Best Fitness Bracelets – ( Reviews In 2020)

With the fitness bracelet can determine the daily activity. In our leader board, our team has shown the best bracelets and after testing various tests on the Internet reviews on GPS, display, heart rate measurement and other details involved.

6 Best Fitness Bracelets -Ranking 2020

What is a fitness bracelet?

Fitness bracelets are also referred to as activity trackers . These present themselves primarily in the classic watch design, with a similarity with the high-priced Smart Watches is not to be misjudged. These little gadgets usually consist of durable rubber wristbands in many great colors. Likewise, these are wearable’s, electronic devices that are worn directly on the body.

Inside, fitness bracelets are equipped with innovative technology that takes on the role of a personal trainer. They should motivate people to move more. These models can do much more than comparable heart rate monitors or pure step and calorie counter. With these devices, we can record and analyze any form of movement. For this reason, fitness bracelets can be evaluated with an appropriate app or a PC program . It is interesting that we can define our set daily goals here. A color-lit display shows us the activity status at any time.

However, when choosing the right device, we need to consider separately those models that are merely a fashionable gadget and less suitable for sports activities. For example, these models are not always the same heart rate. The pulse measurement via the wrist is difficult to recognize. For this reason, good fitness bracelets offer the option of being connected to a chest strap as an option. Through the standardized ANT + radio coupling chest straps from different manufacturers can communicate with the bracelet .

The market offers a wide variety of models. We can here between  devices with full display , with LED 's and completely without display  .

On the basis of the equipment and the battery life also the price depends. The measurement accuracy of the step acquisition is quite balanced . Because fitness bracelets are worn on the wrist, you can also record movements that have nothing to do with running. Whoever wears his bracelet at night, can also monitor his sleep . The morning awakening should be controlled so that this falls even in the half-sleep phase. We are not torn from the deep sleep, as with a conventional alarm clock.

How does a fitness bracelet work?

So that you know how our fitness bracelet comparison winners work, we would like to explain the functionality a little closer. Basically, a fitness bracelet is a pedometer. But most devices can do a little more, such as

  • Record and evaluate the distance covered ,
  • Send the data to a smartphone as well
  • To put together an individual training plan.

Via a motion sensor, these devices can record accelerations. Depending on the manufacturer, different measurement data are recorded. You should definitely have a distance tracker, a timer and a stopwatch . Optionally, however, the heart rate and calorie consumption can be measured.

Before you put on such a fitness bracelet, you must make the basic settings either by pressing a button on the device, via the sensor-controlled interface or conveniently via an app on the smartphone. For this, it is important that you connect your bracelet to your smartphone via Bluetooth . In this way, you can also enter different training programs.

Then you can start your first steps. A good fitness bracelet distinguishes whether you are running or just walking. If you have a fitness bracelet with GPS functionality , you can get extremely accurate route information. Even gradients can then be accessed via an altimeter.

A little tip on the edge: If you wear your fitness bracelet around the clock, you get the most accurate training values. Since these devices are waterproof, you can also take them in the shower. Your bracelet should motivate you in your daily exercise. If you have previously set a goal and have not reached it in the afternoon, your fitness bracelet will tell you. It will also suggest if you should not go for a few more laps or a longer walk.

When we wear our bracelet around the clock, there are such models that we can use to monitor our sleep patterns . In particular, the gentle and gentle awakening in the light sleep phase is supported by the use of these devices. Your alarm clock will be superfluous. You feel much more alert and rested and can start the day with verve.

Advantages & Applications

Everyone can use a fitness bracelet. With its motivating effect, it is the ideal choice for all those who want to do additional sports in everyday life. Fitness bracelets are therefore particularly well suited to office people who rarely find time for sports activities.

Walk more often and avoid short car rides. Walk up the stairs more often and take long walks. Your electronic assistant will support you with important status displays . Those who already own a fancy wristwatch can certainly fall back on a simple tracking tape with no display. In conjunction with the right app for your smartphone, you can always find out about your own personal training success.

