5 Best Treadmill Under 2000 – A Complete Shopping Guide

These days, not everyone has time, opportunities and money to attend the gym. For those who have to deal in a different mode and create a substitute gym in their own home, I have just prepared a ranking of the best treadmills under 2000 dollar for your home. 

After several hours of research on the most popular treadmills in homes and gyms, I have established my selection of the 5 best models currently available in the market.

Top 3 Best Treadmills under 2000 dollars - Comparison


Product Name

Weight Capacity

Speed up to




Best Treadmill Under 2000

215 lbs

12 MPH

Frame: Lifetime

Motor: Lifetime

Parts: 3 year

Labor: 1 year

Treadmill Under 2000

350 lbs

12 MPH

Frame: 15 years

Motor: 15 years

Parts: 5 year

Labor: 2 year

Treadmill Under 2000 review

375 lbs

12 MPH

Frame: Lifetime

Motor: Lifetime

Parts: 3 year

Labor: 1 year

Best Treadmill Under 2000
  • NordicTrack is a well-known brand in the high-end treadmill market.
  • It is true that its reputation does not reach that of ProForm (from which no product currently in the market has been able to join my selection), but its devices remain a guarantee of very good quality.
  • With this tape, NordicTrack goes even further in physical abilities, since it can reach 22km / h speed. However, unlike the SportsTech F37, its inclination does not exceed 12 degrees. It is very little for professional athletes.

Like most of the brand's tapes, the nordictrack C990 incorporates Flex Select technology, which allows 15% more cushioning than a road race.

Comfort is very present, especially since this carpet is the largest of my selection, with dimensions of 152 x 51 cm. In addition, there are two non-slip sideboards that allow the foot to be easily placed.

And even then, it is still a folding tape. The folding is done vertically, and the wheels allow to move it without too much difficulty (the device weighs 90 kg, so everything is relative, of course).

If this tape stands out, it is because of the many programs it offers: at least 32 programs are pre-registered.

And in addition, the tape has Bluetooth, either for the application or for listening to music (with its dubious speakers), and is also compatible with the iFit custom coaching app, which is a hit in the US. If you make a subscription, you can combine the tape with most iFit accessories (such as the heart belt).

The 7 ″ LCD screen is the largest available in my selection. But you can also put a tablet in the holder to comfortably use the iFit app or to watch movies, for example.

Finally, although it is the quietest of my selection (the maximum volume recorded in the tests was 71 dB at maximum speed), it is still louder than other professional tapes (which sometimes reach less than 50 dB).


  • Max. of 22 km / h
  • The biggest band of the selection
  • IFit compatible


  • Not so quiet
  • Poor quality speakers

Treadmill Under 2000
  • If you are new to this world and want a simple, efficient and cheap device, the Nautilus T618  is, in my opinion, one of the best options.
  • It is very easy to assemble and can be quickly folded for storage if you do not have enough space at home. It is also not very loud, so it is ideal for use in an apartment, for example.
  • As for its features, the tape has an LED display panel that shows speed, distance traveled and the number of calories burned.
  • In its security level, it should be noted that, in addition to the easily accessible stop button, it has an automatic stop system, a safety device that is usually only found in more expensive devices.

It is a small key connected to the device through a cable, which has to be tied to your pants or belt. If it falls (or any other unforeseen event), the contact between the key and the device will break, which will activate its automatic shutdown.

As it is a device for beginners, the maximum running speed is up to 8 km / h. Despite this, it is enough to walk quickly or jog, and the inclination of the belt ensures a good use of energy.

However, given its low price and folding format, the tape is quite short (102 cm) and narrow (32 cm). This is not a big problem, but if you are used to using long gym tapes, you will need a few minutes of adaptation the first time you use it.

In general, the Nautilus T618 Treadmill is one of the best incline treadmill, efficient and very suitable treadmill for beginners. Probably its main advantage lies in its compact and foldable format, but it may become obsolete as your physical condition improves.


  • Compact and foldable format
  • Automatic stop system
  • LED display with multiple indications


  • Length and width reduced

Treadmill Under 2000 review
  • In view of the price reduction that has suffered since its launch, this treadmill from SOLE is today an unbeatable quality / price ratio.
  • It has all the features that one can expect from a mid-range model, with a price (as I write these lines) of input range.
  • From the point of view of manufacturing, it contains certain characteristics often appreciated in a fitness device for domestic use: small size (the tape itself measures 101 x 34.5 cm), and foldable.
  •  And despite this, it is quite good, as it allows a comfortable and quiet race up to a speed of 10 km / h. The engine used is of very good quality, with a guaranteed durability of up to 5 years.

