10 Best Pulse Watches {Reviews 2020 With Buying Guide}

If we talk about heart rate monitors, then it is a lightweight and slim training computer with an integrated GPS. The watch is compatible with the Polar Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensors and offers a 24/7 activity measurement as well as a daily activity goal. WORKOUTSGEAR has identified and compared the best heart rate monitors.

What is a heart rate monitor?

A heart rate monitor is an important helper in sports or a healthy lifestyle. The task of the heart rate monitor is to measure the pulse and to provide information via a display. Depending on the device, the heart rate is measured via a chest strap or matching sensors on the wrist. The recorded data are then sent to the heart rate monitor, which reproduces them via a display .

The initial pulse watches could not anymore, but today's models are very diverse. In this respect, you can fall back on modern features and thus wear the heart rate monitor throughout the day. For example, well-equipped devices from a heart rate monitor provide information about your own pace, calories burned, steps taken, respiratory rate and much more.

Even GPS trackers are no longer a rarity in modern heart rate monitors. This will allow you to track the distance you have covered. Furthermore, the data is not stored only on the heart rate monitor. Current products from a heart rate monitor test forward the data to a smartphone or a PC. There you can then analyze and evaluate the data. Accordingly, a heart rate monitor is a good buy for athletes and anyone who wants to bring a little more exercise in their everyday lives .

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How does a heart rate monitor work?

The function of the heart rate monitor is based on which type you use. There are products with a chest strap or ones that only measure heart rate via the wrist . Regardless of which variant you use, both work quite similarly. The only difference in the chest strap is that its data are usually a bit more accurate. In addition, these values ​​must first be forwarded to the heart rate monitor .

Otherwise, a heart rate monitor registers the electrical signals that irritate the heart muscle and thus produce a heartbeat. This means that the so-called heart rate is displayed, i.e. heartbeats within one minute. The chest strap is worn below the chest. It has integrated electrodes that measure the heart rate. The measured value is now forwarded via a radio signal to the receiver, ie the heart rate monitor. Subsequently, the data is displayed on the digital display . It is similar in a heart rate monitor without chest strap. However, the bracelet has the sensors.

In addition to the current heart rate modern calculate heart rate monitors as an average heart rate for the entire workout. In this respect, the difference between maximum and actual heart rate is displayed. The advantage of such a heart rate monitor is that a lower and upper maximum pulse value is determined. If the pulse passes one of these values, the heart rate monitor draws attention to itself. In that sense, the training can be adapted. For example, you have to slow down or exercise a bit more vigorously. This will help you avoid ineffective training.

Other categories in the leisure sector

Heart Rate Monitor - New brands and trends

Heart rate monitors are in great demand these days. Fitness and other training has very different effects on the body. Smart training means using heart rate data to control your workout. Sometimes you may want to keep your heart rate relatively low in order to burn fat more effectively. Weitherin you can with a heart rate monitor your resting heart rate (resting heart rate) in the eye and control.

There are many new types of heart rate monitors and fitness bracelets (trackers) on the market today. It can be very difficult to find just the right one for you. In the following, I will introduce you to the latest trends in the pulse watch market so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Fitbit Charge 3 Heart Rate Monitor + Fitness Bracelet

Heart rate watches are popular and in high demand for good reason: they give you an overview of your health around the clock, how much you train or how well you sleep. The Fitbit Charge 3 is the best of the year for 2018, thanks to its versatile features.
It not only continuously measures your heart rate via wrist points but also records the activities of the whole day (eg how many steps you are walking and how many calories you have burn), provides feedback on sleep and reminds you to move if you have not moved for a long time. It even guides and guides you through breathing exercises, should you feel bad (novelty). You can choose from more than 15 exercise modessuch as running, cycling and swimming.
The watch is available in several colors and the bands are interchangeable, so you can customize them to your outfits.

