Best Pedelec Reviews – ( Reviews In 2020)

A pedelec works in almost all functions as you should know as a user of a normal bike in any case. Again, the wheel has a unit of a chain and a pedal, thanks to which you can then set the wheel in motion.

What is a pedelec?

A pedelec is actually just a bicycle, which can not only be driven by the power of your own muscles and by pedaling. Because a modern pedelec has an additional motor, which works with electricity and acts as an additional drive. The popularity of pedelecs has increased in recent months, and more and more, more and more friends of bicycles invest the money in such a bike to continue to be mobile and safe to drive. This works very well with a modern pedelec .

At the same time, due to the increasing demand today, the offer is as big as never before and you have a wide choice here as a customer. For every requirement you will find the right pedelec for every price category.

How does a pedelec work?

A pedelec works in almost all functions as you should know as a user of a normal bike in any case. Again, the wheel has a unit of a chain and a pedal, thanks to which you can then set the wheel in motion.

Here, however, already shows the first clear difference to the normal bike, because here in a pedelec then an additional engine is installed. This is located either in the middle or at the rear wheel, both variants are very popular today. However, here is another peculiarity that the engine with the maximum power only switches on when you pedal directly.

Among other things, as a driver, you then have the possibility from the handlebar to dose the force and intensity of the force. Each pedelec today offers different levels to the driver, many bikes offer four to five different options for individual adjustment. But this is actually very important, because among other things, thanks to this function, you as a driver with the pedelec then also have the opportunity to save the battery and to use the technology as efficiently and individually as it is possible today. If desired, some models of pedelecs on the market even have the possibility to switch off the complete system directly and thus drive with the power of the legs like a normal bicycle.

Advantages & Applications

Even large tours and many kilometers are no problem for a modern pedelec . Even for inexperienced drivers, this is not a problem, after the first drive, it is then possible to drive a lot and long, without this being very exhausting. Because the engines are very powerful and enduring today in the modern pedelec , thanks to these mountains and further increases can be mastered completely without problems. With a range of about 100 kilometers and more, the batteries in the modern pedelecs are definitely one of the clear advantages that make the Pedelecs a very good choice.

The areas of application for a modern pedelec are very diverse today, and at the same time more and more people and target groups actually take up the offer and then decide on such a pedelec. Among other things, today there are many private users who use the pedelec for each trip to work. The good pedelecs also play a very important role in professional areas. Among other things, it is of course with such a model very easily possible that be discharged and distributed with this beverage or food. Of course, a car is no longer necessary.

Here, above all, the saved costs are a clear and great advantage , thanks to which more and more people are choosing to buy a pedelec. As the popularity of pedelecs has increased with the last few years, it may well be expected that more and more users will opt for such a variant and venture the investment.

What types of pedelec are there?

Dozens of pedelecs are waiting online and in specialist shops for interested and potential buyers. But there are not only very many models in general , but also clear differences between the individual variants. Among other things, this is about the placement of the engine, because this is in the middle of most models today, but also Pedelecs with a motor on the rear rim can be found today on the market. Even with the size, there are some differences. Of course, it always depends on the hips, which variant is the right one for you, both in the frame and in the tires.

Incidentally, this very point plays a very important role, because this is very important for the safety of driving in any case. There are other differences in the selection of pedelecs , especially in terms of appearance, from the colorful model to a rather simple variant with only one color are here then again covered most needs completely.

This is how pedelecs are tested

We offer you a good clue with the pedelec test , if you are not sure yet which pedelec you should choose. Because in the Pedelec test you will find the really good variants and models at a glance . Because before they receive a recommendation or a good rating, they must first meet the various points and aspects in the pedelec test . Which points are of high and great importance in the Pedelec test today, you will now find out.

Ride comfort and operation

In a modern model , the pedelec test should be able to convince the operator in combination with the ride comfort in any case. Since this is not the case with every model, and of course, the Pedelec test isaccurate on this point. The better the bike beats, the better the rating in the pedelec test.

Price-performance ratio

A favorable pedelec with good performance or an expensive variant in pedelec test leaves open the odd request, all this is in pedelec testanything but rare, and you should definitely pay attention to this as a customer. So that the pedelec test can give you a very good clue here, the Pedelec Test looks at the relationship between price and performance very closely. Among other things, the equipment in combination with the performance is then put in relation to the price. The better the model cuts off here, the better is the rating in the Pedelec test .


