10 Best Road Bikes 2022 – complete buying guide

In contrast to other models and products from the field of bicycles, it depends on the speed of a racing bike. The road bikes are very light and slim, often weighing well under 10 pounds. Big wheels in combination with a special and optimized gearshift are further points, which make a racing bike reach high speed.

What is a road bike?

First and foremost, of course, a racing bike is a normal bikeHere you then ensure with a pedal drive and your own muscle power that you quickly get ahead with the wheel. In contrast to other models and products from the field of bicycles, it depends on the speed of a racing bike .

How does a road bike work?

In order to make the mentioned very high speeds possible, the wheels are specially designed. Among other things, the road bikes are very light and slim, with a weight of often well below 10 kilograms you can save a lot of power when pedaling.

Big wheels in combination with a special and optimized gearshift are other points, which makes a racing bike even work. At the same time, as a rider on the bike, you assume an almost horizontal position , which also significantly reduces air resistance.

Advantages & Applications

The advantages of the road bike are primarily in the high speed that are possible with such a model. Especially in the city, it is really possible with a good road bike and a little training to depend on one or the other car. The application areas concern both the private and the professional sector. Whether for pure driving for fun, to keep fit or to participate in events, a racing bike is for many areas and demands a very good choice.

What types of racing bike are there?

The variety of types of racing bikes is not as big on the market as many people suspect. Because the construction is very similar in most models, the differences are negligible here. Significant and really important differences are mainly in the equipment and the weight, because these are the really important points that also play a major role in every modern road bike.

However, it depends mainly on the chosen price range , how good the equipment is. Of course, the numerous variants and models on the market also differ significantly in terms of appearance, so that all tastes can best be put to good use here . Colorful colors with an eye-catching pattern or a rather simple variant, here today almost everything is represented.

This is how road bikes are tested

The road bike test is an important tool for customers and potential buyers who are not yet sure which model is the right one. Among other things, you will find in road bike test the really good and popular models on the market, in which you certainly do not go wrong with a purchase .

So that the road bike test can give you a comprehensive picture of the functions and performance of the various variants, the road bike test uses different aspects and points, from which the road bike test can then produce a good or less good rating.

Of course, especially in the road bike test, a safe and comfortable application is very important and the road bike test looks at this point very well. The better the bike strikes at this point in the road bike test , the better the rating for the corresponding model.

Another point that naturally plays a big role in the road bike test is the quality. Because in combination with the durability and the materials , the road bike test can then make an accurate picture of whether the road bike can still meet its own requirements even after a few weeks and months of use. If this is not the case in the road bike test , then the road bike tested also gets a rather bad rating.

And last but not least, the road bike test also looks at the price-performance ratio , which plays a very important role in this day and age. Because the better the ratio in the road bike test fails, the better is then again the rating for the bike. Of course, the road bike test is always brought up to date and here are always new models in the road bike test. A regular look at the reviews in the road bike test is definitely worthwhile.

What should I look for when buying a racing bike?

Take a look at the road bike test, if you do not know exactly which variant on the market is the right one for you personally. Because here you will find a lot of information and good models. Among other things, you should pay attention when purchasing but also that the wheel is tailored to you personally . Of course, this is especially true for the size of the wheels and the Frame. You will find practical examples and tables, for example, on the internet and in the journals , which you can use to choose the right size for you.

And a research on the Internet to the numerous models is of course always a good choice as a supplement to the road bike test, because here you will find in addition to the road bike test and practical reviews and facts around the desired racing bikes. Here you will not only find the desired facts at a glance, but also real reports about the strengths and weaknesses that are recognized and reported by the real users. These will certainly also help you to decide which race bike is right for you.

Brief information on leading 7 manufacturers

More and more bicycles are on the German roads to see and also the manufacturers of the various models repeatedly reported new records in sales and sales. Here are the well-known brands, especially in the field of racing bikes very dominant, small businesses and unknown brands you find as a customer here relatively rare. The biggest and most well-known manufacturers of modern and good racing bikes , we now show you short and compact.


