10 Best Jawbones {Reviews 2020 With Buying Guide}

The best Jawbone model is a fitness tracker that measures individual activity. Our team has reviewed countless internet reviews to assess battery life, water resistance, interfaces, and more.

What is a Jawbone Fitness Bracelet?

The jawbone is a typical activity tracker or fitness or health bracelet that records fitness and health-related measurement data and makes it available to other end devices. With such devices can, for example

  • Running tracks,
  • the energy expenditure of the body,
  • the heart rate and
  • the quality of sleep
  • be monitored.

Basically, Jawbone bracelets come in an elegant design that is more reminiscent of a piece of jewelry than a high-tech electronic device. An important differentiator to many other activity trackers is that Jawbone usually waives a display . Although there are models with a time display, these are the exception.

These so-called gadgets belong to a completely new kind of digital devices, which are primarily worn close to the body . They are electronic surveillance systems that mainly wirelessly transfer their data to a smartphone, tablet or computer . Here, the proven Bluetooth connectivity is used. Many other manufacturers of fitness bracelets also offer wired data transmission.

If we take a closer look at the current UP series Jawbones , we will find that almost all models, with a few exceptions, are designed primarily for sporty and active women. Only the beautiful applications and stitching on the bracelet surface indicates a feminine use. For men, the jawbones are in a timeless black, which can be worn with any outfit. In our next Jawbone Test 2020 we would now like to go into the functions a bit more.

How does a jawbone work?

Many wonder how such a fitness bracelet actually works. First and foremost, we can measure movement with our jawbone. Most fitness bracelets have for this purpose a pedometer, with which, among other things, the steps can be counted . These gauges are also equipped with accelerometers and an altimeter .

Activity trackers take into account the distance covered and the possible energy use of the body based on the number of steps taken. The so-called physical activities are shown graphically . It is especially interesting if these fitness bracelets can also measure the heart rate. As a result, sleep quality can also be measured in the resting phase.

Depending on the model, the heart rate is determined either via a chest strap or through an optical sensor, such as the Jawbone. Many fitness bracelets are equipped with an integrated alarm that alerts the wearer to important events. If the fitness bracelet is also worn at night, a soft bracelet is an important prerequisite for a high level of comfort.

The activity trackers of the Jawbon Up series are of particularly high quality . They measure the daily movement and are therefore the ideal companion for sports activities . The Jawbone orients itself to the daily movement, registers and documents these, also determines the number of steps taken and calculates the calories consumed.

In this way, we can see exactly how often we move around the day. However, because the Jawbone Fitness Wristbands do not have their own display, important events in the form of vibrations on the wrist are signaled. This is how we unconsciously achieve an optimization of our health . Even in case of inactivity, our jawbone will respond by a vibrating alert.

Great importance is attached to sleep behavior. The Jawbone automatically detects lighter or deeper sleep phases . To make your sleep even more relaxing, the built-in Smart Alarm function finds out when the right time to gently wake up.

We also find it nice that the movement sensors in the wristband not only reliably absorb any movement, but also forward it to a smartphone via Bluetooth . It is particularly convenient that we can use all fitness apps with a Jawbone and are not tied to a specific app like other manufacturers. Even many third-party vendors have interesting fitness apps on offer, as we can use with our Jawbone.

One thing you should really look out for: Almost all fitness bracelets can promote health but can not provide meaningful data about the health of the wearer. On the other hand, the values ​​obtained can still give reason to be examined by a doctor. After all, fitness bracelets are a motivational aid and encourage us to move more.

It should not go unmentioned that we have to recharge our fitness bracelet after about a week . For this purpose, a USB adapter is included in the scope of delivery, via which we can connect the bracelet to a USB charging socket. We will return to the loading times later.

Advantages & Applications

As we mentioned in our Jawbone test , such a fitness tracker is a motivator for more exercise and a healthier lifestyle. We can not only use a Jawbone in our daily work, but also during our free time or on vacation. It does not matter if we do a longer bike ride, for example. The movements are determined particularly effectively on an active mountain bike tour . In a demanding off-road ride all body parts come in motion. Our jawbone reacts very well to that.

Another area of ​​application is running, jogging or hiking . Here, step counts and distances can be determined particularly well. Using a smartphone connection, we can easily see immediately how many calories have been burned after a jogging lap. It should not go unmentioned that some Jawbone Up models could only be used splash-proof or only up to 1 m water depth. This changes with the Up3. This jawbone is waterproof up to 10 m . That's why we have found a reliable companion for the swimming pool . All water sports can now be done with the Jawbone Up3, so that the recordable range of sports has now been exhausted.

The benefits of the Jawbone

  • can be used universally,
  • is completely waterproof from version Up3,
  • good motivator for more physical activity,
  • determines and documents the daily activity,
  • monitors sleep behavior,
  • light weight and pleasant to carry,
  • extensive app functions,
  • can also communicate with apps from other manufacturers.

