Top 8 Best Stationary Bikes For Small Spaces (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Moving is healthy. However, if you prefer to move in your home's comfort, a stationary bike may be useful for you. Read our ranking of the best stationary bikes for small spaces to find out what models are available on the market.

The YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike is currently the most frequently purchased the best stationary bike for small space for home use. This is because it has been perfectly adapted to home conditions. It has small dimensions (transport dimensions even smaller), it is not difficult to move it from place to place, it allows a weight of less than 20 kg. 

Best Stationary Bikes For Small Spaces

The YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike is very popular among exercise bikes used at home. Its dimensions are relatively small, 80 x 50 x 117 cm (transport dimensions are 64 x 25.5 x 56 cm), weight - 19.3 kg also allows the equipment to be moved by one person.

It is intended for use by the exerciser with a maximum weight of 120 kg and has a wide, comfortable, height-adjustable seat.

Adjustment about the distance from the pedals ranges from 62 to 72 cm. The pedals, on the other hand, are equipped with non-slip feet, allowing easy feet retention. What attracts users is the ability to adjust load levels on an 8-point scale.

The adjustment is made manually. The flywheel weighs 6 kg, which is intended for beginners and intermediate users.

Noteworthy is the on-board computer, which displays on the LCD screen, among others, information about distance, speed, duration of the training, pulse level, and calories burned. The YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike is one of the best-selling bicycles for home use. Why is it considered among the best stationary bikes for small spaces?


Small dimensions: The bicycle in home conditions must be compact. This condition is met by Zippo Drift, its dimensions are 80 x 50 x 117 cm (transport dimensions are 64 x 25.5 x 56 cm).

Simple operation: Operating a computer to read training information is extremely simple. One function button handles all data. And the SCAN function allows you to view all parameters.

Exercise position: Thanks to the adjustable saddle relative to the distance from the pedals in the range of 62 to 72 cm, each user will adjust them to their height. Pedals equipped with non-slip insoles and Velcro straps stabilize the foot during training.

Resistance system: The bicycle is equipped with a magnetic resistance system characterized by a quiet and smooth operation. Eight levels of its adjustment allow you to adjust the resistance to the condition of the person exercising.

Progress monitoring: Thanks to the on-board computer, you always have control over the number of calories burned, distance traveled, current speed, and other data needed to achieve your training goals.


Load adjustment mechanism: Users' opinions show that this element is extremely difficult to assemble properly because the instructions are not only difficult to read, but the attached drawings are blurred and do not provide the necessary information.

Best Stationary Bikes For Small Space

The 2nd one on our list of the best stationary bikes for small spaces is Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike. It comes with Resistance ME-709, a novelty in the offer of York Fitness. The equipment was equipped with a magnetic wheel weighing 7 kg, and the dimensions of the entire bicycle are 63x105x142 cm.

It weighs 33 kg, but transporting or moving it around the house should not cause any problems, due to the mounted transport rollers.

However, the maximum weight of a bicycle user should not exceed 110 kg. The equipment is equipped with several functions. The user can check the exercise duration, rotational speed, distance traveled, energy expenditure, and heart rate by installing a computer.

Also, the device has a signal for exceeding the maximum heart rate. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709 has been equipped with several different training programs. We can use one of 19 training programs or set the course of exercises yourself.

We also have the option of using time, distance, or calorie oriented programs. The manufacturer also provided for a pulse-controlled program.

The bike itself can be adapted to our physical conditions, as it has a vertical and horizontal adjustment of the seat and handlebar. Users praise the compact dimensions of the device and the quietness of the work and many training programs.


Saddle adjustment: The Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709 allows you to adjust the saddle vertically and horizontally, allowing you to adjust the bike well to each exerciser and be especially useful in a home where there are people with large height variations.

Many settings: The manufacturer has equipped this training bike with 19 training programs, 12 pre-defined programs, and manual programs. Also, the user can choose a program oriented on time, distance, and calories.

Adjustable load: The presented training bike has the ability to adjust the level of difficulty. It has been equipped with a 16-grade load scale, so the person exercising can adjust the level to their capabilities.

Easy to measure progress: Thanks to the extensive functions and the computer installed, you can easily monitor your progress. Not only do we have access to data such as time, linear and rotational speed, or distance traveled. We can also monitor your heart rate.


Inaccurate user manual: The device allows you to create profiles of 4 people. Unfortunately, the instruction manual does not tell you how to switch between them.

