5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews 2020

If you want to buy a training best recumbent exercise bike, you should analyze the offer of available models, on what basis to choose them?

The autumn-winter period, as well as the beginning of spring, is the time when the weather is not always good enough to happily jump on a bicycle and cover several or several kilometers. Unfortunately, the storm, rain, cooling or heavy cloudiness can effectively spoil the plans and reduce the motivation for training.

The prescription for a bad weather can be a stationary bicycle, on which we can practice without worries about weather anomalies. Which training bike to choose and what to look for? Some time ago, the choice of this type of equipment was not particularly difficult, as there were relatively few models available in the few sports stores, so it was enough to have a certain budget to get back home with the right equipment. Currently, it is completely different.

The 5 best recumbent exercise bike reviews

Due to its popularity, there are numerous brands, types and models of best recumbent exercise bike

on the market. To help you have a good overview of the market available, we present the 5 best options for exercise bike models currently available on Amazon.

1st Place - Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708

Marcy is one of the two best-selling brands currently on exercise bikes and user ratings are all excellent. This bike offers eight programmed levels of manually adjustable magnetic resistance control to simulate various types of exercises.

The quality of the folding vertical bike is optimal. It is made of very resistant materials of caliber 14, offering the user high quality, durability and resistance, as well as comfort. It has counterweight pedals and adjustable foot straps, as well as a wide and soft seat made of adjustable foam.

2nd Place - Marcy ME-709 Exercise Bike

The design of this bicycle allows the user to exercise in a very comfortable position. Its seat adjusts to the body and the distance of the pedals can also be adjusted for a perfect adaptation to the dimensions of the user, in addition it has a backrest for the back. It is made of steel so it is very resistant and durable.

It has a magnetic resistance system with eight predetermined resistance levels to progress in training. It is elegant and compact for the home, does not take up much space and comes in black, gray and copper presentations.

3rd Place - Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Exercise Stationary Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness is among the best brands. The main value of the Premium Cycling bike is its 18 Kg flywheel, the heavier the flywheel, the more fluid the pedaling, so this bike has no comparison in terms of speed and stability, regardless of the level of resistance

It is elegant and both the seat, as the pedals and handlebars are adjustable to suit you. It has adjustable micro resistance with pressure braking system, this system allows you to use various levels of tension, allowing you to increase the intensity of the exercise and burn more calories. The resistance is adjusted only by turning a knob.

4th Place - Marcy ME-702 Regenerating Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Marcy's Upright Magnetic Cycle is an option that will undoubtedly be satisfactory. This bike allows intense exercises and take on training challenges without involving large costs. The training can be monitored through a comfortable interface screen that marks the time, speed, distance and calories burned.

It is a very compact, comfortable and quiet model. Although it is lightweight, it has a wheel system that facilitates its transport. Its seat and height are adjustable so it offers precision in body position.

5th Place - Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

In addition to the virtues of a magnetic resistance best recumbent exercise bike , this bike has the advantage of having an arm exerciser consisting of two handles that simulate a pedaling with the hands, thus achieving a more complete training by including the upper train in the exercise.

The posture that the body adopts on this bicycle is very comfortable allowing you to extend the exercise day. Its seat is wide and the backrest adjusts to the user's height. It has eight resistance levels and its monitor allows you to record the control of the exercises for an optimal monitoring of the training progress.

Types of  Recumbent Exercise Bike

This is a huge selection of various equipment that allows us to adjust everything to your preferences, and the budget, even relatively low, does not exclude the possibility of choosing a training device for individual preferences.

And it must be admitted that producers try as best they can to meet the requirements of even demanding users with specific needs. This is why, before buying, it is worth defining your needs and preferences so that the choice is well-considered and, most importantly, it was satisfying. The best recumbent exercise bike must also be adjusted to our abilities as well as the training effects we want to achieve. All this makes the offer available should be analyzed in terms of the most important parameters and the division of the prepared devices.

Exercises, or rather their intensity, performed on stationary bikes vary depending on their type. There are very different equipment available on the market in terms of construction and resistance generated. In addition, there is also possible regulation and various types of additives.

