10 Best Budget Electric Bike – Buying Guide, And Reviews In 2021

The electric bike arrives on the market to help you move around the city or the mountain safely and comfortably. It is important to keep in mind that it is a product with great popularity manufactured by various popular brand. 

With so many options available it is quite difficult to find out the right one at the right price. To help you out we have made a comparison of the best budget electric bike on the market.

If you want to make the most of the performance of your electric bicycle, you must verify all the specifications regarding its operation and thus guarantee the success of the purchase. In the next section, we present the models that lead the tastes of the buyers.

Top 3 Best Budget Electric Bike 2020


Brand and model

Key Feature



best cheap electric bike
  • 250 watts built-in motor, 3 different speed adjustable
  • User weight up to 150 kilos
  • Front V Brake and rear Expansion brake, perfect break for safety
  • Warranty: 1 year for battery
best budget electric bike
  • Speeds up to 25 km/h
  • High quality aluminum fold-able bike.
  • Fast charger, needs 4 hours being charged fully.
  • Lightweight bike, weight is about 17 kilos
best affordable electric bike
  • Sturdy frame, 100% aluminium alloy frame
  • Versatile 21-speed system
  • Tektro disc brakes ensure safety
  •  48V Lithium-Ion battery, travel up to 75 miles 

best cheap electric bike

When we talk about the best budget electric bike, the Nakto E-Bike would come up first in one's mind. We talk about a complete electric mountain bike, which can be used in traditional or assisted mode, depending on what you need.

A model based on a frame with 26-inch wheels, being suitable for adult users, on which a 21-speed system and quality components are mounted, to set the pace that suits you.

A work that helps you with its assisted thrust system, consisting of a 250-watt motor and 36-volt power delivery, this support being adjustable in three different speeds. As much to achieve autonomies of up to 50 kilometers

All this in a product with details such as an aluminum frame, especially light, front wheel damping system and other safety elements such as its front LED light or horn, both included in the bicycle.

For those looking for the best cheap electric bike of the moment, this mountain model has a lot of functions, which we analyze below.


Motor: The built-in motor has a power of 250 watts, being adjustable in three different speeds.

Load : This bicycle can be used by users weighing up to 150 kilos, with a product weight of just 20 kilos.

Battery : The battery is interchangeable and offers you a maximum autonomy to travel about 50 kilometers.

Frame : The frame of the bicycle is made of aluminum tubes, which combine lightness and resistance when rolling.


Rear light : Although it includes front light, the rear is a simple reflector, which does not have its own lighting.

best budget electric bike

The Schwinn Monroe 250 Watt hub-Drive is one of the most recognized products on the market. Both are for the quality and tradition of its manufacturer and for what this specific model offers.

Something that is reflected in details as an estimated autonomy of use 50 kilometers, with maximum speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour. It has an operation that is generated by a 250-watt brush-less motor, which increases its durability and resistance.

As for its frame, it has been manufactured in high quality aluminum and is foldable, for its central part.

Therefore, you will not have problems folding the bike when it is stored or traveling by bus or subway, if you need it. Especially if we consider that its weight is about 17 kilos, which simplifies its handling.

Enjoy new mobility with this complete Schwinn Bikes product, which we analyze below.


Basic parameters: The product reaches a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour with a range of 50 kilometers.

Assistance : The pedaling assistance has three intensity levels, depending on what you need.

Charger : The fast charger only needs 4 hours to leave your bike fully charged.

Weight : The weight of the bicycle is about 17 kilos, which facilitates its handling and transport.


Speed limitation: The bicycle is limited, so you cannot exceed the 25 kilometers / hour indicated.

Front light : The front light can be released when folding the product, although placing it again is simple.

best affordable electric bike

If you want to take home one of the best budget electric bike of 2020, then do not hesitate to purchase this model developed by NCM, with which you can go to the mountain or roll quietly through the city.

It is a team with a nice aesthetic in white, wiring routed inside the frame, comfortable saddle with cushioning, non-slip handles and handlebars with height adjustment mechanism.