Best Stationary Bike For Small Space

The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is a sports equipment that should especially appeal to people planning to share it with others, not necessarily of similar height, because the bike we describe has up to 6 saddle settings, in the range of 70 cm to 90 cm.

The seat and the steering wheel are also covered with soft foam that prevents various pains caused by long workouts.

All equipment weighs 12 kg, and its dimensions are 120 cm x 42 cm x 93 cm. However, the maximum weight of the exercising person should not exceed 120 kg. It is a mechanical bicycle, but it has adjustable resistance.

The user can do this using smooth, manual resistance adjustment. The HS-010H Rio Mechanical Bike is equipped with a computer that allows you to control the most important training parameters during exercise. So we can monitor the speed, exercise time, distance traveled, and calories burned.

Most consumers are satisfied with the purchase of the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise bike. They indicate that the bike is the best folding fitness equipment for small space. It is compact and ideal for beginners or those who do not plan intensive training.


Compact sizes: Since it is a mechanical bicycle, it has not been equipped with a flywheel, which means that it weighs only 12 kilograms. It is also characterized by compact dimensions, which are 120x42x93 cm.

Ease of use: This is the basic version of the exercise bike. This means that it is not characterized by many functions and a large variety of settings. For this reason, the equipment is easy to use, also for people who have no experience in operating this type of equipment.

Plastic caps: The manufacturer has equipped this bike with plastic footpads, which not only prevent the floor from being scratched but also stabilize the equipment by reducing the risk of its movement during intensive exercises.


No transport wheels: The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is not equipped with transport wheels. Fortunately, the equipment weighs only 12 kg, so most people should not have problems moving it.

For women only: The male part of consumers claims that the bike is rather directed at the fair sex and men planning intensive training may not be enough.

best exercise bike for small space

The Cyclace Exercise  Stationary Bike is a device measuring 80 x 43 x 114 cm and weighing 16.5 kg. It has been equipped with a magnetic resistance system that can be adjusted.

The user can choose one of 8 levels of difficulty. This device has been equipped with several amenities that makes it one of the best exercise bike for small space. These include non-slip, balanced pedals, and a comfortable, adjustable saddle (the user has five levels available, whose height range is between 65 - 85 cm).

Also, the manufacturer has equipped this magnetic bike with several functions to monitor exercise progress. And so, thanks to the computer, we can check the time, speed, distance traveled, and calories burned.

However, thanks to touch sensors to measure the pulse, we know how it is during the exercise. An interesting solution that will appeal to younger people is a special shelf for mobile devices.

So we can put a smartphone or even a tablet there during the exercises. Those who use this bike for exercise say that it is good and, more importantly, quiet.


Compact dimensions: Even though it is a magnetic bike, it has rather compact dimensions, 80 cm long, 42 cm wide, and 114 cm high. So you don't need a lot of space to use this exercise machine.

Exercise comfort: Many consumers report that this bike is comfortable when exercising, mainly due to its quiet operation. Loud bikes can be not only annoying for bystanders, but also for those who exercise. Also, consumers say that the equipment is stable, which gives a sense of security when exercising.

Easy assembly: Equipment, after purchase, gets ready to assemble. As consumers say, thanks to the detailed instructions, assembling the bicycle take a while and can also be carried out by a person who does not have much experience in this type of work.


Insufficient adjustment: Very tall and very short people say that this bike does not have sufficient adjustment range. This means that they do the exercises uncomfortably, and thus they get tired faster and strain the spine.

No transport wheels: The Cyclace Exercise  Stationary Bike is not equipped with transport wheels, and because it weighs over 16 kg, some may have a problem moving it.

Stationary Bike For Small Space reviews

The Lanos Folding Exercise Bike is equipped with a 5 kg flywheel. All equipment weighs 17 kg, and its dimensions are 77 × 50.5 × 123 cm. This exercise bike complies with the European safety standard EN957.

The manufacturer has set a maximum user weight of 100 kg. The MMS magnetic resistance system was used in this device (the resistance is increased or decreased by reducing or increasing the distance between the magnet and the flywheel).

The pedals' resistance, which translates into training difficulty, can be adjusted using the knob on the steering wheel.

A computer that helps you track your speed, time, and calories burned during training will help. The Stationary, Magnetic Body Sculpture C1660 bike is also equipped with pulse sensors that allow you to conduct a safe workout.