The benefits of a fitness bracelet:

  • Especially good sport motivator
  • Attractive design
  • Sufficient functionality
  • Waterproof
  • Attractive price-performance ratio

What types of fitness bracelets are there?

In our Fitness Bracelet Test we would like to introduce you to the different types of bracelets. These are the basic designs, with manufacturers regularly launching new models with other features.

The fitness bracelet with display

The most popular fitness bracelets include the models with integrated display. This is only understandable, since you can immediately read all important status messages directly from this. Particularly comfortable are models with AMOLED or OLED display . These offer a sufficient resolution. You do not necessarily need your smartphone.

It should only be noted that wristbands with extensive functions reach the limits of their battery life more quickly. For some devices, you need

to recharge the battery every two to three days. As an alternative, we can you the slightly cheaper models with energy saving LEDs recommend. The basic data is displayed via colored light stripes. These devices achieve a much longer battery life.

Benefits of bracelets with display

  • Direct presentation of all important information,
  • Attractive design,
  • Smartphone connection is not necessarily needed.

Disadvantages of bracelets with display

  • Higher power consumption and
  • Thus shorter battery life
  • May be expensive.

The fitness bracelet without display

There are also fitness bracelets without a display. These models must always be connected to a smartphone for data evaluation. This can be annoying on the go. On the other hand, you benefit from an extremely long battery life with these devices. An increased power consumption by a display is omitted in this case.

Benefits of bracelets without display

  • Long battery life,
  • Attractive design,
  • Lightweight construction,
  • Inexpensive.

Disadvantages of bracelets without display

  • Information can not be displayed
  • Smartphone connection is necessary.

The fitness bracelet with GPS

Fitness bracelets with integrated GPS are quite advantageous. These are offered both with and without a display. However, this gives you a very precise position indication, with which you can optimally determine your running distance. If you prefer particularly detailed evaluations, you should resort to such a model. Most devices can be paired with a smartphone so you can store and analyze the data.

Benefits of bracelets with GPS

  • Exact position determination,
  • Detailed route recording,
  • There are with and without display.

Disadvantages of bracelets with GPS

  • Higher power consumption and
  • Shorter battery life,
  • May be expensive.

Fitness bracelet

Stiftung Warentest criticizes data protection for fitness bracelets

In the fitness bracelet test of Stiftung Warentest (2017), the consumer magazine strongly criticized the "fine print". In addition to fitness bracelets also running watches and smart watches were tested - all but one, had major deficiencies in data protection .

The following fitness bracelets were tested:

  • Fitness bracelet Garmin Vivosmart 3
  • Fitness bracelet Polar A370
  • Fitness bracelet Fitbit Alta HR
  • Fitness Bracelet Fitbit Charge 2
  • Fitness bracelet Samsung Gear Fit2

All fitness bracelets have been graded to a complete rating because of privacy . Manufacturer Fitbit collects for example the fitness bracelet owners name, date of birth, weight and sports preferences and the sports behavior and the right in its sole discretion, this data to outside companies (sell =) to send.

What else says the fitness bracelet test of Stiftung Warentest?

Three of the tested five fitness bracelets convinced in the pulse measurement - although the pulse is measured only by the wrist, the measurement was just as accurate as a high-quality pulse belt. If you also want to communicate with the fitness bracelet (sending sms, making a phone call) you should opt for a smart watch, as it is only possible to a limited extent with a fitness bracelet.

With regard to the fitness functions , three models were also convincing.

So we tested the fitness bracelets

For our fitness bracelets test, we have thoroughly checked the various models. Based on the following test criteria we would like to draw your attention to the respective product features. So you can compare the different bracelets better and make your personal purchase decision afterwards.

Packaging & Design

The chic fitness bracelets are offered by most manufacturers in attractive cardboard or plastic packaging. Depending on the model, this is a great gift wrap. In addition to the actual fitness bracelet, the package includes a charging and data transfer terminal, possibly a charger and of course a detailed documentation.