Every bike in the pedelec test must prove that safe use on the road is necessary. A lighting must not be missing in the pedelec test , as it looks with the appropriate reflectors. If the pedelec test reveals that there is still a need for retrofitting, the rating in the pedelec test is rather poor.

As already mentioned, the technology still makes a lot of progress today. The pedelec test is always brought for just this reason up to date and you can have a regular look at the here like pedelec test risk.

What should I look for when buying a pedelec?

When buying the new pedelecs among other important factors play a major role we already available in the pedelec test mentioned. But as these are not always directly and at first sight recognizable for the prospective customer looking for a new and good model , we now show you more clues that you as a customer should always pay attention to when buying.

Among other things, it is very important for you as a customer, that you get a lot of information about the desired models . You surely know for yourself that this is so fast and easier today than ever before. Simply browse the Internet for the desired modeland after a few clicks you have the right facts at hand.

Of course, this is not just bare information, as you will also find it as a customer in the online shops at a glance. Here it is more about the Pedelec test or the reports and reviews of the other users, which then provide them for free reading.

The size is also very important when buying the new pedelec . Because on the one hand, the right height ensures safety and comfort while driving, on the other hand, you only really feel safe on the bike when you have found the right size and have selected it for your new pedelec. If you are not sure what size you actually need, you can, among other things, consult various tables, on the other hand, but on request, but also happy to try out in a local store like possible.

Brief information on leading 7 manufacturers

Large manufacturers, well-known brands and names, which you have certainly heard, the market of pedelecs is shaping up today. For a comprehensive and good first impression in the broad mass of suppliers and manufacturers , we now show you the seven leading suppliers, who play a very important role and can assert themselves accordingly large shares in the market for themselves.


The company gazelle can be found in a wide selection with different variants and products. The pedelecs have also been here for several years and you have the opportunity to opt for a good variant at a fair price. You do not have to make any compromises.


Focus on the good models and modern technology you can expect every Focus pedelec . Here are many variants to find that are very well suited for a wide variety of requirements and these can meet outstanding.


 Many Pedelecs in a wide range with a modern look and a comprehensive equipment can be found with little effort at gocycle . The models and variants are very popular among customers and in the market, so you should also have a look here, among other things.


 Gigantic bikes with a modern technology, thanks to which you can travel long distances by bike every day, this is exactly what you can expect in the wide selection of Giant. Many fans of modern pedelecs opt for a wheel of this brand, as they can also completely convince in the pedelec test .


 High-quality and good bikes with a high-quality engine, which offers you a lot of power and comfort, that promise the pedelecs of Electra. These are also very popular on the market and should not be missing from any major retailer or online shop


 The manufacturer is very vocal, but the pedelecs do exactly what the various models on the market really promise. Among other things, you can enjoy a high performance here, making every trip a real experience. You also do not have to compromise on the features and you can always rely on technology.


 Even the BMW company , which is known for its safety mainly for the production of modern and good cars, is today represented in the field of pedelecs with a very broad selection. Different variants are waiting for you and may be used every day as desired.

Internet vs. Specialist dealers: where does one buy his pedelec best?

The one swear by the purchase in the specialty store due to the extensive advice, other users like to handle each order directly over the Internet, in order to benefit from the advantages. And, of course, each of the two variants offers a multitude of advantages and weaknesses that you as the customer should keep an eye on so that you can decide on a good and a suitable variant, on which you then make the purchase.

The question of what way your new pedelec .Of course, they should buy as a customer is also very important. Because both variants and options are given for you as a customer today in principle, many customers and prospects in search of a good pedelec but in the end, again, not know which option they should choose. We'll help you make the right decision by showing you the key benefits that may be important to you.

Cheap offers can be found on the internet

Do you want to save a lot of money with a simple measure and the right choice? In any case, we recommend ordering and delivery of the new pedelec via the Internet. Especially in comparison to the real local retailers, the prices are definitely much cheaper and much lower, so that you as a customer with the good offers can strike immediately and thereby even save a lot of money. Of course, every one of the numerous operators of online shops offers you different prices and there are offers that are only valid for a short time.

No matter for what reason the prices are particularly favorable, in your own interest, however, it is natural that you can find and exploit the new pedelec can receive Pedelec on particularly favorable and good conditions. So, with a quick and easy comparison of the different prices, make sure that you can find a cheap alternative within a few seconds and then really be able to save a lot of money by ordering and delivering. You should underestimate this as a customer in no case, because the potential for saving here is several hundred euros and the potential you should exploit in any case. There are special search engines today that you can use and use without any hassles to give you a good and really cheap price for your new one

The search engines work like all other providers, only here is the exception that only the numerous shops searched for the prices of the desired product and then the prices directly and very clearly dar- and provides.