Letsfit fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

The Letsfit Fitness is the watch with the best price-performance ratio. The watch offers many features that are actually only found on higher priced models (novelty). This watch also measures the heart rate via sensors on the wrist. It is also connected to your smartphone so that you can see all calls or text messages and stay up to date.
The Letsfit fitness watch is a nice all-round, low-cost device that contains all the important features of a heart rate monitor.

Garmin Forerunner 235

The Garmin Forerunner is perfect for joggers / runners. Runners also have a huge selection of good heart rate monitors and it's hard to find the right one. However, the Garmin Forerunner 235 is a great choice, whether you train for your first ten kilometers or run marathons regularly. Not only does it continuously monitor heart rate at the wrist, it also uses GPS to track distance and pace, so you know exactly how many kilometers you've made. What types of heart rate monitors are there?

There are different types of heart rate monitor, so we introduce you to the most popular models . This allows you to quickly find the right heart rate monitor for your needs. Especially the pros and cons will help you if you are unsure.

Classic heart rate monitor: The classic heart rate monitor is a heart rate monitor. In online shops, this is often offered as a pedometer. The heart rate monitor has, as the name implies, only one task: the measurement of the pulse. A sensor detects the current heart rate and forwards it to the display. Such pulse watches score with a surprisingly low price. For this you have to accept some deductions regarding functionality and features. But if you only want to check your heart rate, a classic heart rate monitor is ideal.

The advantages:

  • Measures the pulse
  • Cheap prices
  • Large selection

The disadvantages:

  • No great variety of functions

Fitness bracelet: The fitness bracelet can be described as a special type of heart rate monitor. Mostly the models offer a very flat shape. In many cases, fitness bracelets are connected to the smartphone to better evaluate the data. Otherwise, fitness bracelets offer all the functions that a classic heart rate monitor offers. Unfortunately, you do not have to do without the analysis on the bracelet, because the display is usually very small. But there are more functions than the classic heart rate monitor. For example, you can stick to daily goals or read the calorie consumption. The last big advantage is the look. The flat design and the many bright colors make the heart rate monitor an eye-catcher.

The advantages:

  • Flat design
  • Many colors available
  • Numerous functions

The disadvantages:

  • Small screen
  • Data can usually only be evaluated on a smartphone or PC

Smartwatch: There are many different smartwatches in the market. It is a combination of a classic heart rate monitor and a fitness bracelet. Especially professionals and demanding users will be happy with such a heart rate monitor. The reason is that the smartwatch is equipped with many different features. In addition to measuring the heart rate, this can also calculate the distance covered, display the calorie consumption or even play music. Also GPS is already standard today. The Smartwatch reveals many advantages when you connect it to your smartphone. But keep in mind that you need to spend more money on this type of heart rate monitor.

The advantages:

  • Many functions
  • High quality
  • Easy to read
  • Ideal for demanding users

The disadvantages:

High costs

Advantages & Applications

Modern heart rate monitors have many advantages , which is why they are becoming increasingly popular. No longer only competitive athletes wear heart rate monitors, but also conventional athletes who want to push their bodies to the limit. The biggest advantage of today's models from a heart rate monitor test is that there are more and more offers. The increasing popularity has helped to bring more and more devices to the market. Of course this increases the competition, so that buyers benefit from it.

This means you can already buy simple and simple heart rate monitors for just a few bucks. But the great product selection also has the advantage that you will find exactly the heart rate monitor that you were looking for. They are available today in all color sand with numerous functions.

Just these many functions are another advantage of the pulse watches. Today you no longer just read your heart rate, but you can control many different values . For example, your breathing, the steps, the calories burned or just the time. After all, the heart rate monitor is also a watch. On the other hand , if you opt for a heart rate monitor with chest strap, you will notice that you receive a very accurate heart rate measurement.