The German company Tretwerk offers you as a customer a variety of modern bicycles, including just a few models in the field of racing bikes. With solid features and a discreet look, the bikes are a great choice for beginners as well as advanced riders looking for a good and reliable road bike.

 Cube Good solid technology at a low price, this offers the manufacturer Cube , if you want a new bike. Surely you too have already been allowed to see the wheels in everyday life , because they are very popular with many athletes and fans of high-quality technology. Different variants and many models are a matter of course here in the range and even in the road bike test , the models attract attention with good reviews.


In the road bike test, the racing bikes from Koga not only offer a very good performance, but are also thanks to the high quality and long durability for daily use a very good choice, for example, if you quickly and safely with your own road bike to work drive want. The numerous models leave nothing to be desired in terms of features or the very important optics and are a good choice for beginners and professionals.

VSF bicycle factory

The VSF bicycle factory attaches importance to reliability on every road bike as well as an extensive equipment, which makes every road bike also for the everyday life a good choice. As a potential customer, you are also spoiled for choice and you can choose from the numerous models exactly the racing bike that suits your own requirements . At the same time, of course, the range is being constantly and regularly expanded due to the increasing demand .


The manufacturer Haibike is one of the best known and largest brands on the market at all and also the variety of racing bikes leaves nothing to be desired. Modern technology and a great variety of different techniques are waiting for the user here. Accordingly, it is precisely in combination with the good ratio of price and performance , no wonder the racing bikes of Haibike is a huge popularity enjoyed.


Also the company KTM belongs in any case and for some years to the fixed sizes in the market. The bikes, among other things, of course, the numerous racing bikes in the range, not only with a wide variety of different equipment and sizes, but visually, the wheels have much to offer. Especially with young people, the wheels are certainly for this reason very popular and a welcome choice.


The company Bulls has also been on the market for many years with the road bike and scores here especially with very reasonable prices. Accordingly, the models are definitely a good choice, especially for beginners and for a first try in the special area, even if the equipment here sometimes still leaves room for improvement .

Internet vs. Specialist dealers: where do you buy your racing bike the best?

Until just a few years ago, there was only one way for you as a customer looking for a good and new road bike to buy one. Because until shortly after the turn of the millennium , you could find corresponding offers and bicycles exclusively directly in the shop on site, so that you as a customer then had to go here to search if you just wanted to have a new road bike for daily use.

Of course, in the present time this looks quite different now, because thanks to the internet you have a much better option and an interesting alternative. We investigate the important and current question, where to buy your new road bike best. So we answer for you the question, whether the purchase over the Internet or in the specialized trade for you is the right, good and best choice.

Get the new bike for a reasonable price

500 Euro and more, a new road bike is in many cases a big investment and the purchase then, of course, accordingly expensive. This is particularly definitely so if you choose a well known brand and also in the equipment must be left open to be desired. And these high prices are certainly one of the reasons why people are always looking for a new road bike in search of a really low price.

Of course, you can always be lucky in a local shop and get a very good deal here, but of course you have to have a bit of luck here and be in the right place at the right time. This is not always the case with a purchase over the Internet, because as a rule you benefit here as a customer in general and always from very favorable prices and very good offers, thanks to which the purchase for you significantly cheaper than you may have this in advance thought. Because the operators of online shops And of course the big providers in this area would like to entice you as a customer and draw your attention to your own offer.

Of course, this works best for the customer, of course, with a lot reasonable price, which saves you a lot of money by simply ordering over the Internet in direct comparison to buying locally. So you can look forward to finding the new road bike at very reasonable prices and good deals, which you can take advantage of with just one click .

And if you do not want to look for a low price for the bike you want, you do not have to do much for it invest time nor much effort . Because the times of the Internet and the many more or less practical services keep you in the right place for you.