Large and extensive selection that grows every day

It is a fact that every user looking for a good pedelec wants different qualities and other aspects that are very important to him personally. For example, not only the size plays a very important role, but also, for example, the general equipment or even the look, which of course can not be neglected.

If you want a normal pedelec from a well-known manufacturer , which basically has no special features, you are welcome to go to a local store to search and then buy. But it certainly looks a bit different if you make special demands of one of the points. Because in most shops on the ground, even in the large shops, you will find only a relatively small selection of different models. Of course, this is not a miracle, because the space for an exhibition is of course directly limited here.

Nevertheless, this is very annoying, so if you are looking for a very special pedelec , but can not find this. If you then look in such a case directly on the Internet, you need not fear this. Because here the selection is more than significantly larger, hundreds of different variants and models are waiting for you here and you can look at them here in peace. At the same time, the offer in the online shop will almost increase significantly with each passing day. Again and again new bikes and models appear from the well-known brands and large manufacturers ,which you like to take a closer look and order allowed. Whether at trade fairs or just like that, the offer is always kept up to date, from which you benefit as a customer with all clarity.

Modern technology helps you with a pleasant shopping

When buying over the Internet, you as a customer always and always feel completely comfortable, because the purchase you should associate with a positive event. This works very well because of the very low prices, but in any case, the modern technology contributes a large part of this, which is used every day in every online shop today anew. Here you have as a customer some advantages of, because among other things you will find very good offers with an excellent presentation, thanks to which you even as a layman the opportunity have to get a comprehensive and good picture. You are very welcome to take the word picture literally, because among other things today, the very good and high-quality images in the online shops also contribute a great deal to the fact that more and more customers are opting for an online order. Among other things, thanks to these, in combination with the high-quality descriptions and extensive information, you have the opportunity to gain a good impression as a customer and capture everything at first glance.

Worth knowing & advice

The history of the pedelec

The history of pedelecs is relatively young. This is generally not so, because after all, the modern wheels based on the actual bike, which you probably already know for some time very well. The first bikes are now well over 150 years old, so slowly the bike is approaching the 200th anniversary. The first variant of such a vehicle, which is both in appearance as well as in functionality can be compared with a normal bicycle, appeared already in the first half of the 19th century. Smart and resourceful developers brought out here a vehicle with two wheels, which was driven solely by the own power of the muscles of the driver. Here was a drive with the classic pedals and the usual chain but not yet available, the user and driver had to repel then so then still with his feet and thus move away.

The development of the wheels progressed in the following years and of course in the decades on and on and it was not long before the bike was seen more and more often on the streets and in everyday life. This was originally intended solely as an alternative to the horse, for example, if in his own household, no horse was for riding and to travel long distances at leisure. In this case, of course, then the bike was a very popular and practical alternative.

But the high practical benefit in combination with the very simple use and application could then very quickly ensure that the bike was quickly accepted and this in the everyday life of many people then very quickly had a very clear relevance.

This still applies today, because more and more people not only have at least one bike for their own journey in fine weather, but this replaces very often today and at very many people, the car at least in large parts. For this purpose, a large part but certainly carry the aforementioned and described pedelecs, which also from today's cityscape indispensable. However, these models and variants have only been developed and developed in recent years, so the wheels with the electric motor are definitely still very new.

The development was due to the users with the desire for a bike, which is very little, but can be driven safely and comfortably under difficult conditions, instead. The development has found no end today and again come here, new variants and models on the market. These offer the user not only, for example, a clearly more pleasant and better experience while driving, but also more range and high reliability. Especially with these three points are the manufacturers still today strives to develop new techniques and make them available to users. After all, these are the most important and clearest requirements that users place on technology and pedelecs .

Numbers, data, facts about the pedelec

Did you know that the manufacturers with the modern and good pedelec in recent months and years could trigger and cause a veritable trend in this area? Even though the first models and variants on the market were still laughed at, the picture has changed more than clearly in the past. Today, the very special wheels are more popular than ever before, and more and more people are finally choosing to buy such a variant for the regular ride to shop or work.

