20 Best Treadmills For Walking –{Reviews 2020 With Guying Guide}

Treadmill can be used for maintain the overall fitness and to be heal and healthy nowadays. The best treadmills for walking can be the best solution in order to maintain a proper workout guide and this should be the ultimate goal for the regular walker who wants to be fit all the time.

Now, it is the proper time for you to check out these amazing 20 top treadmills for walking that can help achieve to your healthy and body fit goal surely.  

Best Treadmills For Walking - Comparison


Product Name

Weight Capacity

Speed up to




Exerpeutic TF1000 Ultra

400 lbs

12 MPH

Frame: 1 Year

Motor: 5 Years

Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill

165 lbs

10 MPH

Frame: Lifetime

Motor: Lifetime

Parts: 1 Years

NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Platinum

325 lbs

12.0 MPH

Frame: Lifetime

Motor: Lifetime

Parts: 3 Years

Sole TT8 Walking Treadmill

400 lbs

12.0 MPH

Frame: Lifetime

Motor: Lifetime

Parts: 5 Years

LifeSpan TR1200i Treadmill

350 lbs

4.0 MPH

Frame: Lifetime

Motor: 3 Years

Parts: 2 Years

EXERPEUTIC TF2000 Recovery Fitness Walking Treadmill

300 lbs

5.0 MPH

Frame: 3 Years

Motor: 5 Years

Parts: 90 Days

Sunny health & fitness t7643 heavy duty walking treadmill

350 lbs

5.0 MPH



325 lbs

12 MPH



SOLE F63 Treadmill

254 lbs

12.0 MPH



NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Platinum

350 lbs

8.0 MPH

Frame: 10 Years

Parts: 2 Years

Exerpeutic TF1000 Ultra

Now, introduce with the Exerpeutic TF1000 fitness walking electric treadmill from paradigm health and wellness. We know that you want to get started on your healthy and fit lifestyle right away.

So, our exerpeutic Fitness walking electric treadmill comes virtually assembled right out of the box.  Simply attach the LCD computer monitor panel and you're ready to get a started treadmill. Fitness walking has been proven to be an effective way to get fit.

Here’s, what you can expect from the exerpeutic Fitness walking the electric treadmill. The exerpeutic Fitness treadmill is a heavy-duty treadmill and it's solely designed to accommodate up to 400 lbs of user weight with the wide side rails and a heavy-duty steel frame.

The treadmill belt is 20 inches wide that closely similar to commercial fitness club size treadmills such as Precor 956i treadmill. The 18-inch extra-long safety handles are more than two times longer than typical treadmill handles. So, no reaching is necessary to secure yourself and no more losing your balance on a treadmill. Getting on and getting off is very easy and safe.

The exerpeutic Fitness treadmill has 2-position manual incline you can adjust the incline position very easily to change the intensity level of your workout. You are now burning more calories and gaining more strength that is easy when you're on Fitness walking electric treadmill.  

The exerpeutic Fitness walking electric treadmill also comes with a smart computer with an LCD display featuring functions of elapsed time, distance walked, calories burn, and speed.

It’s really easy to use the speed control buttons. The handlebar allows you to adjust from one tenth of a mile per hour to up to four miles per hour for a vigorous fitness walking workout.

An on/off switch is right on the handlebar for easy access. When your workout is finished and there's a pulse monitor where you can measure and check out your target heart rate anytime and stay within your target heart rate zone.

The exerpeutic Fitness walking electric treadmill is powered with a 1.5 horsepower high torque motor which utilizes quiet Drive. So, you can watch TV or listen to music while walking with no interference and more. The exerpeutic Fitness walking electric treadmill is easy to fold and store.

With a hydraulic shock absorber and transportation wheels, you can relocate the treadmill. it is built to last your five-year limited warranty on the motor and a one-year limited warranty on the frame means that you can buy with confidence and you can get healthy and fit with your exerpeutic Fitness walking electric treadmill for many years to come. 

Key features

  • Weight capacity (up to 400lbs) of user weight.
  • 1.5 horse power high torque motor
  • Heart rate Pulse monitor
  • 20" extended width
  • 18" extra long safety handles
  • Heavy duty frame
  • Speed range: speed ranges are 1/10's mph to up to maximum of 4mph.
  • 2 position manual incline
  • Size is 40"l x 20"w
  • Hydraulic shock absorber and transportation wheels
  • LCD display window


  • 5 years on motor
  • 1 year on frame
  • 90 days on parts + 5 extra years

Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill

We take your health seriously that's why you're looking for a treadmill. Because, we know that nothing is more convenient than being able to work out in your own home.  

The horizon t101-04 treadmill has the best quality that you need and the features you need at a price that you can afford. Its sturdy steel frames won't wobble when you get up to higher speeds or a steeper incline. The long deck with the cushioning means that you'll feel more secure and comfortable at every step of the way.

 In fact, you have not to worry about your workout. You can just get on plug in your music and go music while doing exercises. Stay cool with the multi-speed band. Today, you'll track your calories burn or distance travels instead of just watching the clock.  

You can mix things up every time by choosing one of the 30 program options. This is the best treadmill for walking for you and this is the one that adapts to your needs and stands up to your workouts whatever you need. You can see it's a normal sized treadmill that’s fits fine and that take low space. The best thing is that you can save a lot of space.

Key features

  • 1.66 inches Roller in the rear
  • Featherlight Foldable Technology
  • Speed ranges from 0.5 to 10 mph
  • 2.25 continuous horse power motor
  • automatic incline from 0-10%
  • 3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning
  • Heart rate monitoring via pulse grips
  • Reading Shelf and Cup Holder
  • MP3 capability
  • 40 Workout programs
  • 4.5-inch Display –
  • Reading rack
  • Water bottle holder
  • Cooling fan
  • Length: 70”
  • Height: 55”
  • Width: 34”
  • Running Surface 20”x55”
  • Maximum User Weight capacity : 300 lbs
  • Weight: 165 lbs


  • Labor: 1 Year
  • Motor: Lifetime
  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Parts: 1 Year

nordictrack c990

The NordicTrack C990 Treadmill from NordicTrack brings powerful performance and an interactive workout experience into your home. Just take the boredom out of your routine with the 7 inch HD touchscreen of the best treadmill of walking on the marketplace.

Endless entertainment is a tap away. You can take your workout anywhere on the earth with the amazing iFit powered by Google Maps. This treadmill will automatically adjust to simulate the terrain hike the inclines of the Swiss Alps or take it easy on the beach in Bora Bora while you're on enjoying workouts.

 The added benefit is the flex cushioning technology and you can easily choose between a cushioned deck and a more firm deck to simulate trail running. The precisely crafted 3.0 CHP motor can support up to 325 pounds and it's built to last with a lifetime warranty.

Just exercise smarter with the quick incline controls and elevate your run with up to 12 percent incline. At the c990, you can keep up with the OneTouch controls that take you all the way up to 12 miles an hour and no matter how you run fast as you move.

Therefore, the large 20 inch by 60-inch deck is really large enough to fit the stride and the auto-adjusting fan will keep you cool at the of your workout. You can also play your favorite tunes through the built-in sound system with dual two-inch speakers. The integrated tablet holder is the way for you to watch your favorite shows or get work done.

While you work out, pick something new each day of the month and choose from over the thirty-two workouts that are designed by a certified personal. Get constant wireless heart rate readout with the Bluetooth enabled wireless chest strap or get a fast read out using the handle EKG grips.