The speech here and in this case of the so-called price search engines, which you as a customer of course also like to take on the search for a road bike. Because here the service takes over the task and of course you are also welcome to search for offers from the field of racing bikes, of course, also a search for the simple category is of course possible. Both versions work within a few seconds, so you can spend the rest of the time directly in the purchase. comparison the prices in the different shops for you and you can relax as a customer quite relaxed. Depending on the provider and website , there are various search options available to you, for example, you can search directly for the desired model, for example, and the Internet takes care of the exact task for you. alternative

Fast and easy purchase including reversal

Many users and potential buyers attach great importance to simple and efficient processing, especially when purchasing large and expensive items. Ordering the road bike is no exception. To save a lot of time and effort, we recommend that you order quickly and easily over the Internet. On the one hand you profit in the online shops not only from a very large selection of different models, but also from a very good service and a very quick and easy handling.

This already starts with the technology used in online shops today, so that customers can have a particularly pleasant experience with each order. Because the extensive descriptions make it easy when buying and in the search for the new road bike, that you can make a comprehensive picture here as a customer , without you the road bike in one place shop and try out.

Definitely helpful here is a combination of numerous photos in a very good quality, but at the same time the extensive descriptions and practical texts should not be forgotten. Thanks to these and other information, you then have the Possibility to capture the most important facts directly at a glance and then decide on a suitable road bike for your own requirements.

And if, right after the delivery or after the first trial session, you realize that the new road bike is not the right and the best choice , even when ordering over the Internet, that’s the way to go. After all, the return in combination with the entire transaction is as easy as it is possible today. Because the return is always possible for you with each purchase of the new road bike, and this within a period of at least 14 days . Within this time, you as a customer then always have the opportunity to revoke the contract and then of course send the road bike back to the provider . In this case, you will then receive the full refund.

Always, anytime, anywhere to order thanks to the Internet

The Internet is in principle really a great invention. Among other things, you have the opportunity to search for information within a few seconds and with little effort. But even when shopping, the Internet can already score points with many advantages at first glance. Among other things, you benefit in any case from the permanent and permanent availability. Because this is a general problem, which makes purchasing in specialist shops significantly more difficult.

Here, as a customer, you always have to follow the opening hours , and these are not always very customer-friendly. Among other things, you rarely have the opportunity to search for a new road bike at the weekend or on public holidays, for example, and then buy it directly.

This works on the Internet or in an online shop, of course, in any case, because here are the offers and all functions always and everywhere available for you. Simply call the provider’s website from any end device and you can start looking for the right road bike for your own needs. And of course, thanks to modern technology, this has long since ceased to function only on the notebook or PC, but also on the smartphone.

The history of the road bike

Even though the bicycle has become more and more fashionable in recent years and more and more people are choosing a suitable device for a variety of reasons, it has already had a very long and, above all, extensive history behind it. From the first beginnings in the field of bicycles to today’s modern racing bike, hardly anything has changed in terms of functionality .

The first models also look very similar to today’s bike visually . A special feature was the first wheels but still, which is likely to be known to most users of numerous photos . Because here the front wheel was much larger than the rear wheel. The driver of the bike then naturally had a correspondingly high seating position. The drive was also already in this model only by the pure force of your own muscles. By means of chain and pedaling the rear wheels were then driven and the bike began to move more or less quickly.

In 1853 , the history of the bicycle began with a drive by pedal, as it is still used today in the coarse and most trains. Here, the inventor from Germany then presented the first variant of such a bicycle. The enthusiasm was already relatively large at the beginning, even if the construction compared to the modern road bike still had some weaknesses and problems today. For example, the first wheels on the market were relatively heavy and the force required for fast and constant driving was correspondingly large. Incidentally, the precursors served of the first modern bicycle, for example, the so-called trolley, especially as a substitute for the horse.

Of course, as the years went by, the first bicycles on the market continued to evolve and the numerous developers and researchers set about making cycling more and more an important everyday companion . With the invention of the suspension and the gearshift for the bike could then be increased with the years, the comfort at the same time, so that could then handle longer distances with the bike.