In principle, this is really a very good idea, because the benefits that you as a user always and definitely benefit from are not only very large, but at the same time also very extensive. Among other things, you are, of course, doing something good for the environment. Because the drive with the car does not always have to be, especially when the weather is nice, the trip with a good pedelec is also a lot of fun. Due to the low impact on the environment, switching to a pedelec is definitely a very good idea, which we also recommend.

At the same time, the market in this large area has changed more than significantly, especially in comparison to its beginnings it is virtually impossible to compare. Here you will find in this area namely very few models and variants, which were then ready for you to choose from. Here, of course, again not all needs and requirements were really covered and you as a customer had to enter here in any case then one or the other compromise. However, this looks quite different today, because the selection on the market in the field of pedelecs can be greater than today hardly ever will be. Hundreds of different variants and wheels are available here and of course you can watch it in peace. Because the advantage today is that there is a well-fitting and excellently suitable pedelec available for every need and every taste .

In terms of price, however, you should be anything but squeamish as a user looking for a good pedelec . If it is supposed to be a good model from a well-known manufacturer, then the costs are then correspondingly large. For prices in the range of several thousand euros may well be taken into account here and are available on the market more often than you might suspect as a user.

Fasten pedelec properly / install / install

After a long search, is the new pedelec finally in front of the house or in the garage and you feel fit to swing into the saddle for the first time? Of course, we certainly do not want to stand in the way, but of course you should also think long-term and not ignore the caution. Because before the first use, you should take a few minutes to get the bike ready for the first ride. We will now gladly show you which measures and steps you can take to ensure that you can drive fast and efficiently with the pedelec quickly and efficiently.

Take a close look at the bike

After delivery, most of the wheels are already assembled so that they give the impression that you can quickly set off on the first tour. Trust is good, but control is better. Especially when buying over the Internet, it can always happen again that a screw is not completely fixed, that the gears can not be changed as desired or a grinding of the brakes is of course not impossible. But all this and other problems will quickly interfere with the ride and you should eliminate them for exactly this reason. Take a little time and rest before the first ride and take a close look at the most important areas. This applies among other things to the handlebar and the saddle,

Adjust and prepare the battery

For the first ride, you certainly do not want to do without the performance of the installed engine, because you are probably lookingfor a pedelec just for this one decided. Of course, the battery needs its maximum power so that you can drive safely and quickly. So download it completely right after the purchase, this process can take quite a few hours. Most batteries can be fully recharged within about 4-5 hours. During this time, you can take the chance and customize the pedelec for your own needs. This means that you look at the saddle and gradually also the handlebars exactly and think about what height you want them. Because this is clearly responsible for the ride comfort. Adjust everything optimally. When the battery is already fully charged, you can recommend it to the pedelec as recommended by the manufacturer Mount and start with the first tour. We wish you a lot of fun and good weather.

10 tips for care

The manufacturer put on every pedelec on the market a very high value on good quality and durability. This actually works with the good variants, but there are still some measures that have a great relevance for you as a user. Because with this you can extend the durability significantly and ensure the safety of driving even after a few months. We are happy to show you ten successful and good tips, which you are welcome to use for your own pedelec .

Wait the bike regularly

The manufacturers give this and for this first and important tip a clear guide. Here it actually looks like you may know this from your own car. After a certain time or a certain distance maintenance is necessary in any case and you should consult a specialist for maintenance.

A safe location

Unfortunately, not all users and people have a good opportunity to safely store their own pedelec . But this is very important, for example in a garage or under one roof. Because even here cold and rain have no chance and the pedelec is very well protected.

Always finish well

Do not make it easy for thieves. Even if you park your own pedelec only for a short shopping or a few minutes somewhere public, you should secure this in any case with a good lock. For clever thieves usually only a few seconds and you 'll never see the expensive pedelec again.

Regularly remove coarse dirt

After a tour or after a long ride in the rain, you should remove the coarse dirt directly. With this you have the easy possibility to do something good for your own pedelec and to ensure good care. With a damp cloth you can achieve very good results within a very short time.

Pressure washers are taboo

Unfortunately, cleaning a pedelec with a high-pressure cleaner is anything but a good idea. Because among other things, you remove important fats from the chain and at the same time can cause damage to the technology. Do not use the cleaner and clean it gently with your hand.

Repairs by a specialist

If the engine does not work as usual or the brakes no longer have the desired effect, a repair for further and safe use is necessary in any case. It is best to leave this to the specialist and thus make sure that you can drive and use the pedelec soon as usual.