What types of Jawbone Fitness Wristbands are there?

When talking about a Jawbone fitness bracelet, it also refers to any model of an Up series. To get an overview of the Jawbone models available on the market, we have listed the different series below. Maybe you like a series very well.

The Jawbone Up

In 2013, the first Jawbone fitness bracelet was launched in Germany. The range of functions is somewhat limited compared to many competitors. At least the Up is missing its own display . Instead, the data collected is easily forwarded to a smartphone.

The first up had a lot of useful features. Unfortunately, the synchronization with a smartphone was not wireless, but a separate cable, which had to be plugged into the headphone input of the smartphone . For this reason, this Jawbone Up could not perform any live tracking yet . The analysis of the determined data was made later on the connected mobile terminal.

The advantages

  • Motivator for more physical activity,
  • determines and documents the daily activity,
  • Light weight and comfortable to carry.

The disadvantages

  • wired connection to mobile devices,
  • somewhat limited functionality.

The Jawbone Up24

The Jawbone Up24 is the successor device . This fitness bracelet for the first time offers a Bluetooth interface. Thus, the data can be synchronized much easier with a smartphone or tablet . With the aid of a corresponding app, the determined movement data can be reliably analyzed.

It is interesting that the app shows the user whether the daily goal in the form of movements has already been reached or not. For the first time, a significantly larger number of Android smartphones could be connected with this model . However, the number of functions is almost identical to the original model.

The advantages

  • reliably determines movement data and distances,
  • Motivator for daily activity,
  • light weight and pleasant to carry,
  • to connect for the first time via Bluetooth with a smartphone or tablet.

The disadvantages

  • somewhat limited functionality.

The Jawbone Up2

Also the Jawbone Up24 has a successor. This is the innovative model Jawbone Up2 . This fitness bracelet features a particularly elegant and narrow bracelet design. The scope of functions has also been expanded. So here we find a practical and intelligent alarm function . For the first time, we can be woken up gently by a fitness bracelet in the right wake-up phase.

Generally there is the Jawbone Up2 in a noble execution in many fashionable colors, but also in a sporty-simple variant. Of course, this Activity Tracker has a Bluetooth interface, with which we can synchronize all data on the smartphone. Interestingly, the new app of the Jawbone Up2 is also usable for the Up3 .

The advantages

  • good functionality,
  • splashproof,
  • light weight and pleasant to carry,
  • wake-up,
  • Bluetooth interface.

The disadvantages

  • does not yet reach all the features of the current series,
  • few sensors on the inside of the bracelet.

The Jawbone Move

The new generation includes the Jawbone Move , which has been on the market since 2019. This is a very compact and affordable Activity Tracker, which is aimed primarily at beginners. This model presents itself not as a bracelet, but as a clip that can be individually attached to the clothing.

Again, the Jawbone is a highly reliable, high-tech device that records daily activity. Whether at the trouser pocket, jacket or directly at the sportswear, with this fitness tracker we can inform ourselves about our performance progress at any time. It is interesting that the Jawbone Move is also equipped with an LED display . With its integrated button battery, this model achieves a mileage of up to 6 months.

If you want, you can also buy a separate bracelet for the Jawbone Move if it is to be worn on the wrist. These are available in many attractive colors . By pressing the button on the tape twice, the Move even displays the time.

The advantages

  • ideal for activity tracker beginners,
  • splashproof,
  • light weight and individually portable,
  • Time and progress display,
  • Bluetooth interface.

The disadvantages

  • Bracelet must be bought separately.

The Jawbone Up3

In direct comparison, the acute Jawbone Up3 hardly differs from the U2. At least, hardly anything has changed in terms of optics. However, much more sensors are installed on the inside of the bracelet than on the Jawbone Up2. The reason for this is that we can also measure the heart rate with the Up3.

Surprisingly, the results are very accurate . In conjunction with the appropriate app, we can inform us about all important body and fitness functions. The sophisticated sensors are able to monitor our sleep. The sleep or REM phases are recorded as well as the determination of the right time to wake up.

Even though the pulse measurement is relatively accurate, it still can not be compared to medical devices. The Up3 is absolutely waterproof and can therefore be used for a variety of water sports. Meanwhile, a successor was announced with the Jawbone Up4 , which has not yet appeared on the German market. For example, cashless payment should also be possible .

The advantages

  • current Jawbone models,
  • waterproof,
  • Heart rate measurement,
  • Sleep phase monitoring,
  • Bluetooth interface.

The disadvantages

  • Heart rate measurement can not withstand medical devices.

So we tested the Jawbone bracelets

Before you decide on one of our Jawbone test winners , it is important that you find out about the most important test criteria. Not all criteria can be listed here. Nevertheless, we would like to show you what we have paid attention to when testing such an Activity Tracker.

