Bike Outfit: What’s The Complete Cycling Outfit?

An outfit for cycling is not only a t-shirt and shorts. If you want to feel comfortable and safe on a bike, you will also need a helmet, gloves and glasses with a large UV filter. See what to look for when buying a complete cycling outfit and what gadgets improve cycling comfort.

To ride a bike comfortably and safely, take care of a few details. See what a complete cycling outfit should look like. What materials are good cycling clothing and pay attention to when buying.

The complete cycling outfit is a shirt, shorts, gloves, glasses and a helmet. It is best to stock up in a cycling outfit in a cycling outfit - clothes from supermarkets often do not fulfill their functions, because they are made of low quality materials.

What makes a Complete Cycling Outfit?

Trousers and t-shirts should be tightened, but they can not bend the rider. Clothes made of modern, "breathable" materials that also protect against rewinding (eg with the windstopper layer) will work well. The colors of bicycle clothing are also not without significance. To increase safety, clothing should be in bright colors or contain reflective elements.

How to Choose the Complete Cycling Outfit

Complete Cycling Outfit

Shorts for cycling

Shorts for cycling should be tight (preferably with lycra material that stretches well and fits the silhouette). Depending on the season and preferences, you can choose shorts to the knee, behind the knee and with long legs.

Professional or semi-professional cycling shorts will be equipped with an insert (preferably antibacterial) that protects against abrasions. Cycling shorts with an anatomic insole are very comfortable - they do not have seams, so they do not hurt or rub the skin.

T-shirt for cycling

Cycling shirt should be made of a material that dries quickly and wicks moisture outside (eg polyester and polyamide fiber material). The back of the cycling jersey is extended (thanks to this, the backs exposed to the breeze do not cool down).

A good t-shirt should have two or three pockets sewn into the squares (well, if one of them is fastened with a zipper, because you can put the car keys into it without worrying about losing them). The other pockets will fit a water bottle or a bar.

Glasses for a bicycle

Glasses for cycling must meet several conditions: they should protect against solar radiation (400 UV filter), be light and very resistant to impact (on hard surface from under the wheels can spray sharp shards and stones). Noses and earpieces of bicycle glasses must be soft and anti-allergic - because in these places they come into contact with the body for several hours.

Some companies offer glasses with exchanged glasses (eg transparent - protective, yellow - sunscreen), which not only protect against wind, dust and insects, but also help to see the surface in all conditions (neutralize unwanted reflections).

Bicycle helmet

The helmet is a very important element of a bicycle outfit, because it protects the head against breakage. In order to fulfill its function, the helmet must be well suited to the circumference of the head and should not slip when starting off. Good helmets are made of lightweight material, and the holes in it are suitable for protecting the head from overheating. All bicycle helmets sold in cyclist stores have the required approvals.

Bicycle gloves

Gloves prevent the hands from slipping off the steering wheel, and thanks to a properly sewn cushion they protect against hand injuries during a fall. They also prevent pressure on the median and ulnar nerves (the tingling of the fingers is a symptom of this).

Good gloves should have sewn gel pads to absorb vibrations, and on top may have a terry layer that can be wiped away from the tired forehead.

A Complete Cycling Outfit will be useful to you

Cycling champions ZenonJaskuła and Czesław Lang advise how to replace professional complete cycling outfit in a crisis situation

The riders differ in clothing from others. It is not a matter of fashion or a fancy, but of convenience and physiology. - In jeans and underpants you will not go far underneath - says ZenonJaskuła, cycling champion and Olympic vice-champion.

If you do not want to treat abrasions and chafes, then for distances above 20 km, put on special cycling shorts from the so-called diaper, or a soft insole. I'm also nourishing her with nivea cream.

Since riding on a bicycle is accompanied by intense sweating, clothing must let through the air and drain away sweat, which is like poison. In winter, the goretex road can be replaced with several t-shirts that have been put under the tracksuit. But in summer you have to dress warmly.  Already at a speed of 30 km / h. 

On not too cold days the rush of air can cause the freezing of parts of the body furthest from the heart: hands and feet - warns Czesław Lang, medalist of the road championships. - So let's remember about gloves and warmers. Sweaty torso before a cool breeze can be secured ... even with a newspaper inserted under the shirt.

Cycling shoes are also different from the usual ones. ZenonJaskuła at the beginning of his adventure with cycling was tormented by the so-called noses on the pedals. - Without distances, long distances were poorly covered. But the straps clamping the toes on my shoes rubbed my fingers.

The salvation came when I put on a pair of cycling shoes on a stiff sole, with snaps connecting it to the pedal. Do not be afraid of them; they are safer than noses. They are easy to unplug - just turn the foot with your heel out.

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