Consumers report that it is one of the best exercise bike for small spaces that allows you to conduct training at home. So we can take care of our figure and health without leaving home.


MMS magnetic resistance system: The Lanos Folding Exercise Bike bike is equipped with MMS magnetic resistance system, which makes both training and resistance regulation smooth. This system also positively affects the volume of the device.

Compact dimensions: The bike has the following dimensions: 77 cm long, 50.5 cm wide, and 123 cm high. It should fit in an average size house without creating a feeling of clutter and cluttering up space.


No transport rollers: The device is compact, but its weight of 17 kg and no transport rollers makes moving it a challenge. This should not be taken alone because you can damage your floors and worsen your spine.

Low maximum load: The manufacturer states that the maximum load of this bike, so the person exercising the weight should not exceed 100 kg. This is not enough, especially considering that most training bikes available in stores have a maximum 120 kg load.

best folding exercise bike for small space

The bike is intended for home use, for users up to 120 kg. The equipment is quiet and has an adjustable resistance level of 8 degrees. Its advantage is low weight and small size. The bicycle is received in a "folded" condition.

Users report that the assembly instructions are illegible in places, and the drawings are blurry, and it is difficult to assemble the load adjustment mechanism properly. The bike allows you to train at home.

At the same time, it is attractive in terms of design. The adjustable seat allows the use of equipment by people of different height, and the computer informs about the progress of training.

best folding stationary bike for small apartment

The training bike presented here allows you to adjust the saddle, not only vertically but also horizontally. Nineteen training programs and 12 pre-defined programs allow you to choose the right one for you. Users report that the manufacturer attaches to the bicycle vague instructions, in which not all information is included.

 For example, they couldn't find information on how to set up different users and their profiles. The BARWING Foldable Exercise Stationary Bike offers great adjustment and personalization options to users, thanks to which you can create a training program perfect for their own needs. The bicycle's dimensions are 63x105x142 cm, and it weighs 33 kg.

best folding exercise bike for small apartment

The XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike offers up to 6 saddle positions that are made of a soft sponge. The equipment dimensions are 120 cm x 42 cm x 93 cm, and its weight is 12 kg. 

This makes it a fairly compact bike, ideal for small spaces. Even though the bike weighs only 12 kg, the lack of transport wheels can be troublesome and significantly impedes equipment change, especially for people with a smaller grip.

It is a basic and compact exercise bike that is perfect for beginners or those who do not plan intensive and frequent exercises. The equipment is easy to use and has basic functions to monitor progress.

Best stationary bike for small space - Buying Guide

People who do not like to work out in the gym often decide to buy sports equipment for home use. Stationary bicycles and elliptical cross trainers are the most popular. Are you wondering which product will work better in your case? We've presented the most important pros and cons of both devices.

Why choose an Elliptical bike?

An elliptical cross trainer is an elliptical machine that is mainly used for cardio or endurance exercises. We engage almost all muscles during training to work because we move our legs and arms, and we also balance the body to maintain balance.

The elliptical cross trainer allows not only to burn calories but also to improve the body's efficiency and endurance. Regular exercise on equipment makes us feel better, and we are more resistant to fatigue.

One of the most important advantages of an elliptical cross trainer is that it is suitable for younger and slightly older users. The training is extremely comfortable because the elliptical machine works quietly and has a special electromagnetic motor that allows you to choose the optimal exercise program and load.

It is worth mentioning that elliptical cross trainer exercises are suitable not only for slimming people but also for those undergoing rehabilitation after various types of injuries. The possibility of training the upper and lower parts of the body simultaneously means that we can avoid the need to look for special exercise plans to sculpt a given muscle part.

Disadvantages of Elliptical Bike

The elliptical bike indeed has many advantages, but before buying, we must consider whether the equipment will not take up too much space at home. Typically, such products are extensive and can limit free space in the room (although some models can be folded quickly if necessary). 

Also, you can not forget that the results of exercise on an elliptical bike will only be seen if the training is long enough (minimum is about 40 minutes). For this reason, users with low motivation give up this form of physical activity after a few or several days. 

The elliptical bike will also not be liked by people who need varied training to get discouraged from the sport too quickly. In this case, you need to keep a steady pace all the time, which is not easy, especially if we are not in good shape.

Advantages of the training bike

Once we know which trainers recommend the best stationary bikes for small spaces, let's think about whether we need such a product. This type of sports equipment allows you to burn calories quickly and successfully replace a traditional bike, especially in the autumn and winter. 