It also includes a console with LCD screen, which shows time, distance, speed, cardio data and an estimate of calories burned.

You can also connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, allowing you to export your data and collect statistics. Its app offers sharing functions, but also an intuitive graphical user interface to visualize its performance.

The SOLE F80 offers a dozen intelligent training programs, in addition to a fully customizable profile. This means that you can customize your exercise routine with total freedom or follow a scheduled professional training.

It also contains a range of accessories that are not normally found in commodities. In addition, the tape comes with a Pulse Belt, a tool that is placed at the waist and measures heart rate more accurately than a wrist sensor.

 And it even has support for tablets and drinks, ideal if you want to watch a movie without messing up the room.

In the end, it is a small good treadmill, foldable and compact, not much more expensive than the ones I presented in the previous section, and that also has the advantages of allowing a race with a little more speed and offers some Additional accessories.

Finally, I believe that the quality of SOLE is more than demonstrated in the field of fitness. It is a safe investment.


  • Attractive price decrease
  • Compact and foldable
  • Various accessories (pulse, belt, cup holder ...)
  • Bluetooth connection


  • Reduced belt length
  • Max. 12 km / h

best Treadmill Under 1000
  • Once again, it presents a discount that allows this high-end product to be found in this section. If you are not familiar in the field, know that Sole is a recognized brand in the world of fitness, to the point that many professional rooms are equipped with their products.
  • And with the Sole, it has almost everything you can expect from a gym treadmill. With its length of 130cm, so far it is the longest ribbon of my selection.
  • This length ensures a comfortable running distance and enough space to extend the stride. The entire frame is made of metal, with transport wheels and rubber suspensions that guarantee minimal vibration or movement.

The tape is covered with a comfortable non-slip material that gives a feeling comparable to fine asphalt. It is the case of many high-end products.

 But despite this, it is flexible enough to relieve joints without producing too much noise. In fact, it has a series of suspensions inside that allows to absorb the vibrations.

And the engine does not disappoint. Going from 1 to 16 km / h, this treadmill is placed in a semi-professional range, even for resistance training.

Your design is perfect. Ergonomics is impeccable. The footrests are a bit narrow, but are covered with a very useful non-slip coating to prevent accidents.

A surprising point is that the entire treadmill is foldable. It is a rare occurrence in semi-professional devices, which are generally not suitable for a house that is too small.

 Even folded, it is a bit more voluminous than the others I've talked about so far, but it's still good.

One of the reasons why it occupies more folded space is the control screen. The 5 ″ LCD screen offers ideal readability during the race.

 It contains the usual data, including the cardio statistics of the heart rate sensors located on the handlebars. It also has Bluetooth to link it to the Android / iOS app, which collects data and performs readable, clear and shareable statistics.

The control panel gives you access to 12 custom programs that allow you to manage your cardio routine, and adapt your training to your expectations.

It is a bit more questionable that the tape incorporates its own music player, which is activated via Bluetooth.

 The speakers are very superfluous: if it is a domestic fitness machine, there is a great possibility that you already have an efficient sound system at home. As expected, its quality is horrible.

The smartest thing is to connect your headphones directly to the tape to prevent the smartphone from bothering you (for example).

Read Full review: Sole F63 Treadmill review


  • Folding
  • Screen full of options
  • Bluetooth function for the app and its playlist


  • Footrest a bit narrow
  • Horrible speaker sound quality

rated treadmill
  • I return to ncient to present a model released at the end of 2017: the F37. And it is quite surprising: take all the good of the F10 and the ncient ... And you will find everything here! Of course the price is higher, but for less than $800, it is (really) worth it.
  • Let's talk first about your benefits. With a maximum speed of 20 km / h and a possibility of inclination of up to 15 degrees, this tape has enough to please even the most athlete (well, maybe not Justin Gatlin ... Even so!). On the other hand, its dimensions allow a very comfortable run, since the tape measures 130 x 50 cm.
  • And although it is voluminous given its dimensions, it folds back, and its wheels allow easy storage. Again, this is an amazing feature for a tape of this range, but welcome.

