Best Portable Home Gyms: Save space and MONEY

When it comes to gyms, are you constantly battling between taking a gym membership and working out at home itself? Lately, portable home gyms have gained immense popularity owing to how fewer and fewer people find it worthwhile to visit a gym daily.

We believe both the options have their own advantages and disadvantages and each one of us has to see what works best for him/her. Gyms have a social element associated with them which is obviously missing in a home gym.

Gyms provide you with a personal trainer to guide you throughout. However, one major downside to gym memberships is the forever increasing costs and the fact that one has to leave our house and travel in order to workout.

A portable home gym is your one solution to all these problems. One biggest advantage of home gyms is that you can work out as per your convenience, regardless of the time, day or hour. Home gyms may seem expensive but they have long term advantages and unlike gym memberships,  they do not burn a hole in your pocket.

You will not feel the pangs of leaving your house to visit a gym and workouts will become more regular since they can be done right inside the four walls of your room.

6 Best Portable Home GYMs

While deciding on what types of equipment you should buy for your home gym there are some important factors to keep in mind. People often tend to buy expensive gym equipment with all their excitement fading once the purchase has been made.

To prevent this, make sure you are well aware of the different types of gym equipment so that you know which ones you are comfortable with. Apart from this your home space and budget constraints will also play a deciding role.

OYO Personal Gym

The OYO portable gym is the answer to all your gym-related worries. It can be used at the office, home or even when traveling. It combines cardio and strength-based training to tone your body. OYO offers two types of packages-

  1. Basic package- it comes with a 5 pound and one 10 pound flex packs, nutrition guide and free online access to some 60 exercise and 197 exercise videos.
  2. Total body package- this package has all the features and equipment included in the basic package. What’s extra is the leg and door anchors, which are absent in the basic version.


  • Comes with a three-year warranty.
  • It provides a total body workout option, muscle building, fat burn, strengthening of various muscles, sleek chest and core.
  • Has 60 workout programs suitable for beginners as well as pros.
  • Advanced workouts like yoga, pilates, resistance training and HIIT.
  • Has the spiral flex resistance technology (initially built for NASA astronauts) which is helpful in making muscles leaner burning fat. It allows burning fat even when a person is at rest.


  • No setup needed
  • Fit for strength training.
  • Small and lightweight


  • Limited resistance-25lbs.
  • Some features could improve.

Bodyboss Home Gym

Bodyboss portable home gym weighs 16 pounds with additional dimensions of 20.1 x 15.9 x 2.8 inches, this product offers a complete gym equipment set to its users. It was designed to match all bulky gym equipment at home. It is also the world’s first portable gym.

Bodyboss Gym is the World's 1st home gym you can take anywhere. It enables you to carry an upper body, lower body, cardio and boxing workouts. If you want to read more about this portable home gym, you can read this detailed review of Bodyboss Home gym that is covered by Fit Territory.

It comes lots of features and here are some of them:

  1. It has the VictorFit platform resistance bands for a more comfortable working out experience.
  2. Has a fold-up platform enabling you to perform more than 300 exercises and set their difficulty level according to yourself.
  3. Bodyboss offers a unique resistance training method where you are allowed to clip the resistance band to various angles to work a total resistance.
  4. This total body workout helps burn fat and increases blood flow to various parts of the body.
  5. It includes many attachments like base, bands, straps, bar, handles and a door anchor. Performing workouts using them target your shoulders, core and abs, legs, arms, quads and calves.


  • True to every claim advertised.
  • Excellent, durable plastic quality used.
  • Versatile workout options offered.


  • Customers faced problems with the bar.
  • Comes with no instructions guide, which disappointed many customers.
  • The resistance bands are too long, making it difficult to be used by short people.

Bullworker 20 Steel Bow

Bullworker has been functional in the fitness world since 1962 and has been providing its customers with high-end products to improve their flexibility and training. Bullworker comes in two models, a 20” and 36”, you can read a detailed review and comparison of both the models from here.


  1. Comes with a free carrying case and a set of routines designed to lose weight and burn calories.
  2. Provides low impact scientifically proven 7 second exercises targeting chest, back and shoulders.
  3. It is designed to suit everyone’s fitness needs.
  4.  Dimensions- 20 x 2 x 4 inches; 0.16 ounces
  5. Does not need to be set up.
  6. Provides a five year guarantee.


  • Customers found it great for joint related workouts.
  • Easy to use for beginners.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Good quality steel bow.


  • Some customers found the pulling wire to be weak.
  • Can be used only for a limited number of exercises.

Gorilla Lite Bow Portable Home Gym

The gorilla bow is a portable home gym which can be used anywhere , anytime and thus, is an ideal equipment to be carried while travelling. Its bow is easy to pull and light to use, making it suitable for even beginners. In a way it changed the game by making equipment lightweight and travel friendly.


  • The gorilla lite bow is a combination of weight lifting exercises and resistance bands. This helps in toning all major muscles groups in your body.
  • The bow can handle around 120 lbs of resistance and this can be adjusted by selecting up to 2 bands at once.
  • The gorilla portable gym includes- one aircraft aluminium lite gorilla bow, a lite  band kit, cables with upto 60 lbs of resistance, a band wrap with a band carry bag.
  • All this comes with a 2 year warranty.


  • The bow weighs just 3 lbs, thus very light to be carried anywhere.
  • Customers were satisfied with the bow length.
  • Suitable for beginners and petite users.
  • 90- day money back guarantee.


  • Some customers were unhappy with the high price range.
  • The quality of the product needs to be improved.

Tension Toner

It is basically a split workout bar which provides users with a complete workout routine. Tension Toner claims to be the best workout bar in the market at present. This bar allows muscles to get activated and get toned.


  • It comes with a bar, 2 resistance bands, door anchor, a user guide, a cinch bag for bands and accessories and a free 10 minute online workout program.
  • The bar weighs around 1.5 pounds and can be folded into two- halves.
  • The resistance can be adjusted and the 3 levels of resistance helps in working out all muscle groups.


  • Suitable for HIIT workouts.
  • Comes with a 10 minute online workout program and 70 other exercise clips for users.
  • Travel- friendly
  • Latex-free resistance bands.
  • The bar is lightweight.


  • Low cinch bag quality.
  • Some customers found it difficult to use.

TRX All In One Home Gym Bundle

TRX offers its 7 best foundational movements to beginners, they are- push, pull, plank, lunge, hinge, squat, and rotation. One thing that set this home gym apart from others in the market is that it takes almost no tie to assemble it. As per reviews, it sets up in less than 60 seconds.


  • All-in-one bundle consisting of all full-body workout gears you need. It includes suspension trainer, indoor/outdoor anchors, and two bonus workout plans.
  • It comes with a 30 day free trial on the TRX app, which has around 80 plus workouts.


  • Great quality straps and bands.
  • Comes with a clear and user-friendly instructions guide.
  • Set up in about 6-0 seconds.


  • Token cards are not worth the price.
  • Considered to be too expensive by some buyers.


Portable home gyms are considered to be the best alternative to visiting gyms for exercising. While searching for your home gym equipment look for those which offer lifetime warranties. 

Home gyms are of three kinds- resistance trainers, suspension trainers and spring loaded. In this article, we listed some top category home gyms, which have garnered positive reviews from customers for a long time. Hope it helps you arrive at a decision regarding which portable gym you should be investing in.

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