Great value is placed on the design. After all, it must be taken into account that many customers wear this bracelet around the clock. Therefore, you have to weigh exactly whether a stylish appearance is possibly worth a higher price. We find bracelets that look particularly attractive and modern , and others that primarily focus on functionality . There are eye-catching models and those that are not immediately obvious.

For almost all manufacturers we can choose the color of the bracelet. In terms of surface texture, some models are hard to distinguish from other pieces of jewelry. In general, we can conclude that fitness bracelets are kept very compact and are not much larger than a ladies wristwatch. In terms of design, you have to make your own decision here.

Material & comfort

The wearing comfort depends heavily on the material used. The models made of soft and flexible plastic have proven particularly useful . They are usually so light that we do not feel them on the wrist.

The situation is different with rigid hard plastic wristbands. These are very robust , but can be very disturbing in everyday work, such as typing on a computer keyboard. A comfortable fit is also crucial for the models that we want to wear at night to monitor our sleep phase.

If you want to maximize your fitness levels, then you should first wear your fitness bracelet around the clock. Since most models are waterproof , you can also use them in the shower.


If you opted for a fitness bracelet with display, then you will find many differences here . Most ads are presented in a narrow, elongated shape that is no wider than the bracelet itself. Some manufacturers offer only a colorless and simple display with the most necessary displays, while others are equipped with a colored OLED or AMOLED display.

It always depends on how much information you want to get displayed. One hand, a colored LED bar is sufficient as a status indicator, while another wants to have a highly sensitive touchscreen interface with all the important data. We also find that the choice of display depends on personal preference. Regardless of the use of an LED bar display, a monochrome or colored display or a touch screen surface; In all cases, keep in mind that this may reduce battery life .


In our test we found out that each manufacturer offers a different range of functions. It also differs in different series of the same manufacturer. The standard functions definitely include:

  • The pedometer ,
  • The distance measurement and
  • The display of calories consumed .

Alone with the pedometer and the distance measurement, there are sometimes significant deviations . It is interesting that the most accurate results are achieved if we carry the pedometer not in the wrist, but in the trouser pocket. For the distance measurement we have to save our average step length beforehand . If you want to get the most accurate results, you should get a fitness bracelet with GPS functionality. Here we also have the opportunity to consider an altimeter.

Fitness bracelets can also show the time and date at the same time. In this way we can save ourselves a wristwatch. We also find models that are equipped with a wake-up and vibration alarm .

Also as a useful feature we find the heart rate measurement . As a rule, this can be measured in three ways:

  • Via an optional chest strap,
  • By placing a finger over a certain sensor and
  • By an optical blood flow measurement.

If you do not want to use an additional chest strap, you can determine the heart rate very accurately via the blood flow measurement. Here, the optical sensor of the fitness bracelet is on the bottom and measures the light reflections of the skin . It is important that we can enter lower and upper limits for a heart rate measurement, so that we achieve a targeted training success.

Quite useful is the indication of calorie consumption . In order to use this feature, we need to include height and weight. Likewise, the indication of daily goals leads to more motivation. For example, here we can enter a certain number of steps that we have to take each day to achieve the desired training success.

As mentioned above, some fitness bracelets are equipped with integrated sleep monitoring . The fitness bracelet comparison winners presented here meet all requirements to wake up in the morning in the predicted light sleep phase. So we can start the day much more relaxed.

Depending on the manufacturer and model, some bracelets are still equipped with multimedia control functions. We can control the music control for our smartphone. In addition, a Bluetooth connection with some smartphones also provides the ability to inform at a call, e-mail or SMS input.

Compatibility with a smartphone

You should take into account that some fitness bracelets have been developed by well-known smartphone or mobile phone manufacturers. Therefore, these devices can be used only with the manufacturer's own smartphones .