The brake system is disc, the tires are 26 inches with chrome aluminum wheels and has a Shimano gear system, equipped with seven speeds.

In addition, the lithium-ion battery has autonomy for 120 kilometers of travel and has a USB port for you to connect your devices.

We cannot fail to mention its 250-watt DAS-KIT X15 type engine, suitable for a maximum drag of 25 kilometers per hour, Das-Kit L7B screen in which you can adjust the operation and Spanninga lights.

The Milano model is a good candidate to make the prestigious NCM house the best brand of electric bike, as it offers a pleasant design, efficient operation and sturdy structure.


Brakes: The bicycle's brake system is a mechanical disk, providing great precision in stopping.

Battery: The bicycle has a lithium-ion battery capable of providing sufficient autonomy for a distance of 120 kilometers.

Tires: The pair of tires with which the bicycle has been equipped has a 26-inch format and resistant wheels made of chromed aluminum.

Motor: The bicycle incorporates a motor with 250 watts of power at the rear, which will allow you to enjoy a speed of up to 25 kilometers per hour.


Instruction manual : The instruction manual of this model does not have specific steps for proper battery care.

best electric bike for the money

Designed with a 7005 aluminum frame, this model of the manufacturer Kupper Electric Bike is one of those that stands out in all the lists of websites on the best cheap electric bike in the market . Its LCD technology screen is capable of displaying values on the speed and distance traveled, battery capacity and assistance level.

In addition, it is a 36V battery electric bicycle with 16 amps that operates its 250 watt brushless motor. This equipment is suitable to provide a range of up to 80 km at a maximum assisted speed of 25 km / h. Its lithium battery is fast charging, it only requires four hours.

Its technical properties stand out for having an assisted pedaling with five levels, being able to select the one that best suits the route. Finally, it has a gearshift with Shimano brand push button, hydraulic front suspension and dual disc brakes.

Kupper Electric Bike offers high quality standards and features that improve pedaling at a competitive cost.


Battery: Includes a fast charging lithium battery with autonomy for approximately 80 km.

Speed: Thanks to its 250-watt motor, it is capable of generating an assisted speed of 25 km / h.

Screen: It has an LCD screen to keep track of distance, speed and battery capacity.

Shift: It incorporates a Shimano seven-speed shifting system, as well as hydraulic suspension.


Manual: Some users have expressed that the manual is deficient, since it does not incorporate images or explain functions.

best budget electric bicycles

 By checking the specifications of this model belonging to Scott's catalog, you will probably clear up doubts about which are the best budget electric bike. The alloy frame has been coated with green paint, the chair is height adjustable, the handles are ergonomic and non-slip.

The pair of Maxxis Rekon tires has a 27.5 x 2.25 inch format, incorporating aluminum wheels, shock absorbers and fenders both front and rear. The brake system is in charge of a pair of Shimano discs, which you can manipulate from the handlebar area by means of a lever.

In addition, you have up to 10 gear speeds so you get a good performance in the mountains or the city. A particularity of the product is that it does not require assembly, being only necessary to adjust the wheels to start using it.

For you who do not know which electric bike to buy, the recommendation is to check the pros and cons of Scott's Sub Speed model.


Tires: The pair of built-in  Maxxis Rekon tires is 27.5 x 2.25 inches and fits irregular terrain or asphalted surfaces.

Speeds: The gearshift mechanism offers up to 10 gear speeds, so you get better performance on the road.

Handles: You can hold the handles with total comfort, since they have an ergonomic design with non-slip cover.

Brakes: The bicycle has an efficient brake system both front and rear of Shimano discs.


Lighting: The manufacturer has not incorporated a lighting system for the front or rear area of the bicycle, so it is not recommended to use it at night.

best cheap electric bicycles

 This model is usually one of the most recommended by the user community because it is a team that provides good performance on the road. The design incorporates wheels manufactured with double wall in aluminum alloy.

Within its technical characteristics, this electric bicycle kit includes a conversion device with LCD technology display that works for 48 volts and emits a power of 1500 watts.

This wave controller provides reliability in its cruise and regenerator functions, in addition to charging the battery being able to emit a maximum speed between 55 and 65 km / h.