Find the right size

First, we took a closer look at the Jawbone bracelets. Overall, the bracelet is made of TPU rubber from a single cast . At the time of purchase, we have to commit ourselves to a color right from the start. Unfortunately, the bracelet can not change color later. Incidentally, the gadget looks like a fashion jewelery model, which is why primarily women are addressed .

Of course, the Jawbone must fit perfectly on the arm. An exception is the Move, which is offered only as a clip variant. Generally, you should know your arm thickness. However, the Up3 and Up2 series are only available in one unit length, which, however , can be adjusted individually to the arm strength , similar to a wristwatch . With the first up and also with the model Up24 you can choose between the sizes Small (S), Medium (M) and Large (L) .

The look is similar in most jawbones, with the pattern on the outside immediately catching the eye. Even if the bracelet length can be adjusted in the current model, the closure takes some getting used to . We have to be careful because of the somewhat sharp-edged metal catch hook.

The battery life of the Jawbone

Understandably, the battery life plays a big role in such a gadget. If regular movements are recorded and transmitted directly to a smartphone via Bluetooth, this can already cost enormous battery capacity. Nevertheless, we were surprised by the overall performance. After all, our test candidates held out about a week.

A Jawbone Up is charged via the supplied USB dongle, a special connection with which we can charge the bracelet via a USB port of a digital device or via a mains plug with a USB port. Only the aforementioned Jawbone Move is equipped with a button battery that lasts up to 6 months.

The water resistance of the Jawbone Fitness Trackers

If you want to go into the pool with your Jawbone Fitness Bracelet, you should make sure that you at least wear the Up3 version. According to the manufacturer, the gadget is waterproof up to 10 m. All other candidates are splash-proof and can not even resist a shower .

In our test, the Jawbone Up3 easily survived a shower test. Nevertheless, we are a bit skeptical as to whether we can actually use the Activity Tracker in the swimming pool. Of course this would be a highlight for swimming fans. After our research we could find different opinions. For some, the Jawbone itself has survived an outdoor pool walk in the summer, but not for others.

The connectivity with other mobile devices

Since our Jawbone, with the exception of the Move model, does not have its own display, connectivity with other mobile devices plays an important role. After all, we also want to portray and enjoy all our training successes in some way. In particular, the current Jawbone models can be connected via Bluetooth with a smartphone or tablet.

Even the operating system type of smartphones does not matter. Jawbone offers apps for Android operating systems as well as Apple's iPhone . We think we're not dependent on Jawbone's original apps. We can also run our Jawbone Fitness Bracelet with other fitness apps from the App Store.

As we mentioned earlier, the first model Jawbone Up is an exception. This can only be connected via a 3.5mm jack with a smartphone. Unfortunately, this does not work for all Android smartphones.

The different functions of the Jawbone

We have already discussed the various functions of the Jawbone. It is important once again that these gadgets are useful as activity trackers. We find there

  • a pedometer,
  • a calorie counter,
  • a motion analysis,
  • a monitoring of sleep phases with gentle wake-up by vibration as well
  • a heart rate measurement.

These features also provide many other fitness trackers today. However, just the current Jawbone models convince with an astonishing accuracy. Most basic functions can be turned on by tapping on the tape. In the Up3 we find among other things also the proven functions of the Up2, as for example the Smart Coach with determination of a healthy food intake . For pulse measurement we come in the next section.

The pulse measurement of the Jawbone Activity Tracker

The Jawbone Up3 incorporates so-called bio-impedance sensors , which are able to measure the pulse. At the same time, the Jawbone provides important tips for better health by calculating between the resting heart rate and the daily pulse rate.

Incidentally, the Up3 model is the only fitness bracelet from this manufacturer that has built-in cardiovascular monitoring . This feature is paired with the aforementioned monitoring of the various sleep phases.

Fitness bracelets in comparison

What should I look for when buying a Jawbone Fitness Bracelet?

After we have listed the most important test criteria before, we would like to give you one or the other purchase criteria. Maybe this will make it even easier to find your matching Jawbone Fitness Bracelet.

Which model should be chosen?

Currently the three models Jawbone Up3, Move and also the Up2 are strongly represented on the market. If possible, you should use a current model, such as the Up3 , because you will also find the practical pulse measurement here. Beginners who would like to have some experience with activity trackers can also turn to the Jawbone Move. This comes as a compact clip version and can be attached directly to the clothing or on the belt.

Is the load time different from other competitors?

As we have noted, the load time of a jawbone is between 90 minutes and just under 2 hours . For a full charge should definitely be scheduled 2 hours. In direct comparison, other fitness trackers from other manufacturers can not deliver better load values. In that regard, the charging time does not differ from the rest of the competitors .