Battery life

Of course, the battery life also plays an important role in our test. As we have already stated, this varies depending on the model. Wristbands with a display usually need to get back online faster than a display without it. We found that most fitness bracelets have an average battery life of 7 days. Some devices without a display are equipped, for example, with button cells, in which the manufacturer guarantees a running time of up to one year.


If you are interested in a fitness bracelet, then you should consider the water- and splash-proof models. Some models ensure water resistance up to one hour at a depth of up to 50 meters . Others only achieve shorter times and depths.

What should I look for when buying a fitness bracelet?

Those who are interested in a fitness tracker should definitely consider the aforementioned test criteria. Think about the purposes for which you need such a device beforehand. If it's just a nice hobby, you do not necessarily need a model with a lot of functionality. If you are seriously interested in increasing your body's fitness and moving more over a longer period of time, then the bracelets that are beyond the scope of functionality are of interest to you .

Of course, the price also always plays an important role. This depends on the functional scope and partly on the design. Simple models without display are already available for 50 to 70 dollars . In the range between 90 and 200 euros you will find most models with good to very good features . Here are also most models with display settled. In addition, you will sometimes find fitness bracelets in special editions that go beyond the 200 Euro limit.

We would like to draw attention to the most important points that you should pay attention to when buying a fitness bracelet:

  • Is the device compatible with your smartphone - iOS or Android?
  • Is the bracelet easy to operate?
  • How long is the battery life?
  • Is the functional scope sufficient?
  • Is a device with display needed?
  • Price-performance ratio?

Brief information on leading manufacturers

After we have given you some information for a possible purchase decision in our Fitness Armband Test 2020, we would like to briefly introduce you to the most well-known manufacturers.


At Garmin Ltd. It is a Swiss company, which was founded in 1989 and has its headquarters in Schaffhausen. Among the most significant developments include the GPS receiver, which are mainly used in vehicle navigation devices due to their miniaturization. Today, the company produces large-scale navigation devices for all applications.

Based on this technology, Garmin has launched its popular Vivofit series on the market. It is particularly interesting that the actual bracelets of Activity Tracker can be changed. So here are many attractive colors to choose from. These fitness bracelets appeal a bit more to sports enthusiasts.

The Garmin Fitness bracelets are available in different versions. The Vivofit series is equipped with an e-ink LCD display, which is not only extremely energy-efficient, but is also very easy to read in the sunshine. Since Garmin has dispensed with additional lighting, the displays are not visible in the dark. Instead, this series has replaceable batteries that last about a year.

If you want, you can optionally connect a chest strap with which we can measure the heart rate very precisely. In addition to the Vivofit activity trackers, there are the Vivosmart series fitness bracelets , which are equipped with additional smartphone features. In addition, real SmartWatches called Vivoactive are also offered. Overall, Garmin's fitness bracelets are in the mid to upper price range.


With Jawbone is an American manufacturer of innovative wearables . The San Francisco-based company was founded in 1999. Jawbone has become known not only with its stylish activity trackers, but also with its portable sound boxes and Bluetooth headsets.

The attractive fitness bracelets by Jawbone are offered with different closure systems and in many fashionable colors. The finely detailed surface design makes every band an absolute eye-catcher. The fitness bracelets are referred to as UP and Clip-UP-Move series . They do not require a display and can be conveniently set using a one-button operation.

These bracelets not only register the daily movement and monitor the sleep phase, but also help with the healthy diet. The eating behavior is controlled by scanning the barcode of the food and then selecting the portion size.

Jawbone UP series fitness bracelets are compatible with a variety of fitness apps, such as MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, MapMy Fitness, Fittand many more. Depending on the models, these bracelets are in the mid to upper price segment.

Samsung The Samsung Electronics is a subsidiary of the Korean Samsung Group and was founded in the 1969th The Seoul-based company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of cell phones, smartphones, flat screen TVs and other multimedia products. Matching the innovative Samsung smartphones, the company also manufactures SmartWatches and fitness bracelets.