Horizontal bicycles

If someone is struggling with spinal problems, but does not want to give up training on a stationary bike, he should choose a horizontal bike. In this case, he exercises in a nearly lying position - the seat has a backrest and the pedals are extended to the front. Training in this position does not burden the spine. What's more, it has a positive effect on the activation of the abdominal muscles.

This solution will also work for people who are overweight and elderly people who, in addition to back problems, may have problems maintaining their balance on the upright bike. It is also the best solution for people performing "sedentary" competitions, i.e. drivers, office workers, etc. This type of equipment is prepared, among others, by HMS.

Advantages and disadvantages of a horizontal training bike


  • Convenient for people with spinal problems or a large overweight.
  • Still a fairly reasonable price.
  • Simplicity of use.


  • They occupy more space than vertical bicycles.

Vertical bicycles

This is the most popular type of best recumbent exercise bike, which most closely resemble traditional cycling. They are prepared by a lot of companies, for example Body Sculpture and BH Fitness. The position of the exerciser is straight or slightly tilted forward - it depends on individual settings. Some prefer to train gently as a city bike ride, while others prefer intensive training in an aggressive position reminiscent of, for example, riding a road or mountain bike.

Remember, however, that this type of fitness equipment is not suitable for all users. Any problems with the spine can significantly impede the training and lead to the deepening of the discomfort. However, there are significant advantages of these devices. Vertical bicycles should be used by people with cardiac problems and complaints related to the cardiovascular system. What's more, regular training works great for lung function and buttock, thigh and shank muscles.

Advantages and disadvantages of a vertical training bicycle


  • Relatively low price.
  • Simple to use, even for novice users


  • Unsuitable for people with back pains etc.
  • Too simple and undemanding for advanced users

Spinning bike

Some time ago the term "spinning bike" was completely foreign. Even today, most people are not familiar with this type of equipment, which is why we are in a hurry with explanations. Well, the spinning bike is used for very intense exercise in a very tilted position, identical to that of high-performance road bikes. It's the perfect solution for those who want to use a vertical bicycle, but most models offer a too-gentle training position.

This type of fitness equipment is even more similar to a traditional road bike. Even the transmission system from the connecting rod to the flywheel takes place via a chain that gives specific resistance, etc. Remember, however, that such equipment is not suitable for people who want to train at home on a basic level. A spinning bike is a device designed for advanced athletes, also professionals who can not afford breaks in training during periods when weather and road conditions do not allow for traditional field exercises. Models of Body Sculpture and Kettler have such models in their offer.

Advantages and disadvantages of the spinning bike


  • Suitable for advanced users.
  • The greatest adjustment possibilities.
  • The closest to high performance bikes.


  • Practically only for advanced and experienced users
  • In most cases, a higher price

Stationary bike - which one to choose?

Of course, choosing the type of fitness equipment does not do the job. There are devices available on the market that are also varied in many other respects. The most important, of course, will be the key technical parameters affecting the possibilities of stationary bikes, as well as the way in which we are able to practice this type of sport.

However, before we get to their presentation, it is worth noting also the types of resistance created. The best recumbent exercise bike are divided not only into the main type associated primarily with the position of the user during training, but also the type of flywheel and resistance mechanism used in a given model, which is produced for the need of exercise.

Magnetic bike

This is a more advanced resistance system in exercise bikes, and hence, found in more expensive models, prepared for demanding users. Many people who have been training on this type of bicycle definitely say that this is an incomparably better solution compared to bicycles with mechanical resistance.

In this case, the adjustment takes place via a magnetic brake, so that the choice of the resistance level is much greater than that of a simpler competitor. Advanced users can set a very high resistance level, unachievable for the mechanical version. What's more, the stationary bicycle of this type works practically silently, which is very important in the case of home use.