The actual and modern road bike, as it is today from the sport, but also from the everyday life of many people is indispensable, however, is a rather completely new invention. Because of the desire for more and more speeds and coping with very long distances then developed very light bikes, which are very streamlined and therefore really well suited for these demands. Also due to the increasing popularity of cycling, for example in the form of the Tour de France, The racing bikes gained more and more popularity in Germany as well. So it is no wonder that sales continue to increase for these special bikes and more and more people dare to buy and drive such a bike.

Numbers, data, facts about the road bike

The Germans definitely love their own bikes and these bikes are also used very often . Especially when the weather is nice, a quick glance out and you see a variety of cyclists who move by their own muscle power. Very practical is the fact that it is on the subject of cycling and racing in Germany numerous data and facts are that a direct impression convey the importance of bicycles in Germany.

The bicycle industry, which of course includes bicycles as a special type and construction, actually has a much greater significance in Germany than most people would think and suspect. Thus, the annual turnover generated by the sale of bicycles is nearly 2.5 billion euros. Included here are, of course, all different types of bicycles, which are available in a wide variety. The road bike is a very special shape and actually more for lovers and real fans suitable, because the racing bikes are far from the most popular variant on the market at all. Here in the first place are always the popular and well-known touring bikes, which are therefore often seen in the general cityscape . Incidentally, the share of touring bikes in total sales is an impressive 30 percent.

In any case, it is very practical that there are more variants on the market than ever before. This is even more important than ever before, because of course the new road bike should be as accurate as possible to meet their own needs and requirements.

A very important factor here is definitely the size. This refers to both the frame size and the wheel size. From the wheel with a size of 26 inches to a size of 29 inches here is the right variant for all requirements.

And that’s why racing bikes are so popular today. And of course, the Germans are also willing to invest a large sum in the new road bike. After all, the bike should of course last a long time and be well prepared for all everyday requirements . With a good selection of numerous variants and models you may also like to access here, good models can already be found today from a price of about 500 € and more.

Correctly attach / install / install the racing bike in a few steps

The new road bike is now in the garage and you can hardly wait to ride the first lap with a new bike? Great, then you just have to wait for good weather and you can already start the first laps. But before you actually drive the first time and go into the great outdoors, you should install the new road bike properly and adapt it to your own needs . How exactly this works and how you fulfill this requirement particularly quickly and with little effort, we now like to show you in the following article.

Step 1: Install the bike properly

It does not matter if you have ordered the new road bike over the internet or you prefer a purchase in a specialty store, you should definitely pay attention to this first step. Because right after production, the wheels look like they are ready to go, but you should look again. This is especially true for the pedals, for the handlebar and of course for the brakes.

All these parts are mounted on most models, but at least you should be aware that they are not always properly attached and installed. So often the pedals are not quite solid, so a firm pedaling on the pedal is not necessarily a good idea. The same applies to the handlebars, you should definitely check once again whether all screws are tightened here. If this is not the case, it can quickly lead to a dangerous accident while driving .

It looks very similar to the brakes. These are of course particularly important so that you can always bring the bike safely to a halt in any installation. Very handy: Usually it is just enough if you also tighten the screws again so that the brakes, for example, can not grind and grab properly.

Step 2: Adapt the road bike to your own needs

It depends on a special adaptation in any case, because after all, it is you who wants to spin the bike. On the one hand, with the right frame and tire size to choose from, you’ll be able to use the road bike well, but the saddle continues to have a huge impact on comfort and safety while driving. There are special recommendations here for adjusting your own saddle, because the right position when sitting has a very large influence. If you as a user are not sure which position is the right one and how to ultimately adjust the saddle Of course, if you wish, you have the opportunity to seek advice in a specialist store on site. In this case, you can also be sure that you can use the racing bike exactly as you really want as a user.

