Bicycle Mirror – How To Choose? Which Are The Best?

To increase the safety of cycling, it is worth investing in a bicycle mirror. Which model will work best when riding a two-wheeled vehicle?

Is the mirror obligatory?

Although the bicycle mirror is not a mandatory part of the two-wheeler equipment, it can be extremely useful, especially in a city where many other road users should be kept in mind.

It not only contributes to the improvement of cycling safety but also allows you to react faster to events taking place behind the back of the cyclist, giving him more control.

The bicycle mirror does the exam not only when riding a classic bicycle but also a tandem, where the driver may have difficulty turning his head and looking at the situation on the road.

Excessive deflection of the torso can make the driver lose his balance, and then the accident is easy.

How to mount a bicycle mirror?

Among the advantages of bicycle mirrors are not only increased driving safety or a not too high price but also ease of assembly.

It takes literally a few moments and there is nothing complicated about it. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

What is important, the mirror should be easy not only in assembly but also in disassembly.

Many people appreciate it for functionality, but do not decide to fold it, because it spoils the appearance of the bike.

If the assembly / disassembly of the element is easy, the cyclist will wear it whenever he wants.

The argument about the negative impact of the mirror on the appearance of the bicycle is, however, increasingly undermined.

You can find aesthetically presenting solutions on the market. They delight with their ergonomic shape and modern design.

A bicycle mirror on the hand or on the steering wheel?

When choosing a bicycle mirror, first pay attention to its type. Considering the assembly method, you can distinguish several types of bicycle mirrors:

  • On the steering wheel – this option is the most popular. This variant is most often mounted on the left side of the steering wheel. However, there are also right and universal models available on the market, which can be mounted on each side of the steering wheel, depending on the user’s needs.

  • Four corners – this is a practical solution hidden in the corners, which are mounted on the steering wheel. It is not only functional and handy, it also looks aesthetically. The only drawback is its price, which reaches over 100 dollars,

  • On the hand – an adjustable fixed them on the biker’s shoulder velcro band. It works particularly well during occasional use, and above all does not change the appearance of the bike. Provides good visibility. Its location can be easily changed. The headband is comfortable and does not oppress,

  • On the wrist – this is another solution that does not change the appearance of the bike. It may have the form of a wristband that is put on the wrist and often fastens with velcro. On the market there is also a variant placed on cycling gloves, which the cyclist puts on his hands.

  • For a helmet this is an interesting solution, but not very practical. However, it is worth knowing that there is such a thing.

When deciding to buy a mirror, it is worth inspecting the materials from which it was made.

The glass should be resistant to scratches and evaporation.

The housing must be made of a durable material, resistant to mechanical damage. Most often it is a good quality plastic.

The angle of view provided by the bicycle mirror is also important. The bigger it is, the better. No model guarantees 100% security.

It is necessary to have so-called dead field, i.e. part of the area around the bicycle, which is not visible in the mirror.

When choosing a bicycle mirror, it is worth checking if you can easily adjust its height. It is important that the cyclist adjusts the mirror to individual needs and preferences.

The shape of the gadget is not so important for the functionality of the equipment. However, various bicycle mirrors are available on the market.

The most popular are round. However, you can also find square, and elliptic, and rectangular variants. Some take the shape of polygons.

To sum up, contrary to appearances, bicycle mirrors are products with a large variety. The assortment includes larger and smaller models, for children and adults. The option for a cyclist depends mainly on his individual needs and preferences. One thing is certain – this gadget increases safety while cycling. It’s worth it to mount it.

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