Otherwise, pulse watches score with their high wearing comfort. For many years it was quite heavy and big devices on the wrist that have disturbed. Today, pulse watches are small, lightweight and nestle perfectly on the wrist. Thanks to different bracelets , the heart rate monitor can always sit optimally. Finally, various models from a heart rate monitor test bring further benefits. For example, some products are waterproof, others monitor your sleep, while other products even play music. Therefore, a heart rate monitor is much more than a device for monitoring the heart rate.

In many areas, a heart rate monitor can be used. Of course, it is especially interesting for athletes. The heart rate can provide information about whether the training is appropriate. This means that if training is too difficult, the heart rate will rise above the recommended level. Now you know that you have to slow down . But it is also possible in the other direction, so that the training can be strengthened if the heart rate is too low.

However, every "normal" person can wear a heart rate monitor. After all, today's models offer many options. For example, check your step count to become more active. You do not necessarily have to do sports for that. A heart rate monitor is therefore recommended for people who sit a lot and move a little. This means that the movement can be promoted by an alarm. But even children benefit from a heart rate monitor. Thanks to the built-in GPS , you keep an eye on your children and at the same time the watch serves as a simple toy. Seniors benefit from a heart rate monitor for their health .

What do I have to look for when buying a heart rate monitor?

You can not buy the first model from a pulse watch test , but you have to deal with the different aspects. This is the only way to get a heart rate monitor home that meets all your expectations . We show you what is important in the perfect heart rate monitor.

Pulse range: The pulse range is one of the most important aspects. Each person has a different pulse range, so the training must be adapted. For most devices, you must enter age, gender, height, and weight to calculate your own heart rate range. Again, other devices calculate how your pulse range will fail within five minutes of starting your workout. This is very convenient for you to optimize the training .

Menu guidance: A heart rate monitor is not exactly big, why a good menu guidance must be present. This should be both simple and intuitive. It is particularly important that the menu functions are not too cumbersome or complex, especially in training, this can be particularly disturbing if you have to deal with a poor handling . Make sure that the display is rich in contrast and easy to read.

Alarm: Unfortunately, not all heart rate monitors provide an alarm if you exceed or fall short of your ideal pulse interval . However, this is a very important function because it allows you to adjust your training and optimally support your body. In the best case, the heart rate monitor emits an acoustic warning tone . This will immediately tell you that your training is too easy or too difficult. If you hear music during training, it is good if the signal is also displayed by the display flashing .

Stopwatch: Today, pulse watches almost all have a stopwatch. This is very important, because thanks to the function you can check the time of the training. Of course you also need the normal time. From this you can draw a practical added benefit. It is good if the time is also displayed when measuring the heart rate or other functions . Thus you keep the overview.

Battery / Battery: Most models from a pulse watch test work with a battery. He has the advantage that you can always recharge him. This eliminates the need to change batteries. However, you must be careful with the battery . First, there must be a long term of at least five days. In addition, it should be a lithium-ion battery , so there is no memory effect . With batteries you must also pay attention to a long running time. It is best to first look at how much spare batteries cost and which ones you need to use. Sometimes the manufacturer uses special batteries that you can only buy from him. This makes him even more money.

Brief information on leading 7 manufacturers

It is not easy to find the right heart rate monitor for your own needs. There are too many aspects to consider when buying. That's why we've put together seven leading manufacturers for you that not only offer you a wide selection. You also get high quality and best results.


One of the pioneers in the development of heart rate monitors is Polar. The brand offers many different models, which are in various price ranges. Nevertheless, the quality as well as many practical functions are in the foreground. Thanks to smart change, the heart rate monitor shows immediately how you can make your everyday life healthier. But also daily, weekly and monthly feedback takes place, so you bring in your life even more movement. The practical thing is that you can synchronize the pulse watches easily via Bluetooth Smart, so that you can also evaluate the data on the PC or smartphone.