Among the general gear are mainly the sophisticated Smart Watches understood . The fitness bracelets and activity trackers are known worldwide under the name Gear Fit. A special highlight is that these devices only communicate with Samsung's own smartphones.

Otherwise, these devices are characterized by a very good build quality . Highlights include

  • Domed Super AMOLED displays
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • Pulse, acceleration and position sensors
  • Pedometer, clock, stopwatch, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, exercise programs
  • Media controller with remote control
  • Call notification, SMS and e-mail.

These fitness bracelets from Samsung offer far-reaching functions and are very easy to read via the integrated touch screen display. Overall, these models are in the upper price segment.


 In Leicestershire, UK, Avantek Computer ltd resident. Founded in 1998, the electronics manufacturer is not only known for its computer hardware, car chargers, smoke detectors and mobile door opening systems, but also for its innovative fitness bracelets.

Avantek produces special Bluetooth activity trackers with the basic functions of counting, calorie consumption, distance and sleep monitoring. A special highlight is that these bracelets are only compatible with Apple products on iOS and therefore can not be used for Android devices. By contrast, these fitness bracelets are in the lower price segment .


 In 1977 the Polar Electro was founded in Kempele, Finland . The company is one of the leading providers of sports training computers and heart rate monitors. In many sports medicine examinations, the company has combined human physiology with innovative technology. The product range also includes the popular Activity Tracker.

Polar Fitness wristbands are characterized by a simple operation, high quality workmanship and far-reaching functions. Among the most famous models is the Loop series , which is available in many configurations. A special highlight is the narrow LED display with dot matrix, which is bordered on the edges with attractive metal applications.

These models show all the most important training data. The bracelets are completely waterproof and feature a reliable closure system. It is interesting that these devices are only delivered with a strap length. However, this is sufficiently dimensioned and must be cut with a pair of scissors to the arm strength before the first use. In that regard, it is irreversible bracelets. The fitness trackers from Polar are in the lower to middle price segment.

Internet vs. Retailers: Where do I buy my fitness bracelet best?

In our Fitness Bracelet Test 2020 we have already given you a lot of information on this topic. You may now like to know where you can best buy your favorite model. There are several options for this.

The shopping in the local shop

In many electronics stores and sports shops, you can find a corresponding range of fitness bracelets. But we find the usually long journeys and the cumbersome search for a free parking lot disturbing . In addition, you must expect not to find the shortlisted devices on site. Understandably, not all listed manufacturers are offered in the specialist shops.

It is also problematic that many sellers will try to only advertise the in stock models. Sometimes the sales talks can be very intrusive. This is all the more annoying, if we try to offer you a discontinued model at a cheaper price, which absolutely does not meet your expectations.

Regardless of the advice you have on the spot the opportunity to look at such a fitness bracelet up close . There may also be difficulties with a return. If you do not like the purchased device, not all shops will grant a purchase price refund.


  • Visual inspection possible
  • Personal advice


  • Cumbersome access roads and parking space search
  • You do not always get the model you want
  • Usually higher prices.

Shopping on the Internet

Avoid cumbersome access routes and prefer to shop at home from an online shop. Online shops are open around the clock and also at the weekend. Here you can browse in peace through the extensive range . The big advantage is that you will always find the desired model on the Internet.

Many online shops have adjusted to the range of fitness bracelets and can offer you surprisingly low prices here . Just make sure to order from a safe and certified dealer. Some shops even offer you a 24-hour delivery . Likewise, shipping fees do not always have to pay.

Even when shopping in an online shop you do not have to give up a consultation. Many retailers offer you several options, such as fax, e-mail or telephone. Another advantage is that if you do not like it, you can exercise your right of withdrawal . Just send the goods back and you will get your purchase price refunded.