The tape guarantees comfort, as it is non-slip and has many dampers to protect your joints. On the other hand, thanks to this (notably), it does not generate much noise (maximum 75 dB at high speed).

The console offers 12 programs. Of course, it can be connected via Bluetooth to give you access to various fitness applications on your smartphone and also to listen to music.

Again, the sound of the built-in speakers is not very pleasant (although it sounds less strident than that of the ncient), but you can connect the headphones.

Otherwise, as far as accessories are concerned, you can find everything that I had already underlined in the F10: a pulse belt, a cup holder, a tablet holder ...

In the end, I propose another semi-pro model that presents all the advantages of the two models that I mentioned in the previous section, and even some additional advantages such as a better maximum speed.

However, perhaps being a newer model, it is a bit more expensive. But we are not going to lie: for less than $ 800, it is still an excellent deal!


  • Folding
  • Numerous options
  • Max. 20 km / h


  • Poor quality speakers

How to choose your treadmill?

Why invest in a treadmill when you might run everywhere? What treadmill to prefer? These are some of the most desired frequently asked questions. Below we can try to answer them and assist you decide the training track ideal for you.

Research carried out by Vanderbilt University has shown that as many as about 44% of Poles engage in sports. Approximately 25% of these people make a decision to run.

We see a important advantage of runners in less crowded places, where the urban traffic is limited. It has been really proven that 34% of runners resign from regular exercise due to bad weather conditions, lack of correct routes to run, and the dangers and risks associated with these physical work out that are carried out outside (traffic, uneven surface, etc.)

At present, less than 8% of People attend the gym. Compared to other countries, this is not the most excellent result. The gym is the best place to do training theoretically; because it is solely equipped with the essential equipment and gives you the opportunity to use your expert advice and get professional assist in exercise. 

Being able to work with a personal trainer might be a huge benefit but it depends really on our expectations. Not everyone goes to the gymnasium to lose weight.

The Gym customers are also divided into those who are there for health reasons - such as overweight heart problems,, all kinds of rehabilitation, also ordinary clients who want to improve fitness, lose a few additional kilos and the last group  are general people.

What you should look for in a Treadmill

In addition to the treadmill, the exercise bike is probably one of the most popular household fitness devices. 

There are no secrets to this: it allows you to have the benefits of running at home (endurance, fat loss, stylize the silhouette, stress relief ...) without damaging the joints and back.

But, if you don't want to regret it, what are the criteria that should be taken into account when buying a treadmill?


As with most household fitness equipment, one of the first things to consider when buying a treadmill is the place where you want to use to avoid space problems and can use it comfortably and safely.

The available space

For security reasons, it is advisable to allocate at least 1m² of space on each side of the device. Well, we're not going to fool ourselves, it's not always easy unless you have a big house. You can reduce this space by half (minimum 50 cm on each side) before it involves an accident risk.

Treadmill length

The ideal length of the tape will depend on how you want to use it.

To jog, there is no need to have a very long one. But for maximum comfort, a minimum of 1 meter is recommended.

For the practice of the race, the ideal length depends on your size. In any case, you must have a minimum of 110 cm to make a comfortable stride, and if you measure more than 180 cm, I recommend investing in a minimum length of 120cm.

Of course, the length of the tape will affect its price. This makes the difference between a € 700 tape and a € 2000 tape. But enjoying the necessary comfort and safety is a price to pay.

Treadmill width

The width of the tape is primarily a matter of comfort. An average of 50-60 cm wide is recommended to avoid hitting the edge of the treadmill. However, it is not necessary to go for the tape as wide as possible, because it is recommended to be able to place your feet out of it, without effort.

The damping system

If some athletes prefer the tapes, to run outdoors, it is not (alone) for the convenience of watching television while exercising. If there is no park nearby, he is forced to run on concrete. And if you don't have the right shoes, the joints will suffer.

The advantage of the treadmill, at this level, is to offer some flexibility (a bounce) that does not make you feel that you are running on hard ground.

This is the most important aspect for different brands, where each one has its own specific patent.

In general, it can be argued that the best known brands (Proform, NordicTrack: a model compatible with iFit, Sole ...) have the best technologies. The materials they use are designed to offer great flexibility of the tape, as well as sufficient strength.