Step 3: Fit for the road

The equipment is basically reduced to an absolute minimum on every modern road bike on the market , so weight can be saved here. Because it is the case that lamps and Co. are very practical, but on the other hand relatively heavy. However, in this case you should make sure before the first use and look carefully, whether the bike is safe for operation and use in normal road traffic. Among other things, reflectors on the spokes and on the pedals play a very important role, so you even in the dark for the other participants in traffic are clearly visible. If these elements are not directly mounted on the road bike when buying, this is of course no longer a problem today. Because the complete equipment make fit and secure. This step is particularly important, because in addition to all the fun and fast driving should always be the safety first, so that you can arrive back home healthy every night and after each tour. You can buy for little money in the specialized trade or if desired also order on the Internet, so that the bike then in a few steps

If you as a user have followed these three short steps, the first use of the new road bike is nothing in the way. Very practical: The steps can be carried out well by absolute laymen and are already done in a few minutes already completely

10 tips for care

If you have already completed the first tours and completed the first few kilometers with the new road bike, then you should start slowly to think about the important care of the entire road bike. Because the purchase of the new road bike was certainly not very cheap and that is why you should make sure that you maintain the wheel and keep clean. How exactly this works and on which tips and tricks you should use, we will show you directly.

Tip 1: The secure location

On the road or in the garden in the open air you should not leave the bike on for a long time , even overnight, the corresponding locations are anything but a good choice. Because humidity, cold and other influences play a significant and very important role here and may leave more than clear marks on the road bike. Since you want to avoid this with certainty, so you should pay attention to a safe location . A shed or a normal garage is already a very good choice and they make little effort to ensure that the road bike is available for a long time and you do not have to worry about defects and other problems.

Tip 2: Maintain the chain

Especially the chain is a very big and important part of every road bike. Because only with such a you have the opportunity to drive with the road bike quickly and safely. So that the bike is always ready for the fast and enduring ride, you should give the used and installed chain once again a special care. With a simple cleaning and a quick oiling after a long ride, you as a user make sure that even after a few weeks and months, the chain still works flawlessly and you can save an exchange .

Tip 3: Clean the road bike

Whether it’s touring in fine weather or simply taking a regular trip to work, and every day, the road bike is subject to many influences. No wonder, then, that dirt and other impurities are deposited over time. With a regular cleaning, you ensure that your racing bike shines again and again in the latest glory. A wet rag is definitely enough in this case.

Tip 4: Choose the right bike

You should always make sure that the new bike really suits you. After all, there are many different sizes and models on the market, so just the different types and demands can be satisfied. It’s best to check directly on-site which bike fits your size and size, so you can get the new one road bike for a long time.

Tip 5: Observe load limits

For every model on the market, including racing bikes, the manufacturers specify exact limits for the maximum load . This is always stated in kilograms and you should make sure that you do not exceed these and in any case comply. If you do not, then it can happen here again that the road bike takes a significant damage and then you have to take care of another variant here . So please always follow the instructions by the manufacturers, so that such a situation does not even have to be feared and can occur.

Tip 6: Avoid theft effectively

A very big mistake that many people make: The new racing bike may be expensive, but the new lock is at the same time much less worth and not necessarily worthwhile. You should make sure that you decide for a very good castle . This may then be a bit more expensive, because only then you have the opportunity to effectively avoid theft .

Tip 7: Optimize with the right accessories

Of course, as a user of the new racing bike, you have the option of using the right accessories . With the right accessories, you not only optimize the application with every ride, but also the durability. Because numerous products are particularly well suited for this purpose.

Tip 8: Forgo high pressure

Many people make a big mistake in the care of their own road bike. To save time and money, many users just want to clean the wheel with a high-pressure cleaner. However, you should avoid this, because the high pressure can quickly cause damage. So do not use the high pressure, so that the racing bike still works perfectly even after years.