  • Gigantic selection
  • Fast delivery, mostly free shipping
  • Cheap prices
  • Withdrawal


  • No personal inspection

After weighing the pros and cons, we can recommend you shopping on the Internet for your fitness bracelet here.

Worth knowing & advice

For our fitness bracelets comparison test winner, we have listed here a section with interesting data and facts, which should help you with the purchase decision.

The history of the fitness bracelet

The origins of today's fitness bracelets date back to 1780. This year Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Perrelet developed the first pedometer or pedometer. The then rectangular model had four dials and was able to count up to 10,000 steps. Until well into the 80s, these mechanical pedometer were further developed. They were either attached to the belt or to the waistband.

The Acitivty Tracker is pure data loggers that are worn close to the body. They record the sports activities of a person. After the mechanical step counters, the performance data was first recorded in writing and the data was stored manually in tabular form on a computer. A well-known example is The President's Challenge presented by President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports in America.

Due to the advancing development of microprocessors and sensors , the records have been automated. The devices were smaller and could be worn on the body from now on. The first heart rate monitors for athletes were available from 1981. In the 90s, the bike computers came on the market, with which speed, distance and driving time could be monitored.

The first mobile fitness trackers for normal consumers came around the year 2000 on the market. A wireless connection allowed athletes to check their heart rate with gym equipment. The today known tracking models are known since 2006. However, only in the last two years, these devices have developed into the well-known fitness bracelets.

Numbers, data, facts about the fitness bracelet

With the following data and facts we would like to give you further background knowledge to a fitness bracelet.

Water resistance and IP certification

Most Activity Tracker are water and splash proof . On the offers of the manufacturers you will find, for example, names such as IP 55 or IP68. IP is an abbreviation and stands for International Protection . This is a degree of protection for a specific device. This is followed by a two-digit number.

The first digit indicates the dust or touch sensitivity. The second digit stands for water resistance. An indication of IP68 states that the fitness bracelet is relatively touch-resistant and at the same time completely waterproof.

The calculation of the calories burned

Particularly motivating is the indication of calorie consumption. This is based on averages and calculations based on them. In order to determine the so-called basal metabolic rate, we have to tell our fitness bracelet body size, gender, age and weight.

As is known, the human organism burns calories even in the resting phase . The basal metabolic rate therefore describes the amount of energy that a person needs when resting in the fasted state at a temperature of about 28 ° C for the maintenance of his vital functions. The basal metabolic rate is usually calculated for the whole day, but can also be determined by simple division by the hour.

First and foremost we are not interested in how many calories we burn in complete rest. Instead, we are looking forward to the number of extra calories burned that we achieve during physical activity. As every sport and every other form of exercise involves a different energy consumption, scientists use the metabolic equivalent .

The Metabolic Equivalent of Task, MET for short , always requires the basal metabolic rate as the starting point and calculates a corresponding value according to a sporting activity. The calculation could look like this:

  • 1 MET sleep,
  • 3 MET slow walk,
  • 6 MET cycling and
  • 12 MET continuous.

Let's say a 35-year-old man weighing 85 kg and 185 cm tall has a basal metabolic rate of 2,000 kcal a day. In the hour this corresponds to about 83 kcal. Walking, we calculate an energy consumption of 83 kcal x 3 MET and get 249 kcal. In a continuous run, the energy consumption increases by 83 kcal x 12 MET and we get 996 kcal.

Trend in the field of fitness bracelet

We have been working on the current trends in wearables and have been able to obtain interesting facts and data from the well-known statistics portal Statistra. Not only the fitness bracelets were considered, but also the elegant SmartWatches.

Market watchers are currently seeing the Apple Watch as a flop . Nevertheless, Apple has won the second place of wearables. As a newcomer, the company was able to sell at least 3.6 million SmartWatches in the second quarter of 2017.

Xiaomi is also a newcomer to the area. He has sold his Mi-Band more than three million copies. So the Chinese supplier could claim the third place. This is partly because Xiaomi can offer its products at very reasonable prices. The main customers are therefore about 97 percent buyers from China.