Electromagnetic bike

This is already the highest level of advancement and at the same time the most expensive models on the market. In this case, the magnetic control has been enriched with electronics, which gives the user a huge array of various options and possibilities. For example, the resistance can be adjusted automatically depending on the set training program, training fatigue, time etc. Of course, the equipment works very quietly, while the number of functions and additions makes even select and advanced athletes find something for themselves. The price is very high in this case, while the possible repair is practically impossible to implement at home.

here are also special mini exercise bikes on the market, which are characterized by compact dimensions (sometimes even without a saddle). They will prove to be a good choice for people who do not have adequate space for full-size models. It is worth mentioning that more and more often there are also designs using air resistance systems (often combined with a magnetic mechanism), as well as bikes with induction technology .

Motor bike

The mechanical resistance system is the simplest and cheapest solution used in basic models for less demanding users. Adjusting the resistance is done by physically increasing the friction of the bicycle wheel. Everything is usually set with a knob in a smooth or gradual way. Support for such a system and possible repair can be carried out even by an inexperienced user. Remember, however, that such a system generates a lot of noise and for some it can be disruptive.

Worth knowing!

If you plan to train at home, for example in the evenings, when your children are asleep, opt for a model with a magnetic resistance system. This bike is virtually silent and allows a wide range of adjustment.

Stationary bike - the most important parameters

Choosing a training bike is not only a decision about the type of construction and resistance system, but also other parameters that have a huge impact on subsequent use.

  • Weight of the exerciser - although most people prefer not to talk about their weight, but buying a stationary bike, it is worth taking into account the maximum load limit, ensuring safe use of the equipment. Typically, the limit for medium-price devices is 150-160 kilograms. If, however, we decide on a cheaper model, be sure to check if it is not a finer construction. It happens that such devices have a limit of 100 kilograms.
  • Saddle and steering wheel adjustment - contrary to appearances, the appropriate saddle adjustment range is extremely important. A poorly adjusted seat makes training very difficult, and in the long run, an incorrect position can lead to painful injuries. In addition, the wrong position strongly limits the effects of training. Remember that it is not only the ability to adjust the saddle height, but also its inclination, offset, etc.

You should also pay attention to the possibility of setting the steering wheel or grips. This is not as important as setting a saddle, but each user has different preferences and the ability to set the position during training will certainly improve the effects and comfort.

  • Dimensions and weight of the device - By buying a stationary bike home, we would certainly like to make its dimensions as small as possible. Some models can even be folded, so that we can hide the device, for example, into the cabinet after the exercise. However, if we care about advanced equipment, its dimensions can be quite large, so you need to remember about choosing the right place. The problem may also be mass, because advanced devices can weigh up to 80 kilograms, which will make the possible transfer of the training bike very troublesome.
  • Measurement of time, distance, speed and other functions - currently even basic models have more or less extensive on-board computers that measure the distance traveled, speed, training time etc. More advanced models have sensors that measure the user's heart rate. These additions allow you to better track your progress and achieve your training goals.
  • The company - of course, the quality of the device is also influenced by the reputation of the producer, who is responsible for its preparation. By choosing branded bikes, we can be sure that they will meet all the requirements set for them. It is worth targeting bikes among others such as Zipro, Body Sculpture, HMS, Kettler and BH Fitness.
  • Extras that make training more enjoyable - it is not a necessary element of a training bike, but because of the rather monotonous nature of stationary training, additions that make day-to-day exercise more pleasant will help you stay motivated and willing to exercise. It is worth paying attention to the possibility of mounting handles eg on a book or a tablet or at least an MP3 player.

In the top training models, there is even the possibility of connecting fitness equipment to the computer and displaying, for example, a route on the screen. What's more, what we see on the screen translates into the difficulty of training, for example, entering a large hill, we feel increased resistance to pedals, etc.

Bicycle simulator

If someone in the house stores a traditional bicycle, but does not want to give up training during bad weather, instead of additional, large equipment that will take up a lot of space, can opt for a simulator. This is a special adapter, a kind of frame with a roller, to which we attach the bike in a standing position. Most models have quite a compact design, which we can hide into the wardrobe.

What's more, this type of equipment can be cheaper than complete exercise bikes. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that in this case it is not necessary to choose saddle or steering wheel settings for your own references, because we train on our own bike.

Do you know that?

Very many professionals use advanced training simulators. This allows you to train on your own bike, on which they drive every day in the open air. The same setting and position makes alternating workouts at home and in the field run almost the same without the need to adapt to different equipment.