Beware of a strong nickel allergy

If you choose a jawbone, keep in mind that the American manufacturer did not think one hundred percent about an anti-allergic nickel variant . The TPU rubber band of the Jawbone Up3 is harmless and also the sensors contained on the inside are made of TiN-coated stainless steel , but the housing consists partly of 0.5% nickel. When worn, this inevitably comes into contact with the skin.

As an alternative to complete freedom from nickel but the Jawbone Move can be recommended because the case is made completely metal-free.

Brief information on leading manufacturers

Anyone interested in fitness trackers would also like to learn something about the various manufacturers. However, our Jawbon Test 2020 is all about one manufacturer. Nevertheless, in our review after the introduction of Jawbone, we would also like to briefly address one or the other manufacturer of activity trackers.


The jawbone bracelet is only offered by a single manufacturer. This is Jawbone Consumer electronics, headquartered in San Francisco. Jawbone was founded on December 1, 1999. The company is one of the leading providers of consumer technology. Especially in the field of wearables, Jawbone can support and promote the movement, sleep and eating habits of people with its renowned Up models.

Jawbone Up Models are an interesting way to motivate people to live a more active and healthy life. With its open API system and useful apps and services, we can create customized solutions for each one. This approach by Jawbone for so-called lifestyle tracking can be described as pioneering. In this regard, the company has already filed more than 600 patents for wearables.

In addition, Jawbone is also known as a manufacturer of hardware and software products and is supported here by important data science. In addition, Jawbone is considered the inventor of JAMBOX products. These are special, wireless speaker boxes. Likewise, Jawbone can convince with its excellent ERA Bluetooth headsets and the proven NoiseAssassin technology.

The successful company has numerous branches throughout the world. The products are available in more than 40 countries. The Jawbone fitness bracelets are in the lower to mid price range.

Garmin The Swiss Garmin Ltd. based in Schaffhausen is one of the leading providers of GPS-based navigation devices. In addition, Garmin also produces action camcorders, echosounders for shipping and Electronic Flight Instrument Systems for aviation. Do not forget the fitness bracelets or wearables.

The Garmin Activity Tracker also provide all the necessary functions and are also equipped with its own e-ink display. Compared to the jawbones, however, they are in the middle to upper price range.

Fitbit Also, the American FitbitInc. is one of the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics. Fitbit was founded in 2007 in San Francisco and manufactures among other things the successful Fitbit Wearables. These are stylish Activity Tracker with display, but are located in the upper price segment.

In addition, there are many other well-known manufacturers of wearables, which are based on the functionality of the Jawbone. In that regard, a Jawbone fitness bracelet from the Up series does not have to hide behind its competitors.

Nike The well-known sports equipment and clothing manufacturer Nike also offers a fairly innovative fitness bracelet. This is the proven Nike + Fuel series. The Fuelband is available in sizes S, M and L and can be used by both women and men alike.

This Aktivity Tracker is presented in a timeless bracelet with LED display. In contrast to the Jawbone, the time can also be displayed on the display. The training principle of the Nike Fuelband is that it has to collect corresponding fuel points. We will come back to this later. It should not be forgotten, however, that the Nike Fitness bracelets are located in the higher price segment. In terms of functionality, a Jawbone can easily keep up and is sometimes even superior.

Internet vs. Retailers: where do I buy my jawbone best?

Jawbones are a given as an attractive wearable. But where can you best buy this gadget? First is there the local trade. In many larger department stores, electrical specialist stores and sometimes even at the discount store , these activity trackers are offered. Unfortunately, these shops usually need to be hit either by public transport or by car. Especially on weekends, the shops and especially the inner cities are crowded. From a shopping pleasure is therefore not much to feel.

However, if you are heading into the city, you have to expect that there will be a limited choice in the selected stores . Due to the variety of jawbone fitness bracelets you should already have access to as many models as possible. Unfortunately, the selection does not increase even if you ask a seller or a seller. Here you even have to expect that they turn you on a store keeper or even a very different model from another manufacturer.

Partly, the sales people are also urged by their supervisors to sell you the discontinued models first, so that more stock for new goods is created in the stock. Unfortunately you usually do not benefit from lower prices . After you have decided on a purchase on the spot, it is quite possible that you are not satisfied with your fitness bracelet at home. Unfortunately, most businesses have different return policies. Simply a return in case of dislike is not. Below we have listed again the most important advantages and disadvantages when shopping in the local trade.

Advantages of buying in local trade

  • You can take a close look at the existing fitness bracelets,
  • You sometimes get a sales advisor,
  • If you like, you can take your jawbone with you right away.

Disadvantages of buying in local trade

  • You often have to travel long distances, search for a parking space or walk longer distances,
  • the local selection is very limited,
  • not always can a salesperson help you
  • there is a danger of catching a storekeeper,
  • sometimes the prices are quite high,
  • It is often difficult to return a jawbone if you do not like it.

