU

BOSU most often use personal trainers to diversify exercises with individual clients. Sami, when planning individual trainings, do not reach for them as often as, for example, for large fitness balls. However, in the offers of fitness clubs you can already find group workouts, where instead of steppes on the floor are placed BOSU. These are mostly choreographic classes for music, intended mainly for women. Men should try strength training with a pneumatic dome, guaranteeing not only muscle growth, but also better motor coordination. BOSU is also used as an aid in rehabilitation exercises.

BOSU - Exemplary Exercises

Exercise To Strengthen The Thighs And Buttocks:

Stand on the BOSU with both legs and perform semi-squats to a position where the thighs will be parallel to the floor. Focus on doing this exercise - a moment of inattention will make you fall. Repeat 10 times.

Exercise To Improve Balance And Coordination Of Movement:

Stand on the BOSU's convex side. Change your right and left legs for a change. If the exercise is difficult, you can help yourself with balance. Repeat 10 times for each leg.

Exercise Strengthening The Arms And Stomach:

Turn the BOSU flat side up. By catching the edges of the device's base, start doing pushups. Try not to tilt sideways so that the body stays in a straight line. Repeat 10 times.

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