As you can see, the choice of best recumbent exercise bike is very rich. Pay attention not only to their type, but also to the type of resistance used and the most important technical parameters. In the Presto store you can find any type of equipment - it is worth to use affordable prices, as well as such additions as free delivery.

Shopping guide

If you want to buy an exercise bike you should know some details so you can choose the ideal one. In this shopping guide you will find information about the characteristics, advantages, disadvantages and which variables to take into account when choosing your bike. We will also tell you where to get the best deals.

What is an exercise bike?

This machine consists of a system that emulates regular bicycles, with the seat, pedals and handlebars arranged in the same way. But the difference is that stationary bicycles do not move, but are fixed. So if we talk about losing weight and strengthening legs, we talk about the exercise bike.

It is easy to use, comfortable, effective and adapts to the spaces, ideal for those who prefer to stay at home instead of cycling outside or go to the gym. It can be used any day of the year whether the snow falls or the hot sun strongly. In addition, it is perfect for those who fail to maintain balance.

What advantages does the best recumbent exercise bike offer?

Exercising on an exercise bike provides numerous benefits, helps keep your body active and healthy. It helps you burn calories and, accompanied by proper nutrition, is the best ally to lose weight. It also contributes to the strengthening of the lower muscles of the body so you can have perfect legs.

In addition, guided by a specialist, the exercise bike can be part of health treatments and therapies to improve the symptoms of diseases such as arthritis, circulation or some back ailments.


It helps improve cardiovascular rhythm

Contributes to burn calories

Increases blood pressure

The leg muscles are toned and remain flexible

Benefit to the waist and buttocks

Contributes to a better digestion


Burn fewer calories than running on the treadmill

The exercise is concentrated only in the lower part of the body

It can become monotonous

Simple, folding, elliptical or best recumbent exercise bike - What should you pay attention to?

Each exercise bike has technical characteristics that differentiate each other and are decisive for choosing the ideal. We tell you about the different types you can get in the market, so that you take all the necessary considerations.

Simple exercise bike Your goal is to simulate the normal bike ride so your seat is wider which means more comfort. Sitting comfortably reduces fatigue and prolongs exercise time, which represents more calories burned. It is ideal for people who have just started training.

Folding exercise bike It is the smallest and lightest, so its biggest advantage is that it occupies very little space but without reducing its effectiveness. Although it may not be ideal for tall or very heavy people, it is comfortable and stable for people of average height and weight since it has a comfortable seat and some also have a backrest.

Elliptical bike -It is designed to be used standing although the movement is pedaling and not walking. It has two side bars that grip with your hands, so also exercise your arms. Due to its requirement, it is ideal for people with previous training, therefore they tend to be more expensive than traditional static ones.

Spinning bike -It is the most famous of gyms. It is very similar to conventional road or road bicycles so the body posture takes that form and pedaling is fast, therefore they are ideal for people with a lot of energy to burn and for professionals

Stationary bicycle

Folding exercise bike

Elliptical bike

Spinning bike


Means, medium


Means, medium

Means, medium






Resistance Systems

eight resistors

eight resistors

eight resistors

eight resistors

Weight Supported

100 kg

100 kg

120 kg

120 kg

Flywheel Weight

12 kg

12 kg

From 9 Kg to 12 Kg

From 13 Kg to 30 Kg

Are accessories important?

While the size, stability and weight of the steering wheel are the most determining factors to choose an exercise bike, the details are not less important, that is, the accessories that will make the training experience much more satisfactory and effective.

Bottle holder Check that the bike you choose has a bottle holder. These are receivers that fit standard-size bottles, and they help you because that way when you hydrate you won't have to interrupt the training to look for water.

Monitoring Console Another important element is the monitoring console to control your training. These can check various aspects, such as distance traveled, speed and time, among others. If you require specialized monitoring make sure that it includes all the variables you need.

How to take care of your best recumbent exercise bike ?

Like any machine, continuous maintenance is necessary to ensure the durability and aesthetics of the device. If you treat the team carelessly then it will surely not perform as is ideal. So we tell you some details that you should watch to take care of your exercise bike.