Tip 9: The regular check

Rims, frames and Co. can show a defect over time when driving on bad surfaces . The problem here is that this is often not noticeable directly. In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises , you should definitely check the new racing bike after every longer tour .Defects can be detected very quickly before they can be dangerous.

Tip 10: Avoid harmful influences

There are certainly bicycles on the market that you can use in any weather and always, but the racing bikes are definitely not. So that the road bike works perfectly, even after years of regular driving, you should avoid all harmful influences in any case. Moisture, cold and more play a significant role here.

Useful accessories

Of course, when driving with the new road bike should always be fun in the actual foreground. But also to keep fit and improve your condition , the road bike is a very good choice. Or would you prefer to drive through fields to work every day with the new road bike to keep fit and switch off? Whatever you want to use and use the new road bike in the end , there are no limits to the variety here. At the same time you have a great advantage here as a user , because the modern racing bikes are today very extensively equipped and offer a good ride comfort, on the other hand, the range of accessories on the market today is more diverse than ever before. So that you too can use your racing bike even more optimized and even more intensively for all areas, we now like to show you which accessories you can not do without.

Even if today almost every user can always and everywhere have its modern smartphone with it, enjoys the classic bike computer even today, an unbroken popularity. In addition, such a bike may not be missing out on the racing bike, so that you, as the driver, always have an in-sight of your progress and important data.

At the same time, technical progress has not left its mark on these products, and here too there are innovations and new technologies. Among other things, today there are, for example, bicycle computers for use on the road bike, which can be connected via Bluetooth with other devices, such as the smartphone. Here is then a transfer of the important data no problem.

Although it should always be a matter of course for reasons of self -protection, we would like to briefly mention the helmet  for the ride on the road bike. Because especially at the high speeds and the long distances that you cope with the road bike, it can unfortunately always come back to accidents . Unfortunately, these can not always be avoided, in which case, of course, the most important thing is to keep the injuries as small as possible. And here is just the helmet then a very good solution for. In addition, there are also the helmets today in many different variations, both visually and functionally there are some differences.

With certainty you will find then a suitable helmet the internet , which not only protects you, but also looks good at the same time. Incidentally, this is not only true for the helmet, because in general there are a variety of practical clothing on the market , which you can use optimally for the ride on the road bike. In addition to the pants or a matching jacket, there are even high-quality shoes. These promise best grip on the most special pedals of racing bikes, so that you can pedal with a suitable equipment very much like. Here, too, you will find yourself as a customer on the Internet very large selection, so that all functional as well as all optical requirements can be used here. The easy and quick ordering of cheap clothing directly via the Internet brings you closer to the optimal experience when riding the road bike and you are welcome to access here. Incidentally, we also recommend you a purchase out of season, so you can save money here and make a real bargain.

W questions:

Who prefers to buy a road bike?

The racing bike is a good choice, especially for a really athletic target group. As with such a bike under good conditions very fast speeds are possible, especially rapid, long and brisk trips are the goal.

Where can a racing bike be used?

On bike paths and on some roads, the use of the road bike is usually not a big problem. However, as a user, please observe the rule of the Highway Code and pay attention to, among other things, clear visibility in order to protect yourself.

Which equipment should not be missing?

In addition to a comfortable saddle, especially the gear shift on a racing bike is very important. After all, this ensures that you are always optimally prepared and able to drive optimally, even on inclines and other unpleasant conditions.

What should a good road bike cost?

Good road bikes with a good and above all durable equipment are unfortunately anything but cheap. With prices of several hundred euros you should count on in any case, if you are looking for a new road bike for daily use.

Where does the purchase of the new road bike actually make sense?

If you, as a customer, are looking for a new road bike, you will surely find it on the internet as well as in the specialist shop. Obviously you will get the best advice directly on site, but buying over the internet is usually much cheaper for you.

Where can I buy a used road bike?

A used road bike is a good solution for a low-cost entry, so if you want to virtually test the area only once. Both on the Internet, but also at certified and experienced dealers on site you get good used wheels for a reasonable price.