The Beurer models are surprisingly low .The pulse watches are designed in a modern design, so they can be worn by men and women. Impressive is the ECG-accurate heart rate measurement, so that an average and maximum heart rate can be calculated. The interference-free digital transmission allows you to evaluate the data on other surfaces. In addition there are the individually adjustable training areas and automatically training zone suggestions. Even when swimming, you do not have to take off the clocks, because many are waterproof up to 30 meters.


Many innovative devices are waiting for you at Garmin .Especially the design of the pulse watches is very modern and colorful, so that the watch becomes an eye-catcher on the wrist. But also the color-graphically displayed heart rate in real time is a big plus point. The Activitiy Tracker stores the steps taken and the calories consumed per day. In addition, many models offer music control and audio announcements via smartphone. In general, you can connect Garmin heart rate monitors with your smartphone and thus receive live tracking, data upload or notifications.


Actually, the TomTom brand is known for its navigation devices, but also pulse watches are not far. In this way you get compass, GPS, altimeter and heart rate monitor in one. Perfect if you not only do sports but are also active in nature. The practical thing is that you can save and retrieve personalized workouts. But there are also many innovative workouts to help you achieve your goals. Of course, you can connect your smartphone with the heart rate monitor, but you can also leave it at home. After all, a music player is integrated with many watches.

Sigma sports

You do not want to spend a lot of money and do not need many different functions? In such a case, you should opt for Sigma Sport .The simple and simple pulse watches do exactly what you want. It not only controls the heart rate, but also the laps, calories and many other data. For training control, the clocks work with the display of the zone bars, the zone indicators and the current training time. Another advantage of Sigma Sport is that you often get not only the heart rate monitor but also a chest strap.


Amazingly cheap shows the manufacturer moreFit .You get matching heart rate monitors in many bright colors and with practical functions. After just two hours of charging, you can use the heart rate monitor between 7 and 12 days. There are also the multi-sport modes, the track exercises such as riding, running, yoga or running as well as eight pre-set sports modes. Everything is selectable via the display. A big plus of moreFit is that not only the body should be pushed to the limit, but also relaxation and rest are important. Accordingly, the pulse watches are equipped with various relaxation functions, such as controlling the breathing.


 In many different colors, the pulse watches made of medical material by HolyHigh . Depending on the model, the bracelet circumference is 14 to 20 centimeters. The practical thing is that you do without numerous buttons. Screen operation is via touch screen. Likewise, you charge the products very quickly. After one hour you are done, with the pulse watches survive up to 30 days without further charging. However, only if you have turned off the heart rate measurement. Otherwise, this takes place over 24 hours. Even sleep measurements are not a problem, so you can improve your sleep quality. In addition, many models are waterproof.

Internet vs. Retailers: where do I buy my heart rate monitor best?

A heart rate monitor is an important helper in sports and other areas of daily health . Of course, fewer and fewer people want to forgo the benefits of the heart rate monitor. To buy the heart rate monitor, you can go to the Internet or the specialized trade . At the retailer you have the problem that you first have to find a suitable store . In sports shops, the selection of pulse watches is getting bigger.

Even in large electronics markets, there is one or the other model of a heart rate monitor test 2017. The big selling point of the retailer is that you can look at the models before exactly. There are exhibits so you can check the fit, features, appearance, finish, and many other aspects beforehand. This will tell you immediately if it is the right heart rate monitor. Unfortunately, the retailer has no other advantages to offer. The small selection has the disadvantage that sometimes you will not find the heart rate monitor you are looking for. So you have to compromise go in or continue searching. That can be very frustrating. But the prices do not convince the retailers. Quickly put up to 50 percent too much on the table.

The internet is therefore the better place to go . First, you do not have to leave your house. You can search comfortably from the couch for your heart rate monitor test winner. Even in a break or on the train you can find the perfect heart rate monitor within a few minutes .

The ordering process is a breeze. You just pick the right pulse watch, put it in your shopping cart and enter the most important data. Then send the order and after a few days the heart rate monitor will arrive at your home.