This electric bike kit has an approximate weight of 12 kilograms and includes a sine wave controller , a display with universal voltage, a rotary accelerator with lock, magnet sensors for better pedaling, the controller bag and the seven-speed gear tires .

Voilamart 26" Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle is the option for those who have electric bicycles, as the kit provides better performance for the bike and the cyclist.


Wheels: Includes double-walled wheels, being made of aluminum alloy.

Speed: Due to the electrical properties of the motor, with this kit you can reach a speed between 50 and 65 k / h.

Weight: The whole kit has a light weight of only approximately 12 kilos.

Accessories: With this kit you will have tires, sine wave controller, a display with universal voltage and more.


Size: It was commented through a web portal that some users received the wrong size tires.

Electric bike accessories that you need

Electric bike battery

Mighty Max Battery 12V 12Ah Ebike Electric

 If you have a team with assisted pedaling, then you probably need a battery replacement for electric bicycle, this Mighty Max model being one of those that stands out for its high level of compatibility.

The battery has a weight of 2.6 kilos and works with a power of 12 volts for a nominal capacity that is located at 9.5 amps. Its length is 15.1 cm, 6.5 cm wide and 9.4 cm high and has a Faston 250 connector. According to its technical specifications, this is a battery used for the best affordable electric bike.

Electric bike motor

RanBB Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit

 If your equipment has begun to lose power and strength, it may be necessary to change the electric bicycle's engine, but in doing so you should look for a quality model, this design being marketed by Lixada, one of the buyers' favorites. It works with a capacity of 3200 amps, 36 volts and 240 watts, with an approximate weight of 700 grams.

The engine kit includes a battery with autonomy for about 12 kilometers of continuous travel, which is compatible for YUNZHILUN iMortor 26-034-Electric wheels or the front wheel of the 700 × 23 E-bike. In addition, it incorporates USB port.

Guide to buy the best affordable electric bike

 Before making a hurried purchase, you should consider some basic attributes that make these bicycles more functional and powerful. Features like battery and motor can make a model go from being simple to high-end, so if you know little about these devices, you need to read the following guide to buy the best budget electric bike, where we detail the properties you should look for and analyze for a successful purchase.


There are many people who use electric bike as a means of transportation to move around the city, because they represent a healthier and less polluting option, as well as a means with which you can dodge traffic jams. They are used to go to work, the store, institute, among others, hence it is necessary to occupy little space.

Therefore, before selecting a good and economical electric bicycle, if you have little space you should consider a model that has folding properties. So you can reduce its dimensions and store at home or store inside the destination safely. 

Weight and size

According to your weight and height, you need to select a model that suits and is comfortable for you. To do this, it is appropriate that you consider the dimensions of the bicycle. In general, these teams have sizes and measures that are usually expressed in inches and vary according to the radius or size of the tires and the height of the saddle and handlebars.

In addition, you should also consider the weight. A heavy design, in general, is not suitable for gaining speed, since it can reduce agility and be an inconvenience on the slopes. Therefore, it is necessary that you select a model that is light, but strong and resistant, with the capacity to support the weight of an average adult, that is, a maximum load of between 80 and 110 kilos. 

Battery and motor

To determine how much an electric bicycle costs, you can analyze components such as the battery and the motor, because according to them the price can vary. In these teams, the higher cost tend to incorporate high power batteries and motors that are capable of charging in a short time, providing autonomy for longer mileage.

The most common motors are 250 watts. These work by the electrical power of batteries of different volts and amps. When purchasing an electric bicycle model, it is recommended that you look for alternatives that offer fast charging systems between three and five hours. In addition, with that load the bicycle should provide a range of mileage of between 50 and 80 kilometers at a standard assisted speed.

Speed and gears

In the comparison of the best electric bike users make it clear that it is necessary to consider the speed and gears that you can reach with a certain model. According to Spanish regulations, this class of vehicles can only reach a maximum assisted speed of 25 kilometers per hour, so that most manufacturers provide their equipment with this speed so that the user decides whether to drive with this maximum or below.

