What Is The Best Exercise Mat?10 Best Reviewed Mat For You

A best exercise mat is a useful and comfortable tool, which is really necessary for all people who care about their physical form. It does not matter if you are about to initiate your adventure with your sport or maybe you've already been practicing for a long time - a high-quality mat is the main basis of safety and comfort during training.

In sports stores you have a large choice of dissimilar types of mats. What criteria, besides the individual alternative of color, should we prefer when choosing a high-quality exercise mat?

Due to the material, we can distinguish mats:

  • rubber
  • made of foam (polyethylene, neoprene)
  • made of bonded materials (rubber, polyethylene, neoprene)

Due to the method of folding, we can distinguish mats:

  • folded (built from 3-4 modules)
  • rolled
  • lying (not intended for folding and folding - they may be destroyed throughout such use)

The first, essential criterion for choosing a high-quality exercise mat is the quality of its performance. When we make a decision on a rolled mat, we have to pay more attention to the way and quality of finishing of the edges. In the case of folding mats, it is really necessary to look at the quality of the joints between the modules - we do not desire our exercise mat to fall apart after a small number of uses.

Best Exercise Mat - Ranking 2019

If you desire to prefer and buy equipment in the Exercise Mat category, then we expect that the following ranking might assist you. The table lists the most accepted products that are currently available in the Mat for exercise section.

What Should Be The Thickness Of The Best Exercise Mat?

Depending on the reason of the exercise mat they can differ from each other by the thickness (training mats in shoes or without shoes).

Thin exercise mats (from 2.5 to 3.5 mm thick) are intended typically for yoga exercise. They are solely designed to protect us from slipping hands and also feet at the same time as doing your exercises.

Slightly thicker mats (from 7 to 10 mm thick) are solely designed for fitness, aerobic or simply pilates exercises. Their task is to protect your body against abrasions and creases and to ensure good grip of your body throughout training.

Thicker mats (reminiscent of thicknesses and dimensions of mattresses) are intended usually for training contact sports such as corrective gymnastics or judo. This sort of mat is not very compact and uncomfortable in your everyday transport.

A very important aspect when choosing the right training mat is whether it will not move during training. This is especially important during static exercises such as yoga, where standing on a mat, we perform various kinds of positions, and its bad grip can result in a fall and even an injury for an athlete. Therefore, if we care about the good adhesion of the exercise mat, we should choose a model rubbered from the bottom or with embossed texture, which will ensure its good adhesion to the ground.

Dimensions Of The Best Exercise Mat

Another significant feature that we must pay attention to when choosing an exercise mat is its length and width. Standard exercise mats that we meet in stores have usually from 120 to 180 cm in length, and from about 50 to 61 cm in width. The dimensions of the mats must be selected independently - both according to your convenience and suitable to the exercises that you can perform on it.

When choosing a good exercise mat, we should pay special attention to its dimensions after folding / folding. Depending on whether we use it only at home or take it with you for any gym training, the mat should be compact enough. When buying an exercise mat, pay attention to whether there are straps attached to it, which we can fasten the mat after folding or a cover that will facilitate its transport. In the case of mats lying, which are not suitable for folding / folding, it is worth paying attention to whether the mat has a special hole that will allow it to hang, e.g on the wall.

What Type Of Exercise Mat To Choose?

When choosing a high-quality exercise mat, pay attention to the recommendations for maintaining its total hygiene. The best choice can be a mat that can be washed thoroughly under running water and decontaminated with some special agents such as viruses, bacteria, and fungicides.

In summary - exercise mats have somewhat different price ranges. The cheapest one might be purchased for 20 dollars, and the mostly expensive prices arrive at even 200 dollars or more. When you are choosing the mat for your exercise, let's focus on its basic quality. Meticulous attention must be paid to the adhesion of the mat to the ground, so that throughout exercise the exercise mat does not move and was not the cause of a potential damage of your legs or any parts of your body. A high-quality choice is a mat with the rubber bottom. An individual issue is the choice of appropriate mat sizes (width, length, and thickness) - this depends on the category of sport we intend to grow up. Additionally, the compactness of the exercise mat is a significant issue - the less space it occupies after its folding, the easier it is to transport it. The last very vital aspect is the technique of cleaning the mat.

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