The stationary model allows you to adjust the wheel load, and this means that you do not feel any discomfort, and you can choose the intensity of exercise to your options.

Training on a bicycle looks slightly different than in the case of an elliptical cross-trainer. Here, we mainly carve the lower parts of the body, i.e., the calves' muscles, thighs, and buttocks.

Regular pedaling is a way to shape your legs and reduce the visibility of cellulite beautifully. Also, the best stationary bikes for small spaces is usually cheaper than an elliptical machine, and it also takes up less space, so it will certainly fit even in a small, home gym.

What are the disadvantages of the exercise bike?

The exercise bike's basic disadvantage is that we need to look for additional exercises if we also want to sculpt the upper body. The training must therefore be more extensive, and therefore usually takes more time.

Nevertheless, calm cycling on the exercise bike is a method to improve body endurance, recommended among other people who have had a heart attack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What does a stationary bike do?

Ans: Riding a exercise bike, like any other activity, brings certain benefits. Regular exercise helps improve fitness and make fatigue appear later than usual. When cycling, the legs work primarily so that they can become more muscular and the skin tense after a while. 

Exercises of this type also contribute to losing extra kilos. However, you have to be patient because the effects do not appear immediately. Riding a The best stationary bikes for small spaces can be included in the group of cardio exercises, i.e., endurance exercises designed to improve heart performance.

The advantage of such activity is that almost anyone can start it, and there is very little risk of any injury.

Q2: Stationary bike - how to exercise to lose weight?

Ans: Often, the reason why people choose regular training is the desire to lose weight. Can it be done by riding a stationary bike? Yes, of course. However, this training type must be done for a sufficiently long time and remember about regularity if we want to achieve results.

It is assumed that fat burning occurs only after about 30 minutes of physical activity. So if you want to achieve a certain weight, it's best to spend about 40 minutes on exercise.

It is also worth monitoring your heart rate during activity. It is recommended that within a minute, there were 120 to 140 beats. Some of the sports devices available on the market have built-in heart rate monitors that are usually found on the handlebar grips.

Q3: Stationary bike - how many calories can you burn?

Ans: Many people are interested in how many calories you can burn on a stationary bike. There is no clear answer to this question, because it is influenced by various factors, and more precisely: the pace of work, our weight, duration of training.

It is estimated that during an hour's drive, we can burn up to 750 kcal. Often, the bikes are equipped with special computers that estimate the number of calories burned. If we want to make training more effective, i.e., bring better results, we should extend its duration. It is also good to keep a steady pace during training.

Q4: How much does a stationary bike cost?

Ans: Is buying a stationary bicycle a big expense? It depends on our expectations. If the basic model is enough for us, we will usually not pay more than a few hundred zlotys for it. Good quality sports equipment made of high-quality materials and easy to carry can be purchased for around $ 400.

The more a stationary bike has more features and innovative solutions, the more expensive it is. Models available for over 1000 PLN. It is not uncommon for equipment to reach PLN 2,000.

Q5: Where to buy a stationary bike?

Ans: Consumers can purchase a stationary bike in two ways: going to the store or choosing shopping online. Both solutions have their pros and cons. Speaking of advantages, shopping in a stationery store has the advantage that you can check the equipment on site, and often test it.

On the other hand, online shopping does not require so much commitment, because you can take them anywhere, at any time of the day or night. Often stationary bicycles are cheaper on the Internet than in a regular store.

Shopping guide - Which stationary bike to buy?

A training bike is the simplest equipment that can stand in our home. Thanks to it, we will be able to keep fit throughout the year. A huge plus of cycling is that it doesn't burden your joints like running.

It is an ideal sport for people who are overweight because it perfectly supports losing weight. You also can't forget that it allows us to practice every day, regardless of the weather conditions outside. Therefore, in this guide, we will provide some essential tips on which stationary bike to choose.

Bicycle sharing

In sports stores, we find various bicycle models and usually throw them into categories - cheap or expensive; possibly at an average price. This is, of course, an intuitive division.

 So we'll start by dividing the bikes into types by suggesting what the models are. You need to know that some equipment is better for people with a sick heart, others who have problems with the spine.

There are three types of bikes for riding position - vertical, horizontal, and spinning. However, this is not all, the resistance mechanism is also important, and in this case, we divide bikes into magnetic, mechanical, and electromagnetic.