Dry it after each session. Being a training team, it will be constantly exposed to sweat, so every time you finish your routine clean the parts with a cloth, with that you will avoid staining or corroding.

Protect it from the weather. It is not recommended that the machine be exposed to the sun and weather all the time. It's fine if you take it out to the patio or balcony for your daily routine, but you must save it later. The cold, heat, rain and sun are elements that can damage its part and limit its useful life.

Check its operation. In addition you must be attentive to the operation of the pieces and the noises that appear. It is normal for some parts to wear or loosen, so it is important that you periodically maintain your equipment or ask a technician to do so.

Where to buy?

Although they are specialized machines, their popularity and accessibility allow you to acquire them both in sports stores in your city and in department stores located near you, such as Walmart, amazon and ebay.

But if you are one of those who prefer to save the trip to the store and all the details of the transfer of the equipment, you can make your purchase online on trusted websites and that offer very good prices such as Amazon, Ebay, Mercado libre, among others.

Purchase criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of best recumbent exercise bike

Although it functions as a common bicycle, the exercise bike is a machine that has several important characteristics to attend when buying it. Remember that the perfect bike is the one that suits you and meets your needs. We present the main features that you should take into account.

  • Size
  • Stability
  • Weight supported
  • Resistance System
  • Flywheel Weight


The size of the bicycles vary according to the model and type of bicycle. The importance of size is directly linked to the space you have to locate it. There are different sizes in the market, so at the time of purchase, verify if the size you want suits you.

Big. Larger stationary bicycles can be heavy and heavy, but compensate for this by being very resistant and durable. They can measure up to 2m high, and about 1.5m wide, so consider having a good space available if you plan to purchase one of these.

Little. The smallest among the stationary bicycles are laptops, which can be folded and deployed. They measure around 1.5m high and 1m wide, but these measures may vary. Its small size also represents a great advantage because its weight is also reduced. The disadvantage is that they are less resistant and can withstand less weight.


Stability is essential for your security. An unstable bicycle can result in accidents and injuries, so you should look for a model that does not wobble at all. The best way to ensure this is to look for a heavy machine, but there are also lighter designs that give you good stability.

Particularly the folding exercise bike, being the most compact and lightweight, can be unstable especially for very tall or heavy people. In all bicycles you must make sure that the bases of the machine are large enough to support the movement without accidents.

Weight supported

It is very important that you make sure how much weight your bike supports and if your weight, even if your goal is to reduce it, is the one for the bike you choose if your weight exceeds or limits with that suggested by the manufacturers, you will run the risk of damaging it . To know the weight supported, just check the instructions.

Great weights Stationary bicycles that support more weight are the most robust and therefore heaviest. These can handle up to 130 kg, and some reinforced and stronger ones can support even up to 159 kg.

Low weights Folding or portable stationary bicycles are less robust and consequently tend to support less weight. Although there are some models that can tolerate up to 100 kg, but the weakest recommend a maximum of 80 kg.

Resistance System

Among the criteria that you should take into consideration, the resistance system stands out. This determines the effort you will apply to your exercise to evolve in your training. There is the mechanical system and the motorized system.

Mechanic system. This system offers greater strength resistance that the user must apply. This can be considered more effort and work, but it is also less variable than the motorized system.

Motorized system For its part, this system offers to establish specific programs with which the user can accurately plan their routine. Therefore, it also has a greater variety of use according to your objectives.

Flywheel Weight

It may seem like a technical issue but we believe it is important that you know that the weight of the flywheel will directly influence the smoothness or weight of the pedaling. The heavier and bigger it is, the smoother the pedaling will be and the exercise bike will be less noisy. We tell you a little about the weight parameters that you must handle.

Light flyers These are flyers with weights that are around 10 kg, and can even go down to 8 kg. They are characteristic of portable or folding bicycles, but have the disadvantage that they offer little stability to the user.

Heavy flyers These weigh around 15 kg, depending on the model, structure and type of exercise bike. But most likely, if the machine has a heavy steering wheel, it is not portable or foldable. Of course, we must grant that they provide great stability of best recumbent exercise bike


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