Everyone wants to use small space of their living room. So, they designed the space saver with the easy lift assist folding and storing your treadmill is now quick and effortless. So, bring this best treadmill for walking at home from the powerful Nordic Track company.

Key features

  • Ifit enabled
  • Spacesaver design 
  • The 7″ backlit led console screen
  • Workout applications
  • Tablet bracket
  • Power inclines of 0% up to 12%
  • Intermix acoustics sound system( with 3″ speakers)
  • flexselect cushioning
  • High quality track
  • 3.0 chp motor commercial motor
  • 325 pounds user capacity

Sole TT8 Walking Treadmill

Today, I would like to introduce the sole tt8 treadmill that was the second runner-up award winner for 2012. The sole tt8 scored 7.8 one overall and it’s the best treadmill for walking. The strengths of the sole tt8 are quite a large motor for the price point and this one is the top-of-the-line offering for sole.

The weaknesses of the soul tt8 are this one has a somewhat dated design and it lacks some features that you find incomparably Price machines. The main reason that the sole tt8 ranked like it did is because it's a time-tested design that has many of the features of club treadmills in a value proposition.

 So, if you're looking for a treadmill in the 2,000 to 2,400 dollar price range we can't recommend a better machine than the SOLE TT8 this year.

We focused on the details of this best treadmill for walking that have convenient features and easy to reach buttons. With speed and incline adjustments just glide on the handrails to give you control where you need it during the workout.

 It allows you to adjust your speed up to 12 miles per hour and your incline up to 15%. It is also added audio inputs and integrated speakers. So, you can listen to whatever music you choose while you exercise.

The finest treadmills come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor with the additional royalties on the deck electronics in up to two years of labor. This treadmill can provide the greatest quality, longevity and service in the market. You can view independent TV and DVD player.

TV is often the image of fitness but recent studies show that exercising while watching TV increases frequency on average and duration of workouts. These best treadmills for walking has a 50-inch flat-screen TV with a built-in DVD player on an adjustable stand which can be placed wherever you want to see it with the Indy TV.  You can also watch digital TV or your favorite DVD with the built-in player and with five different types of video inputs.

You can use it with your satellite dish cable DVR, VHS or computer whether you work out on a sole fitness treadmill or elliptical. The in-view stand adjusts right to your eye line while you train. Since it is freestanding, it won't be affected by the vibrations of the machine.  

The adjustable stand needs a STM tech standards which means it's safe with children and pets when you exercise anything that can improve your workout. The entertainment can make your exercises even more regular and more productive.

Key features

  • 3.5 CHP duty DC Motor
  • Rack-and-pinion gear design
  • Incline of 15 maximum percent
  • Speed range is 0.5 to 12 miles per hour
  • Cushion Flex shock absorption deck and its whisper quiet
  • Double-woven 2 ply Belt
  • NoFolding
  • Armrest speed or incline controls
  • 3 inches Rollers
  • 6 Standard programs
  • 2Heart rate programs
  • Wireless chest strap for Heart rate control
  • 2 User-defined programs
  • Hand pulse grips
  • Cooling fans
  • Backlit blue LCD Display
  • Maximum Capacity is 425 pounds
  • Running surface-22 inches x 60 inches
  • 32 x 80 inches (W x D) Dimensions

SOLE F63 Treadmill

The Sole F63 is gives you better quality and it’s the basic folding treadmill that can get at the price under $1,000. This is the simplest model of sole's current lineup that is also the best treadmills for walking, but, the Sole F63 gets almost 5 in Amazon review. In Recent days, the Sole F63 Treadmill features the 60" running surface, a 3.5 CHP motor and the upgraded console with 10 different training programs.

The Sole F63 comes in at a lower price which is a great option for beginners and those who are looking to get a good workout without breaking the bank. This treadmill is designed with the cushion flex technology that's going to reduce the impact on your joints when running and also make for a quieter run.

The sole F63 comes with some great options that are going to help you reach your fitness goals faster. It has 10 workout programs and goes up to 12 miles per hour and speed. You can also register your heart rate through the monitor in two different ways and you have the strap that comes included with the treadmill or two different touch sensors on the handlebars. This treadmill comes with a built-in sound system multiple locations to store your phone keys and water bottle.

A fan built right into the top of the console and buttons. Adjust your speed and incline. The functions on this treadmill are extremely user-friendly and everything in front of you at just the push of a button.

You have your fan and your display on the main console. Your speed and your incline on the right and left and then you have all your programs easily accessible right in the front.  The 6.5 inch LCD display easily shows you your pace, incline, your calories burned and your pulse.

Change your workouts at the push of a button. the Sole F63 has Bluetooth technology and the option to connect to the Sole app. So, you can track your progress even when you're not on the treadmill.  One of the important things to consider when purchasing a treadmill for your home is how it's going to function on a day to day basis.

In terms of space, the good thing with the Sole F63 is that it folds right up and out of the way when you're not using it. So, overall sole company is known for having extremely high quality and durable machines that are use as best treadmill for walking.

Key Features

  • Sturdy yet foldable frame
  • CushionFlex Deck
  • 3.0 CHP motor
  • incline up to 15%
  • 20″ x 60″ track
  • ifitbit and MyFitness Pal
  • Secure tablet holder
  • Contact pulse sensors.
  • Bluetooth compatible for SOLE App
  • Wireless heart rate receiver
  • MP3 player speakers and port
  • Affordable price point
  • Personal cooling fans
  • 10 workout programs
  • USB charging port
  • Fan built into the display
  • Dual water bottle holders
  • Integrated tablet holder
  • Compact design
  • User capacity weight is 350lbs 
  • Bluetooth audio speakers

Taking the first step begins with you. So, take charge and step onto a treadmill with the cutting-edge technology, performance, and quality. Now, you are introducing with the Proform Pro 1000. This superior and best treadmill for walking machine has a powerful 3.0 CHP motor which was built to last for years to come.

The power of this motor can propel you up to 12 miles per hour all with a single touch or elevate your workout. Burn your calories just by walking with quick incline (touch controls) and you can increase your incline up to 12% and keep your technology with you.

The integrated tablet holder keeps you connected to the web friends or your favorite shows while you work in and for a totally new immersive running experience. You can use your tablet and connect to iFit which transports your run to any trail on earth.  

Simply pick from free plan routes all over the globe or map your own with Google Maps.  You may have to visit the white beaches of Florida, the streets of Paris or the Badlands of South Dakota. Go anywhere you'd like and it's totally up to you.

Your workout stats and goals are tracked with a high ifit . You can also get professional training and share your progress with friends. The iFit is the new way to achieve your fitness goals whether you’re walking, running or jogging you feels it.

Which is why proform designed its decks with the proshox cushioning to reduce the bad impact and increase comfort. The large 20 by 60 inch deck enables you to find your natural stride. So; you’ll feel like you're out on the open road feeling the burn.

Don’t let that slow you down and stay cool and comfortable with the cool air workout fans.  The 6 inches backlit display traction displays all of your important stats like time, distance, speed, and even approximate calories burned. Music is your real motivation.  Just plug into the iPod compatible sound system to the port and listen to your favorite tunes to your set of crisp with 2-inch speakers.

