10 Best Treadmill for Plantar Fasciitis [2022 Updated]

When it comes to purchasing the best treadmill for running, it is usually a substantial financial commitment. Because your treadmill will be with you for many years, investing the time to investigate your alternatives is a wise decision. The fact that there are so many different manufacturers and brands to pick from may cause you to feel overwhelmed by the amount of options available.

We've decided to do the legwork for you and present you with eight different options for the best treadmill for running. Read through the reviews below to choose the treadmill that will best suit your training style and experience level, and then purchase it.

10 Best Treadmill for Plantar Fasciitis [2022 Updated]

The SpeedFit Sprint Treadmill is a curved manual treadmill that forces you to exert more effort than a motorized treadmill. This can help you burn up to 30% more calories. This machine's frame is quite heavy, weighing in at 308 pounds. It is, however, incredibly sturdy, with a maximum user weight of 400 pounds. That's great news for sprinters, because it implies you'll stay stable even when running at top speed.

Even when compared to other curved treadmills, the SpeedFit Sprint running deck is unique. This is due to the SpeedBoard Pro XL roller deck, which is a patented design. The running platform is made even more spectacular by precision bearings and extremely tough rubber.


  • Max user weight 400 lbs
  • Very sturdy
  • Patented roller deck running bed
  • Precision bearings


  • Heavy
SpeedFit Speedboard ProXL

The 3G Cardio Elite Runner treadmill is a serious treadmill for serious runners. This machine has the largest running bed on the list, measuring 22 inches by 62 inches. It's well-made, with a sturdy frame that can support up to 400 pounds of user weight. The 3G Otho Flex Shock Absorbency system is included into the running belt to reduce the impact on your joints.

The side platforms on the 3G Cardio Elite Runner are broader than average, making it easier to get in and out of the running bed. If you're conducting HIIT training and need to jump your feet to the sides of the running belt during the workout, the wide platforms are ideal.

This treadmill's console has eight workout routines built in. It has an eight-mile-per-hour top speed and an inclination mode for hill sprints.


  • Enhanced shock absorbency
  • 8 workout programs
  • Max Speed 12 mph
  • 22 x 62-inch running belt


  • Larger than normal footprint
3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill

ProForm's 505 CST treadmill is a popular and reasonably priced option. It features a running belt that is 20 x 55 inches and can support a maximum user weight of 325 pounds. Extra joint protection for your ankles and knees is provided with ProShox cushioning. This machine has 18 pre-programmed workout programs and is iFit compatible.

The ProForm 505 CST has a top speed of 10 miles per hour. The incline on this machine reaches a maximum of 10%. The LCD monitor also has a tablet holder and a 5-inch backlit display.


  • Max user weight of 324 lbs
  • ProShox cushioning
  • Max speed 10 mph


  • Quite noisy
ProForm 505 CST Treadmill

The Schwinn 830 treadmill is a budget model treadmill that is suitable for sprinting. It features a 2.75 CHP motor that delivers a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour. The running belt is impressively wide for the price of this unit at 20 inches. However, the 55-inch bed length may not be able to comfortably accommodate larger runners.

The Schwinn 830 is a folding treadmill that features the Drop Soft folding mechanism. This allows you to fold and unfold the treadmill with just the touch of a button. The incline goes up to 12 degrees, which is a little less than most other treadmills on this list, but still good for the price. SoftTrack cushioning reduces the impact on your joints. 

There are an impressive 22 workout programs with this treadmill and it has a maximum user weight of 300 pounds.


  • Folding
  • Incline function
  • Affordable
  • Max speed 12 miles per hour


  • Running bed limited to 55 inches in length
Schwinn Fitness 810 Treadmill

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There is no maximum speed limit.
Natural running motion is imitated.
For serious athletes only.
The maximum user weight is 350 pounds.


There are no frills on a motorized treadmill, such as a fan or a tablet holder.

Assault Fitness AirRunner

The Ancheer Folding Treadmill is a cost-effective option for individuals who want to get a solid sprint workout in the privacy of their own home. This treadmill is lightweight and collapsible, but it is rather stable, so it will not move about when you run at full speed.

The Ancheer folding treadmill's running belt is many layers thick to provide a high level of cushioning. This unit's running deck, on the other hand, is only 17 x 47 inches. Larger folks will find it too cramped. If you are under 5' 10", though, this will be a cost-effective and efficient machine for you to sprint on.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Supportive cushioning


  • Running belt only 17” x 47”
ANCHEER Folding Treadmill

The 3.5-hp motor on the Sole F80 treadmill allows for a maximum pace of 12 miles per hour. It also has a maximum incline of 15%. The running belt is 22 inches broad but only 55 inches wide, with a 375-pound maximum user weight.

The Sole F80 treadmill has ten built-in fitness programs, including a sprint workout. You may connect to the Sole app through Bluetooth to record your workout information and examine your training diagnostics. On the display screen, there is also a tablet holder and a backlit display.