Upright bicycles

In such models, we assume an upright position or slightly leaning forward during training, i.e., more or less the same as when riding a city or trekking bike. Such equipment will therefore be suitable for people who have problems with the heart - the circulatory system. Instead, it is advised against all those who suffer from backache.

Horizontal bicycles

As the name suggests, in this case, you train in a lying position - the seat has a backrest, and the pedals are forward, as in some three-wheeled vehicles. Such equipment is suitable for people who have back problems, especially for obese people, because they also support the abdominal muscles.

Is it spinning - only for athletes?

It is accepted that spinning bikes are a type that is aimed at professionals because they resemble performance bikes. Of course, they provide more intensive training, but it will also be suitable for obese people because they have solid construction.

How it works, i.e., magnetic, mechanical, and electromagnetic bicycles.

In the case of the first type of equipment, the wheel brake is a magnetic brake. Such devices are more expensive than mechanical ones, but at the same time, quiet and often rich in various functions.

Mechanical bikes are a cheaper solution, but they are characterized by loud work, which can be very tiring in a small apartment. The most expensive option is the electromagnetic equipment. We have a microprocessor and an electric motor, so the device has a larger work regulation range. 

The mass of the flywheel is not insignificant.

A very important element that determines which stationary bike is the best will be the flywheel's mass. You need to know that the higher the weight, the smoother the equipment will work, and the more stable it will be.

On the market, you will find equipment with a flywheel weight from 4 kg to 20 kg, although the most popular are those in the range of 7 kg - 12 kg. If you buy equipment that is too light, which may seem like an asset at the time of purchase, it may tilt during operation. This creates a danger and also makes the machine louder.

Load degree adjustment of exercise bike

The bike should have load regulation so that you can adjust the equipment to suit your needs and the effects you want to achieve. Also, several people will often train on one machine, each with different expectations.

Maximum weight of the exercising person

If you buy equipment to lose weight, then this thread is very important to you. Most devices have limits of about 120 kg, but some models can withstand up to 160 kg. If you do not have such needs, it will not be so important to you. However, if you are overweight or are buying equipment with such people in mind, check it out.

Weight and then the height

You checked the weight, so it's time to grow. Each equipment has some restrictions. Fortunately, there are regulations, such as the saddle height adjustment range. If you are very tall, check if the equipment can be adapted to your needs.

Machines without such regulations are not very popular, but you can find them. Also, remember that such an element is important when several people are to use the device. It is also worth making sure that you can adjust other elements, such as the steering wheel or pedal distance.

Weight and dimensions of the stationary bike

Before you buy equipment, check its dimensions and how much it weighs. Especially if the surface on which it is to stand is limited. A good bike should weigh at least 20 kg, but the weight can also reach 80 kg.

Don't follow the rule - lighter is more mobile. Such equipment must be solid. As for the dimensions - the length starts from 50 cm and ends at 1.5 m, while the width is usually 70 cm. A lot depends on what type you choose - horizontal, vertical, or spinning.

Features that make exercise bike easy

The exercise bike used to be a simple device that differed from traditional equipment only in appearance. Now such machines have computers and many functions. Not all of them are needed, but for the most part, it will be very useful. 

Among them, there is a pulse measurement function, time measurement, distance measurement (also the total number of kilometers driven), speed, pedaling frequency, calories burned, resting heart rate measurement with a fitness assessment.

The device should also have a system for setting individual parameters: age, weight, and height - thanks to these exercises on the equipment will bring the best results.

It is good to have a USB input or other similar solutions to make driving fun while listening to music. It is also worth checking if the equipment measures efficiency and saves the result. Thanks to this function, you can check your results before training and after a few weeks, assessing the effects.

Additional equipment

Such equipment stands on the floor, so it should be supported on elements that do not scratch it. Of course, it's best to buy a mat that eliminates shock and vibration - although the noise itself may be small if you buy good equipment.

The machine should have space for placing the smartphone or tablet. Of course, some companies offer their clients advanced equipment with such solutions. It is good if the device also has room for inserting a water bottle - irrigation during training is the key.

Who offers solid best stationary bikes for small spaces at good prices?

Among the best producers of this type of equipment are Body Sculpture, Fitplay, Hammer, HMS, Hop Sport, Johnson, Kettler, Master Sport, Matrix, Spokey, Star Track, Techno Gym, and many others.

As for the prices themselves - for the simplest mechanical models, it is an expense of about $ 200 if you are looking for a magnetic one - at least 400$, electromagnetic costs over 1500$

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