The sole market leader is the company Fitbit , which sold its fitness tracker more than 4.4 million times. This is equivalent to an increase of 150 percent compared to last year. Garmin also registered a slight increase with his fitness bracelets. The company reaches with only 700,000 bracelets but only the fourth place.

Samsung has suffered a severe setback. While the company was able to sell 800,000 units last year, ahead of Garmin, it currently only reaches 600,000 units sold. It should be noted that Samsung wristbands communicate only with the in-house smartphones . There are the other providers, except for Apple, more cosmopolitan.

The remaining manufacturers of fitness bracelets share the rest with as many as 5.7 million selling devices. The trend is towards functional fitness trackers, which are equipped at relatively low prices with a wide range of functions. Here we must see in the future a fusion of the fitness bracelets with today's SmartWatches.

Does the health insurance pay the fitness bracelet?

As is known, many health insurance companies reward the implementation of health promotion measures. You can benefit from numerous programs, for example, if you regularly have routine medical examinations or sign up, for example, in a gym. Some health insurance companies recently also subsidized the purchase of a fitness bracelet or a SmartWatch.

As already presented, with a fitness bracelet they not only have most of the activities in view, but are also motivated to do more sport. So it is not surprising that some health insurance companies consider a fitness tracker as a health-promoting measure and subsidize it .

As we have learned, you will receive from the health insurance AOK Nordost and the DKV when buying a fitness bracelet a grant of 50 €. For example, if you are a member of the TK - Techniker Krankenkasse , you will receive special support. With a total of more than 9.3 million members, TK is the largest health insurance company in Germany. For health promotion members receive up to 250 dollars . Since this program is now to be expanded, you can also get the initial cost of a fitness tracker at least partially refunded.

Many other health insurance companies still have disagreement. With the purchase of a fitness bracelet is not yet guaranteed that also sets up a healthier lifestyle. Nevertheless, we would like to point out the advantages mentioned above. If necessary, you should inform your health insurance company.

Apple Health explains:

Apple Health is a special app designed to help you keep track of your health and fitness information. Understandably, this software is primarily only for Apple iOS devices usable.

Through this app, you can clearly display your heart rate, the calories burned, the blood sugar and cholesterol and many other health and fitness data. The Health App collects all the essential information in one place and makes it available with just a finger tip. You always receive the current state of your health. If you want, you can also create an emergency pass. For example, the blood group and possible information on allergies are stored and can be made accessible to others in an emergency.

With the help of the so-called HealthKits, you can share certain areas of your health data with others. It is interesting that you can, for example, automatically transmit the values for your blood pressure to your family doctor . The technology is so sophisticated that the Apple Health App can even communicate with other apps. Maybe you also use a nutritional app here. It can process the data you have created and thus provide important information about calorie consumption. We find that this app is a very useful addition, but it should be handled carefully in relation to the release of health data.

Fitness Bracelet vs. Fitness App - the big comparison

In our fitness bracelet test we would like to point out the interaction and differences between a fitness bracelet and a fitness app.

As a rule, fitness bracelets are delivered with the appropriate software (see comprehensive fitness bracelet test), which you can use to monitor your training success. Also in this case we speak of an app. Basically, we just have to make sure that this app is compatible with a used smartphone . Here it depends primarily on the operating system used , such as Android or iOS. On the other hand, some fitness bracelets manufacturers allow only one use with their own smartphones. This is the case with Samsung, for example.

Since many smartphones are equipped with their own sensors, we can also use special apps without their own fitness wristband. With these apps, our smartphones can be turned into a fitness monitor . One example is the S-Health app , which can be used for both the Gear Fit and a Samsung smartphone. Special Samsung smartphones have a thermometer and a barometer so that we can include humidity and outside temperature in our analyzes. Sometimes even blood pressure and blood glucose measurements are possible.