Of course, you can also order your Jawbone over the Internet . The big advantage is that you do not have to put up with any cumbersome journeys. Order around the clock, on weekends and even on Sundays and public holidays . An online shop is always open for you. From the comfort of your home sofa you can take a close look at all Jawbone models and make the right choice.

Understandably, you have the widest selection on the Internet and at the same time benefit from many great offers. Modern online shops are characterized by a well-thought-out and simple ordering process. They have a variety of payment options that are extremely safe and reliable.

We think that the delivery times are usually quite short . In some cases you will even receive your Fitness Tracker within 24 hours . Sometimes you do not even have to pay more shipping costs. Once you have your jawbone delivered, you automatically have a return policy. You can use this right of revocation if you do not like your Jawbone for any reason.

Taking all these benefits into consideration , we can only encourage shopping over the Internet . Below we have briefly summarized the most important advantages and disadvantages for you.

Advantages of buying on the Internet

  • no unnecessary access routes,
  • no intrusive sellers who want to sell discontinued models or storekeepers,
  • here you have the largest selection,
  • look forward to particularly attractive bargains,
  • simple and secure ordering procedure,
  • Delivery within 24 hours possible,
  • sometimes even no shipping costs,
  • You receive a right of withdrawal if you do not like it.

Disadvantages when buying on the Internet

  • You can not take your jawbone home right away,
  • You must refrain from a personal sales advice,
  • You must inform yourself in advance about the product,
  • in rare cases slightly longer delivery time.

Worth knowing & advice

Before you decide for an Activity Tracker or a Wearable, we would like to offer you the appropriate background knowledge in our Jawbone test , so that you can make the right purchase decision, if possible. Of course, this listing does not claim to be exhaustive, but should nevertheless make the selection easier.

The history of Jawbone fitness bracelets

As we mentioned earlier, a jawbone is a body-worn activity tracker or data logger that monitors all movements of the wearer. Originally, this principle was based on a written and later computer-aided collection of measurement data in tabular form , monitoring the fitness of subjects.

One such program was developed in the United States by the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports , which is part of The President's Challenge . Thanks to the new technologies, extremely compact devices equipped with sensors and microchips could be developed. This miniaturization made it possible to carry the first Activity Tracker close to the body.

Already in the early 90s, the first bicycle computers were developed on this basis , which were not much larger than a wristwatch and were able to record the speed, distance, driving time, etc. In addition, there were early in the 80s first portable heart rate monitors, which were used primarily by athletes. At the time, these monitoring devices were still very expensive.

It was not until the early 2000s that compact activity trackers became affordable for the average consumer. Interestingly, the reliable development took place at the same time as the first smartphones . So it is not surprising today that most fitness bracelets today can communicate wirelessly with the smartphone.

In our test, however, it is primarily about the models of the American manufacturer Jawbone. The San Francisco-based company has been around since 1999 and is one of the leading wearables suppliers. Since 2011, Jawbone has been offering its popular Up series on the market, which is regularly updated with new features and more features.

Numbers, data, facts about the Jawbone Fitness Tracker

Fitness bracelets are interesting gadgets that can be worn comfortably on the wrist. Before you decide on one of our Jawbone test winners , we would like to give you some other data, facts and figures. In this way, you will learn a lot of background to these activity trackers, which can be useful for later use.

Jawbone fitness bracelets at Stiftung Warentest

The Stiftung Warentest is well known for their extensive testing of household products, sports and leisure goods, as well as tools and garden machinery. The test results are groundbreaking, not only for the customer, but also for the manufacturer, who gets the weaknesses and can improve them in other models. In January 2016 , Stiftung Warentest took a closer look at twelve different activity trackers.

In the test, the Stiftung Warentest once again shows that these fitness bracelets can currently be sold very successfully. These devices can count the steps, monitor the heart rate, determine the calories burned, and generally encourage the wearer to be more active in life. The tested devices were in the price range between 25 and 180 euros .

The Stiftung Warentest has found out from market studies that in 2015 alone more than 46 million devices were sold worldwide . Fitness trackers definitely hit the zeitgeist. They are considered a motivator and keep the mirror in front of everyone if the movement target has not been reached during the day. Unfortunately, only very few models performed well in the test. In particular, the expensive models performed poorly . From Jawbone the two models Up2 and Up3 under the magnifying glass were taken, which did however relatively well.

In the January test, Stiftung Warentest tested six simpler and six models with heart rate measurement. All models can both count the steps, the distance covered and also determine the calorie consumption, but the measurement results are often very different.

At the walking and running, the best results are achieved. Many Activity Tracker can falsify the measurement results of the motion sensor during everyday movements, such as wiping a table or vacuuming. Unfortunately most bracelets do not achieve the desired results when swimming. Almost all fitness bracelets have problems with cycling. Here you can not estimate a tour distance correctly. Actually, they are not designed for that. On bicycles, the distance should always be measured with a separate bike computer.

