Bicycle Shifting – How To Choose? What To Look For?

When exchanging the sifters on the bike, it is worth targeting products tailored to its specificity, as well as individual preferences of the cyclist. This will ensure high driving comfort.

Without a doubt, the most important function in the construction of a bicycle is the propulsion system. One of its elements is sifters.

When these factory settings do not meet your expectations or are simply damaged, they should be replaced. However, this is not as easy as it may seem.

It will be necessary to find models suited to the bike. The handles available on the market differ in terms of construction and many important parameters.

All this makes their choice can not be accidental.

What are bicycle shifts?

As has already been mentioned, we refer to the components of the bike’s propulsion system.

It is the bike sifters that control the transmission and the derailleurs, which allows you to change gears. If they work incorrectly, it will be impossible to adjust the bicycle’s work.

I mounted the handle on the steering wheel. – its purpose is to control the cable that is attached to the gears or gears.

It is released or pulled out, which affects the behavior of the derailleur and chain, which is moved between successive sprockets.

The whole mechanism changes gears.

What shifts to choose?

As has already been mentioned, products of various types are available on the market. Before going on to specific technical parameters, we should discuss them.

  • Bicycle lever levers – also known as cogwheels. As the name suggests, they are equipped with levers – the larger one increases the derailleurs, while the lower one returns to previous settings. I placed these types of levers just next to the steering wheel handles, which is why gears change easily. There are also shifted on the market that allow you to change two or even three gears at the same time. The disadvantage of lever models is that they are more easily damaged, especially low-cost products.

  • Rotary bicycle grips – they are integrated into the handle of the steering wheel. They take the form of a rotating roller that can be easily manipulated while driving. One-way rotation pulls the line, and the other for releasing it. The greatest advantage of this mechanism is its resistance to damage. Swivel grips rarely break, so I should use them for many years.

On the side of the defects should be noted that they increase the thickness of the steering wheel. Some models also require a lot of force to rotate.

You also need to be careful not to change gear by accident, especially when driving fast.

  • Door handles – a specific type of products that is integrated with the brake. This solution is used, among others, by Shimano. Door handle in two directions – pressing it towards you. The brake is activated, but if it is pushed inside the steering wheel, the gear changes. In addition, there is a small lever, which turns the gear in the other direction. I mainly used door handles on road bikes. They are very comfortable to use, however, people with small hands may have a problem with a quick change of gear.

Bicycle shifting – what to look for?

Besides specifying the type of grips, before selecting them, also check their technical parameters, which should be matched to your bike.

The most important will be the number of gears – both at the front and rear.

The market in this respect is very diverse, so everyone will find something that will be right for his bike. You can buy bicycle 3×6, 3×7, 3×8 and many more.

I usually make the cheapest products of thin plastics, which means they are damaged quickly.

It is worth targeting models reinforced with steel or specially selected fibers. They will prove resistant to affects and the influence of external factors.

The network often questions what sifter to choose for a child. Considering durability, rotational models will be suitable.

It is, however, worth targeting products that work loosely, so that the child will not have problems with changing gear.

Installation of bicycle grips

After purchasing the right products, mount them on a bike. The best way out of the situation, of course, is to order this specialist, but not everyone can afford it.

Replacing the grippers should start with removing the cable. When it is removed, unscrew the handle from the steering wheel. 

Despite the different construction, applying the levers is very similar. Problems may arise with what, which also require dismantling the brake.

After putting on the handle, take care of the cable – when dismantling the old mechanism, it may be damaged, so it is recommended to replace the entire system.

The bicycle handle has a key function in the drive system, so you should choose it with your head.

The most important, of course, will be its fit to the type of bicycle, but attention should also be paid to how it was made.

Thanks to this, it is much easier to buy equipment that will serve for a long time.

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