Likewise, each brand equips its models with several gears for pedaling assistance, so that you can select from some designs that have been manufactured with 3 speeds, up to others that include up to seven gears.

Brakes and mechanism

Although they are electric models, these bicycles also have a conventional mechanism with frame, brake system, gearbox and suspension. Therefore, when making your choice, preferably choose bicycles that have a dual braking system that can be through discs, being important that these are of high precision.

In addition, the more changes they offer, the more versatile their driving mechanism will be, providing the tools to travel through different terrains, so you must also select designs that have front and rear suspension to improve damping.


In the market you can get all kinds of designs, from some classic and conventional, to other modern and striking models. Some of the most popular models of the best cheap electric bike are equipped with a display and LCD technology display in which you can see values referring to the activity on the bicycle, such as speed, time, charge level and even assisted speed .

In addition, there are some designs that incorporate in the structure fender, front and rear LED lights, chain cover, bell and even luggage rack. Each of these elements improves the driving experience, so it would be appropriate for the model you choose to have at least two of them.

 Frequently asked questions about best cheap electric bike

Q1: How to clean an electric bicycle?

Although the answer may seem strange to you, an electric bicycle should be cleaned in the same way as one with traditional features, that is, with water. You can even wash it with water jets through a hose, taking a safe distance and taking care not to directly touch the electrical parts. This is because the manufacturers of these bicycles protect the electrical mechanism from contact with water, so it tolerates splashes.

However, this does not mean that you can do dives, because its structure is not made for this and the operation of the motor and battery could be compromised. The display and battery are removed, thus preventing them from being damaged or a short circuit.

Q2: Is there an electric bicycle without pedaling?

The essence of an electric bicycle is assisted pedaling, and pedaling is necessary for the engine to run and can generate the speed and gears of this pedaling. That is, the assisted pedaling goes hand in hand with the operation of the engine and an electric bicycle without a motor would be a conventional bicycle.

It is possible that these models work without the assisted pedaling mechanism, but this will be incorporated into its mechanism and structure. Now, if you are looking for a design without pedaling, then this is not the right category, because it will be a motorcycle.

Q3: Which is better, electric or normal bike?

Both bicycles are suitable devices that provide multiple benefits , being the choice of one or the other a subjective and personal issue that will depend on the tastes of each user. If you train cycling, you will most likely need a traditional bicycle with the specifications of the modality to which you dedicate yourself.

Now, if it is a bike ride, the electric are alternatives that represent a healthy means of transport with less impact on the knees and joints than a traditional one, does not need a driving license and helps in peak hours.

As against, electric bike are more expensive, heavy and need a periodic change of the battery, which represents a constant investment. All this makes traditional bicycles more popular among the user community, but not better.

 Q4: How to charge an electric bike?

This will depend on the version and brand of the bicycle you own, but usually it is a quick and simple process that only requires connecting a couple of cables. Most models incorporate the entire charging kit and a manual that indicates how to achieve it.

The common thing is through a USB cable, which is connected on the one hand to the bicycle and on the other to the wall power source. The charging time varies according to the model, but is usually between three and six hours. Once it reaches its maximum, you must disconnect and it will be ready to use.

Q5: Is it recommended to use the electric bicycle for the elderly?

This will depend on the physical condition of the elderly person, but if it is someone who remains active and is fit to drive in public spaces, you can use this equipment as a means of transport or to relax and keep the muscles active. If it is a person with reduced mobility, its use is not recommended.

Q6: Are you interested in buying a second-hand electric bicycle?

Electric bikes tend to be more expensive than traditional models, so acquiring a second hand would be an alternative if you are looking to save money, only that it should be in optimal conditions and have a long lifespan, with a low battery use, otherwise it would be a bad investment.

Therefore, if you have the money, it is recommended that you buy a new bicycle, with a brand new engine and battery, since in this way you will have access to the warranty if necessary and you will enjoy all the accessories first hand.

Q7: How does a regenerative electric bicycle work?

Although there are important advances in the regeneration of the battery through systems such as braking to recover kinetic energy, this is available only in some vehicles and experimentally, being able to recover 10%, which implies a saving in consumption.