I would simply add that the best shock absorbers in today's market are probably Proform's. They consist of external modules located on the sides of the device. They are so popular that other brands have bought these Proform modules for their own damping system, so if you see ProShox (Plus or Elite) on the label, it's a good sign! They reduce the feeling of impact on the joints by almost 35%!

The motor of a Treadmill


Choosing the right motor for your treadmill is the key to avoiding two problems: that of the limited speed and that of a high level of noise.

In fact, if you want to run at 15 km / h, you do not need to go to a device that goes from 1 to 15. Not only will it be impossible to increase your speed as you get better, but with the engine running at maximum, it can cause wear and a greater volume of noise. . Under these conditions, and for a long duration, a tape that goes from 1 to 20 is much more suitable.


The maximum attainable speed is related to engine power. Expressed in CHP (Continous Horse Power), it is (unlike cars) of the "continuous" power. This value shows the amount of power that the belt can withstand for a long period of time without (too many) speed variations.

In fact, some lower quality brands have too weak engines, which mean that the speed can vary up to 4 km / h during use. Imagine that, during your daily jogging, the ground begins to resist… guaranteed imbalance!

Therefore, it is important to choose the correct motor power, and in this case it is not complicated: the highest, the best.

The minimum recommended to function correctly for walking is 2.0 CHP.(To jog, a minimum of 2.5 CHP). For running, at least 3.0 CHP, but 3.5 or even 4.0 CHP guarantees better durability.

But be careful! If you weigh more than 90 kg, you must add 0.5 CHP more for each of these practices.


I have already talked a little about security, when I talked about the recommended space for your machine. However, there are other factors that you should consider to ensure your safety during your training. A treadmill can be (somewhat) dangerous if it has been built by a negligent manufacturer. Some basic features help ensure that it is well adapted.

STOP button

The presence of a clearly visible STOP button on the control panel is the first factor to control. You need to be clearly positioned so that you can stop the machine in an emergency!

The automatic stop system

The ideal would be to have the automatic stop system, known as the "magnetic key". It is a small device that, while at its base, allows the device to function. At the end of this key, there is a small fastening system that can be attached to the waist.

If you fall or want to leave the tape, you only need to "pull" the key so that the device stops automatically. I strongly recommend it, even if it is not generally present on models under € 500.

For those who have children at home, I advise you to always keep the key separately.

In this way, you will avoid an involuntary start-up, and therefore, possible accidents.

Not everyone has the chance to jog outside. Many factors influence this. First of all, it mainly depends on the place where we actually live. The city center and the most crowded streets limit definitely, and sometimes even completely stop us from performing efficiently.

The next difficulty is the weather; we never know whether it may stop us from exercise. Although the running outside would be healthier certainly for us because of being outdoors, this benefit will only work for those who live in the natural surroundings.

In addition to the difficulty of finding the correct training route and weather surprises, running outdoors is not always safe.

The Electric treadmills are more accepted year by year. A lot of people make a decision to invest a larger amount once and have a substitute gym at home. Opinions about electric treadmills differ. A number of people hold the opinion that "if you run, it's just outside."

Of course, running outdoors is an immense solution, because we do not only accomplish physical activity, but also spend time outdoors, in the open air. However, if this is not possible, it is really worth reaching for other, effective equally and good solutions.

With each passing year, the manufacturers of sports equipment meet us and present more and more perfect products. The year 2019 has brought us a lot of good equipment at affordable prices. Below is the ranking of the 20 best treadmills under 2000 dollars for your home training in various price categories and with different technical specifications. Everyone can  be able to prefer the correct option for them.

As I write this article, the Nautilus T618 Treadmill presents the best quality / price ratio of the moment. But if you have more means and are no longer considered a beginner, I strongly recommend the SOLE F80 Treadmill .

Even so, I invite you to consult my shopping guide at the end of the article, to guide you when making your own decision about the model that best suits you. The best treadmills under 2000

Not everyone can invest more than 2000 dollars in fitness equipment. Despite this, treadmills below this price are often very absent on sports websites. I tried to fix it here.

Naturally, we have to be aware of the limitations of the models we find at this price. With some exceptions, peripheral options are usually limited, and the length of the tape does not exceed 120 cm (if you are lucky ...).

To make my selection, I have focused mainly on tapes of reliable brands that have proven their value over time, without revealing any major failure in use.

In Selectors, our mission is to help you Need help choosing your product? Leave your questions in the comments! Normally we respond in 24 hours.

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