Which road bike computer is the right one?

For optimal results during training or simply out of personal interest, a bike computer may of course not be missing on the road bike. Particularly important here are the functions speed and distance, here then usually a cheap model is sufficient.

When is the road bike a good choice?

If you want to enjoy driving and at the same time value high speed, then the road bike is a good choice. With good roads and fitness, high speeds are not a problem with such a bike.

When are the prices for a road bike particularly favorable?

Of course, the racing bike is of course a bike, which is optimized for use in summer and in fine weather. So if you want to buy a new road bike, but at the same time look for a bargain, you should always buy out of season. The models are particularly cheap, for example, in winter, both online and in the shop then you can find particularly cheap rates.

How heavy is a modern road bike today?

A big part of the speed also contributes to the very low weight of the road bikes. These are optimized to a very low weight both in design and in the choice of materials. In the best case, a good racing bike weighs well under 10 kilograms today despite its modern equipment.

Alternatives to the road bike

The market of bicycles is extremely extensive today. Hundreds of bikes of all kinds and constructions wait here for the user and prospective customers, here you have the completely free choice. Here is the racing bike in this area is a very special choice and you as a user do not buy this usually to be able to cope with everyday life . Rather, a modern road bike is really a practical and fast sport item that you use for fun and very fast rides. For whatever reason, a road bike is definitely not a good choice for all users and for all situations .

Rather, it may even happen here in this very special area that a racing bike can deliberately not be chosen, even if you might want to. In this case, you do not have to do without a bicycle and the sporty way of getting around – after all, there are many suitable alternatives. The best alternatives to the modern racing bike can now be found in a practical overview below .

If you are looking for a modern alternative to the road bike, with which you can drive well almost everywhere, perhaps one of the modern touring bikes is the right choice for you. These usually have both suspension  on the frame and the handlebar, so you can even make short trips on bad roads on request. At the same time, however, these wheels also offer you a comfortable sitting position so that even longer journeys should generally not be a problem. By the way, this applies to ladies as well as men, because after all there are exactly the right models for every requirement on the market. The good bikes for long tours not even expensive, because even the cheap models and wheels prove in the road bike test again and again as a good and high quality choice, with which you will certainly have a lot of fun with every ride.

At the same time you can look at this alternative as a user ever knowing that the touring bikes are well suited for use on German roads. With extensive equipment and all the required elements, you can sit directly on the bike and set out for the first ride.

If you want to take a bit more money into the hand while at the same time attaching great importance to a high level of driving comfort , a so-called pedelec is definitely the right choice for you. This is a very special and very modern bike, which takes you a large part of the work. Here, the wheel has an additional motor drive, which is optionally located on the rear wheel or on the pedal unit . However, the engine has only a supporting function, because this really only works if you also pedal yourself. speeds Up to 25 kilometers per hour is possible with such a bike without any problems, and thanks to the enduring batteries of today even over a longer distance.

Depending on the surface and the selected support, the range for the good bikes is up to 100 kilometers, sometimes even more. The popularity of pedelecs with an electric drive has continued to increase over the past few years and nowadays more of the wheels are sold than ever before. This is certainly due to the fact that many people now use the wheels to do, for example, the daily commute to work. In addition, prices have dropped significantly in recent weeks and months due to rising demand, and the wheels themselves at the well-known brands significantly cheaper than it was only a few months ago.

In addition, you should always keep in mind that with such a bike you will enjoy all the benefits that you would expect for a bike without additional drive . Among other things, you can drive here on all bike paths, a special insurance or even a license plate you need in this case also not.

Very easy is also the ease of use, because even laymen can handle the new bike relatively quickly on the first ride and can use it without any problems .

Please note, however, that there are also clear differences in the market here . Because even as in the road bike test , unfortunately, not all models and variants are really convincing here in a comparison , significant weaknesses are unfortunately not that rare, as many users would probably assume so quickly.

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