Protect the battery

The battery is one of the most important elements of any modern pedelec, so you as a user should always make sure that you treat it caring and gentle. Because only in this case you can ensure that the battery will work flawlessly for many years. Always charge it fully and remove the battery when not in use.

More efficiency with the right accessories

Additional lighting, suitable mudguards or other accessories, all this you may like to use with your new pedelec. Because with this you ensure more efficiency and more practical benefits in every application. At the same time, however, these simple measures definitely ensure that even after a few years you still like to do one or the other round with your pedelec .

Use the wheel as intended

Also in the field of pedelecs there are different types and possibilities, which you can look at gladly. However, you should always make sure that after the election you use the Pedelec really only for the intended purpose and area. Use a city bike so really only in the city, a mountain bike may of course also be used in the area.

Insurance in case of cases

And if the new pedelec then fails over time, you should make sure that you are well prepared for such a scenario. Because after a long use everything is possible and many people are simply dependent on such a pedelec . You should already take care of a good and practical insurance directly after the purchase, which will pay for the damage in case of any case.

Useful accessories

The weather is getting nice, the temperatures are rising and the mood is getting better and better. This is the time when many people decide to take a tour with their own pedelec . You will certainly have a modern bike with extensive equipment and technology at your disposal, but with the right accessories , you can go one step further and make the journey even more enjoyable and relaxed. We show you the most important and useful accessories, which from the next tour on your pedelec is no longer missing.

When driving with the pedelec, please be aware that you are running high temperatures on average. Accordingly bad can be an accident with such a Pedelec really and you should definitely provide the appropriate security. For this reason, we always recommend using and wearing a helmet even if this is of course not legally required in Germany, of course. Nevertheless, we do not just recommend this to you, but make it very clear to you. So you should look for a suitable and good helmet right after purchasing the new pedelec. Today, you will not only find numerous offers in specialist shops, but, of course, on the Internet in the large online shops as well.

Here are the variants from the helmet range for the ride pedelec not only visually, but at the same time in the fit and comfort. Whether man or woman, adult or child then no longer plays any role and you can look around here in peace and then choose a really good matching option.

Speaking of security, even the theft is unfortunately always an important and present topic in pedelecs. Because the good models are stolen very quickly, if you do not take appropriate measures. An effective and at the same time very simple measure is certainly the purchase of a good lock. In this case you should not choose the first and cheapest model on the market, because in fact these are usually no obstacle for the thieves . Here the lock is then even with a simple pliers cracked within a short time and your expensive pedelec is already stolen.

With a good lock, make sure your bike is safe and the thieves have no chance to take it with them. Very practical is the fact that there is again for almost every requirement and for every type of bike to find the perfect lock. Both short locks as well as longer versions, with which a connection to solid objects is possible. The well-known manufacturer such as Abus are definitely a good choice, because they offer very secure locks at a fair and reasonable price, with which you certainly do not go wrong. And here you also have the advantage . Loss of the key in an expensive lock does not necessarily have to be a big problem. Indeed, today there is the possibility to order a replacement directly from the manufacturer if the key is lost. For this, the models have unique codes, which you can specify directly.

You will then receive the appropriate key within a short time and then have the opportunity to open and reuse the lock as usual. You can then save yourself an expensive new purchase of the castle. And you should not be too cautious when investing, because among other things, you will find locks with a very high security from a price of about 100 euros and more. This investment is worthwhile in any case, because a theft of the expensive pedelec prevent you hereby definitely.

W questions:

What should a good pedelec cost?

For sure, as a user looking for a new pedelec you have found offers with a very reasonable price. But you should be careful here, because a good model should have a price from about 1500 to 2000 euros.

What equipment is necessary for a pedelec?

With every ride, safety is the number one priority at Pedelec . So always remember to wear a good helmet. When falling, this helps reliably to avoid bad injuries.

How to ride a pedelec?

Driving a pedelec is basically very easy, even if it takes a little practice. Before the first trip you should therefore turn the first laps in a quiet area, so that you feel really good on the pedelec and can move it safely through the traffic.

Which pedelec is right for me?

This always depends on the individual type, today there is a very wide selection of different variants and models. Among other things, you will find mountain bikes, for example, with which you can drive safely and comfortably on a bad surface.

Where can you find a good pedelec for your own use?

