5 Best Mountain Bikes Under $500 Reviews 2022 With Buying Guide

If you are a cycling professional or if you are starting in the sport, you should be able to have a team that fits your needs and also adapts to the use you will give it.

There are different types in the market but to get the perfect model that we require for irregular and steep terrain, we must know which is the best mountain bikes under $500. Keep in mind that each model is intended for a specific audience of users.

To give you a better idea, we have analyzed the best mountain bikes under 500 dollars of 2020. We will briefly explain with their main characteristics so that you can know which one best suits your needs and the use that you will give it.

Rank#01 – Schwinn High Timber Youth and Adult Mountain Bike

This model has the main advantage of having a 24-speed system that you can use as you require and be very efficient in its movement, thanks to its large 29-inch diameter wheels.

The tires bring a double-walled aluminum coating, which makes them very durable and resistant to uneven terrain. This model comes in size L, that is, for people who are 1.75 meters tall 1.84. Its brake system is both front and rear disc.

This 29-inch mountain bike is also very easy to use since it only weighs 13 kilograms, so handling it will not require any supreme effort. It is considered by users as the best mountain bikes under $500 on the market. This for its quality, price, durability, and also resistance.  

For many professional cyclists, this model is the best mountain bikes under 500 dollars of the moment, so we invite you to detail the characteristics that distinguish this product.


Versatility: By design, you can use this bike on mountainous terrain but also in the city and asphalt roads with total efficiency during the tour.

Components: Shimano components give a high level of performance to the bicycle, as they are recognized for their quality and strength. This model includes among its elements the Schwinn – gearbox, the Schwinn ST-EF51 actuators, and the Schwinn TZ-20 plate diverter.

Damping: The front fork integrates suspension to cover all types of terrain, guaranteeing efficient damping, equivalent to greater stability and safety during driving.

Material: It is made of excellent quality aluminum, and this bike stands out for being lightweight but durable and resistant to intense mountain training.

Mounting: Users say that its assembly is simple; you just have to place the wheels and adjust the handlebars to ride on your mountain bike.


Settings: Several users claim that the speed system arrives un-adjusted, which hinders the bike’s performance and must pay in a specialized place to make the proper adjustment.

rel “nofollow”Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike

Rank#02 – Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Men’s Mountain Bike

In this bike, you can get up to 21 different speeds to be used as you want, because it will let you go at high speed or climb places that you would not have thought. It always keeps you safe because of its innovative disc brake system; This model also has a double suspension.

Being a folding mountain bike, being a folding mountain bike, it ensures excellent flexibility of use and can be stored anywhere at home. Its dimension drastically reduced from 95 cm to 33 cm.

Although one of those with the highest weight among others in the market, it is not very heavy. Its total weight is 18 kg, which is very light compared to other mountain bikes. The aluminium frame makes it lighter.

Living in a small apartment may not give you enough space for storage, so you can opt for a folding bike as it takes up little space.Pros:

Design: This mountain bike can be stored in small spaces because its dimension is about 95 x 33 x 74 cm when folded. Can be put in the trunk of a car.

Material: This model is made of Hi-Ten steel, a durable and resistant material that can last for many years if adequately protected from corrosion.

Speed: It has the Shimano gear system with 21 speeds for optimal performance for driving on slopes, climbs, and terrain without much effort.


Instructions: The instruction manual is in English, and many users express that it is a disadvantage that is not available in Spanish.Materials : Several customers claim that the pedal material could be improved to offer more exceptional durability.

Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Rank#03 – Schwinn S29 Mens Mountain Bike

The Schwinn S29 Men’s Mountain Bike model has numerous quality details. These include its aluminium frame, its front suspension, or its Shimano changes, which place it at the forefront in today’s mountain bike market.

Main Features:

Bicycle frame: 

​The Schwinn S29 Men’s Mountain Bike has been manufactured in high-quality aluminium, which reduces the weight of the product and maintains adequate resistance in all types of terrain. This frame is of size L, which allows it to be used by cyclists measuring from 1.75 to 1.84 meters approximately.

This frame has the usual format, although with an extended size handlebar, which makes it easy to hold comfortably. It is finished off in the fork area with a front suspension, which absorbs the ground’s bumps and offers you greater comfort when rolling on any surface on which you move.

Changes and brakes: 

​Another quality detail of this product has to do with its components. This bike rides a Shimano TX-55 24-speed gearbox. Automated system changes are located at the bottom of the handlebar, with simple access and efficient activation. It is not necessary to move the lever depending on the plate or pinion. We want to place, making the change this work for us.

Regarding the brakes, these use the modern disc braking system that has come to replace the traditional shoe brake format. It has a system with good-sized activation levers and discs present on both the front and rear wheels. Suitable for most of the land and uses, we want to give the bicycle.

Wheels and tires: 

​As the last aspect of our analysis, we talk about the wheels and tires of the product. These wheels and tires have a diameter of 29 inches with MTB format so that they have enough strength to move even in the toughest terrain.

To give you the traction you need, these wheels have a medium-heel design, which, as usual, serves both to roll around the city and not too complicated terrain. Rubena manufactures the Wheel with a double wall system, which increases its resistance to torsion and reduces the risk of punctures or other problems.


The aluminium frame of size L, together with the tires made of the same material, allows reducing the weight of the bicycle to only 13.4 kilos so that you do not have to carry more weight than necessary.


The brakes are suitable for everyday use both in the city and on the road, although some users mention that, in case of more extreme uses, it is advisable to check if they adapt to what we need.

Schwinn S29 Mens Mountain Bike

Rank#04 – Merax FT323 Mountain Bike

The next bike on our list of the best mountain bikes under 500 is Merax FT323 mountain bike. This mountain bike has a relatively wide 27.5-inch hydroformed aluminium frame and large wheels to handle better in the different terrain that you must face. These have double walls for more excellent resistance.

It has 24 speeds that will allow you to improve your movement and performance on slopes and climbs. It also helps you face different surfaces when you are on the mountain efficiently.

Moreover, incorporated fork locking system and disk brakes give you greater control. The overall weight of this bike is 15 kg; therefore, it can be handled quickly, putting less effort. It is size M, ideal for people who are between 1.59 m and 1.71 m.

For some customers, Merax is the best brand of mountain bikes for its quality, designed for amateurs and professionals of this discipline. That is why we describe the positive and negative aspects of the 1000-15M model.


Speed: The 24 changes of speeds allow you to obtain an efficient performance of the bicycle to move quickly and adapt the pedalling to the type of terrain that you are going to travel.

Design: Distinctive Geometric design helps the cyclist maintain a more upright posture without having discomfort in the neck, shoulders, and back for a superior experience.

Quality: The frame is made up of high-quality hydroformed aluminium, lightweight, and resistant for a higher level of durability with 27.5 inches, which at the same time allows easy loading because it weighs just 15 kg.


Brakes: Some users express that it would be more beneficial if the brake system were hydraulic rather than mechanical. However, those it has offer efficient performance.

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