But also the choice is very big. There are models from all over the world and from so-called internet sellers. This gives you much more options to find the perfect heart rate monitor. If you are not familiar with the product details of the manufacturer, you can also look at the customer reviews. Here you can see immediately what the heart rate monitor does and whether it is worth the money. Speaking of money, because this you can easily save on the Internet. There are not only special promotions, but permanently low prices. Quickly find the optimal and affordable heart rate monitor for your needs.

The history of the pulse watch

The history of the heart rate monitor can be traced back necessarily to measuring instruments for the determination of the heart rate . These have been around for several decades, being mainly in the medical field for use come. Scientists use these devices from a heart rate monitor test to find out about heart rate and heart rate variability. Especially in scientific studies, a measuring device is very important. But even with professional athletes and training , the devices were indispensable. They were and are used to optimize the effectiveness of the training.

The first heart rate monitor consisted of a simple meter with display. Both were connected by a cable. The first heart rate monitor and other well-known wireless variants such as heart rate monitor or chest strap were first introduced in 1983. The pioneer was the manufacturer POLAR Electro. He revealed to the world the model PE 2000.

It was a simple heart rate monitor, which had a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter could be attached to the body as needed by a disposable electrode or an elastic electrode belt . The receiver , on the other hand, could be worn like the wristwatches of today. This had a clock-like monitor, over which the data could be read.

Of course, a lot has happened in the field of pulse watches today . Not only are there different designsand qualities, but also the way of measurement has changed. Although there are still electrodes and chest straps, but the heart rate monitor could also measure the pulse directly on the wrist. In addition, modern heart rate monitors offer more measurement results, such as the calories consumed or the steps taken. This makes it an important helper in daily training.

Numbers, data, facts about the heart rate monitor

Health and beauty care are important issues today . More and more people are doing sports to shape their own bodies, to increase their health and to feel good. Therefore, it is not surprising how many different products there are in this area. The heart rate monitor is just one of them. In the first place of the most popular products in the field of health and beauty care is the personal scale with around 72 percent. This means that in 72 percent of all households is a bathroom scale to find what you can do to control your body weight. A blood glucose meter is in second place with 10 percent. One of the main reasons are diabetics. In third place you will find infrared lamps with 9 percent. They are perfect if you want to fight pain. Especially a sore muscles is thus a thing of the past .

In fourth place you will find heart rate monitors. They are surprisingly popular with 8 percent and offer many more benefits. Further knocked off are the next products. For example, massagers have only 3 percent. Even further below, at 2 percent, are electrical muscle and nerve stimulators. With 1 percent each humidifier, dehumidifier or cleaner and air conditioning units can be found. Thus, the pulse watches are among the top 5 most popular health and beauty care products.

Of course, it's interesting to know what your current heart rate is, but it does not tell you if the heartbeat is in the normal range. In this case, the older they get, the fewer heart beats per minute . In fetuses there are up to 150 beats per minute. This is not surprising , because the undeveloped body needs to be supplied with the vital nutrients and blood. In infants, the heartbeat is already reduced. "Only" still 130 beats per minute are available. In that sense, it is perfectly normal for a baby to have a fast pulse. In children, the heart rate decreases to 100 beats per minute.

In adolescents , the beats even drop to 85 per minute. Now, the heart rate settles down slowly, so that it produces about 70 beats per minute over the entire adult period. In seniors, the heart rate increases slightly. Now there are 90 beats per minute again. The heart rate of endurance athletes is impressive. Their resting heart rate is around 35 beats per minute.

Use heart rate monitor correctly in six steps

Of course, the use of a heart rate monitor is in many cases a breeze. After all, you only have to read the data from the screen. But alone a model from a heart rate monitor test is not intended. You want to improve and increase your training with the heart rate monitor . Therefore, you should know how to train together with the heart rate monitor. We will show you in six steps.

