Bicycle Glasses – What to choose?

Eye protection when riding a bicycle is very important. Properly selected glasses will guarantee it.

Sharp sun, flying insects, sand shooting from under the wheels, strong wind – there may be different reasons you should wear cycling goggles.

However, the most important seems to drive comfort and our safety.

It is easy to imagine a situation in which the glaring sun blinds us for a moment, causing the fall or gravel particles to hit us in the eye, which is associated with painful irritation.

If you want to protect yourself against this type of accidents, it is worth buying special bike glasses. As you can guess, they occur in many varieties, differentiated in different ways.

Special cycling goggles or sunglasses, or maybe prescription glasses with dimming glasses?

What bicycle glasses to choose to maximally protect your eyesight? We will answer all these questions in the text below.

What glasses for a bicycle?

Manufacturers of sports accessories are trying to reach a wide audience, which is why we find not only cycling glasses for professionals on the market.

The store is full of models aimed at amateurs driving on two wheels – both those who are lovers of long bicycle trips, and those who ride occasionally.

All this means that before making a final decision, it is worth checking which models we can choose.

  • Photochromic bicycle glasses – glasses that have an automatic dimming function in the event of contact with the sun’s rays. The more the sun shines, the cycling photochromes are getting darker. Such glasses can be quite transparent or permanently darkened.

I recommend Photochromes to cyclists who often train in variable conditions.

They produce these protective glasses for the bicycle in a special version for cyclists – they adhere well to the face, eliminating the risk of getting into the eye of a foreign body.

Do they make sense? Some praise them, others deny the legitimacy of their use, but many cyclists use them.

Glasses with photochromes are quite expensive, so people with a limited budget choice to cycle glasses with interchangeable lenses.

On rainy days, you can put transparent lenses in them, while in the dark you can dim them.

Certainly it is worth looking at models that have a few pairs of glasses in the set – if the conditions change, you can replace the glasses even during a brief stop.

  • Sunglasses for a bicycle – on sunny days, sharp sun rays can not only interfere with driving but also have a negative effect on the sense of sight. The blinding sun is the bane of every cyclist, as well as the cause of many dangerous situations. In addition, strong UV rays can negatively affect the cornea and even the retina, causing temporary or permanent vision problems.

On a sunny day, sunglasses are a must, but most traditional models simply will not work on a bike.

We design ordinary sunglasses for walking – they protect against the sun, but they primarily have an aesthetic function, while cycling sunglasses have a special construction surrounding the eyes.

Good quality products should have a UV 400 filter.

  • Corrective bicycle glasses – riding with prescription glasses is sometimes a must, especially with a large eye defect. On cloudy days, theoretically one could ride with anti-reflective spectacles, but firstly they do not have such a good UV filter as sunscreen, and the other does not adhere properly to the face, thus they do not protect against sand or insects.

However, you can order special eyeglasses with a UV filter and the shape, and with standard eye defects, buy “ready” cycling glasses with a corrective insert with such features.

However, this is not recommended by ophthalmologists, because the long-term vision defect should be corrected only with individually selected glasses.

  • Cycling glasses for night driving – traveling after dark can be dangerous, so in this case special bicycle glasses will be needed. They are so-called polarized cycling glasses, eliminating the problem of light reflections (they usually have yellow glasses).

On the market, you can also find models of glasses distinguished by additional coatings.

An example of this can be products of the Lite mirror type, which reflect sunlight, which guarantees better visibility and eye protection.

Bicycle glasses – what to look for?

The selection of a specific model of glasses to our requirements and the conditions in which we travel will allow us to significantly narrow down the choice.

However, regardless of whether we opt for cycling glasses with polarization, adapted to night driving or corrective driving, before buying it is worth paying attention to several important issues.

  • As you can easily guess, the quality of the product has a tremendous impact on the comfort of their use. Models with special ventilation openings are particularly recommended – such openings prevent glasses from fogging. I recommended primarily glasses with ventilation holes to cyclists competing in competitions who can not afford to stop and wipe the glasses.

Attention should also be paid to the method of making frames and glasses. Of course, specially reinforced models are recommended.

They are resistant to mechanical damage, but also to the influence of all external factors.

There are also models available on the market that guarantee easier cleaning of the glasses, as well as the use of a special anti-fog coating.

  • A very important and often overlooked issue is the change of specific glasses to the shape of the face. Each of us has a different face structure, which also determines the need for individual fitting of glasses. The eyepieces of the glasses should not oppress, and the space for the nose must have an ideal size – otherwise the glasses will rub the nose or slip off.

For fitting to the nose, sunglasses with rubber noses work well – they adhere well to the nose and stick to it much better than noseless or plastic nose masks.

The shape of the frames should match the shape of the face. The easiest way to match the glasses is as stated in the table below.

The shape of the glasses

Oval face

Square glasses with a width equal to or slightly larger than the width of the face

Round face

Holders with an angular rectangular shape and so-called cat, or floating up towards the temple

Square face

Glasses with frames rounded downwards and with the upper part on the eyebrow line

Triangular face

Holders with rounded shapes and a delicate border, and frameless models

Because of the limited number of bicycle glasses shapes, choose glasses as close as possible to the above descriptions, although this will not always be easy.

Choosing bicycle glasses in relation to these guidelines, we can even out the proportions of the face and guarantee a better look. By far the most universal bicycle glasses will be those without a bottom frame – most people will look just fine in these glasses.

  • As we have already mentioned, eyeglass manufacturers are trying to reach the widest potential audience, so we can find separate women’s, men’s and also children’s cycling glasses on the market. In addition, there are universal models that are suitable for all cyclists.

  • As for the colors, there is a lot of freedom, but in recent times it has become popular to match the color of the glasses contrasting with the rest of the outfit and equipment, which allows to stand out in the peloton. Of course, manufacturers prepare different colors of frames and glasses.

Bicycle glasses – what price and company?

The price difference between glasses for a bicycle is quite large. The cheapest models are available for around  20-30 dollars, while glasses from the top shelf have to be paid even above  1000dollars.

For most people (when the glasses are not made to order), the model will be sufficient for around 200-300 dollars.

It will provide high quality and favorable technical parameters. Especially when we put on glasses made by recognized producers. It is worth recommending products from such companies as Arctica , UVEX , TIFOSI , Solano , Lazer and Tempish .

Worth knowing!

Good glasses are not everything, a solid case is still essential. If the glasses were sold in a soft bag, it is worth to buy a sturdy case, especially when the specific model of glasses was quite expensive.

The case will facilitate the transport of glasses and protect the lens from scratches and all glasses before breaking.

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