In the test of Stiftung Warentest it became clear once again that many devices are equipped with an integrated display, but for a real data evaluation always a connection to a smartphone or tablet required. Positive emphasis was placed on Bluetooth connectivity, which also supports Jawbone Up2 and Up3.

The heart rate measurement also causes problems. Unlike heart rate monitoring using a chest strap, most devices can only measure the pulse approximately accurately . The pulse is usually determined by sensors on the wrist. From a medical point of view, this represents only an emergency solution. Nevertheless, heart rate measurements can be incorporated as an interesting source of information in everyday activity. The Up3 of Jawbone also has such a feature.

Careful, users of certain fitness bracelets should also be with the data entered via the smartphone app. The Activity Tracker itself can usually store the data for only one day.

These must therefore be transferred via the app to a cloud . The problem is that important personal data are requested, such as age, weight and height. As the Stiftung Warentest has determined, fails in terms of data protection in particular the manufacturer Fitbit. This transmits the training data and sleep analysis, for example, unsolicited to all friends of the user who have deposited their email addresses in the app for joint training. Since the Jawbone is much safer .

Not to mention but also the material of the bracelets. Some manufacturers use the harmful phthalate softener DEHP here . This substance may affect reproductive ability. As far as these bracelets can endanger the health. Fortunately, this is not the case with Jawbone. However, many people wear their Armand fitness around the clock and also at night to monitor their sleep. Some bracelets may press or unintentionally open . Unfortunately this also affects the Jawbone. This shortcoming is easily acceptable.

How important is the determination of calorie consumption?

Both the Jawbone UP24 and the current Up version not only record the steps, but can also represent a calorie consumption. Thanks to the new apps, the calories consumed and consumed are analyzed . In order to be able to track the eating behavior properly, the app offers the possibility to save the daily ingested food in a database.

It is interesting that via a smartphone food can also be photographed or scanned to get a better overview in the database. The app is also suitable, for example, to integrate the menus of restaurants or fast food chains . It is interesting that here the nutritional values ​​are divided into good to bad . All components are therefore represented in a point system.

If you want, you can also insert your own body weight into the database and calculate the calories you have consumed. In that regard, the Jawbone offers useful motivational hints that really lead to a healthier life and lead us to a more conscious diet.

However, you should not be so serious about the calorie consumption on the Jawbone, because there are big differences here as well . However, the indication of calorie consumption primarily serves one's own motivation.

The Jawbone Up3 surprises with its accuracy measurement

Anyone interested in a Jawbone fitness bracelet would also like to have a gadget that provides high accuracy in motion measurement. The first models still had some difficulties here. The situation is different with the Jawbone Up3 . This activity tracker has an excellent pedometer . As other test institutes and customers have reported, the deviation of the measurement results is on average only eight steps.

For distances, the Jawbone Up3 also determines quite accurate values. Here we come at a distance of more than 500 meters to a small deviation of about 50 meters. Even more accurate is the distance measurement if we previously calibrated the Jawbone Up3 for the track .

As with many other fitness trackers, the Jawbone is sensitive to outside influences. An example is the brushing your teeth. Through the brushing movement we get credited more than 50 step counts on the bracelet. Overall, the Up3 is a bit more accurate than its predecessor, the Jawbone Up2.

First-class Jawbone sleep detection

We particularly liked the integrated alarm function . This can be set up to four different types of alarms. We can also be gently woken up using the vibration . It is interesting that the movement sensors of the Jawbone recognize the light and deep sleep phases and the so-called bio-impedance sensors thereby additionally record the REM phases. The wake-up time can be determined up to 30 minutes before the preset alarm.

The operation of the Jawbone Fitness Bracelet

At the end of the fitness bracelet is a small button . By repeated pressing we can retrieve the different functions here. This will also turn features on and off again. Pressing the button once will reveal a floral or moon shaped LED indicator on the underside of the strap to alert you to the wake or sleep mode. The training mode is switched on by pressing the button once and then once.

All possible combinations can also be explored using the app and the smartphone display. There is a special help and the function get to know your band . Unfortunately, what is not described is the deletion of all relevant training data. For this we have to press the small button 10x short and 1x long. A red LED should light up.

What does the future of the fitness bracelet look like?

The Jawbone Up is one of the popular Actitivy Trackers, which are used by many regularly in everyday life and in their free time. In an interview with boss and co-founder Hosain Rahman in Munich, it was explained how the future of this Up series might look like . Not only in-house products were described, but the entire scene of the Activity Tracker.

At the last CES in Las Vegas many manufacturers have presented innovative fitness bracelets and updates of existing series. Sometimes there were even interesting new developments . The pulse watch specialist Polar introduced a new loop model. Likewise, Garmin has introduced a new device. Jawbone convinces with even easier operation. Especially the bracelet versions convince with even better measurement results. In addition to the steps taken and the determination of calorie consumption, both data are converted into points. At the end of a day, we can easily tell if we've done enough for our fitness that day.

