Bicycle Accessories For Women: An Overview Of Helmets, Baskets And Bicycle Gadgets

Among popular cycling accessories for women you can find the most necessary ones, such as helmets, as well as gadgets created for the greatest lovers of two-wheelers - original bicycle bells, valve caps or bicycle jewelry. See an overview of the most interesting accessories and gadgets for cyclists.

What bicycle accessories are worth buying? Even if you only ride a bike on a recreational trip, you must have a bicycle helmet. It will ensure safety and reduce the risk of serious injury. A shopping cart or bicycle bag will be useful for people riding around the city - you can easily pack shopping and small personal items. In turn, during longer trips you will need a capacious bike pannier made of durable, impermeable materials and a handy water bottle.

Real bicycle enthusiasts will surely be interested in designer gadgets: bells, valve caps, steering wheel grips and bicycle jewelry. Even a small detail, such as a bell-ladybird or a dice-shaped valve, can completely change the appearance of a bicycle.

See an overview of the most interesting accessories and bicycle gadgets for women.

Bike panniers: what are the types of bike panniers and what to pay attention to when buying?

Bike panniers are a convenient alternative to traditional backpacks. They are capacious, durable and do not interfere while driving. Both amateurs and professional travelers will easily find the right model for themselves. Check what types of bike bags are available in stores and what to look for when buying them.

Bike panniers are perfect for multi-day journeys on a single track , as well as every day, on the way to work or shopping. Modern models offer a number of functions that will meet the expectations of each group of cyclists: avid travelers, amateurs of recreational trips and people riding a bicycle around the city.

The advantage of all panniers, regardless of the model, is the practicality and convenience of use. The bicycle equipped with a pannier is evenly loaded and its center of gravity is low. This significantly improves ride comfort, provides freedom of movement and greater stability.

A large selection of panniers available in stores makes it easy to get lost in the types and functions of individual models. Before we decide to buy, it is worth carefully to study the functionality and parameters of bicycle bags to make the best choice.

Bike panniers - what type to choose?

The basic criterion for choosing a bike pannier is what kind of travel we are setting. Therefore, the available models can be divided into three types:

  • professional panniers - suitable for multi-day trips. Made of solid materials, they are durable and work well in all weather conditions. They generally have a large capacity (up to 60 liters).
  • pannier packs - designed for shorter trips (2, 3-day) and recreational trips. Made of less solid materials, they are usually not impregnated and can pass water. Their advantage is a large number of additional pockets, sliders and an affordable price.
  • panniers - used for transporting small items, as well as laptops and cameras. They do not have special protective qualities, they are distinguished by interesting design and rich colors.

Bike panniers - what to pay attention to when buying?

When choosing a bike pannier it is worth paying attention to the following parameters:

  • capacity,
  •  fastening system,
  •  mechanical strength,
  •  waterproof,
  •  additional elements such as reflectors, carrying handles, etc.

Capacity of bicycle pannier

In the first place, we should consider the capacity of the pannier. For recreational riders, for work or for shopping, a bag with a capacity of approx. 10 liters is enough. To take smaller objects such as keys, wallets, and mobile phone, bags in the form of saddle bags and fastened under the frame are suitable.

For 2-3 day trips, it is best to choose sacks with a capacity of up to 40 liters. Longer, multi-day or multi-week trips require more 50 or 60 liter bags.

Professional cyclists can also increase the capacity of the panniers by supplying bicycle bags. They have the form of a cylinder ended on the one hand with a solid buckle closure. They are placed on the trunk with links, between large panniers.

The system of fixing the bicycle pannier

Another important issue is the fastening system. The most common way to attach a bicycle bag, especially the one with a large capacity, is to attach it to the rear trunk.

Most pannie suits almost all types of bicycle racks, but it is also possible to buy special models with additional links and fortifications. There are also panniers that can be attached to the front wheels (then you need to buy the front trunk), as well as the steering wheel.

The quality of fasteners is also important - they should be made of durable materials, preferably made of steel. It is important that the hooks are located at the top and bottom of the pannier to prevent the bag from swaying sideways while driving.

Professional panniers are equipped with adjustable hook systems that secure the bag at any angle - this way you avoid hooking it with your heels while riding.

Mechanical strength

Pay attention to the strength of the material from which the pannier is sewn. When driving, it often happens that we hook the bag, eg with a protruding stone or sharp branches - in such situations we must be sure that the material will not be damaged.

Good quality panniers have also sewn on the side of the wheels special plates, which guarantee that the bag will not screw in the wheel. The plate should be made of a solid material, for example polypropylene. Unfortunately, in cheaper models there are stiffeners made of much less durable materials, such as cardboard.


Manufacturers of professional panniers designed for multi-day trips offer almost exclusively bags made of waterproof materials. The tightness of the pannier increases when the seams are additionally taped or welded - it prevents the penetration of moisture, dust and mud inside the bag.

When you buy a bag made this way, you can be sure that in a rainy weather or if your luggage accidentally falls into the water, its contents will remain dry. In the case of cheaper models, water proofness is a less common feature, so if you care about 100% luggage protection, it is worth investing in a more expensive pouch. Another solution is to buy a rain cover.

Additional elements

Panniers should be obligatorily equipped with reflective elements that increase the level of road safety. In good quality models, the reflections are sewn onto the pannier in the form of straps, and their visibility reaches 600 m.

A very practical solution is also carrying handles and braces. They allow you to unfasten the pannier from the bike and put it on your shoulder. This feature is especially useful when we change from a bicycle to a train, for example.

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