For example, the app Runtastic , for which they only need a smartphone, is quite popular . Using GPS, we can measure the distance traveled, the speed, the average speed and the calories burned down to the nearest meter. We are also able to choose other sports such as mountain biking, cycling, horse riding or skiing. In addition, the app transmits all important data via live tracking on request with friends on Facebook or users of the fitness portal

Another free app is MyFitnessPal , which helps us to follow a diet. This program not only documents the eating behavior and displays the calories burned, but also supports us in more than 350 fitness exercises. This app has done particularly well in product reviews. For almost every smartphone, apps are now available on the market.

In contrast, a fitness bracelet provides much better results. As already stated, a fitness bracelet should be worn around the clock. Due to the skin-tight carrying way, motion sequences are recorded much more accurately than via a smartphone. Nevertheless, we can control our training data on a smartphone or a PC via an app provided or offered for free download. If you seriously consider optimizing your endurance sport, a fitness bracelet may be the better choice.

Useful accessories

With a modern fitness bracelet you are basically well equipped. However, there are also useful accessories on the market for many models. Therefore, we would like to enumerate a small selection of these accessories.

The chest strap

If you buy a fitness bracelet, you might also want to check your heart rate once . The built-in sensors in a fitness bracelet do not always deliver very accurate values. Much better would be an optional chest strap. In most cases you can connect a chest strap wirelessly with your fitness bracelet, but also with your smartphone. The recorded data are very accurate and provide information about your physical stress status.

A new bracelet

If you wear a fitness bracelet for a long time, it is subject to natural wear . Most manufacturers therefore offer replacement bracelets for replacement. Here you only have to replace the electronics with a few simple steps. On the other hand, such a replacement bracelet is recommended for fashionable reasons. As a rule, many attractive colors are offered here. You can then always wear the right bracelet according to your outfit.

Carrying bag for the smartphone

In order to be able to communicate regularly between a fitness bracelet and your smartphone, you must have the latter with you during your workout. In that regard, it makes sense to use a practical upper arm pocket for the smartphone. You also have the opportunity to take a look at your training data during a running workout.

Other Accessories

In our considerations, we can also include all other training accessories. These include, for example

  • A chic sports outfit
  • A training floor mat
  • Good running shoes and
  • For example, weight cuffs.

Alternatives to the fitness bracelet

In our Fitness Armband Test 2020 we would like to point out some alternatives with which you can also monitor your athletic performance as a rule.

The smartphone

One of the cheapest options is the use of your own smartphone as a fitness tracker. For the registration of the running movement in the trade mostly free apps are offered. Smartphones are often worn in the pocket. Therefore, step movements can be counted here as well. In addition, count many other movements, such as typing on the computer, ride a lift, the daily hair washing or even brushing your teeth.

The disadvantage is that many movements a day are not counted. Especially during the day in the office, at leisure or in the evening on the couch, very few will always carry their smartphone on the man / woman. In that regard, part of the step count is lost if the device simply remains on the table. Another downside is that we always have to get our smartphone out of our pockets to find out about the current level of activity.

In addition to the registered movements, a healthy sleep also plays a significant role. Many manufacturers of fitness bracelets have therefore designed their devices so that the sleeping habits can also be registered. Understandably, nobody wants to go to bed with a smartphone.

The Smart Watch

A Smart Watch is most like a fitness bracelet. In addition, a Smart Watch offers a lot more features. The basic functions

  • step counting
  • calories evaluation
  • sleep phase evaluation
  • alarm
  • time display

Unlike a fitness bracelet, Smart Watches are equipped with a true Android or iOS operating system. They can also receive calls, e-mails and SMS. Even a meter-accurate position determination via GPS is possible. Therefore, motion information can be registered very accurately.

The disadvantage, however, that most devices have relatively high power consumption and almost every day needs to be recharged. In addition, Smart Watches are splash-proof, but not completely waterproof. Not to be underestimated is the very high purchase price for a Smart Watch.

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