As before, the values ​​can be managed with a smartphone and a corresponding app or even on the laptop. Sleep habits and eating habits can be analyzed more and more accurately. It is important that the wearer has all his data in view at all times.

Jawbone boss Hosain Rahman explained at the DLD innovation conference of Hubert Burda in Munich that the Jawbone is also being further developed. His company plans to unlock additional features or re-implement the bracelet. Like many other manufacturers, the Jawbone is now much easier to connect to a chest strap. This is to be able to measure the heart rate during a workout even more efficient .

One of the innovations of Jawbone, for example, is that the new Jawbone Ups can not only collect the data of their carriers alone, but also exchange important data from other networks and systems. In a car, a jawbone can tell when the driver is getting tired and should take a break. At low moods, a jawbone can make sure that the smartphone plays with exhilarating music. Similarly, there are considerations to submit from rating portals corresponding restaurant suggestions, Furthermore, such a fitness bracelet can indicate whether a movie is just before bedtime and does not bring you to sleep. Especially the sleep data looks particularly important to the manufacturer. After all, more than 160,000 years of sleep data have been collected by the wearer in recent years.

From time to time it can also lead to product defects

Occasionally, some customers report that after some time, the function button gives up its spirit or the bracelet itself is damaged. Partly there is also a problem in electronics. Jawbone himself has improved in this case. In fact, there were technical issues with the delivery of the first new Up3 devices. However, the manufacturer has reacted immediately and offered all buyers by email a purchase price refund .

In this regard, Jawbone has even created its own website where users can claim their refund. It is nice that, of course, even within the warranty period, a device replacement is possible at any time . Many honest customers have pointed out that only those who really have problems with their Jawbone Fitness Bracelet should apply for a refund. Under no circumstances should this be done for greed.

Collecting points and the medical aspect

The well-known manufacturer Nike has introduced a special fuel points system with its fitness bracelet Nike + Fuelband . The point is that the wearer of this bracelet should reach at least 2,000 fuel points per day. Upon reaching the score we will be informed automatically. Unfortunately, this value can already be achieved with relatively few movements. For this reason, at least 2,500 fuel points should be sought. Similar to the jawbone, you can also see the number of steps and the calories consumed. The Nike Fuelband, on the other hand, also features a handy watch display, which unfortunately is missing on the Jawbone.

The Nike Fuelband can differentiate between different sports and then aligns the motion sensor. Walking is distinguished from running, but also cycling from weightlifting. Overall, the detection rate of the Nike Activity Tracker is comparable to the Jawbone. Overall, however, the awarded fuel points are only a little to be regarded as realistic with the respective sport. A sleep phase monitoring, however, we are looking for in vain.

The Jawbone Up pursues more medical approaches , although here too, the measurement results have to be viewed rather skeptically. The Jawbone app not only determines a certain number of steps per day, but also determines the right bedtime. Just before falling asleep, only the sleep mode needs to be activated. In the morning we can read our sleep history very well on the smartphone . In doing so, the Jawbone Activity Tracker recognizes any movement that we perform during sleep. People who move frequently in their sleep have thus not been able to sleep well.

Unlike the Nike, the Jawbone delivers quite reliable values ​​in this regard. Also in terms of measuring movement of the jawbone different sport sessions can be set. These can be started and stopped by pressing a button. Only a direct display on the bracelet Jawbone users have to do without.


The FAQs below are intended to help you answer the most important questions that may arise before or after purchasing a Jawbone Fitness Bracelet.

Which different apps can be used for the Jawbone?

First, we would like to point out that the Jawbone Up works with both Android and iOS smartphones. For this reason, we can also download the appropriate Jawbone app for free in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store. These are then installed on the respective smartphone.

When downloading, make sure that the app is suitable for which smartphone. The many users of the community do not leave you alone and are very active. Here we can measure our daily activities with others and even hold internal competitions. This is one of the strengths of using a jawbone to share workouts over popular social networks.

The Jawbone app will automatically detect which sports you are running after a while. Then the reviews are made. Once a dry spell is overcome, the Smart Coach always finds motivational words and quotes. In addition, the app reminds you that especially in sports something should be drunk in between times.

In addition to the special Jawbone App, our fitness bracelet also works together with a number of other fitness programs. These include the well-known apps:

  • MapMyFitness,
  • MyFitnessPal,
  • IFTTT,
  • SleepioTM,
  • Notch,
  • RunKeeper,
  • Wello,
  • Withings
  • Maxwell Health as well
  • LoseIt!

The most popular apps for the Jawbone include RunKeeper and Withings. These apps are equipped with virtual scales and blood pressure measurement features. Interestingly, the American manufacturer Jawbone has also entered into cooperation with many other app developers and the compatible apps are to be expanded.