Take the guesswork out of it and get loads of pre-planned workouts that all designed by a certified personal trainer. You can choose from 20 preset workouts with a single touch and stay in your target heart rate zone with the in handle EKG grips. They make monitoring fast and reliable.  With Proform, you can be confident.

This best treadmill for walking is back for the lifetime frame warranty, 25-year motor warranty and a one-year part and labor warranty.  When you're done with your workout, just fold and store your machine that has never been easier with the innovative space saver design and easy lift assist. Get up and get moving with the pinnacle and technology, performance and quality of  Proform pro-1000 treadmill.

Key Features

  • Ifit technology
  • Ifit is powered by the Google Maps
  • Pulse sensor heart rate monitors
  • The 22 built-in workout programs
  • The 6-inch backlit display
  • Intermix Acoustics speaker sound system

NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Platinum

NordicTrack is a leading global brand of Icon Health and Fitness. With decades of experience in home fitness, NordicTrack offers a variety of treadmills that include commercial, in-home, incline trainers, and treadmill desks.

NordicTrack treadmills are an all around well built and great to use. This model is a best buy award winner with its folding design, and speeds of up to 10 miles per hour it's considerably faster than other treadmill desks. The NordicTrack treadmill desk features an electronic raising and lower of the desk platform.

However, as you can see this is the highest that it goes, so for anyone over 5' 7" or so, it may be too low of a desk. This desk also allows you to go up to a 10% incline, or a speed of up to 10 miles per hour.

At the same time, it's super quiet with a powerful motor. It also features their Runner's Flex Cushioning on the track which helps to reduce shock by 30%. The SpaceSaver folding design is also a great feature.

The NordicTrack treadmill desk is also IFIT compatible. This subscription is sold separately, but allows you to then merge all of your data from other workouts keeping track of all these that you're taking while you work. So, let's see the space saving design of this treadmill.

You lift the top and it's going to swing over, and then, this is a manual fold up, but it's fairly light. So, once you have it in place you could swing the desk back, or leave it open depending on the space and area you have. Once you're ready to fold it down, you'll see that it could catch here which is a space and safety feature to keep it from falling.

So, you'll push that in, and then slide it down. Once it's about halfway, it will help you so you're not holding the full weight of it. Then, you swing the desk back, and lift up just slightly to get it to latch into place.

While this is a treadmill desk, it does not compromise any of the performance features that you would expect with a NordicTrack. It has a quiet yet powerful 3.0 horsepower motor, and of course, you can electronically adjust the height of the workspace.

Key Features

  • 3.0 CHP Motor
  • Incline/Speed Control
  • 0 – 10% Power-Adjustable Incline
  • 3-Window LCD
  • 0 – 8 MPH Speed
  • iFit® Membership Ready
  • USB Charging Station
  • SpaceSaver® Design
  • EKG Grip Pulse Heart Rate Monitor
  • Oversized Work Surface
  • Integrated Tablet Holder
  • Balanced Non-flex Rollers
  • Easy Adjustable Desktop Height
  • 350 Lb. User Weight Capacity
  • 18" x 60" Tread Belt
  • Lifetime Warranty Frame & Motor
  • 1-Year Warranty on Labor
  • 2-Year Warranty on Parts

treadmill workouts

I'm here today to show you the struggle desk by lifespan fitness which is available at best buy stores and amazon.com. So, we all know that sitting is really bad for our health and for our way slides.

The best thing is that we can get moving more throughout the day to improve our health and our fitness level. The treadmill desks are a really easy way to get more activity and steps into your day.  We really love this one from lifespan fitness and its super easy to use and to adjust.

The desktop is separate from the treadmill base. So, even as I'm walking, it's really stable because it's connected to the ground. But, at the same time, all the controls for adjusting your treadmill are right here in front of you.  The console is right on the front of the desk.

 It's really easy to adjust and you can take your speed up or down with just the click of a button stop or pause at any time. The counter is really cool and it shows you your accumulated time how many steps you've taken on the treadmill, your approximate calories burned which is based on the weight.

You enter when you start it and even your distance and your average speed of the travel. A desktop is really easy to adjust to your height while using the treadmill. It’s easier with two people to get it adjusted and then you can take it up or down to your level of preference.

There’s even the nice little cord caddy for anything you have plugged in at your desk your computer your phone or any other electronics.  This particular desk retails for 1299 dollars at amazon.com and it's one of our favorite new additions.

In the office, it's really easy to work from this.  I can type and write blogs and articles. I can respond to my emails by using a mouse and even talk on the phone really easily. Particularly, it goes up to a speed of four miles per hour. So, any of you who want to walk should know that it has a pretty brisk walk pace.  

I'm walking right now at two miles per hour and for me, this is a perfect speed.  It’s leisurely and quite easy. I'm not getting really sweaty and my work clothes. I feel comfortable and I'm not jostling around as I'm trying to do my work blocking.

We know that treadmill is really good for our overall fitness level but at the same time sitting just wreaks havoc on your posture and on your lower back.  It’s the really common cause of lower back pain and other mobility issues. I have back pain myself and I have a standing station that I'm often using here at work. I've also been using the trouble desk more than ever.

So, I can stay upright and mobile throughout the day to help reduce my own back pain and I’ve noticed a huge difference. You can adjust the speed all the way down or bring it to a stop and you're still at a really great comfortable standing station with a desk height.

Key Features

  • Wear resistant, black anodized-aluminum side rails
  • High mileage and maintenance-free habasit® belt
  • Fully adjustable height (range: 41" to 55”)
  • Integrated armrest for more comfort and balance
  • 1” thick extended-life deck
  • Quiet 3 hp commercial motor
  • Interlocking design treadmill without vibration
  • 6 impact-absorbing shocks
  • User capacity up to 400 lbs
  • Customize Personal Settings
  • Intelli-Guard™ Safety Technology
  • Integrated Step Counting
  • Social Media Integration via Twitter and Facebook
  • Enabled with the Apple Health and Google Fit
Sunny health & fitness t7643 heavy duty walking treadmill

Turn up your overall fitness with the amazing SF-T7643 Walking Treadmill. This treadmill gives you a solid and stable platform for performing all levels fitness workouts. It has high user weight capacity of up to 350 lbs. its spacious walking surface is about 20” inches wide.

Moreover, the most convenient “quick button” allow you for getting to the preferred workout pace so quickly. This walking treadmill can able to go at 6 miles per hour and can be also used for your desired light jogging. This treadmill can be easily folded and can be moved anyplace around your place effortlessly with it’s built in transportation wheels and the soft drop hydraulic system.

Get started and get your walk on with the sft 70 643 heavy duty walking treadmill and walking can improve body weight, strengthen muscles bones and much more. The solid frame design is built to handle weights up to 350 pounds and big treadmill deck gives the freedom to walk naturally. Its integrated shock absorbing bumpers will lighten the impact on the joints with every step.

The powerful motor allows you to Walter jog up to 6 miles per hour. The big button controls are designed to make adjustments quickly and easy to read backlit digital monitor will track your progress stay connected with the big integrated tablet holder convenient transportation wheels and fold ability for simple storage. Now start burning big calories and receiving big Fitness results with the sft 70 643 heavy-duty treadmills.