In the case of bicycles, this system is not available and the battery cannot charge itself. However, there is a model of the manufacturer Sanyo that has developed an energy circuit that takes moments of maximum power and converts them into energy to charge the battery, being a model of efficient consumption.

Q8: Which is better, electric bicycle or electric scooter?

This depends on the tastes of each user. Both teams have a similar operating system, but they vary in structure. In general, electric bike are more popular, since users are more familiar with them, they are more stable, their driving is almost equal to that of a traditional model and they can incorporate luggage carriers, as well as support for the water can.

Q9: What is the maximum speed of an electric bicycle?

According to Spanish regulations and regulations, this electrical equipment can only reach a maximum speed on track of 25 kilometers per hour, hence the manufacturers have this speed as a stop, so users will not exceed the limits. The most popular models reach 25 km / h, but you can also get some lower range whose maximum speed reaches 18 km / h or even less.

Q10: Is there any incompatibility between electric bicycle and rain?

Yes and no. That is, you can drive your electric bicycle in the rain, you can even leave it parked in the open on a rainy day without its electrical mechanism breaking down, because these models tend to have the motorcycle and battery area protected and are splash proof .

What you can't do is submerge it. In addition, it is convenient that after splashing or excess water, you get home and wipe the electrical components with a cloth. In this way, you will avoid possible short circuits.

Q11: How to delimit electric bicycle?

Electric bike have a speed limit that must be met to follow the regulations. Otherwise, it would be an illegal vehicle for which there are other rules and regulations. In fact, to drive this type of bicycle you do not need a license, but if the design exceeds the maximum speed allowed, then it will be necessary.

One way to make the engine more powerful is by changing the horsepower, but the autonomy system and reliability could be affected, and it is necessary, in addition, to change the controller and the battery.

How to use the best cheap electric bike?

Although it is similar to a conventional bicycle, the best budget electric bike have a different and special operation, since they have a motor and assisted pedaling, so it is possible that they are intimidating equipment. Therefore, here are some recommendations and tips for using your electric bicycle.

Verify to have a model adapted to your needs

As with conventional bicycles, electric bicycles have different designs, so you need to select a model that suits your driving, height and weight needs.


Once you have received the bicycle, it is necessary to assemble the parts to be able to use it. Most models are assembled at 80% factory, so the user must only mount the remaining 20% which is usually pedals, handlebars and saddles. To achieve the process, you must use some tools that are usually included in the package. It is recommended to follow the instructions and adhere to them for proper operation.

Load the bike

Once the bicycle assembly is complete, you must proceed to charge it, so you can take advantage of its power system with electric motor. To do this, locate the charger and connect it first to the bicycle structure. The remaining part must be connected to a box and, in turn, this box must be connected to the wall power source. The charging time varies according to the model, which usually has an indicative that indicates when it reaches its peak.

Make use of the bicycle

Now that it is charged, it is ready to use. To get on it, you must place the bicycle on a flat and smooth surface, with your hands on the handlebars, take momentum and pass one of the legs on the saddle. When you are on it, make sure the height is correct. If it is not, you must go down and fix it.


Now you can go for a ride with your bike . Through assisted pedaling, the electric controller will detect the speed and provide power to the engine for it to assist the vehicle's progress. Remember that if you stop pedaling, the engine will stop running.

Watch the speed

These bicycles are designed so that the engine reaches a maximum speed of 25 km / h, but you can go one step further with greater pedaling effort. If you do not feel comfortable with the system, you can disconnect it and it will work like a conventional bicycle.

Supervise the autonomy

Although the bicycles have a powerful battery, it does not have an unlimited charge. In fact, they work for a certain mileage, so it is convenient that every time you go on tours, take your newly loaded bike.

Monitor the activity status

Through the display and screen incorporated in the bicycle structure, you can track the activity. It is recommended that you keep a constant monitoring and stop if required.

Be cautious

Remember that you are on a bicycle, so you must be careful and take care of your safety as well as that of other drivers and bystanders. Try to stay on the allowed channels and do not exceed the allowed speed.


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