How long does a Jawbone Fitness Bracelet need to be loaded?

The lifetime of a Jawbone Activity Tracker is an average of one week. Depending on the model used, you will have to expect a recharge time between 90 minutes and 2 hours. These load times are not very different from the other competing products.

How long does the manufacturer guarantee a jawbone?

The customer has a two-year warranty period with respect to the seller.

Why are the distance measurements not 100% accurate?

Many fitness bracelets, which include Jawbone, do not have GPS. The distance is therefore measured in step lengths and can be disturbed by many external influences. In our Jawbone Test 2020 we have already received a falsified result when brushing your teeth.

Because the movements are measured, inter alia, by a arm and a run, very accurate values ​​can not be delivered. For models with GPS, a distance measurement of up to a few meters is very accurate.

Does the smartphone always have to be part of the training with the Jawbone?

Many athletes do without unnecessary ballast and do not want to take a smartphone with them on the jogging track. This is not necessary with the Jabone. The smartphone can safely stay at home. Regardless, the Jawbone Fitness Bracelet stores all the moves and automatically syncs when your phone is back in Bluetooth range.

Can the bracelet be changed on the Jawbone?

The Jawbone Up is available in many attractive wristband colors. In addition to a beautiful grain, we also find multicolored models here. The complete electronics and bio-impedance sensors are integrated in the bracelet. It is not possible to replace it with another colored model. So you have to choose your favorite model first.

What are the colored LEDs in the Jawbone Fitness Bracelet?

The bracelet can represent three different LED colors. For sporting activities, the LED will light orange, blue for sleep activities, and white for notifications.

Useful accessories

If you are interested in a fitness tracker, you should also know about the accessories available on the market. For the Jawbone fitness bracelet we can recommend the following accessories, for example:

The 1A app with sleep tracking feature

Owners of the new Jawbone Up3 can look forward to it. These will receive a completely redesigned Jawbone app. This can be easily synchronized with the smartphone. We are delighted that all relevant data, such as steps, calorie consumption, sleep phases and also meals can be recorded and presented. It is particularly interesting that you can start smaller health duels together with other app users. The results can be compared with other team members and additional activities can be added as needed.

An optional chest strap

In order to be able to measure the heart rate very precisely, no one comes around an optional chest strap. Although a Jawbone Acitivty Tracker is already equipped with measuring sensors, they can only measure the pulse on average. A direct connection via the fitness bracelet with a chest strap is not provided.
This is not necessary, as most modern chest straps can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. In this way, the measurement data can be evaluated directly via an app on the smartphone. Nice is that there are also many apps that are compatible with both the jawbone and with a chest strap. Therefore, a chest strap is an interesting addition.

A suitable smartphone

Actually, the smartphone can not be described as an accessory. But it plays an important role in jawbone. Without a smartphone, the data determined by the Jawbone can not be displayed. Therefore, anyone who is interested in the Jawbone Fitness Bracelet should have a mobile phone as a prerequisite.
Important in this context is the decision whether it is an Apple iOS device or even an Android model, such as a modern Samsung smartphone. Regardless, the Jawbone can however be operated with any smartphone operating system. The Jawbone app can be downloaded for free via the corresponding online shops

Alternatives to the Jawbone

In our test, we primarily introduced you to the various Jawbone fitness bracelets. There are many other manufacturers on the market who can also offer this scope of services. In the following, the best-known manufacturers will be briefly introduced, although the list understandably makes no claim to completeness.

Garmin Founded in 1989, Garmind Ltd. Although it has become widely known primarily for its navigation devices, the Swiss company produces excellent activity trackers. These gadgets are equipped with an easy-to-read display that can display not only the time, but also all important training data. Among the most well-known representatives of the Garmin fitness bracelets are the series Vivofit and Vivosmart. The Garmin Activity Tracker is available in many stylish colors. These fitness bracelets are much more expensive than Jawbone.


The fitness trackers from Polar present themselves in a particularly shapely and in great colors. The relatively flat wrist bracelets provide sufficient functionality comparable to the Jawbone models. Striking is the mounted on the outside LED display. This will display the most important training data. However, we have to do without a time indication at Polar. Instead, there are also special smart watches from Polar. One of the most popular products is the Polar Loop series, which is also comparable in price to the Jawbone models.


The American label Fitbit was founded in 2007 and specializes in the production of elegant fitness bracelets. These Activity Tracker offer a high level of functionality and differ from the Jawbone models in that they still have an integrated LED display. In that regard Fitbit bracelets can also be used as a stylish wristwatch. These include in particular the models from the Fitbit Charge HR series. Without display, the Fitbit Flex wristbands present their activities only via colored LEDs. In contrast to the Jawbone, we have to dig much deeper into Fitbit's pocket.

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