Key Features

  • Easy transportation wheels
  • 2.5 hp peak dc motor
  • Shock absorption deck
  • Easy folding mechanism
  • Speed range: 0.5 - 6 mph
  • Soft drop system
  • Digital monitor
  • Running surface: 43.3 x 19.5 (l x w)
  • Max weight capacity of 350 lbs
  • 90 days warranty on other parts and components
  • 3 year warranty on structural frame

EXERPEUTIC TF2000 Recovery Fitness Walking Treadmill

The exerpeutic TF 2000 senior Fitness walking treadmill is solely designed to maximize safety stability and comfort that enabling senior to enjoy the benefits of exercise and fitness walking. It certainly gives you the comfort and convenience of your home stepping.

The TF 2000 is made very easy. It has the low deck height and foam padded handrails that fully extend to the back of the treadmill. These handrails can be installed in both directions to accommodate for the wide and narrow grip preferences and that is especially useful for supporting seniors during regular fitness walking.

Fifty inches long and 16 inches wide TF deck features reinforced shock absorbent cushions to minimize knee and joint impact and are powered by a one-and-a-half horsepower high torque motor through the use of quiet drive technology.  

The TF 2,000 remains quiet when in use. Therefore, it is enabling all users to watch TV or listen to music as they walk. The TF 2000 is engineered to handle up to 300 pounds of user weight and is also equipped with an easy-to-read backlit LCD display.

The control panel provides users with workout information including time, elapsed distance, calories burned, speed and heart pulse monitoring. The users can walk at a speed from two-tenths miles per hour up to 5 miles per hour.

 If you take a quick rest between sessions, just simply step on the extended side platforms. stay hydrated while exercising is easy with the TF' mm which provides two item holders for water and any accessory items you need to store while walking. 

For the added safety, the EXERPEUTIC TF2000 Recovery Fitness Walking Treadmill also features a safety clip that automatically shuts down the treadmill as well as a manual emergency stop button. In addition to the adjustable floor, the stabilizers will maintain treadmill stability and balance.

 Finally, the 2,000 TF treadmill is easy to relocate with its built-in transportation wheels. So, bring back your health and get active by fitness walking right in your own home with a specially designed TF 2,000 treadmill.

Key Features

  • 1.5 HP Quiet Drive Motor
  • Low deck height for easy step-up
  • Speeds ranges from 0.2 mph up to 5 mph (increments of 1/10’s mph)
  • Extended rail platform
  • Foam-padded handrails (49” long)
  • Built-in hand-pulse (heart-rate sensors)
  • 10 shock absorbing deck cushions
  • Backlit LCD display Console
  • 4 adjustable stabilizers
  • Safety clips & stop button
  • 2 accessory/water bottle holders
  • Belt size: 50” long x 16” wide
  • Dimensions: approx. 61.5” x 30” (lxw)
  • User weight capacity is up to 300 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 years on motor, 3 years on frame and 90 days on parts

Gymax 1100w Treadmill

You can work with this foldable treadmill in your home gymnasium. This folding treadmill is really ideal for running and walking of daily fitness workout. It has an easily folded design for easy the storage with high strength steel.

You can take exercises at home without the hassle of going to the gym. Just keep running and burn more calories to stay in shape and take pleasure in a healthy life. This best treadmills for walking is also a heavy duty treadmill for your extraneous workouts.

Key Features

  • Runway Size:39"X14"
  • Folding Size: 22.3"X24"X48
  • Space Save Design
  • IPAD/mobile holder
  • Safety Key
  • Weight Capacity: 220 Lbs
  • Heavy-duty Construction
  • Portability, durability, and high quality treadmill
  • LED display
  • Handrails

AuWit 1100W Series Treadmill

AuWit 1100W Series Treadmill is a folding electric treadmill for running jogging and gym exercise to keep up your fitness.  It is also certified as a heavy duty treadmill that is constructed with steel.  It has 1100 W low noise motor.

 The multi-function LCD display shows scan distance, time, calories, speed and heart rate. The emergency stop key assists you to stop in case that you fall down on the running belt.  The best treadmills for walking have also a foldable design. Its two wheels for easy storing and rolling away.  The padded foam handrails are designed for comfort safety.  

Key Features

  • Have Suspension system
  • With Built-in Speakers
  • Slim and approachable design,
  • Supports up to 260 pounds,
  • Small footprint
  • Low energy consumption,
  • Easy to setup and fold away.
  • Lifetime warranty on the motor and frame
  • Easy folding system

ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill with Twin Flywheels

The ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill is com cross with two levels of Incline and also Twin Flywheels. Thus, the ProGear 190 treadmill fitness is the best treadmill for walking that gives you an effective way to burn your extra calories and help achieve a better healthy lifestyle. Walking on the manual treadmill is just one of the best and effective ways to attain a regimen of habitual exercise daily.

The fitness walking might assist to lose your extra body fat and tone your muscles. This treadmill running is a great technique to stay in good shape. The ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill might provide you all the benefits of the minimal assembly just out of the box .this treadmill don’t use no electrical power and it maintenance is totally  free.

Key Features

  • User weight up to 230lbs
  • Steel frame
  • Folds up easily for storage
  • Wide side rails
  • Requires no electrical power
  • Oversized belt rollers
  • Some assembly required
  • Incline adjustments feature
  • Longer handles
  • 2 position incline levels ( 6 and 10 degrees)
  • Twin cast iron flywheels

Merax JK1603E Folding Treadmill

The Merax easy electric treadmill is a luxury gym instrument for home use. It is mainly designed to look great in any environment and it is also available in equal varieties of finishes .

The most vital features include a large variety of incline angle adjustment, a 1.5-hp engine and a large number of the fitness training programs. Additional advantages, depending on the base model, begin with a bluetooth connection and just end with a screen size of 5 ''.

The Merax easy electric treadmill is an expensive machine, but built from the highest class components. These best treadmills for walking have running lanes are comfortable and durable extremely. The Worktop measuring 16” Wide

Tread Belt is very comfortable for both of the tall people and with a larger number of centimeters in the circumferences. The FlexDeck system with the shock absorbers can reduce the vibrations of up to 30% (compared to its running outside). The tabletop has a 3.5-inch sealed roll and does not require a waxing.

Treadmills from this series have many frames to choose from. Customers can choose from the varieties Arctic Silver,  Diamond White, Black Onyx, and Titanium Storm. Each frame is  basically made of welded steel and is also covered by a lifetime warranty. On the Merax easy electric treadmill, the inclination angle is found up to 15%.

​2.25 HP is enough motor power to run long runs or do interval training on this treadmill. Peak power is up to 2.25 HP , and even after it reaches the engine works so quietly. The maximum speed that might be developed is 10 m / h . Displays are actually equipped with the Bluetooth connectivity and are able to give the user with the entertainment and a high level of enthusiasm.

They have quick access centers where anyone can save their favorite workouts and level settings. Pre-defined programs are both classics such as Hill, Random Rolling Hills, as well as special target programs that can burn fat.

Key Features

  • Quiet motor
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Comfortable Cushioning
  • Compact size
  • Folding Design
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Safety emergency button (stop key )
  • Light weight
  • Easily movable by transport wheel
  • 3 level inclination
  • Cushioned deck
  •  2 cup holders

MaxKare Easy Assembly Treadmill

Maxkare treadmill works with the Passport software which has virtual paths from a variety of corners of the world that can be traversed in a virtual means. These models offer two virtual routes in Virtual Active technology. The Maxkare treadmill is equipped with a 2.5 hp engine and it has an intuitive responsive digital drive system that adapts automatically to changes in speed and inclines​ as well.