Step 1: Before you can optimize your workout , you need to charge the heart rate monitor. Usually the connection is sufficient via USB . As soon as the charging symbol is filled or another signal indicates that the battery is full, you can switch on the heart rate monitor for the first time. Now you have to make some settings. This includes the choice of time and date. But there are a lot more setting options, depending on the model of a pulse watch test vary. For some models, you must set the age and heart rate limits and alarm. This alerts the heart rate monitor if you have exceeded or fallen below the limit of your heart rate. Only when you have completed all settings, you can start training .

Step 2: Firmly lock the pulse watch around your wrist. Be careful not to restrict the wrist too much. However, the pulse watch must not sit too loose, otherwise it can not measure properly. If you have very wide or narrow wrists, there are special replacement bracelets in the trade . These are perfect for optimizing the device from a heart rate monitor test .

Step 3: Before starting training, set yourself realistic goals . Surely people always want to achieve a lot, but soon frustration sets in, if that is not so easy. So, go slowly and think of something you can achieve. For example, you should not plan on taking part in a 5-kilometer run soon , but first take 6,000 steps a day. After reaching it, you can always raise your goals and achieve faster results. That motivates and training with the heart rate monitor is more fun.

Step 4: With some heart rate monitors it is freely selectable how many different data you specify. However, it makes sense to enter as many individual values ​​as possible. This is the only way to calculate running speed, pace, calories burned and much more.

Therefore, look in the menu to see what you can still enter. For example age, sex, height, weight or training condition. All these factors affect the heart rate. Some pulse watches want to know it very well, so they even ask about a certain distance for your maximum oxygen intake, maximum heart rate or your best time . Provide this data as accurately as possible.

Step 5: As a next step you should determine your individual training area . The reason is that the pulse zones of the manufacturers are usually too inaccurate. So forget the formula of "220 minus age". Although the maximum heart rate really depends on your age, many other factors play an important role. Ideally, you will be undergoing medical performance diagnostics. This allows you to determine your individual training area . If you do not want this, you can follow the values ​​of your heart rate monitor.

Step 6: Now you can start training. Many heart rate monitors not only offer you the measurement of different data, but also suggest various exercises that are perfectly tailored to you. Of course, this is very handy if you do not know exactly what to do. Start with this basic training and increase from week to week. Most heart rate monitors are composed of basic training, threshold training and VO2max training . They determine how fast the training should progress. With the device from a heart rate monitor you keep everything in view.

Ten tips for care

A heart rate monitor is usually worn around the clock. Since many pulse watches can also determine the quality of sleep or are waterproof, they are not undressed even during these activities . It is therefore all the more important that you regularly clean and clean the heart rate monitor. After all, sweat can form during training, which settles on the watch. But even old skin cells, skin oils or hair stick to the clock. With our ten tips, the heart rate monitor is quickly clean again.

Tip 1

Already with the purchase you should make sure that you get an easy-care and high quality heart rate monitor home. Especially useful is when the watch is waterproof. This allows you to clean them under running water. Otherwise, sometimes you should replace some parts to make cleaning easier. For example, a metal bracelet is not suitable for sports. A soft plastic bracelet is easier to clean and more suitable.

Tip 2 The battery plays an important role and must also be maintained. Do not charge a battery until it is completely empty. In addition, it would be convenient if you do not fully charge the battery. A charge between 20 and 80 percent is optimal. The battery lasts the longest in this area. Practically , there is no longer the annoying memory effect in today's lithium-ion polymer batteries.

Tip 3 Some older heart rate monitors still work with a NiCd battery. This has the so-called memory effect. This means, charge the clock, if it is not completely emptied, the battery will save it and next time will have a shorter runtime. Only charge such batteries when they are completely empty. Likewise, you should fully charge the heart rate monitor .

