The Ultimate Mega Guide To Buy Best Pool Cues For Intermediate

The best pool cues for intermediate, pool stick or cue stick as it is known in English, is our tool with which we push the white ball or mingo to poke target balls or make carambolas according to the type of game we are practicing.

Most of the studs are made of wood, but occasionally the wood is covered or joined with other materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass or graphite.

What kind of best pool cues for intermediate do you want to buy?

According to the mode you play, choose between the different types of tacos.

There are those of billiards, carambola, snooker, massé blocks, break or brake blocks, jump blocks, combined brake-jump blocks, mechanical bridges, one-piece blocks, Sneaky Pete tacos, tacos for girls, tacos for children.

There are a lot of options when it comes to buying pool cues. Read this article till the end and you'd have a very good idea to pick the perfect one for your situation. To find the best pool cues, please check Indoor champ article to get some basic information about different types of cues. 

Choose the right block for quality and type of wood

My uncle has taught me everything about billiards. He has played pool since he was a child and has tried all the tacos from the cheapest ones under $ 20 dollars to more than $ 2500 custom dollars.

He has worked together with his best friend in a billiards business for a long time; therefore he is a person who always asked him whenever I want to know about tacos of any modality.

Nowadays it is difficult to buy a bad taco; although this one is cheap since most brands do them well and last a long time.

Time ago this was different; it was not easy to buy a quality taco.

Now, the tacos have a very good reputation and even better than many taco distributors are on Amazon which they will arrive at your home in a couple of days.

It is already possible to buy a good taco for less than $ 200 dollars and an excellent taco for $ 1000 dollars and tacos made with slightly more expensive exotic inlays.

How do you know which is the best pool cues for intermediate just because of its appearance?

We will try to answer it.

A short answer will be difficult for a beginner and easier for an experienced player to understand. So let's summarize some options first:

General Quality:

  • When you pass your hand to the mounted block, it is soft to the touch.
  • There are no protruding edges.
  • The nail can be passed lightly over the block without it becoming stagnant.
  • It has a smooth finish and no visible scratches.
  • There are no defects.
  • If you see any with the opposite that I tell you here, it is not a quality cue.

Ferrule and tip:

  • The ferrule should be flush with the shaft and the tip should be flush with the ferrule without glue being visible.
  • The tip should be well attached and you should not be able to remove it with your finger.
  • The tip should have the shape of a couple dome.
  • If you see that the tip is neglected, do not trust the cue.


  • The joint of the block must be aligned with the wood and join when screwed.
  • There should be no spaces at any point between the shaft and the cylinder head when they are screwed.
  • The pin must be perfectly centered at the rear.
  • If this were not the case, it could mean that the wood was cut at an angle to force it into its shape, which may mean that it is in a state of stress rather than in a state of rest.
  • The parts should go together easily and comfortably.

•           There should be no piece of wood or glue anywhere in this area.

The envelope:

  • The wrap should be smooth and level with the cue.
  • If it is a string wrap, such as Irish Linen, it should be pressed gently without knots or raised areas. No loose wires.
  • If it is leather, then the seam should be soft and almost invisible.
  • If it is rubber, then it must be clean and not greasy or sticky, since some rubbers degrade faster than others and will constantly ooze.
  • Upper grade rubber and silicone will feel slightly cold and dry.


  • The cue must roll firmly on a flat surface without leaps.
  • However, an arrow may be straight but not perfectly round due to manual sanding during the finishing stage. The best way to know if it is straight is to see it.

The arrow:

  • For a long time people have had the impression that only a transparent maple arrow without grain is good and everything else is bad.
  • All this occurred due to the commercialization of a particular taco maker who was in the practice of bleaching the wood of his arrow to make it "white" and clear.
  • In fact, this practice breaks the cellular structure of wood and makes it more susceptible to deformation.
  • Whitening was simply a way of making the wood of the arrow of lesser degree appear to have a higher degree.

Classification of tacos

Wood is still classified into several scales, from AA to D, according to how tight the grain of the wood is and how many visible lines there are.

This is mainly by appearance rather than performance.

The important thing to remember about an arrow is that, if properly cured, it will probably remain straight regardless of the grade of the wood.

The only way to know if a cue is right for you is to know the reputation of the manufacturer or brand.

If that brand has a reputation for pool cues that combine, then you should stay away.

If the manufacturer's studs remain straight most of the time, then you are probably fine. And,  if there is a guarantee against deformation, much better.

Main aspects when selecting best pool cues for intermediate

Now, these are the main things I look for when I select a pool cue.

Then I feel the balance and turn it a little to see if the weight distribution feels smooth.

Sometimes a taco can weigh in strange ways, so a 19-ounce taco will be uncomfortable if its weight is poorly distributed, while another 19-ounce taco might feel effortless and as if it were an extension of your arm.

And the only way to know if a taco is right for you is to play with it.

How to buy a pool cue without seeing it, touching it and not being able to play it before?

These days, there are thousands of pool cues available to the buyer over the Internet.

The first thing you should consider is the reputation of the distributor. How long have they been in business, what is their return policy, what type of guarantees do the tacos have?

Next, how well do the arrows present? Are the photos clear and large so you can see the details?

Keep in mind that the arrow shown is probably not the arrow you will get unless it is a small custom manufacturer. But people who take the time and care to show you the information in high resolution detail have nothing to hide and are trying to let you see the quality of the taco as best they can through the Internet.

People who use small, low resolution images should be avoided. On the Internet, the general premise is that the customer can obtain tons of information and, if the seller is not willing to take the time to provide clear descriptions and large images, then it is better to look for another seller.

As I said before, it is difficult to buy a "bad" taco, but you should definitely limit your online purchases to retailers who support their products with 100% satisfaction guarantees. This ensures that when you get your cue if it's simply not a good option, you can return it and try again.

Remember that a pool cue is a precision instrument.

Modern pool cues have become well-designed tools to allow you maximum control over the white ball.

Not all arrows will look the same to you, but almost all the arrows sold by a reputable store are good enough to win world championships.

Finally, when you understand something, there are many things you can do to adjust it more to your liking.

How to change the tip of the best pool cues for intermediate?

This begins with changing the tip. Many people do not realize that this simple change can be the difference between a good hit and a bad one.

Then you can change the splint, weight, wrap and even the joint if you really wanted to.

In other words, the basic reference is going to be quite good and, like any good relationship, it grows over time.

I hope this has helped you understand a little more about pool cues and make a right decision.

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