The treadmill has a large running surface and works very quiet at low revs. Maxkare treadmill is a treadmill for home your use, the prices of which, depending on the console, range from 500 dollar to more. Clients may choose from 3 consoles: Classic, Elegant and Touch. Consoles differ in screen size, type, programs and other functions as well.

Each of these available consoles has theUSB charging assortment and accessories such as water bottle holders’ storage, and tablet/ newspaper shelves. Maxkare treadmill is compatible with the ViaFit, and also has an audio system and speakers. The T40 has a 2.5 HP engine which aids to develop speeds up to 8.5 km / h . It is adapted to work at low pace, which can make it quiet and efficient.

The Maxkare treadmill does not require any maintenance in terms of the maintenance. The two-layer running belt is  really impregnated with wax and it is quite very unlikely that it will require improvement. All Maxkare treadmill versions have the tactile sensors for measuring teh heart rate. Additionally, Maxkare treadmill consoles work with the Polar telemetry belt which is more accurate definitely.

Maxkare treadmill has the ability to adjust the inclination angle of the tabletop up to 15%, which can allow you to activate a variety of muscle groups. The inclination is electronically controlled taht making them so easy to change even throughout training.

The treadmill is quite very durable and its carrying capacity is even 220 pounds. Unfortunately, regardless of this version of the console, as for the domestic treadmills, it is a higher price level definitely. Only these Elegant version has the audio system and also built-in speakers.

In our opinion, the Maxkare treadmill is a great treadmill, although it is mainly aimed at people with greater financial resources. Choosing it, you can expect durability, quiet and smooth work without overheating the engine and very interesting options to diversify your training.

Key Features

  • Robust and solid build
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 220 pounds/99.7 kg
  • Powerful 2.5 HP motor
  • Compact design
  • Space-saving design
  • 15 pre-set programs
  • 3 levels manual incline system
  • Low noise motor
  • Speed range of 0.5-8.5 mph
  • Cushioned running surface
  • Transport wheels
  • It is portable
  • Cup holders
  • Easy to assemble
  •  Water bottle holder
  • Low maintenance
  • Good customer service

What we dont like

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • not suitable for the serious runners
  • No tablet holder

Goplus Electric Motorized Folding Treadmill

Goplus folding treadmill 1100w is a model that opens the tf line of the folded treadmill brand goplus.

Like other folding Goplus brand models, this treadmill has been solely designed with its own drive system - a digital propulsion system that adapts intuitively to speed and incline changes. This model has a 1.5 hp engine, and its load capacity is 220 lb.

Goplus folding treadmill 1100w is equipped with both touch sensors and a built-in receiver with a telemetry belt in the set, which can allow wireless heart rate measurement. The pulse value is used in heart rate-controlled training programs that will allow you to achieve your training goals faster.

The Viafit allow users to track, control and also analyze their training progress without some manual data entry. In addition, the viafit shares these results with other applications. This technology is just alike to programs of other brands that use google maps to make virtual routes around the world.

The virtual active is available as standard in two consoles with two different locations. Additional routes are actually optional equipment.The drive system is quite very responsive and intuitively adjusts and calibrates when anyone change its speed and inclination.

Running table the vision infinity deck system is tested for about 42000 kilometers without any maintenance. The running lane fibers are impregnated directly with wax. The top has a thickness of 2.5 cm, and the 2-layer strip is just covered with a phenol layer.

The model has the ability to adjust its angle of inclination to 15%. The goplus folding treadmill 1100w engine is not so impressive, and the lack of some airflow and the short top decrease the comfort while you use it too much.

Key Features

  • LED mode
  • IPAD/mobile phone holder
  • Heavy-duty Construction
  • 220Lbs weight capacity,
  • Ruuning surface: 39"L x14"W
  • Safety Guaranteed Design
  • Inexpensive
  • Safety key button
  • Emergency stop button
  • Motor isn’t noisy
  • Space-saving folding design

Shaofu Electric Treadmill

Shaofu is a recognized brand in the world of fitness and gym equipment and constantly cares about introducing some interesting, innovative products to its offer regularly. shaofu Interactive Incline Trainer is an electric treadmill that can please even the most demanding users. It have appeared on the market earlier, but in 2016 it returned in an even more superior version.

This best treadmill for walking treadmill might be used in three sheer planes - flat, in a diagonal slope up to 40% and in a negative diagonal to -6%. In this way, you may really burn a lot of calories, and only by walking. In addition, such a high lift is a immense way to strengthen your muscles.

High heel training is better definitely for the knee than the traditional running on your treadmill, especially for high body weights. Additionally, the shaofu electric treadmill features cushioning, further protecting your joints by absorbing vibrations.

The surface of the belt is up to 155 x 52 cm - it provides a large freedom of movement even for tall people. The rated power of 3 HP means commercial quality. It allows quick response to change of speed and incline as well as quiet operation and no overheating of the equipment.

It results not only from the quality of the engine, but also because the latest version of the treadmill is equipped with a special noise reducing technology, thanks to which each step is almost soundless, which makes the X9i Interactive Incline Trainer a very good choice for training at home.

The treadmill is equipped with a full-color touch screen with Android search engine. You may read overdue emails, check sport news, or view social media while doing training. Most importantly, however, is that the modern screen provides access to training and permits you to control progress.

It is basically integrated with the iFit application, which lets you to traverse virtual routes, both already finished and created by the user himself (using Google Street View and Google Maps). You may train in your own city virtually or anywhere in the earth. The rise adapts to some terrain conditions. Only the application subscription is required. Additionally, the screen has a tablet holder with its inclination adjustment.

Shaofu electric treadmill has up to 44 training programs available from the console. Each of them has been designed by the certified personal trainer to focus on the calorie burning, speed , proper elevation, and intensity as well.

The treadmill has 3 built-in speakers and it is compatible with the iPod, so you may easily train to the rhythm of the favorite music. The heart rate is basically measured by the CardioGrip sensors, although it is much more convenient to use the included Polar iFit Bluetooth wireless belt.

Throughout the intense workouts it is really worth to ensure maximum comfort. Shaofu electric treadmill is provided by a double fan AutoBreeze that are operating in automatic mode or manual. The speed and incline speed selection key buttons on the desktop can allow for quick and easy parameter changes.

Shaofu electric treadmill is definitely an innovative choice that will allow you to quickly achieve your goals. Applied technologies and functionalities make every training interesting, and the possibilities of continuous diversification are almost unlimited.

nautilus t614 treadmill

This best treadmill for walking is one of the best-selling and mid range treadmill .  If you are a real athlete looking to get better your technique and records with a work out almost daily but without the requirements to reach the great speeds and also high performances of the most experienced athletes, then the treadmill Nautilus t614 might be correct choice for you. Its immense properties have made the Nautilus t614 treadmill a favorite of users. Let's see why.

The Nautilus t614 can allow the runner to be chosen from 5 speeds, from 0.8 km / h for a very smooth walk to a run at 10 km / h. All this is possible thanks to its 2.75HP engine. Depending on the goals when you get on the electrical treadmill, you can able to decide between 22 predefined programs.

These are programs that can surely help you burn calories, get better you’re toning or can also eliminate stress, among other objectives. The LCD screen is the best option always to show helpful information about the exercise in a clear and very simple way. This LCD display also shows from the speed, time and distance traveled until the calories burned, passing through the pulsations. It includes Scan function as well.