Both on the Internet and, of course, in specialist shops you will find good models and variants in which a purchase is worthwhile for you in any case. With the right choice, make sure that the pedelec can really meet your needs. Of course, the Pedelec test will be glad to assist you on request and will show you the good models directly.

Which helmet should I use?

With a modern pedelec , you can reach a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour, from which speed the engine shuts off. At these speeds, a normal bike helmet is of course completely sufficient, but you should avoid this due to the high risk of significant injuries.

What is a pedelec anyway?

A pedelec is a bicycle, which is not only driven by pedaling, but here is an additional engine installed. Here you have the advantage that even longer distances are possible without any problems. When using a pedelec , make sure that the motor works only when you pedal.

Does a pedelec require a special requirement?

Basically, you can sit right after buying the new pedelec on the new vehicle and then already turn the first few rounds. For this you need neither a driver a specific condition such as a driver's license, but also an additional insurance or even a label are not necessary here.

Which pedelec is the right choice for seniors?

Even for seniors, the pedelec is a good choice to stay mobile safely. In the best case, make sure to look for a simple application and good safety features when purchasing. Even a very low entry here is a very good choice, so getting on and off is possible.

How long does the battery last for a pedelec?

How long you can ultimately drive with a built-in battery in a pedelec , among other things, depends on the driving style and also on the weight. So many factors play an important role here. In general you can count on a good model but today with a range of up to 100 kilometers and more.

Alternatives to the pedelec

It does not always have to be the expensive pedelec directly , because here in the market of two-wheelers you will find today a very large selection of different variants and possibilities, which also ensure that you can reach both safely and quickly to the desired destination. For many people and many users, a modern pedelec is anything but a good and optimal choice. The reasons are of course different for each user and there are individual preferences, but in any case, among other things, the financial aspect plays a very important role.

If you have already been informed in the field of pedelecs , then you should certainly have also found very quickly that the models and variants of the known manufacturers and from the works of the major brands are all as cheap and certainly not a real bargain. But other points also play a very important role. So that you can still reach your destination safely, relaxed and quickly, we now show you practical alternatives and good tips with the following guide, which make the use of the pedelec indispensable.

One of the most popular alternatives to such a pedelec is the normal bicycle. In any case, this alternative is also very obvious, because on the beautiful days and at pleasant temperatures, the normal wheels are not only very often seen on the road and in the great outdoors, but also a comfortable and nice alternative to the strenuous ride by car. But even for shopping or even for the daily commute to work, the normal bike is a good alternative, if you are not on the car, the public transport or even the pedelec want to be instructed. Of course, as a user, you should always and always bear in mind that the normal wheels naturally have an engine, so you need the power of your own muscles if you want to drive fast and safely. However, the benefits are very clear here, because choosing a really good bike not only relieves the burden on the environment, but also helps to maintain your health and fitness. At the same time, the bicycles in the city have a clear advantage, because many of the cities are no longer suitable at peak times for the massive traffic through the cars.

It is actually much faster and easier here today with a bicycle. In addition, the good bikes are also a sensible alternative to pedelecs, because they are much cheaper. Even in the event that you decide on a good and very high-quality variant with a wide range of equipment, which are also well suited for driving longer distances, these bikes are still much cheaper than a good pedelec. While you can really count on such a one with a purchase with a price of several thousand euros, this looks clearly more attractive and meaningful with a normal bicycle without engine with a price of up to 1000 euro. Here you also have the choice between different representatives of the genus, among other things you can choose here from mountain bikes, touring bicycles or city bikes . Every bike has its own advantages and strengths, so in the best case, you can get advice on site in a specialist shop.

If the engine is too weak for you in a pedelec or if you just want to be on the road without any effort, we have the right alternative for you. For as is well known and very well now, the pedelecs on the market only have a motor, which works only when you pedal yourself. So you always have to make an effort, so that a speedy journey is possible. While this may not be a problem on short stretches, many users still want a bit more support from the mobile pedestal in headwinds, inclement weather or hilly terrain. Here too, we have the perfect alternative to pedelec for you ,namely the normal e-bike. Many users and prospects in this area are unaware of the fact that there is a very clear and even legally relevant difference here.

After all, an e-bike is basically a scooter on the principle of operation. This in turn means that the built-in motor can not only own a significantly higher performance, but that it works completely independent of your movement. So you do not necessarily have to pedal to make the engine on your e-bike fast.

At the same time you should make sure with this alternative, that not only a driver's license, but also a special insurance with a suitable license plate is necessary.

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