  • Max speed 12 miles per hour
  • 22 inch wide running belt
  • Bluetooth
  • 10 workout programs


  • Handrails do not extend
Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

Buyer’s Guide

It might be tough to choose the correct treadmill for your needs when there is such a large selection of treadmills for sale. Let's take a look at the possibilities on the market to help break it down.

Treadmill with a Standard Motor
The movement of the running belt is controlled by the motor in motorized treadmills. You must match your running speed to the movement of the running belt as a runner. With the console controls, you can swiftly control the speed of the belt. Low-cost motorized treadmills will have a limited maximum speed due to the lack of motor power. You are unlikely to find a motorized treadmill with a maximum speed of more than 9 miles (15 kilometers) per hour for less than a thousand dollars.

Commercial treadmills may move up to 12.5 miles (20 kilometers) per hour. For most people who wish to sprint on their treadmill, this should be enough.

The incline angle of the running bed can usually be adjusted on most motorized treadmills. This enables them to practice hill sprints. The greatest treadmills will let you set the speed from 0 to 15% in one-percent increments.

Many motorized treadmills also have the ability to link to applications, which vastly expand your training possibilities. Zwift is an excellent illustration of this, as it allows you to run in a virtual world. You can run with anyone who has a Zwift account, engage in running events, and talk with other users. You can even compete with other users in races.

Bluetooth connectivity will be added into the more expensive manual treadmills. They provide a number of built-in training programs and apps that you may use to keep track of your training diagnostics.

Treadmills that are compact and foldable will help you make the most of your limited space. Because treadmills take up a lot of space, the opportunity to put your machine under a bed or in a cabinet after usage is appealing to many people. Foldable treadmills will be less durable than non-foldable treadmills. When you're running at top speed, this may create some instability.

Treadmill (non-motorized)
There is no motor on this sort of treadmill, thus you must propel the running bed by yourself. That means you, not the motor, control how quickly you run. Because your running pace fluctuates, this makes your running experience more natural.

Treadmills without motors have come a long way in recent years. Treadmills with curved beds that aren't powered have grown increasingly popular in recent years. These treadmills are great for sprinting because you don't have to touch any buttons to change the speed or pace. On these treadmills, you are also not restricted by any pre-set maximum speed.

On a curved treadmill, you must spend far more effort than on a motorized treadmill. Treadmill running takes some getting used to as well. Curved treadmills will also teach your body how to run more ergonomically.

If you're looking for a high-performance treadmill, a curved treadmill or a high-end Bluetooth powered treadmill are your best options.


Will a curved treadmill help me run faster?

Curved treadmills might assist you in becoming a better runner. In effect, it teaches your body how to run correctly from a biomechanical standpoint. The treadmill is designed to work all of your lower body muscles. When compared to sprinting on a normal treadmill, the curved running bed distributes energy from your foot to the running bed more efficiently, naturally, and with less impact on your joints. Your foot will also stay in contact with the running surface for a longer period of time. This allows more energy to be transferred from your foot to the running belt.

Running on a curved treadmill will be extremely tough for heel strikers. This will prepare them to switch to a ball-of-the-foot striker. Running on a curved treadmill is essentially the same as running on a memory foam mattress, giving you the illusion of running on air.

Is it possible to run at the same speed on a treadmill as you would outside?

You will notice that running on an electric treadmill is slightly easier than running outside. This is due to the running belt sliding beneath your feet assisting you. You also don't have to worry about the impact of the wind when you run on a treadmill indoors.

When you run on a curved treadmill, though, you don't have the benefit of a moving running belt beneath you. This is a better representation of what it's like to run outside. Of course, when you run on a curved treadmill, you don't have to worry about the wind. A curved treadmill, on the other hand, will most closely resemble the outdoor running experience.

Is it easier to run on a treadmill than it is to run outside?

Running on a treadmill has the advantage of a padded running bed. Running on a treadmill is therefore less taxing on the joints. However, there is a drawback to this. When you run on a treadmill, you are not conditioning your lower body's shock-absorbing muscles. As a result, if you do end up jogging on a solid surface, accidents like stress fractures are more likely to occur.

Should I run faster with no elevation or slower with an incline to boost my intensity?
If you want to improve your overall fitness, you should do both. The level, faster workout will focus on growing foot speed, endurance, and stamina, while the uphill training will focus on building strength and power.

Is it possible to train for a race on a treadmill?

Yes, you can run on a treadmill to prepare for a race, but you shouldn't do so entirely. Hill runs should be supplemented with treadmill incline practice. In the four weeks coming up to your event, you should also go for at least one weekly outdoor run. Strength training should be done twice a week, including exercises such as squats, lunges, hip extensions, push-ups, and planks.


In order to use your home treadmill for sprint training, you cannot simply get any treadmill that appears to be attractive. Many models, particularly those priced under a thousand dollars, will not provide you with a powerful enough motor or enough high-quality cushioning in the running belt to match the demands of a dedicated runner's routine. The information in this article can assist you in selecting the greatest sprint treadmill to fit your training needs while also staying within your budget.

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