The Nautilus t614 has 3 levels of inclination to choose from. Your training might be benefited greatly to the level of inclination. It can help you expand the intensity of the effort both in the race and while walking on the treadmill.

The running surface is one of the factors that most influences the comfort of the experience on the treadmill.  In the case of this Nautilus t614 electric treadmill, its running surface is 20" W x 55" L that will give you maximum comfort. In this comfort, your effectual damping system can also have a decisive influence.

The Nautilus t614 is a folding belt, so it might be comfortably stored after being used without taking up almost space. Its folding is really automatic, with hydraulic system.

The magnetic protection system is directly connected to the corridor by means of a safety clip. In addition, the start and stop is progressive so you never have to fear of getting fired from this machine in an oversight. Bottle holders, foam grip arm and connection for your mobile devices are accessories that make it even easier to work out with the Nautilus t614.

Key Features

  • User Weight: 300 lbs
  • Large 2.5” crowned rollers
  • Heart rate monitoring (pulse grips and telemetry )
  • USB charging port
  • Goal Track capability
  • motorized incline 12%
  • 22 programs
  • StrikeZone cushioning system
  • 2.75 CHP motor
  • SoftDrop folding system
  • 3-speed cooling fan

Gymax 1100w Treadmill

If you love of indoor training, you do not want the bad weather and the weather affects your fondness for work out, which want to practice all year, and are looking for a treadmill of low - end and for home with better performance and price reasonable, you ought to pay attention to the gymax walking treadmill. Its characteristics are varied and it is a high quality treadmill whose properties we explain below.

Like the gymax walking treadmill, this treadmill has 12 predefined programs, covering a wide enough range of training for the athlete who is starting in the sport at their home or who desires to get better their skills.

The user may choose between 4 different speeds and just adjust them to your liking from 1 km / h to 10 km / h. The power of this device is 1100 W. This LED screen will allow you to control all aspects of your training and thoroughly check your progress. The information included is speed, distance, time, calories and also scan function.

Although the speakers cannot be one of the main components of the treadmill, they are extremely useful, especially for less experienced riders. In runners starting with indoor running one of the major difficulties encountered to exercise is the need for concentration and escape the monotony.

The speakers, with the possibility to choose the favorite songs of the user, represent a great help to improve concentration and run away from boredom. You can feel completely protected at the controls of the gymax walking treadmill and keep away from accidents.

These best treadmills for walking also includes transport wheels for even easier transportation. With this tape space is no longer a problem for many users, who can comfortably pick up the treadmill at the end of the exercise and use the same space for different activities and environments.

 Lovers of accessories may not complain about the accessories included in the gymax walking treadmill. Bottle holders, foam grip arm safety clips, and connection for electronic devices are also incorporated into this model. You might increase the effort and can contribute to lose weight more decisively.

Key Features
  • Walk to fitness
  • LED Display Screen
  • Extra-long safety handles
  • Foot pads
  • Strong foaming wrapped handles
  • Solid Frame
  • Double Safety Design

How do you choose a treadmill for walking?

How to choose an electric treadmill to be happy with your purchase? What to look for and what not to fool? I have created an accurate shopping guide that will answer these questions.

I will not dim - a very important factor is the strength and reliability of the treadmill with electricity, and such a feature is damn hard to read from the specification table . However, there are a lot of attributes that affect reliability as well as other purchasing aspects. A step-by-step guide will lead you through the most important issues regarding the choice of electric treadmill.

How much do you have to spend on a good treadmill?

  •   If you run 2-3 a week for 20-40 minutes , then calmly choose something up  to approx. 2000 dollars . Avoid the cheapest creations, of course. The minimum limit for me is 1,500 dollars.
  •  If you run 4 times a week or more , it's time for a bigger investment. You should then aim at semi-commercial treadmills, i.e.  starting from about 4,000 dollars. This also applies to supporters of longer marathons on the treadmill (above an hour), as well as people who often intertwine running with walking. Why does ordinary walking on tape reflect so much on the trouble-free operation of a trainer? About it will be in a few moments in the paragraph on the engine.

I do not always refer to prices strictly in guidebooks, but it makes sense in the case of treadmills for the home. Along with the price goes up the quality of the engine, electronics, as well as many other parameters and nuances. This is confirmed by the ranking of electric treadmills .

These two tips from the beginning of the paragraph are not the only ones about adjusting your budget. User weight is also important.

People up to 80 kg  should not worry about anything. Weight  exceeding 100 kg already requires a semi-commercial treadmill, regardless of the running frequency. And what about those who weigh 80-100 kg? I recommend models starting from 3000-3500 dollars, although you can immediately invest for longer and buy something higher class.

Electric treadmill motor - what should it be like?

This is one of the basic elements of every power treadmill. There is a lot of total nonsense around the key engine parameter, i.e. power, on the Internet. The fact that manufacturers of electric treadmills soap our eyes with some parameters doesn't help.

Power and reliability of the treadmill motor

How to know if the treadmill motor is reliable and worth the investment? Hard stuff. First, you need to unscrew the device, and secondly find a person who knows his electronics and engine. This is not possible before buying ...

In my guide on how to choose a treadmill for your home, however, I show you a lot of flavors that quite effectively direct you to choosing the right treadmill. You won't be fooled by cheap licks and marketing pulp. Let's get back to those unfortunate engines.

Let's start with the fact that manufacturers give two values here:

  • The higher one applies  to the maximum power, which I translate as step / at a given moment . The equipment is able to achieve it (at least in theory and in favorable circumstances), but it will not keep it permanently. The priority of drawing your attention to it should be low. I will say it directly - the maximum / step power  does not matter .
  • Constant power , also called rated, permanent or continuous, plays the most important role . In other guides you will read the duplicate myth that such power below the 2 HP ceiling is suitable for jogging, walking, walking ... However, we will easily choose treadmills with 1.5 HP and a maximum speed of e.g. 18 km / h. The maximum load is also not tragic. The authors of these crap would love to put on the trainer lane, attached 18 km / h and looked at how nicely they "jogging". Good luck.

Perhaps the reason for this is that these people's texts were written quite a long time ago. Technology has moved forward. Treadmills with a constant power of 1 HP guarantee at least 12 km / h, which for most will be sufficient.

As I have already written, it is  extremely difficult to assess the durability of an engine . We will not check this item at home. We are never sure whether the manufacturer has distorted us in the performance of the system used. In the sports shop you can only turn on the higher speed, wait a few minutes and check if the place where the main unit is located is heated.

Manufacturers sometimes use "overclockers" to turn out the highest constant power on paper. In practice, prolonged running at a fast pace will dramatically reduce the life of the trainer, until it refuses to obey and will go under warranty.

I will say more, the  worst is in the case of walking / walking . Home treadmills are designed for running and will be more run at low speeds. In such cases, I usually recommend a magnetic treadmill, because it is this type that has been better adapted to walking. For more information on comparison and the duel of both types, see the article: Electric or magnetic treadmill - Which is better?

Treadmill advertising is nothing nice, believe me. We will not pack such equipment in a small box. So choose the most powerful engine possible . Preferably with the longest possible warranty. If someone gives a 5-10 year warranty on the engine, then they have a reliable unit to offer. Unfortunately, this happens most often with very expensive commercial treadmills for the gym.