Tip 4 The charging cycles, you must also be aware, because after a certain number of the battery breaks down. But it can be said that charging from 0 to 50 percent is not a charge cycle . Most devices offer between 600 and 1,200 cycles. It is optimal if the number is already specified at the time of purchase. After the maximum cycles you should replace the battery.

Tip 5 Most heart rate monitors have a soft plastic strap . That is convenient and easy to clean. It is best if you can remove the tape. This makes cleaning easier. Simply pour over 60 to 70 degrees hot water. If you can not remove the tape, put the hot water on a cloth and use it to clean the tape. Prevent water from entering the device.

Tip 6 While it may be tempting to use a variety of cleansers, you can avoid it. The chemicals in the cleansers can attack the materials and make them porous and brittle. But there are some cleaners that are specially tailored to the materials of a heart rate monitor. These are of course no problem and can achieve a better cleaning result. Especially with traces of grease.

Tip 7 The display is also very important. Especially with touch screen monitors , fingerprints and skin fats often disappear. Fast, the display is dirty. If it is a glass display, you can put a little glass cleaner on a cloth to clean the display. Be careful not to touch the sensitive plastic. Also glasses cleaning cloths are a good alternative.

Tip 8 In addition to glass displays, there are some manufacturers who rely on displays on plastic . Their advantage is that they are much more resilient and less sensitive. If there are scratches, there are special screen kits on the market. This can be used to repair scratches. Otherwise, it's best to clean plastic displays with a little warm water and soap. Make sure that it is not an aggressive cleaner.

Tip 9 Although a heart rate monitor is often used, it is sometimes discarded. Now, a good storage is very important, so you can use the device from a heart rate monitor test even after years. Store the watch in a safe place. Make sure that it is not exposed to excessive temperature fluctuations. Although the watches are made to be worn in summer and winter, but especially the blazing sun can lead to system errors.

Tip 10 To protect the heart rate monitor from soiling, scratches and other damage, do not just place it in a drawer. It is better if you own a small box or a vessel. There are also special watch boxes today, which even look very chic. Put your heart rate monitor in it, you are on the safe side, that nothing will happen to your watch.

Useful accessories

There are many useful wristwatch accessories available on the market that can make it easier for you to handle or everyday life with a model. Particularly popular and well known are Xso-called chest straps .Some models only work with a chest strap, so that such an assistant is included directly. For others, you can buy the chest strap. As the name implies, it is a strap, which you put around the chest area . The task of the chest strap is very simple, because it captures the heart rate and then sends it to the heart rate monitor. This will give you even more accurate data. This is especially useful for athletes, because when moving and training, the heart rate monitor can slip, so that no perfect training results. Thanks to a chest strap, you still get the best data.

Otherwise, a GPS or pedometer can help a lot. Those devices are only necessary if the heart rate monitor does not have such functions. Especially with the cheap products from a pulse watch test , this is not uncommon. Using GPS, you can track your route and your training result view. By contrast, a pedometer is perfect if you want to know the distance covered. But during training it can get boring too. That's why an MP3 player can help you. Music makes it easier to train.

Many pulse watches today offer the possibility that you can simply send the data via Bluetooth to a smartphone. In addition, many manufacturers deliver an app. This combination is very handy if you want to save, analyze or analyze the data. This is very important, especially for professional athletes . Of course you need a suitable smartphone for the evaluation .

Otherwise, there are many different bracelets in the trade . It is now almost normal that the bracelet of the heart rate monitor can be removed and replaced. New bracelets have two advantages. On the one hand, you can adapt the heart rate monitor to your own taste and thus bring unusual colors to life. On the other hand, a new wristband can be more comfortable, provide high comfort and improve the test result.

The watch also measures the activity (e.g. calories burned ). Furthermore, it is compatible with your smartphone and it shows you all the messages on the display. You can even use the app's wireless connection to view the weather forecast (rain forecast!). But do not be intimidated by the many features. The Garmin Forerunner 235 watch is easy to use.

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