Confusion with a power unit

The explanations are also due to you about the individual. Most companies specify this parameter in  horsepower (KM), which is hardly a mystery to anyone . Some technical data is probably taken straight from the Anglo-Saxon countries, because that's the only way I can use  HP, or horsepower .

The problem is that the converter of these units is not 1: 1. 1 hp is the same as 0.983 HP . Always pay attention to the unit, because kilowatts are also involved, and 1 kW = 1.36 HP. So it looks like this:  kW> HP> KM .

If different online stores add the same value, but under different units, then ask the manufacturer himself how it is in reality. The difference between KM and HP should rather not bother anyone, but mistakes with kilowatts are a greater disproportion. And in general it is worth finding out how much electricity the treadmill consumes . I have created an interesting article on this topic.

To sum up, it is appropriate to choose a treadmill with a powerful engine, but I would not make the final decision dependent solely on this parameter. The potential of the central system to some extent affects a lot of other attributes, but I recommend checking each one separately. Everything complements each other. Let's move to the next paragraphs of the guide on how to choose an electric treadmill.

Speed range, i.e. the pace of running on a treadmill

This was a bit above. The fact is that the speed control for each current treadmill is detailed enough. Set it usually every 0.1 km / h with the  button on the side handle.

Equal and more popular values are usually found on the console, just below the display, or around it. This is a kind of speed dial.

The overall range seems to be important, though only seemingly. Often the smallest ceiling is 1-12 km / h, and the largest is 1-22 km / h . Well, I usually set a maximum of 9-10 km / h.

I am tempted to say that this attribute does not require more attention, because trainers, even relatively cheap, often offer 16/18 km / h at the highest speed level.

I doubt that professional sprinters would use such equipment, so don't be afraid of some cosmic values. Even a little dangerous is so fast slipping on the running lane. Treadmills mean a calmer pace, relaxing jogging and jogging. The volume level also increases with each km / h, which further distracts us from setting an extreme level of difficulty.

And after buying, do not forget to visit the guide on how to properly run on an electric treadmill . Even on the most expensive trainer you have to remember a few rules.

Running belt - quality, exact dimensions

At this point, we move to a  really significant element of each treadmill , i.e. the running belt. Its surface is usually a bit rough and rough. Thanks to this, it becomes  non-slip, but at the same time sufficiently soft  - compared to asphalt or concrete, after which we often run in the field.

There is no reason to dwell on the exact structure of the material used. One touch of the belt tells us basically everything. Every self-respecting manufacturer offers good quality tapes on solid rollers.

The dimensions of the running belt, i.e. length and width, have a significant impact on the comfort of running training, as well as on our safety. I will remind you again of my example. I have quite big feet and my height exceeds 185 cm. The current trainer I have offers jogging dimensions of 130 × 41 cm . The length is right for me, but the width could do with a few centimeters more.

I strongly advise you against small electric treadmills, whose tape gives 120 cm of usable length. In my opinion, this is definitely not enough. I like to position myself usually in half length, and  at 120 cm I would still have to be afraid to look back , or sometimes I will not eat on the floor.

The case is generally individual, because it depends on the height of the runner and his preferences. You know my tips more or less - min. 130 × 44 cm, although the width of 41-42 cm is also quite a tolerable value. It's hard to find such dimensions in the case of motorless models.

Sometimes manufacturers provide suggested user height, although this parameter is often confusing in my opinion. I am also amused by the theories drawn from my finger, which we will find in some of the guidebooks. They show, for example, that only relatively low people whose height does not exceed 170 cm can comfortably move on my current treadmill. Apparently the tape magically lengthened,  since it no longer causes problems for such a big foot as me .

By the way, the tape must be properly prepared. In my model, two small holes for the Allen key are responsible for this, which I had to make a few full turns. For what? First of all, to stretch the belt (too much slack would cause it to roll up and prevent comfortable jogging), and also to center its position. However, this is nothing more complicated.

Treadmill depreciation

The next step to answer the question of how to choose a treadmill for home. A lot of theories say that soft cushioning is useful primarily when running quietly. I recommend, however, the hardest suspension possible . In no case will it be as troublesome as an asphalt path for runners. We will not be injured then.

Individual systems are responsible for depreciation, although they are not actually more extensive. Elastomers, rubber shock absorbers - mechanisms quite simple . Unfortunately, it is difficult to accurately determine this parameter, especially based on the technical data from the tables. We have to rely mainly on reviews and opinions of users who use a given model.

High hardness, stability, vibration reduction - this is what it should look like with a good treadmill.

Incline of the walking belt

I don't know about you, but I hate going up the hill, let alone running. Yes, I know, we train in this way quite intensively,  effectively carving the muscles of the calves and buttocks , not to mention the quadriceps muscle. In any case, it's important to find out about the grade of the slope before buying a treadmill.

Adjusting the incline of the treadmill

The basic issue is  how we adjust the slope value . Budget treadmills offer a manual way. This is done with the help of a knob, although even the system of leveling uneven floors changes the parameter in question.

A machine is a much better solution. Thanks to electronic control, e.g. using buttons on the handles, we  quickly and without leaving the belt adjust the angle of inclination to increase or decrease the level of difficulty of cardio training. The range that can be set is also much wider compared to the previous method.

The slope is expressed as a percentage (although sometimes also in degrees [°]). Runners longing for mountain trails can choose a value in excess of 20% on some models. Remember, however, that one percent does not always correspond to one level that you can choose. For example, a treadmill taken under the magnifying glass offers a 15% incline, but adjustable in eight steps.

Is it worth increasing the incline of the treadmill?

If you like to torture yourself physically, then please - in modern trainers you will usually find a wide room for maneuver, based on  simulating running up . Even walking uphill can dramatically increase the effectiveness of exercise. It is always some variety to the time spent on the treadmill or another challenge.

For encouragement, I would like to add that the runs, describing it somewhat colloquially, move the border of the muscle part that we carve on the trainer up. This means that  we will drop the tire from the belly much faster , and probably none of us likes excess fat in this place, right? Butt will also gain. It will become much shapely.

The function of adapting the treadmill base to the ground

If, however, you were interested in the  function of compensating for uneven ground under the treadmill , then a few details on this topic.

Looking at my trainer, I have two yellow legs on the back. There are three holes on them. There are also two screws, although they are not really screwed in, but inserted. This is a disadvantage, because during transport they fall out and hang around the box with the treadmill.

Translating the screw into a different gap, of course on both sides, causes a  subtle change in the slope . A pathological, but often very useful solution. Another nomenclature is the inequality leveling system.

Maximum trainer capacity

This parameter should pay attention primarily to  obese or packed people . So if you have not regretted junk food so far, but want to change it and start running, then take a look at the maximum load that the tape and treadmill suspension can handle.

One of the myths is that only engine power determines load capacity. Yes, it has a big impact, but the design itself counts. The most powerful models (e.g. with 3.5 HP engines) can maintain durability under a weight of 180 kg. Below this value, there is more and more diversity.

I suspect that for most of you this is a minor parameter, but  I still recommend the value starting from 110-120 kg .

Measurements made during cardio training

As befits an electrical and quite functional equipment, the treadmill must provide some basic measurements. Their results are constantly displayed on the screen, which is located on the console.

The key is even the distance traveled, time spent on the running lane, the number of steps taken, the current speed or the number of calories burned.

A nice option is a training computer in which we  save our height, age, weight and gender . We create our profile in this way. Thanks to this,  we will calculate body fat and BMI  - just like on an analytical bathroom scale.

Heart rate measurement is extremely important . Especially people whose heart is not completely healthy - e.g. seniors who insisted on running on a treadmill - should strongly watch the pulse during exercise.

The simplest option are sensors / touch sensors on the handles. However, they do not always work precisely. They are pierced by an  HR transmitter in the form of a telemetry belt . The receiver is in the treadmill itself. Cheaper models usually do not offer this functionality, and in the best case the belt must be purchased separately. This add-on also has applications in programs that can be set.

Running programs that the treadmill offers

I will tell you honestly that I rarely use them. I definitely prefer to start with a quiet jog, then go into a state of faster running, and finally finish again by jogging or walking. All this at the target speed I have chosen. And taking into account the current condition.

However, every modern model offers training programs. We can sometimes create them ourselves (user / manual programs), but also use ready-made ones (predefined / defined programs). Their plus is that choosing somehow forces us and motivates us to meet the imposed speed and distance.

Regarding my opinion,  I recommend the equipment with several user programs to save . However, if you do not know completely how to adjust the running rhythm to your abilities, it is best to consult it with a personal trainer or an experienced runner. There are many weekly schedules / weekly schedules on the Internet  that you can choose according to your experience, weight, etc.

What is the use of pulse measurement mentioned in the previous section? Some programs are optimized just for our heart rate. Just set the appropriate range and the speed will adjust itself. When our heart begins to beat too quickly and exceeds the upper limit, the tape slows down. If we bump and the heart rate is not very high, the running belt accelerates, forcing us to more reliable cardio training.

The console, control panel, display and treadmill additional functions

When choosing a treadmill for home running, you can not ignore its external features. Before we get to the dimensions, let's look at the smaller elements separately.

A console with a screen and buttons

Console - this is the element on which we make all settings, although sometimes there are buttons on the handles for the most important things (e.g. speed change, start / stop).

The screen is usually quite small (diagonal about 5 inches) and  illuminated in blue . Of course, professional club treadmills sometimes provide high-quality 19-inch LCD displays. In cheaper home appliances, this is not an option.

Manufacturers usually provide some variety, such as a  virtual lap for 400 m or walls passing on the sides . After longer marathons we will have enough of this type of motives, because they get bored very quickly.

Around the screen we will find buttons corresponding to basic functions and programs. There should be buttons for quick selection of a specific speed and possibly for slope selection if it is electronically adjustable. For this start / stop.

The lower part is primarily a  red safety brake . In fact, it's a fairly simple key. It connects with a thin string with a clip, which we fasten on our sports clothing. Removing it causes the running belt to stop momentarily.

Place to place a drink and a mobile device

There should be holes for the water bottle on the sides. Under the screen, manufacturers often place a support / holder for a mobile device. In the specifications, they are even called tablet armrests. This is a good option, because we can somehow replace the boring and monotonously working screen built into the console.

Special features of the electric treadmill

Additional functionalities slightly extend the control panel. I will mention the airflow function with a dedicated button below. Makes relief during prolonged running, during which we wrap up with sweat.

Even cheaper home running devices provide  built-in speakers and a USB port  for connecting media with MP3 music files. So they become a kind of music players. The only question is, what exactly is this bajer? We are at home, and most of us probably have better audio equipment that will provide higher quality sound.

Appropriate treadmill location, i.e. dimensions, weight and transport

Trainers of this type are quite heavy and take up a lot of space. Unfortunately, this is how it looks, and the plus in the form of a long and wide running belt additionally hinders the ergonomic location of the treadmill.

Selection of treadmill dimensions for the room

How to deal with this? Check the overall dimensions of the device after unfolding and  plan where it will stand . It is better not to do it by eye or intuitively, because you can drive well. A meter in your hand, fast math and everything will become clear.

Do not forget about the electrical outlet (it must be grounded), because it should be fairly close to the place chosen for the treadmill. The cable from this device usually comes out from the front, almost always. However, the trainer should not be connected to an extension cord .

Foldable design and transport wheels

As for the transport itself, the  electric treadmills are foldable . The design allows you to raise the base with the tape and pull it to the console. It is then between the handles and is simultaneously locked in this position. The unfolding is properly cushioned, so the base will not fall like a hammer to the bottom of the pool, although I recommend subtle support of the falling belt.

When changing the location where the trainer rests, transport wheels will always help  . We find them mainly in the case of quite expensive constructions, but several cheaper proposals have been equipped with this facility. Treadmills can weigh even over 80 kg, so this element is useful.

In terms of structural elements, the treadmills are not much different from each other. The console, side handles, running belt on rollers - these are definitely the most important parts of this equipment.

A few words about electric treadmills from Allegro

This paragraph is not about the opportunity to buy on this popular auction site, but about  amazingly cheap models from unknown companies . Unfortunately, they are very popular because they  attract with good parameters (only on paper) and tempt with a relatively low price .

Real miracles come from the specifications. Constant power of 3 HP, sufficient speed and maximum load capacity, training programs, wide angle of inclination, additional functions, exercise gadgets in the set etc. Apparently these devices meet most of the assumptions from my guide on how to choose a treadmill that you just read.

However, it's not worth the hottest. Why is that?

  • Sticking to the technical data, the  running belts are short because they are often 115 cm long .
  • Let's not be naive anyway. Mass production of treadmills requires experience and adequate facilities (prototypes, production line, huge financial outlay), and in this case we are not even able to find the manufacturer's website. This is due to the fact that "no name" treadmills are imported from China. They come up with long names with English words, create descriptions with a marketing slurry and photos of beautiful athletes.

The truth is brutal.

  • Apart from the short belt, the  shock absorption and suspension are terrible quality .
  • However, the biggest disadvantage will be the life of the engine. With such parameters and the price of 1300 dollars ,  do not even count on the fact that this Chinese creation will last for several years . The components of the drive used may not even come close to those of branded treadmills. The whole unit is  trimmed for good eye specs.
  • Before a major failure, which will probably happen relatively quickly, the engine will heat up and make a lot of noise. I would be afraid to connect something like this at home. Therefore, one of the basics fails, more precisely reliability and trouble-free operation.
  • The running belt in Chinese inventions  often does not move smoothly, and sometimes jumps more . This is noticeable mainly at higher speeds and significantly hinders the use of equipment.

Even for people who run quiet once a week, I do not recommend this type of trainers. If you want to order a treadmill from Allegro, look for brand products. And with a small budget, analyze whether it is worth buying an electric treadmill .

This paragraph, moreover, confirms the thesis that even an undemanding person who rarely runs, should spend over 1,500 dollars on the purchase of a treadmill. Well, I'm really sorry, because probably some of you were counting on something cheaper, but  I prefer to be honest than popular . I don't want you to invest in a model that is about to fall apart.


Well done you! You already know how to choose an electric treadmill and what not to fall for . I thoroughly discussed all the most important aspects before buying, but if you have additional questions, please visit the comments section.

Unfortunately, electric treadmills do not belong to the equipment that you can reasonably choose in 5 minutes. As you can see, the knowledge you need is quite a lot, and most of the tutorials duplicate many myths and crap. I based all this material on my knowledge and experience with this equipment category, providing you with a lot of unique information.

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